After exiting the Wolf Guild, Ye Xuan took a taxi to a mysterious antique shop in the center of the commercial district.

He needed to buy some daily necessities, such as mobile phones, watches, weapons and the like …

The location of this shop was extremely secretive. It wasn't something an ordinary person could find in a secluded alley. After all, everything that was sold here was prohibited. If it weren't for Ye Xuan's memories from his previous life, he wouldn't have found this place.

Walking into the shop, Ye Xuan saw all kinds of famous paintings and antiques.

A beautiful boss with an exquisite face and a ponytail, wearing a black shirt and pants, was sitting at the front desk, fiddling with her phone in boredom.

"Hello, sir, what would you like to buy?"

Seeing Ye Xuan walk in, a trademark smile appeared on the beautiful boss's face as she walked up to him.

"Everything I need is written here!"

Ye Xuan took out a slip of paper that he'd written down beforehand and walked over to the beauty.

"First... Sir, are you in the wrong place? We are in an antique shop, how could we have these things you asked for? "

The beautiful boss glanced at the note and shook his head with a smile.

Ye Xuan mysteriously smiled as he picked up a pen and wrote two lines of poem on the slip of paper.

Looking at the two lines of poem that Ye Xuan wrote, the beautiful boss' pupils constricted. Her expression changed, and waves of shock raged within her heart.

She had seen these two lines before when she was training at the headquarters. This meant that the young man before her had at least once been to their headquarters. He was an esteemed guest.

She quickly pressed a button to the side and the murals on the wall disappeared. A secret passageway then appeared.

"Esteemed guest, this way please!"

She bowed towards Ye Xuan and made a 'please' gesture as respectful words came out of her mouth.

Ye Xuan lightly nodded his head before walking into the dark passage. After taking a few steps, his gaze suddenly lit up.

What appeared in his line of sight was an incomparably exquisite exhibition hall. It was filled with all kinds of unique equipment and weapons, guns, weapons, military knives, and a wide variety of swords.

Ye Xuan carefully selected them.

When Ye Xuan walked out of the dark shop, he originally had 1.2 million yuan on him. Now, he only has less than 30,000 yuan. The rate at which he spent his money was even faster than running water.

Of course, this couldn't be blamed on Ye Xuan. After all, his status was extraordinary in the past, and he only used high-end goods. For example, the inconspicuous watch he wore now was worth 300,000.

This was a military holographic projection watch. Not only did it have satellite communications, holographic scanning, and other functions, it was even customized according to Ye Xuan's requirements. In the center of each watch was concealed assassination needles that Ye Xuan could take out.

For example, the phone Ye Xuan was currently using also had holographic projection, satellite communications, and so on.

Of course, the most expensive one was still the five hundred thousand worth of weapons that Ye Xuan had bought for him.

This was a military blade made of gold. The blade had a dragon mark on it, the handle was a dragon head, and the interior was also equipped with a special nanometer emitter. It was especially powerful and intangible!

Although many people felt that buying these equipment cost a lot, it wasn't worth mentioning to Ye Xuan. He lowered his requirements by a lot and bought them; after all, at his peak, just one piece of equipment was worth tens of millions or even hundreds of millions.

Not to mention that the equipment he had bought today could increase his combat ability, allowing him to deal with unexpected situations.

If the weapons were customized according to Ye Xuan's wishes, then the money he had on him wouldn't be enough. After all, at the peak of his life, he couldn't even use money to describe his Devil Lord watch because he possessed too many advanced functions.

After Ye Xuan left the antique shop, the beautiful boss blankly looked at the lines of poems that Ye Xuan wrote. Her beautiful eyes were filled with undisguised shock.

She thought for a moment before taking a photo and sending it out. The more she thought about it, the more she felt that Ye Xuan was filled with mystery. This customer had never come to their store before.

Moreover, the two lines of poem that he wrote down were:

"Since the ancient times, how can a woman be human?"

The handwriting of these lines of poems was exactly the same as the two lines of poems and the handwriting on the plaque that hung in the main hall of their headquarters …

In the conference room of Shadow Country, Royal Group.

A huge meeting of the upper echelons was being held.

Perhaps because of their disagreements, the leaders on both sides of the table were having a heated argument.

A beautiful lady with 3000 silver threads draped over her shoulders. He gracefully sat on the throne in front of the conference room and played a game with a flat plate, completely ignoring the people's arguments below.

Not only did she have flawless facial features, a beauty that could topple nations, a perfect figure, and a supreme power and position. She was the CEO of the Royal Group of the Shadow Country, and her name was Sendy Ainphent!

At the same time, she was also the founder of the Night God Hall and was known as the Night Goddess.

The black shop was one of the brands managed by the Night God Hall.

"Drip, drip …"

Just as everyone was arguing intensely, the clear sound of a mobile phone quietly sounded at this moment, causing everyone, who were arguing intensely at the scene, to be slightly startled. Their faces were stunned as they spontaneously stopped and looked toward the source of the mobile phone's sound.

They wanted to see who would dare to use their cellphones in such a meeting.

However, when they saw the source of the sound, they were dumbfounded. That was because the sound came from the group's CEO, Sendy Ainphent!

The sudden ringing of her phone made Ainphent frown. He quickly took out his phone to check …

What appeared in her line of sight was Ye Xuan's vigorous, powerful, and pointed verses that he'd written with a brush in Galaxy Black Shop.

"How... How is that possible? "

Looking at the vigorous brush strokes, Ainphent suddenly stood up and let out incredulous words.

She was really too familiar with these characters. They were the lines and lines of the poem that the supreme man had written for her all those years ago …

"Da Da Da …"

In the next moment, she picked up her phone and quickly headed out of the meeting room, leaving behind many of the higher ups in the meeting room with stupefied expressions.

It was the first time that they had seen the usually calm and composed CEO lose her composure like this …

After walking out of the meeting room, Ainphent walked into her office and dialed a five digit number. "Eddie, what happened to the handwriting on the photo you sent me?" he asked.

"Esteemed Queen, the photo is from a branch of Star Sea City in China, and according to the shop owner, Ye Qiuwei, a mysterious stranger came to the shop to purchase equipment and weapons, because he wasn't a frequent customer and didn't receive them, so he took out a pen and paper to write down these two lines of poems … …"

"After comparing the two lines with each other, we found that the handwriting and the writing of these two lines are exactly the same as the one in the main hall of our dark shop!"

An incomparably respectful voice came from the phone.

Hearing the words from the phone, great waves of shock rose in Ainphent's heart. She was well aware that the two lines of the poem were given to her by the famous Demon Lord of the Asura World of the West.

Three years ago, the Demon Lord was betrayed by a traitor and fell under the combined attacks of four other great emperors.

But now, the same words and verse had appeared again. How could Ainphent not be shocked?

Could the Demon Lord not have died back then?

At this moment, too many thoughts flashed through Ainphent's mind.

Immediately, she quickly opened her mouth and said, "Pass on my order to seal off this news, and also inform Ye Qiangwei of the Black Market of Galaxy to befriend that customer, do not investigate his identity! "At the same time, she will be in charge of the Shadowcountry Royal Group's cooperation in Xinghai …"

"Yes sir!"

A respectful voice came over the phone.

Ainphent nodded his head and hung up.

After a moment of silence, she took out her other mobile phone and dialed a unique number. Words that could not be doubted came out from her mouth.

"Mina, I need you to personally make a trip to the sea of stars …."