Galaxy, the headquarters of the Wild Dragon Association!

Although Ye Xuan hadn't been in the sea of stars for the past few months, the entire Wild Dragon Association had rapidly expanded under the leadership of Dragon Lord.

In the short span of a few months, not only did the Dragon Lord lead the Wild Dragon Conference to gather all the resources around Xinghai, but he also joined forces with the Li family's Old Man to bring Xinghai to Yuzhou City, and subdued all the resources along the way, thus making the road between Xinghai and Yuzhou City clear.

The branch of the Raging Dragon Society was established in the middle city of Yuzhou City and Xinghai City. No matter what happened, both sides could provide support and care for each other as soon as possible.

It could be said that in the few months that Ye Xuan left the Wild Dragon Guild, the entire strength and weight of the guild had increased tenfold.

If it was said that the former Wild Dragon Guild was not ranked as a small gang in the whole of China, then after a few months of development, the Wild Dragon Guild had already become one of the top third-rate forces. In a year or two, they could even become a second-rate faction.

In just a few months' time, the Wild Dragon Guild was able to make such a great leap in its abilities. It had to be said that Master Long was a very capable leader.

Moreover, in the area of martial arts, Dragon Lord's strength had also increased tremendously. Not long ago, he, Qing Yu, and Kuang Tie had already mastered the Sun God Tyrant Body Technique to the Small Success Realm and successfully stepped into the Void Star Realm.

However, no one knew the worries of Lord Dragon and Qingyu.

Su Hai's auction had ended too long ago, and their leader, Ye Xuan, had yet to return.

Not long ago, they'd heard that the Unparalleled Sword Sect, Myriad God School, Heavenly Shadow Saber Sect, Leng Clan, Song Clan, and many others had sent out their elites in an attempt to encircle and annihilate Ye Xuan.

A few days ago, a prehistoric war even broke out in Su Hai!

It had been so many days since the end of the war, and there still hadn't been any news yet. How could Lord Long and the others not be worried?

Although it was already late at night, Master Long still hadn't fallen asleep yet. He was sitting in the hall, smoking and waiting for news.

In just a few months, Master Long's aura had grown a lot stronger. However, his spirit seemed to have weakened, and there were a few more silver threads on his temples. He seemed to have aged a lot.

Seeing Master Long lying on the sofa smoking, but looking extremely tired, Kuang Tie who was sitting at the side couldn't help but say, "Boss, you haven't slept for several days, and you still have to deal with a lot of matters during the day. If you continue to work like this, your body will eventually collapse. Why don't you go sleep for a while?"

"Wild Iron is right. Boss, you should go take a nap!"

Qing Yu said with a worried expression.

Although they couldn't eat well, sleep well, or worry about Ye Xuan these days, they knew that Lord Dragon was their biggest worry.

"Let's wait a little longer …" We've accomplished a lot in the past few months, and our strength has also increased a lot, but we still haven't been able to help Brother Xuan share his worries. I blame myself in my heart! Now that he's alone in Su Hai, with so many strong enemies and many dangers lurking in the sky, how can I be in the mood to sleep? "

Hearing Qing Yu and Kuang Tie's words, Dragon Lord took a puff on his cigarette, slowly exhaling the thick smoke. With a worried expression, he opened his mouth and said: "If something really happens to Brother Xuan, what do you think should be done with the stall that we painstakingly built?"

Dragon Lord knew that Ye Xuan was the backbone of their Raging Dragon Association, the spiritual pillar of support!

The reason why the Berserk Dragon Guild was able to develop so quickly in just a few months was not only due to their efforts, but also because of Ye Xuan.

It was because of the notoriety Ye Xuan had gained in Su Hai that they didn't encounter any obstacles in their path to success.

If something really happened to Ye Xuan, then the prosperity of the Raging Dragon Guild would vanish into thin air in a short period of time.

"Master Long, Lord Demoness and Lord Yu Ji have arrived!"

Just as Lord Long and the others were worried for Ye Xuan, the guards outside came in to report.

"Invite him in quickly!"

Hearing this, Master Long and the others immediately perked up.

Moments later, under the lead of the guards, the charming demon and Yu Ji strode into the main hall.

It had only been a few months, but both Yu Ji and Mei Yao's temperament had undergone a tremendous change. Their strength had also become unfathomably deep.

The succubus had long hair, her seductive and sexy figure was wrapped in a training dress, the dress reaching up to her thighs, revealing her perfect figure and long and beautiful legs.

Although the charming demon had a reserved temperament and no longer had the seductive charm that she once had, her every movement, every expression, and smile was even more alluring, as if it could move one's heart.

A heaven-defying charm!

Even the calm and reserved Lord Dragon felt a moment of absent-mindedness when he saw her. His throat felt dry.

As for Yu Ji, there was also a huge change. Her flowing hair was tied up high, and she wore a golden navy hat, her tall and graceful figure was wrapped in a unique pure white waist shirt and light golden skirt, her shoulders were covered with a light golden shawl, and her long and slender legs were wrapped up in a pair of white boots with golden edges.

Her entire being was a combination of classical and modern beauty, making people want to take a few more glances at her. She was undoubtedly an unattainable goddess in the hearts of countless men.

"Lord Demoness, Lord Yu Ji!"

Seeing the two approaching them, Lord Dragon and the Demonic Lord hurriedly stood up and walked towards them.

They were well aware of the fact that Ye Xuan had taken a fancy to the Charm Demon and Yu Ji, as well as the position they held in his heart.

In the past few months, the relationship between Master Long, the charming demon, Yu Ji and the rest had been managed quite well. There were even a few perfect partnerships between the two sides.

"Master Long is too polite. We sisters have come at such a late time. I'm sorry to bother you!"

A captivating smile appeared on the charming face of the succubus as she spoke with an apologetic expression.

"The two of you are being too courteous. The fact that you are able to come to my place can be said to be the result of your presence. Please take a seat!"

Master Long made an inviting gesture with his hands as he led the charming demon and Yu Ji to the living room and sat them down.

"Master Long, Qingyu, you seem to be in poor spirits these days. Could it be that you haven't had a good rest?"

The succubus gracefully sat on the sofa, sizing up Master Long with great interest and concern.

After hearing the charming demon's words, a strong sense of helplessness involuntarily surfaced on Master Long's face. He immediately laughed bitterly and said, "Indeed, I haven't slept well these past few days … The two of you also knew that Su Hai had just broken out into a large prehistoric war and young master Xuan had also participated in it. Even after so many days had passed, there still hadn't been any news. I wonder how young master Xuan is doing right now! Sigh... I'm just worried for him! "

At the end of his words, Master Long let out a long sigh.

When the two of them heard Master Long's words, they both felt the same way.

After hearing that no news about Ye Xuan had leaked out after Su Hai's battle for so many days, they were extremely worried. They couldn't sleep well during these few days, and they even started having nightmares the moment they closed their eyes …

In addition, they had called Ye Xuan in the past few days. No matter how hard they tried, they couldn't get through to him, nor did they get any response from him.

"What is it? Has there been any news from Su Hai? "

Yu Ji asked in a low voice.

Their purpose of coming here was to ask Dragon Lord about Su Hai. After all, the information network of the Wild Dragon Society was still considered not bad.

"Not yet! And I called young master Xuan several times, but still couldn't get through! " Master Long shook his head slightly, and spoke helplessly.

"Young Master Xuan couldn't have really met with an accident, right?"

Mang Tie, who had always been direct with his words, couldn't help but speak up at this moment.

"Your crow mouth..." Qing Yu glared at Kuang Tie and said snappily.

"Don't worry, everyone has their own destiny. Nothing will definitely happen to her!"

The charming demon gently shook her head and comforted her.

She had absolute confidence and blindly worshipped Ye Xuan.

"Well, I think so too! In a few minutes, it will be midnight, and the latest issue of the Dark Horse List will be released.

Master Long lightly nodded his head and thought for a moment before speaking in a low voice.

"Hm!" Then we will wait together! "

The Charm Demon and Yu Ji exchanged a glance before they gently nodded their heads.

"Reporting... "Reporting to Master Long, there's news from Su Hai!"

After waiting anxiously for a long time, a member of the Wild Dragon Association hurriedly ran in to report before the Black Horse Ranking could be published.

"What news?"

When they heard the words of that member of the Wild Dragon Committee, everyone in the hall couldn't help but set their gazes on him in unison as they asked in unison.

"We heard the news from a friend in Su Hai. He said that the Peerless Sword Sect, Heavenly Shadow Blade Sect, Myriad God School, Leng Clan, Song Family, Sun God Hall, and the Dark God Shrine have all come out together. There are even many powerful enemies led by the Asura King of the Western Asura World, setting a trap in the Rain Sea of Ice to lure Brother Xuan over …"

That member of the Raging Dragon's Association said in a hurry.


Hearing the words of that member of the Raging Dragon's Association, the expressions on the faces of the bewitching demon, Yu Ji, Master Long, Qing Yu, and the rest all changed.

So many forces want to deal with just Brother Xuan?

Had Brother Xuan already lost his chance of survival?

"Go on, what's the result?"

Immediately, the succubus impatiently asked.

"Xuan... Brother Xuan was alone, but his strength had turned the tide. He swept away thousands of enemies and won with an invincible posture! Unparalleled Sword Sect, Heavenly Shadow Sword Sect, Myriad God School, Leng Clan, Song Clan, Sun God Hall, and Darkness Palace have all been annihilated! "

A thick fanaticism appeared on the face of that Raging Dragon's Association member, and his expression gradually became excited and agitated.

"The Asura King, the Wanxiang Ancestor, the Heavenly Saber Ancestor, the Leng ancestor, and the Song patriarch have all died in battle. Standing at Su Hai's place, older brother Xuan has achieved complete victories! "

In the end, his words were shouted out with all his might.


"The Unparalleled Sword Ancestor, the Heavenly Shadow Blade Sect, and the Wanxiang Divine Sect have all been annihilated by Brother Xuan?"

"You must know that these are all top powers in the country. They actually … actually got killed by brother Xuan alone? "

"Asura King, Old Ancestor Tiandao, Old Ancestor Wanxiang all died in battle. Is the Unparalleled Sword Ancestor surrendering to young Xuanxuan?"

"Oh god, am I dreaming?"

When the words of the members of the Raging Dragon's Association fell into the ears of Lord Dragon, Yu Ji, Yu Ji, and Qing Yu, all of them were stupefied. An unprecedented look of shock surfaced on their faces and incredulous words came out of their mouths.

At this moment, the worry in their hearts turned into a deep sense of ecstasy.

Ye Xuan had actually destroyed so many forces by himself, and even forced Swordmaster Wushuang to submit?

These pieces of news were simply too shocking for them to understand.

"Is the news reliable?"

Immediately, Mei Yao, Master Long and the others swiftly recovered as they asked in a deep voice.

"No …" "I don't know. After all, I just heard it from a friend of his!"

The Berserk Dragon Society member hesitated for a moment before speaking in shame.

His uncertain reply caused Master Long, Demon Chaser and the others to be stunned.

The heck, I've been happy for a long time now, but you're not sure?

Master Long and the others were cursing at them.

He felt as if a bucket of cold water had been poured over him.

They even seriously suspected that the news was false.

Even though they had a lot of confidence and admiration for Ye Xuan, the news just now was simply too exaggerated. After all, the Unparalleled Sword Sect, Heavenly Shadow Sword Sect, Myriad God School, and the Leng Clan were all top powers.

However, the news that Ye Xuan had singlehandedly annihilated them was simply inconceivable.

After all, dealing with one of them was already a waste of strength …


Just as everyone was thinking about this, their phones suddenly rang at the same time.

It was the latest issue of China's official website, the Dark Horse List.

Immediately, they impatiently picked up their phones and dialed.

This season's' Black Horse Ranking ', TOP1 — — Ye Xuan!

Reason for ranking: XXXXXXXXXX!

When they saw that the person ranked first on the Dark Horse List was Ye Xuan, they couldn't help but be stunned.

When they saw Ye Xuan's reason for being on the leaderboard, their faces were filled with shock and ecstasy.

"Haha …" It's true! "

"Haha, big brother Xuan won!"

"The lord is too awesome!"

"I knew that the lord would not disappoint us!"

In the next moment, Master Long, Qingyu, Charm Demon, and Yu Ji couldn't help but burst out in unbridled laughter.

They had never been as ecstatic, happy, excited, and excited as they were now!

"Hehe …" It seems like I have come late, you have all received the news! "

Just as Master Long, Demon Enchantress, and Yu Ji were feeling incomparably pleasantly surprised by this news, a melodious and moving laughter rang out at this moment.

As the voice rang out, under the gazes of Master Long and the demoness, a sexy and beautiful woman with a noble air strode into the hall carrying a large number of treasure chests.

This woman was none other than the person in charge of the Starsea Night Hotel, Li Qiushui.

"Director Li!" It's so late, why are you here? "

Seeing Li Qiushui come over, Master Long quickly stood up to greet her.

"Little sister Qiushui!"

The bewitching demon and Yu Ji also spoke with a smile.

"Hehe …" Charm Demon Sister, Yu Ji Sister, the two of you are also here! "

Li Qiushui lightly nodded towards Master Long, then walked to the side of the Charm Demons and the others and sat down. After pausing for a moment, she continued to speak, "Master Long, I've come this time--to tell you the great news, but it seems like you already know of this news! Then I shall directly speak of the second matter! "

"After Young Master Xuan destroyed the Unparalleled Sword Sect, Heavenly Shadow Blade Sect, Wanxiang Divine Sect, Death Shrine, Darkness Shrine, Leng Clan, Song Clan, and many other experts, our Violent Soldiers Alliance joined hands with Young Master Xuan and began sweeping through their sect headquarters as soon as possible …"

"All of the spoils of war that Young Master Xuan sent us to deliver, this is the list of spoils of war!"

While Li Qiushui was speaking, she took out a long prepared list from her sleeve and handed it to Master Long.

At the same time, the experts she had brought with her also opened up the treasure chests …


As the Treasure Chest opened, all kinds of skills and Martial Skills, as well as a large number of medicinal pills and secret techniques, dense collection of weapons, and all kinds of heavenly materials appeared in front of Lord Dragon's eyes, deeply shocking them.

Regardless of whether it was the cultivation techniques or the secret pills, they were all top-notch existences. There were even cultivation techniques from the Unparalleled Sword Sect, Heavenly Shadow Sword Sect, and Myriad God Cult. Whether it was the Unparalleled Sword Art, Heavenly Shadow Sword Art, or Myriad God Art, they were all on the list …

While Li Chunyang, Qing Yu, and the others were still in shock over the number of cultivation techniques and martial skills, Li Qiushui continued to speak: "These are just the first spoils of war. There will be a second, third, or even fourth, fifth, and so on. Please take good care of them and distribute them appropriately!"

"In addition, with Young Master Xuan's unparalleled battle, your Savage Dragon Clan has already become a first-rate power, but right now, the overall strength of your Savage Dragon Association is too weak. The Lord of the Berserker Union has specially dispatched a group of strong and reliable experts to await your orders!"

"Among them, thirty low-level Martial Kings, ten mid-level Martial Kings, three high-level Martial Kings and one low-level Martial King! This is the nameplate of each of their lives. With it in your hands, you can easily control their life and death, and will absolutely not dare to go against your will. You will be absolutely loyal to the Raging Dragon Guild.

Soon after, Li Qiushui took out a unique golden token from her royal blue storage ring and handed it to Master Long.

"This …"

Seeing Li Qiushui pass over the Life Epaulette, Master Long was once again stunned.

The Savage Dragon Clan suddenly had more than fourteen Martial Kings?

"Hurry up and greet Master Long!"

After which, Li Qiushui coldly said that as she waved her hand.

"We pay our respects to Master Long. We are willing to go through fire and water for him! We will die for him!"

As Li Qiushui's words fell, the experts she had brought along all knelt down on one knee in front of Dragon Lord, respectfully speaking words from their mouths.

Looking at the treasures in the room, looking at the more than forty men kneeling down, and hearing their respectful words, Lord Long, Qing Yu, and the rest were all inexplicably shocked.

Everything before him was like a dream!