"Swordless greets Master!" Henceforth, no sword is willing to be the saddle for the master, and no one is willing to share the burden. "

As he looked at the Sky Blade Ancestor kneeling on one knee, he heard Ye Xuan's words. After a moment of hesitation, Swordmaster Wu walked over to Ye Xuan and knelt down on one knee, respectfully clasping his fists.

It had to be said that this fellow was quite sensible and was quite observant.

As he spoke, Jian Wuque took the initiative to pray for the demonic slave contract to open up his spiritual power. As long as Ye Xuan left a mark on his mind, he would be able to control his life and death and become his master.

This fellow had a strong desire to survive!

Ye Xuan's gaze was ice-cold as he stared at Swordless. He fell into a long silence.

He was considering whether he should accept this sword. After all, this guy's strength was not weak. No matter what, he could still be considered a Martial King.

And if he wanted to fight his way back to the Western Asura World, he would need a lot of manpower.

"Swordless is truly willing to submit to Master. Master, please accept him!"

Noticing that Ye Xuan was silent, Jian Wu gritted his teeth and spoke.


In the end, Ye Xuan lightly nodded his head and left a soul mark on the center of Jianwu's forehead.

From then on, Jianwu's life and death would be in Ye Xuan's hands.

On the island in the distance, the Red and Silver Emperor were looking at the glacier that Ye Xuan and the others were on with interest. A hint of a praising smile appeared on their faces.

"Ye Xuan, that brat, is truly unfathomable. I don't know what method that guy used to make that old thing, the Unparalleled Sword Ancestor, betray Skyblade and the others, and he chose to submit to him!"

"This little fellow truly has some skills. I am unable to see through him!" I thought that they would have a tough battle ahead of them, but who would have thought that the little guy would end it like this! "

Hearing the words of the Red Emperor, the silver elders could not help but exclaim in admiration.

"If that's the case, I'm afraid it's not our turn to fight!"

"After looking for so long, my hands are starting to itch!"

The two fellows, the Green Emperor and the Huang Emperor, both spoke with bitter smiles. However, their words contained some disappointment.

After all, both of them loved to fight, and it had been many years since they last fought. They were truly stifled and their hands were itching.

However, the two of them admired the series of techniques that Ye Xuan had displayed.

"It is indeed rare for such a young junior to be able to easily control the entire situation and defeat so many strong enemies without spending a single soldier's effort."

Even the mysterious existence hidden in the shadows that did not reveal itself spoke out at this moment.

Although his body was covered by the black smog, a pair of gloves could be seen on his slender palm. In his hand was a golden A card, which made him look even more mysterious, like a card magician.

"Then, can he be compared with that Tyrant who left Earth for many years?"

The Red Emperor extended a pure white hand and gently stroked his bangs. A tempting smile appeared on his face as he turned his head to look at the Hidden Dragon Queen.

"There's still a long way to go!"

However, the reply she got was the Hidden Dragon Queen's indifferent tone.

Hearing the words of the Hidden Dragon Queen, whether it was the Red Emperor, Old Silver, the Green Emperor, or the Huang Emperor, the four of them could not help but be shocked. Shock flashed across their eyes.

It had to be known that Ye Xuan, a junior, could exterminate the Heavenly Shadow Blade Sect, Myriad God School, Unparalleled Sword Sect, Asura King, and many other experts without even a single soldier being involved. It could be said that he had created a miracle.

Then how terrifying was that tyrant from a hundred years ago?

Just when the Red Emperor and Old Silver were shocked by the Dragon Queen's words, the Hidden Dragon Queen gave a slight smile and paused before continuing, "However, for a brat like Ye Xuan to be able to reach his current level is already quite good! Among the younger generation, he is considered a heaven's pride expert! "


Hearing the words of the Hidden Dragon Queen, the Red Emperor, Old Yin, and the others secretly let out a sigh of relief.

They knew that this Hidden Dragon Goddess was someone from the same era as Lord Tyrant. She rarely praised others, so for her to give her such an evaluation, Ye Xuan was definitely the first.

"Now that the situation has been resolved, it looks like there won't be any unforeseen events. Should we withdraw?"

The Green Emperor raised his head and looked at Ye Xuan and the others who were about to leave.

"Indeed, there won't be any unforeseen events. If those guys were to come, they would have arrived long ago!"

Hearing the Green Emperor's words, the Red Emperor and Old Silver spoke in agreement.

"In that case, let's go!"

The Hidden Dragon Queen gently nodded at this moment.

As their words fell, they were about to withdraw when the eyes of the mysterious person, who was playing with his card while hidden in the darkness, flashed. He laughed and opened his mouth, "Haha, no hurry … … Some of the old friends still seem to be busy.

Hearing the words of this mysterious person, the eyes of the Hidden Dragon Queen, the Red Emperor, and the Silver Dragon Elder flashed. They involuntarily paused in their steps and raised their heads to look towards the horizon.

Under their watchful gaze, a three hundred meter long golden flood dragon appeared in the sky, covering the sky as it charged towards Ye Xuan and the others.

This golden Flood Dragon was obviously a mutated one. It had two huge dragon heads, its enormous body wrapped in golden scales, and it had three claws. Its entire body emitted a fierceness that was difficult to conceal, causing one's scalp to go numb.

It was the Undying Emperor's carriage — the Space Splitting Double Headed Dragon!

On the head of the Double-Headed Dragon was a throne made of gold, upon which sat a burly, middle-aged man.

There was only an endless coldness and majesty in it. There was a bone necklace made of white bones hanging around his neck, giving him a slightly cold look, and his slender fingers were covered in different colored precious stones, reflecting a dazzling brilliance under the sunlight. With the golden dragon robe on his body, it could be said to be extremely stylish.

It was as if he were the king who ruled the world, the king who ruled above all others, and everything would be at his feet, praying and praying to him.

He was the world's most powerful expert, the existence that stood at the very top of the pyramid. As for his name … Mm, he was already so strong that he didn't need a name, because everyone called him the Undying Emperor.

The Undying Immortal Emperor was one of the three emperors of the Western Asura World. Rumor has it that he was from the same era as Tyrant, or even older. He walked out from an ancient tomb and single-handedly established the Undying Immortal Pavilion to rule over a region.

Behind the Immortal Emperor, four figures stood upright and soundlessly.

Standing at the very front of the group on the left was a two-meter-tall middle-aged man wearing a bronze mask that covered his face. He wore grey pants that revealed his muscular upper body.

There were rows of bullets on his body and a heavy weapon similar to the one used by Jia Te Lin on his shoulder. It gave off an extremely wild feeling, making one unable to avoid it and not dare to provoke it.

His name was Man Ku, and he was once one of the nine great Demon Kings of the Western Asura World. He had the title of Mechanical Spear Demon, and was unrivalled in strength.

The second from the left was a woman, she had short dark red hair and a face that was full of delicate contours. Perhaps it was because her left eye was injured and covered by an eye patch, but the pupils of her right eye was as eye-catching as her voluptuous body that was wrapped in a tight, black leather jacket.

However, the Suicide Chains in her left hand made it so that no one dared to approach her. In addition, half of her body seemed to be shrouded in darkness, causing her to be filled with an indescribable loneliness and coldness.

Her name was Gaia, and she was once the head of the thirty-six Gods of the Western Asura World. She was once known as the Earth God or the Mother of the Gods, and had once ascended the Asura Heavenly Rankings in the Western Asura World.

The one standing on the right was a middle-aged man who was emitting a large amount of steam. He was over two meters tall, had a ferocious expression, and his mouth was covered by a skull mask.

There was a Titan Totem on his chest, causing his aura to become even wilder and more shocking.

His name was Anders, and he was once one of the nine great Demon Kings of the Western Asura World. He had an incomparably sturdy body, and in order to stimulate his Titan bloodline, he single-handedly breached a huge city, and was known as the Demon King of Broken Cities.

The second one on the right was a woman. She had a head of long golden hair, a sea bandit hat, and an exquisite mixed bloods face. Her slender body was wrapped in a golden jacket and shorts, revealing her straight, slender legs and voluptuous figure.

Her name was Athena, and she was known as the Asura Goddess. She was once one of the nine great Demon Kings of the Western Asura World. She was one of the most popular beauties in the Western Asura World.

They were all great figures of the Asura World in the West. They were all powerful figures under the Immortal Emperor, serving the Immortal Emperor!

No one knew how strong they were right now, and no one was willing to test them out.

Because the result of probing them would only be death!

Behind Anders, Athena, and the others stood an orderly troop of more than a hundred guards. They were the personal guards of the Immortal Emperor, and every single one of them was a top-notch expert who had participated in the selection of the seventy-two Fiends or even the thirty-six Deities.

The Undying Emperor sat on his throne as he condescendingly watched Ye Xuan, Sage Devil Derek, and the others leave. His eyes flickered with a cold light, and his cold and dignified voice sounded out from the Immortal Emperor's mouth.

"If you touch my people, will you be able to leave today?"