It was extremely difficult to train. Even in the Hank's family, only a few people would be able to successfully train it, and Kester was one of them.

This' Berserk Dragon Spear 'had an illustrious reputation in Hesse City. Rumor had it that it was Kester! His ancestors had used this move to slay a huge dragon, leaving behind many legends!

Now Kester! What he used was the first attack of the Raging Dragon Spear's anger - Myriad Shadows Spear!

At this moment, his body turned into countless afterimages. Holding a spear in his hand, he brought along a sky full of afterimages, like a roaring, furious dragon, as he charged towards Ye Xuan to kill him. It dazzled everyone's eyes and could be said to be extremely ferocious.

The terrifying force caused a gust of wind to blow in the street, causing the surrounding pedestrians to scatter in panic. They looked towards the direction of the battle and said in shock, "That's Young Master Kester of the Hank clan. He's fighting someone?"

"Rage, Berserk Dragon Spear! What a terrifying martial skill! This is only the first move!"

"Who is that guy? He dares to fight with Young Master Kester. He's simply courting death!"

"I don't know who that unlucky brat is, but he's obviously finished …"

"Young master Kester is a nine star Martial King in the first place. He could break through at any time. "That kid actually dared to anger Young Master Kester, he's definitely going to die!"

It was obvious that the onlookers didn't think much of Ye Xuan. After all, Kester was the number one genius of Heshan City.

As for the young man who had fought Kester, they did not know him at all.

The instant Kester unleashed the first style of the Berserk Dragon Spear, Levi, who was standing in the main city building and watching this scene through the windows, had a drastic change in expression and a look of nervousness on his face.

She didn't think Kester would be so despicable to find trouble with Ye Xuan. She clearly knew how terrifying Kester's technique was. Even a Martial King of the Martial King realm would be threatened by it.

Although she was well aware of Ye Xuan's strength, she knew how terrifying this move was. She didn't think that Ye Xuan would be able to block Kester's attack …

"Kester, stop it!"

At this moment, Levi couldn't help but shout loudly.

Unfortunately, she was far away from Ye Xuan and Kester! They were too far away for Kester to hear.

Even if Kester had heard, he would not have stopped.

He wanted to kill Ye Xuan. Only by doing this would he be able to vent the anger and displeasure in his heart!

Although Kester didn't hear Levi's shout, with Ye Xuan's hearing, he did.

From beginning to end he had known that Levi was watching from a distance, and that he had taken all of Kester's hands into his own.

Kester's technique was extremely powerful and could even threaten a Martial Monarch. However, if Ye Xuan wanted to crack Kester's technique, he had countless methods. If he wanted to defeat Kester, it would be as easy as flipping his palm.

Seeing Kester approaching with a sky full of spear shadows, Ye Xuan's eyes flashed with a cold light. He instantly opened the second level of the Bedevilment Realm, causing his aura to rise and the magic armor on his body to appear.

The moment Kester's spear was about to pierce him, he suddenly rushed forward. His fist carried an endless amount of bright light. It was like a demonic dragon had been struck down by him.

Devil Dragon's Strength!

The Demon Dragon was enraged!


"Puchi …"

In the next moment, a muffled bang sounded out. Ye Xuan strangely dodged Kester's attack and heavily smashed his fist on Kester's chest.

A dull sound of collision could be heard, followed by the sound of bones breaking and blood spitting out.

A lot of blood sprayed out from Kester's mouth. His body was like a cannonball as it flew out and smashed into a small stall in the distance. The booth was smashed into pieces and a large amount of dust was raised...

"Cough cough …"

Threads of black blood flowed down Kester's body! The corner of his mouth flowed out.

Looking at Ye Xuan standing upright without a scratch, and Kester slowly standing up with blood flowing from the corner of his mouth, the surrounding people were all stunned. They looked at each other in dismay.

No one had expected that this completely unknown youngster would actually be able to defeat Lord Kester.

"It's fake, right?"

"This... How could this happen? "

"That kid from China actually defeated Young Master Kester seriously?"

"Am I f * cking seeing things or is that kid really defying the heavens?" It must be understood that young master Kester is the number one genius of our city, but he was actually knocked down with a single punch? "

"Holy shit, what kind of background does that kid have?"

At this moment, the surrounding spectators were dumbstruck by Ye Xuan's powerful punch.

Ye Xuan's display of strength was simply too strong!

"Quick, over here!"

After heavily injuring Kester with one strike, Ye Xuan's expression didn't change at all. He coldly stared at Kester and was just about to speak, when a chilling voice quietly resounded.

Along with this voice, a large number of Hank's guards received the news and swiftly rushed over to the scene, surrounding Ye Xuan tightly and sealing off all avenues of retreat.

The captain of the guards, Uncle Xu, had come to Kester! A respectful voice came out from his mouth, "Greetings, eldest young master. I have come late, I hope that eldest young master can punish me!"

"Eldest Young Master, your injuries?"

The guard captain saw Kester's sunken chest and his expression changed. The wound was not light so he quickly spoke out in concern.

"No worries!"

However, Kester didn't care at all as he coldly replied.

"What are you all standing there for? Hurry up and capture this kid!"

Seeing this, the expression of the guard captain, Uncle Xu, turned cold as he cried out.

As soon as he finished speaking, the guards all drew their swords from their waists and charged towards Ye Xuan.

In the blink of an eye, over ten sharp blades appeared before Ye Xuan's eyes, slashing towards him.


Ye Xuan's expression turned cold. As their attacks approached, he exerted force through his feet, and like a roc spreading its wings, he leaped up and landed on the roof to the side. He dodged the attacks from the guards.

"Swoosh swoosh swoosh!"

The guards obviously had extraordinary skills. At the same time, they flew up to the roof and surrounded Ye Xuan.

Seeing this, Ye Xuan's expression turned cold as he stared at Kester and said in an indifferent tone, "Kester, you think that these few people can hurt me? "Little Wasteland!"


Just as Ye Xuan finished speaking, the enormous mutated Desolate Wolf King abruptly transformed into a silver golden light and flew out of the ring. It appeared behind Ye Xuan as it roared furiously towards the sky.

"Ahh …"

Following the roar of the mutated wolf king, a terrifying pressure began to spread in all directions from its center. It caused the surrounding people's expressions to change, and they started to let out ear-piercing shouts from their mouths.

The Hank guards that surrounded Ye Xuan were the first to be hit. Under the mutated wolf king's terrifying pressure and howls, they looked in pain. They covered their heads with their hands and screamed miserably as their bodies tumbled off the rooftops, completely losing their ability to fight.

"This... This is changing. Variant Wolf King? "

"That fellow actually has a mount like the Variant Wolf King that can hire a Martial King?"

"What is his background?"

The surrounding people were dumbstruck as they looked at the mutated Ash Wolf that was respectfully squatting beside Ye Xuan. Shocked words came out of their mouths as they stared dumbfoundedly at Ye Xuan.

Kester's expression couldn't help but change as he looked at Ye Xuan in shock. He didn't think that Ye Xuan would have such a mount. After all, the Variant Wolf King was an existence that he didn't even dare dream of having.

It looked like this fellow's identity was definitely not as simple as he had imagined.

"Kester, I'm warning you. I've just arrived in Hesse City, and I don't want to make any enemies with any power. You'd better not provoke me!" "Otherwise, I don't mind destroying the whole Hank's family!"

Ye Xuan steadied himself on the back of the mutated Ash Wolf. He looked down at Kester from above, and an ice-cold voice came out of his mouth.


As soon as Ye Xuan finished speaking, the Variant Wolf King roared towards the sky and spat out an enormous energy ball towards Kester.


In the next moment, a huge explosion resounded.

Kester and many of the guards spat out blood from the center of the explosion like kites with their strings cut, looking extremely miserable.

Ye Xuan coldly glanced at Kester, then turned around and left on his Variant Wolf King!

"What are you all standing there in a daze for? Hurry up and chase them!"

Kester looked at Ye Xuan as he left and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth with his hand. His expression was unsightly to the extreme, his fists were clenched until they cracked. Today, he was simply humiliated to the extreme, and angry words came out of his mouth.

"In addition, send our clan's ghost guards to capture him and arrest him. I want him to live a life worse than death!"

"Yes sir!"

Hearing Kester's words, the guards quickly chased after Ye Xuan.

Since someone dared to slap his face in his territory, he would definitely give him a thorough lesson, letting him taste the feeling that it was better to die than to live.

"Mystic Leaf …"

Looking at Ye Xuan, who was being pursued by so many Hank guards, Levi's face was filled with anxiety. He shouted in anger and wanted to give chase, but was stopped by Ledron.

"Don't go anywhere!"

Although Ye Xuan's performance just now was extremely powerful, defeating Kester and even defeating a stage seven mutated Ash Wolf, in Ledron's opinion, he wasn't a match for Kester.

With the strength that boy had displayed, perhaps he had an extraordinary background in China, but this was still the Asura World!

"But Xuan Ye is being hunted by the Hank family..."

Watching his father block his path, Levi spoke with an anxious look on his face.

"That has nothing to do with you!"

However, the reply he got was Ledron's cold words.

"But Xuan Ye saved my life …"

"I've already paid him enough. You have nothing to do with him now. "Think about it!"

"Men, watch her closely. She is not allowed to go out without my permission!"

Ledron made a cold snort, then turned and left, locking the door behind him.

"If you're interested in him, then we'll talk about it after he survives being wanted by the Hank family!"