"Miss, you're finally back. The mayor is about to die from anxiety..."

Right after Levi and Ye Xuan walked to the door, the butler who'd received notice beforehand quickly came over and greeted them with an anxious expression.

"What is it? What happened? "

Looking at the anxious butler, Levi asked in confusion.

"Master Hank Kade has brought Master Kester to propose to us. He's in the meeting hall right now."

The butler quickly spoke up.

"What?" Propose marriage? "

Hearing the butler's words, Levi's face changed drastically. He stretched out his hand to grab the butler's collar as he coldly said, "What is going on?"

"Everyone knows that Young Master Kester has always admired Miss, and Miss, now that you have reached the age of marriage, coupled with the fact that the Hank is a relative of the Demon Emperor, and the fact that the Demon Emperor has treated you so highly, our City Lord's Mansion is even close to the Hank family, so Young Master Kester requests his father, Lord Kade, to come and propose! When the City Lord heard about it, he was very much in favor of it, and I heard that the Evil Emperor was also very much in favor of it … "

Being captured by Levi like this, the butler quickly told him the information he had learnt.

"Bring me there quickly!"

Levi's expression was cold, his eyes filled with rage.


The butler nodded and led Levi to the meeting hall.

"Xuan Ye, you come with me!"

As if he'd thought of something, Levi's footsteps paused, then he turned around and spoke to Ye Xuan.


Ye Xuan hesitated for a moment. With a gleam of wisdom in his eyes, he lightly nodded his head.

From Levi's current attitude, it was obvious that he didn't approve of the marriage. It might even be an opportunity for him to enter Hesse City.

One must know that the Evil Emperor, one of the Five Emperors of the Asura World of the West, was from the Hank family. Although Hank Kade was just a subordinate of the Hank family, he was still highly valued by the Evil Emperor. Hank Kade was extremely powerful and had participated in the fight for the thirty-six Goddesses' position in the Asura World of the Gods.

Although the Hank family of Heshan City was only a branch of the Hank family, it was still the number one family in Heshan City, standing side by side with the mayor's mansion.

Of course, there was a reason for the Evil Emperor to support the Hank family in Heshan City. His goal was to prevent Ledon and the others from betraying him.

If Levi really did marry Kester, then the Hank and the City Lord's Mansion would become one, and the entire Hessian City would become an iron bucket. Be it the City Lord's Mansion, the Hank and even the Evil Emperor would benefit greatly.

However, if this marriage didn't succeed ….

Then, this was a little interesting!

The corners of Ye Xuan's mouth curled up slightly as he followed Levi and the others into the meeting hall.

In the meeting hall of the City Lord's Mansion.

The mayor, Ledron, was sitting in the front seat in a real black leather coat, sipping tea and chatting with Hank Kade about their marriage.

Looking at Kester, who was sitting respectfully at the side and appearing refined and extraordinary, his weathered face was filled with smiles, and his eyes were filled with praise.

As Levi's father, he was quite satisfied with Kester.

Kade was the eldest son of the Hank family, the heir to the throne. Not only did he have an extremely high reputation and temperament, he also had an extremely high knowledge and strength.

His martial arts talent was especially outstanding. When he was 18 years old, he had participated in the Asura World's 72 Earth Fiend contests to obtain the title of the top 50 rankings.

One had to know that there were a total of 3000 people participating in the fight for the 72 Earth Fiend level titles. Most of them were over 22 years old, and some were even in their forties.

At the age of 22, Kester had participated in the fight for the 36 god positions in the Asura World. Although he hadn't succeeded in obtaining one, he had obtained the title of Quasi-god, which meant that he had great potential to reach the 36 god level within the next 10 years.

Even the great Demon Emperor admired Kester greatly.

Kester was now twenty-eight years old, and after all these years of settling down, his strength had improved even more. He was extremely confident in the Conferred God Battle half a year later, and thought that he would be able to obtain one of the thirty-six positions.

This kind of youth was undoubtedly extremely rare.

From Ledron's point of view, Kester had a bright future ahead of him.

To Rydlon, it was undoubtedly a blessing for his daughter to be able to marry him.

Kester could bring happiness to her daughter!

Therefore, Ledron was very much in favor of this marriage.

Immediately, Ledron laughed. "Although Alec hasn't returned yet, I think she'll definitely be happy upon hearing this news. After all, in the entire Hesse City, only Nephew Kester is worthy of her!"

"Then Uncle's meaning is …"

Hearing Ledon's words, an expression of ecstasy surfaced on Kester's face. He could not help but speak.

"I agree!" "Haha …"

Ledron laughed.

"I don't agree!"

However, just as Ledong Long finished his sentence, a cold and stubborn voice rang out at this moment.

As the voice sounded out, Levi and Ye Xuan were led into the meeting hall by the butler.


Looking at Levi, who had barged into the meeting hall, both Laurent and Kester were shocked. A look of joy appeared on their faces.

"Alley, you came back at the right time. I was discussing your marriage to Kester, my nephew, with your Uncle Kade!"

Seeing this, Ledron stood up and walked to Levi's side and pulled her hand as he spoke.

It could be seen that Ledron was very fond of Levi.

"I don't agree, I don't want to marry him!"

Kester was about to speak, but Levi spoke first.

"Do you know what you're talking about, Alec?"

The smile on Ledron's face froze as he snapped.

The smiles on Kester and Kade's faces slowly disappeared at this moment, appearing a little unnatural.

"Of course I know what I'm talking about. I don't want to marry Kester, I don't like him! " Levi said stubbornly.

"You … You. You've been with Kester since you were a kid! Having grown up together, the two of you are on very good terms with each other. childhood sweetheart, didn't you say you liked him? "

Ledonton immediately became anxious.

"Ah lei, I treat you well. I really like you. I swear I will treat you well, love you well, and cherish you for the rest of my life!"

Kester spoke up at this moment with an expression of deep love.

"Brother Kester... I... You misunderstand! I said I liked Kester! "Big brother, but that's just the kind of love little sister has for big brother. It's not love …"

Levi said with a wronged and anxious expression on his face.

Kester's soul seemed to have left his body. He did not expect that he would be rejected just like that.

At this moment, Ledron was also at a loss as to what to do.

Things did not seem to be going as he had hoped or expected.

He didn't understand how his obedient daughter, who had always listened to him, could suddenly become so disobedient and unreasonable.

Didn't she know the importance of this marriage?

Even though it was Kester! They had come to propose marriage, but he knew that this marriage had received the approval of the Evil Emperor.

If they really refused this marriage, then the Evil Emperor would definitely have some ideas, and might even doubt his loyalty.

It had to be known that the Evil Emperor was from the Hank family. The Hank family in Heshan City was half a royal family, and this family had the approval of the Evil Emperor. This was equivalent to giving them marriage.

Once they went against it, the consequences would be extremely dangerous.

While Ledron was pondering on how to convince Levi, Kester, who was beside him, set his gaze on Ye Xuan. His eyes flickered with a cold light as he coldly asked, "Alley, who is this man from China?"

The man's intuition told him that Levi had most likely rejected him because of the man in front of him.

Hearing Kester's words, Ledron and the others noticed that a unfamiliar man like Ye Xuan was standing in the meeting hall. Judging from his appearance and appearance, he should be from China.

"Alley, we're in the middle of a meeting. Why did you bring an outsider in?"

Ledron asked in a cold voice at this moment.

"Lord Father, his name is Xuan Ye. On the way back from traveling, we were attacked by a giant salamander. The ship was destroyed, and Uncle Ming and the guards all died. He was the one who saved me at the critical moment …"

Levi started to cry as he said that, "If it weren't for Xuan Ye, Alec would never see you again, Father. Wuuuu..." You must thank him for me. "

"What?" Such a thing actually happened? "

Levi's voice, which carried a sobbing tone, fell into the ears of Ledron, Kester, and the others, causing them to be shocked.

It was hard for them to imagine how Levi's group had survived the attack of the giant salamander beast. After all, it was a Class 8 Magical Beast.

They obviously didn't think that such a thing would happen. Levi's group had been attacked by a giant salamander, and Mumbo and the others were all dead …

At the same time, Ledron and Kester finally understood why Levi had refused the marriage.

It was very possible that Levi had gone through a life or death experience and received a great shock and excitement. His emotions were a little agitated, and his mind was in a state of disorder.

Of course, there was some sort of relationship between him and that kid called Xuan Ye. After all, this guy had saved Levi's life, and they had shared life and death together.

"Ah Lai, don't worry, everything is fine now. You are safe …" Rest assured, Father will definitely reward him handsomely! "

At this moment, Ledron lightly patted Levi's shoulder as he consoled him.

"Men, bring this Xuan Ye fellow to the accounting office to collect five million Asura coins and a set of Black Crystal Battle Armor!"

At this moment, Ledron waved his hand and said in an extremely heroic manner.

It has to be known that the exchange rate of Asura's currency and China's currency is 1: 8, 5 million Asura's coins is equivalent to 40 million Chinese dollars.

And a set of Black Crystal Battle Armor was also known as an energy armour. Its market price was around 10 million Chinese dollars, and it was something that was hard to find even if there was a price. It was extremely valuable.

Ledron wasn't considered much to Ye Xuan for saving Levi's life, but it definitely wasn't low either.

"Many thanks City Lord!"

Ye Xuan cupped his fists in apology before leaving the meeting hall under the lead of the butler.

"Father, Xuan Ye once saved Alley's life. Your reward is simply too little …"

When Ye Xuan was taken away by the butler, Liveston hurriedly said this.

"Girl, you …" Butler, can you help me reward him a little more?

Hearing this, Ledron could not help but smile helplessly and give an order to the butler.

"That's more like it!"

Only then did Levi nod in satisfaction.

"Um …" Lord Father, Uncle Kade, Brother Kester... "I'm tired, I'm going to rest first."

Then she turned to Kade, Kester, and the others.

"Hurry up, child!"

Seeing this, Ledron nodded slightly, then turned to Kester. "Nephew Kester, Aley has been attacked by a giant salamander and has been through a life and death experience. He was frightened. Go accompany him more!"

"Yes sir!"

Hearing Ledon's words, Kester nodded lightly, stood up, and chased after Levi.

Only after Levi and Kester had left did Ledron turn his head and focus his gaze on Kade, who had been sitting to the side the entire time without speaking. His face was filled with a look of deep regret as he said in a self-reproachful tone, "Brother Kai, it's all my fault for being too unruly with that little girl Alicia. I didn't teach her well, making you laugh at me …"

"You can't be blamed for this, it's all because of that giant salamander. It's been sleeping at the bottom of the sea, who would have thought that it would suddenly run out to attack, giving Alec a shock and stimulation …" It was not easy for her to escape from the giant salamander! "

Kade shook his head slightly and spoke slowly.

Pausing for a moment, he continued, "But that kid from China was able to save Alec from the hands of that giant salamander. It's quite hard to believe …"

"Perhaps it's just luck. Although there are a lot of Chinese people in the Asura World, I have never heard of the name Xuan Ye. Furthermore, I can see that his aura is merely that of a small Martial King … "

Ledron said flatly, "Fortunately, he still knows his place. He knows he can leave once he receives the reward. He doesn't have any presumptuous thoughts! Brother Kai, Ally was just stimulated for a moment and that kid saved her, so she's a bit resistant to this marriage. After she takes a break, she'll naturally agree to it! "

"If that's the case, then I'll have to trouble you, Brother Lai! I hope that our families can get closer to each other! "

Kade nodded slightly and smiled.

"Don't worry, Brother Kai!" Ledron said solemnly.

"Then, why don't we come back in seven days?"

asked Kade tentatively.

"Alright, come back in seven days!"

Ledron nodded slightly.

Seven days was enough time for him to settle many matters.

"Then, Brother Kai, I have some matters to attend to, so I will take my leave!"

Kade stood up, clasped his hands at Ledron, and turned away.

"Where are the hidden guards?"

After Kade left, Ledron's eyes flashed and he spoke coldly.


Just as he finished speaking, a black shadow silently appeared in the shadows at the corner of the wall.

"I want all the information on that kid called Xuan Ye. Also, keep an eye on him and watch his every move. If anything happens, report back to me at any time!"

Ledron spoke without expression.

"Yes sir!"

As his words fell, the shadow wriggled strangely and disappeared without a trace, as if it had never appeared in the first place.