"Xuan Ye, wait!"

In the courtyard of the City Lord's Mansion, Ye Xuan had just received a reward for saving Levi's life under the lead of his butler. Just as he was about to leave, he was stopped by Levi.

"Miss Levi, we've settled the score. Is there anything else?"

Ye Xuan lightly asked as he raised his eyebrows when he saw Levi, who'd rushed over while panting heavily.

"If there's nothing else, then I'll be leaving first."

Before Levi could say anything, Ye Xuan continued.

As soon as Xuan Ye finished speaking, he took a few steps, bypassing Leviathan and leaving.

"Xuan Ye, I …"

Upon seeing this, Levi's hastily extended his hand to grab Ye Xuan's hand. Ye Xuan stopped in his tracks.

This scene was coincidentally seen by Kester, who had rushed over in a hurry. It made his heart surge with anger and jealousy.

He didn't think that Levi would find an excuse to rest and hurriedly leave just to see this kid called Xuan Ye.

"What are you doing? "Hurry up and let go of Alley. Do you think a toad would want to eat swan meat?"

He quickly walked up to Ye Xuan and pushed him away while berating him.

His words were filled with warning.

Then Kester looked at Levi with concern. "Are you all right, Alec?" Did this bastard hurt you? "

"Xuanye, how are you?" Are you hurt? "

However, Levi didn't pay any attention to him and instead walked to the side of Ye Xuan, who was pushed aside by Kester, and asked with a face full of concern.

"I'm fine!"

Ye Xuan lightly shook his head.

Levi turned his head and looked at Kester, asking loudly, "Kester, what are you doing? Are you sick? Xuan Ye is my savior, how can you do this? "

Hearing Levi's question and seeing how she protected Ye Xuan, Kester's heart was filled with rage.

This Levi actually dared to speak to him in such a manner for the sake of this scoundrel?

"Alley, you …"

Kester was just about to speak, but was interrupted by Ye Xuan. "Miss Levi, if there's nothing else here, I'll be taking my leave!"

After Ye Xuan finished speaking, he didn't wait for Levi's reply and left with large strides.

He was not in the mood to quarrel with anyone here, and he had no interest in Levis.

Although he was indeed unlike the alliance between the City Lord's Mansion and the Hank family, he couldn't show it too clearly. After all, there were some things that couldn't be rushed.

Blackleaf, you just arrived at Hesse City. You aren't familiar with this place.

Upon seeing this, Levi hurriedly chased after him.

"I have my own place to go. I don't need to trouble Miss Levis!"

Ye Xuan replied expressionlessly.

"Xuanyuan Ye, you … Can you not go? It's a mess outside, you just arrived here, you're unfamiliar with the place, it's dangerous! "Don't go, I'll go find my father and ask him to give you a position and leave you in the City Lord's Mansion, okay?"

Levi said with a pleading look.

She didn't even realize that she was relying on Ye Xuan.

When this scene entered Kester's ears, his lungs almost exploded.

He had always treated Levi as his own woman, and now, seeing her so humbly begging for a man, it felt like someone had turned him green, even though Levi wasn't his wife yet!

However, it had long since been reserved by him!

Now, someone had suddenly cut in line. How could he not be angry?

And most importantly, that brat actually ignored Levi.

"No need!"

Ye Xuan still didn't stop moving.

"Then... Then can we go have a meal together and just treat it as thanking you for saving my life? " Levi continued.

"Sorry, I still have things to do, so I don't have time!" Ye Xuan lightly replied.

"Xuan Ye, can you give me your contact number?"

Levi asked again.

"If fate wills it, we will meet again!"

Ye Xuan quickened his pace and quickly disappeared from Levi's line of sight, leaving the City Lord's Mansion.

"You …"

Looking at Ye Xuan's disappearing figure, Levi's heart was filled with an inexplicable melancholy.

"Alley, I recently found a new restaurant. It's delicious. Can I take you to have a taste?"

Kester suppressed the rage in his heart, his handsome face full of smiles as he spoke in an extremely gentlemanly manner.

"No, go by yourself!"

However, the reply he got was Levi's cold tone.

With that, Levi turned around and left.

"Ah, Alley …"

Seeing this, Kester was about to chase after him, but he was interrupted by Levi's cold voice, "I'm not in a good mood. I don't want to see you. Don't bother me."

Kester paused, the smile frozen on his face.

The way Levi treated Ye Xuan was completely different from the way he treated him.

"Damn it!"

Watching Levi's departing figure, Kester clenched his fist so hard that it made 'ka ka ka' sounds. He punched a pillar on the side of the corridor, and some words of anger came out of his mouth.

He had never felt so stifled, so angry, so out of control before.

Ledron, who was watching from afar as he walked out of the meeting hall, felt a headache coming on.

After a moment of hesitation, he walked over to Kester! Beside him, she patted his shoulder and comforted him, "Alec, she's just too tired. Her mind is on edge, Kester! Nephew, do not be discouraged. I think she will understand very soon. "

"I think highly of you. Only you are qualified to be my City Governor's Estate's son-in-law."

"Thank you, Uncle Lai! I will work hard! "

Kester felt a little better after hearing Ledron's comforting words, and he spoke respectfully.

"Un, go on!"

Ledron nodded slightly.

Kester bowed to say goodbye.

After leaving the City Lord's Mansion, Kester didn't immediately return to the Hank's Mansion. Instead, he searched for Ye Xuan's figure.

Since he couldn't do anything to Levi, he had nowhere to vent his anger. Naturally, he had to find someone to vent it on.

Without a doubt, this person was Ye Xuan. If it wasn't for him, Levi definitely wouldn't have treated him this way.

Soon enough, he saw Ye Xuan on the street far away. That kid was picking out some low-grade items from a stall.

At this moment, Kester did not stop and quickly walked up.

After returning to his room, Levi quickly opened the window and looked at Ye Xuan, who was picking his things from afar.

Kester quickly arrived next to Ye Xuan. He grabbed him by the collar and coldly stared at Ye Xuan. His voice contained a chilling tone, "I'm warning you …."

Ye Xuan didn't get angry even though Kester was grabbing him. He calmly looked at Kester and asked, "Warning me about what?"

"Brat, what kind of bewitching soup did you give A-Lai to make her care so much about you? I'm warning you, she's my woman. If you don't want to die, then scram! "

Kester asked fiercely.

The instant Kester's words left his mouth, killing intent flashed in his eyes. He clenched his right hand into a fist and smashed it towards Ye Xuan with great force.

Seeing this, Ye Xuan's eyes narrowed and a cold light flashed in them. The instant Kester's fist smashed towards him, Ye Xuan extended his palm, easily blocking Ye Xuan's attack.

Kester was stunned when his attack was blocked. He clearly did not expect this fellow to be able to block his attack so easily, even though he had only used 30% of his strength.

Just when Kester was dazed by Ye Xuan's attack, Ye Xuan slowly said, "I have no relationship with Levi, but since you said so, I think I should have some relationship with her!"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Kester's face became unsightly and he coldly said, "So you're saying that you're intentionally provoking me? Do you know that this will make your death miserable? "

Kester hadn't even finished speaking when a wild strength exploded out of his body without any warning. A terrifying strength howled through the air as it charged towards Ye Xuan.


However, in the instant that the force howled towards him, Ye Xuan leaped into the air, dodging the attack of the force.

"Damnable bastard, to think that you're still hiding!"

After dodging Ye Xuan's attack, Kester's eyes were filled with killing intent. Moving his feet, his figure became like a ghost as he charged forward and instantly appeared next to Ye Xuan. Silver energy howled from his fists as he charged towards Ye Xuan like a silver Tiger Dragon.


Seeing this, Ye Xuan snorted coldly. He didn't show any intention of dodging at all. Demon Qi twined around his right hand as he smashed it towards Kester.


In the next moment, their fists collided, and a terrifying force spread out in all directions.

Ye Xuan and Kester were both sent flying by the powerful force, and had to retreat dozens of steps before being able to stabilize themselves.

Kester was not weak; he had reached the level of a nine star Martial King. He was even half a step into the Martial King realm. He only needed an opportunity to break through and become a Martial King.

Not only that, but with the Western Asura World's special energy equipment and the cultivation technique he cultivated, even a Martial King of the Martial King level might barely be able to put up a fight.

It had to be said that in the past few years, the martial arts development in the Western Asura World had been extremely fast and swift. The overall strength of the world had been greatly enhanced.

"How is this possible? This guy is only a six star Martial King, but he can actually block my full power attack? "

While Ye Xuan was flabbergasted by Kester's strength, Kester was shocked by the strength that Ye Xuan displayed. He never imagined that Ye Xuan would be able to block his full strength attack.

One had to know that the strength of that brat was three small realms inferior to his.

Kester simply could not accept such an outcome …

In the next moment, he raised his head and directed his gaze onto Ye Xuan. Killing intent surged from his eyes as he spoke in a cold voice, "Boy, you're not bad at all. However, if you want to blame something, blame your bad eyesight. You shouldn't have provoked me! "

"I will let you have a taste of living a life worse than death!"

As Kester's words fell, the imposing aura of a nine star Martial King unreservedly spread out. The ring on his finger flashed, and a translucent crystal spear appeared in his hand, causing his imposing aura to flourish even more.

In the next moment, he stomped his foot fiercely. Violent energy spread out in all directions and his body abruptly charged towards Ye Xuan, causing a violent wind to blow on the street.

The moment he rushed out, the endless strength in his body was poured into the long spear, causing dazzling spear light to erupt from the long spear. A huge silver-grey dragon appeared behind Kester.

After which, he fiercely thrust his spear towards Ye Xuan as cold and emotionless words came out of his mouth.

"Go to hell! The Berserk Dragon Spear is enraged!"