Three days later, Ye Xuan finished dealing with the ghost guards from the Hank family that were chasing him and appeared at the Night Bar!

Nightfall was one of the most popular bars in Hesse City. Not only were there fine wines and wines from all over the world, there were also seductive beauties from all over the world.

Although it was only 8 PM, the Night's Night bar was already packed.

Looking at the young, energetic beauties wearing bikinis and twisting sexy figures, and listening to the surging DJ music in the bar, a faint smile couldn't help but surface on Ye Xuan's handsome face. His eyes were filled with nostalgia.

Although the bars in the country were fashionable enough, compared to those in the Asura World, they were still a little lacking in taste.

Ye Xuan's gaze slowly swept through the bar's lobby. In the end, he found an empty corner and sat down. He ordered four cups of the most expensive Phoenix Dance Roland Wine and quietly waited.

Crazy Devil Lin Feng, Saint Devil Derek, and Li Chunyang had arranged for him to meet them here, but in the end, these three still hadn't come.

Instead, it was created a hundred years ago by the Four Emperors of the Dark West, the Violet Roland and Fire Phoenix. Not only is the taste amazing, it can also bring you a perfect experience in both fire and ice, allowing you to completely relax your mind, even allowing you to improve your martial arts cultivation, and can even give you a slight chance to comprehend the Dao!

Of course, its price was also extremely expensive. A cup of Phoenix Dance Roland Wine cost five hundred thousand Asura dollars, equivalent to four million from China. Those who dared to order a cup of wine in the entire bar could be counted on one hand in the entire Hesun City.

However, Ye Xuan had ordered four cups of wine at once. How could this not shock everyone?

Isn't this a little too extravagant?

It has to be known that even the famous princes in Hesse City rarely possessed as much magnanimity as Ye Xuan.

Even the beautiful manager of the bar couldn't help but be shocked. She thought that some big shot had arrived and even personally came out to deliver the wine.

Mich Evelyn was the manager of the Nightmare Tavern. She was once the famous princess of the Mech family in the Western Asura World. With her status coupled with her extremely high beauty, she was considered a minor celebrity in the Western Asura World and was sought after by many.

With the destruction of the Demonic God Palace, the entire Mech clan was implicated. Under the annexation and annexation of the other clans, her father died in battle, causing the Miehe clan to decline. As for Mie`er Ivy, she could only leave her hometown and hide her name.

Because her outstanding looks and wrist had been admired by the young master of the third largest family in Hesse City, Xia Luoshen, she was asked to manage this bar.

Miher Avril had long blond hair that was tied up in a high bun, revealing her delicate western blended cheeks. Her slim figure was wrapped in a black uniform and was accompanied by black fishnet socks, which gave her a sense of temptation.

As she slowly walked in front of Ye Xuan with the Phoenix Dance Roland Wine, one after another, gazes of astonishment and curiosity couldn't help but fall on him.

After all, not many people would be able to get the beauty manager Avril to deliver the wine herself.

"Sir, I've made you wait for a long time. Here's your Phoenix Dance Roland Wine, please enjoy!"

A charming smile hung on Mihe Avril's face as he placed the Phoenix Dance Roland Wine on Ye Xuan's table, then spoke in a melodious manner.

As she spoke, Miach Ivor examined Ye Xuan with her eyes filled with a trace of doubt.

This youth looked unfamiliar. He had never seen him before, and he was from China.

This made Miehe Avril think of the amiable and amiable Lord Devil Lord, but unfortunately …

He hadn't been here for years.

The days of the past were long gone.

As he thought of the past, Mihe-Avril became absent-minded.

"Mieh Avril?"

Hearing this melodious voice, Ye Xuan was stunned as he looked at the exquisite and familiar face in front of him. Then, a flabbergasted voice sounded out from his mouth.

He had not expected to see Mihe-Avril here. In his impression, the Mihe-family should be flourishing in Dragon City in the east.

Why was she working in this bar?

Could it be that after the destruction of the Demonic Palace, the Mech Family also had an accident?

When Ye Xuan's voice landed in her ears, it startled her. She quickly recovered and said with a smile, "Gongzi, you might recognize the wrong person. My name is Avril, but I'm not Mihe Avril."

"I am the manager of this bar. If Young Master needs anything, you can send someone to look for me at any time! All your wine has been served, please enjoy your meal! "

After finishing his words, Miach Ivy didn't linger and turned around to leave. She quickly disappeared from Ye Xuan's line of sight.

Ye Xuan's expression was filled with complicated emotions as he watched Mihe Ivor quickly leave.

He was confident that he would not recognize the wrong person. The bar manager in front of him, Avril, was undoubtedly the former Mihe Avril.

He hadn't thought that so many changes would happen in four years. Even the once glorious Princess Miehe Avril didn't dare to admit to her family name when she became the manager of a small bar.

After Avril left, many beautiful women came over to strike up a conversation with Ye Xuan. After all, Ye Xuan was originally rather handsome, and his temperament was cold. As he sat alone in a corner, he thought about the past.

In addition, he'd ordered four cups of Phoenix Dancing Wine at once. His status was absolutely extraordinary, so many beauties came over to chat with him. Unfortunately, Ye Xuan didn't have the mood to pay any attention to them.

As for those beauties who came to strike up a conversation, they could only leave tactfully.

"From the looks of it, your emotions are very complicated right now. Maybe drinking a mouthful of Phoenix Dance Roland Wine will make you feel a lot more comfortable …"

Ye Xuan only recovered from his silence after hearing a familiar voice. He raised his head to look towards the source of the voice. It was the Insane Demon Lin Feng, the Saint Devil Derek, and Li Chunyang.

Perhaps it was because it was convenient to hide their identity, the Crazy Devil Lin Feng and the Demonic Saint Derek made a simple disguise technique and their appearances changed a bit. After all, they were once famous and respected figures in the Asura World.

On the other hand, Li Chunyang's appearance hadn't changed. After all, this was the first time he had come to this Asura World.

"It was obviously you guys who asked me to come, and you just happened to come at this time …"

Ye Xuan said in a bad mood as he looked at the arrival of Mad Demon Lin Feng, Saint Devil Derek, Li Chunyang, and the others.

While he was speaking, he took a sip of the Phoenix Dance Roland Wine and enjoyed its unique and stimulating taste. His originally heavy mood had also been greatly relieved at this moment.

"Aren't we going to take care of some things now?! Do you know why we asked you to come here? "

Mad Demon Lin Feng lazily stretched his body and casually asked.

"Because of Mikhail Avril?"

Ye Xuan's eyes flashed, and wisdom surged within them.

"It seems like you have already seen her!"

After hearing Ye Xuan's words, the Saint Devil Derek lightly nodded his head and lightly replied.

"What happened that year? How did she end up like this?" Ye Xuan couldn't help but ask.

"Pure Yang, tell him everything that we've investigated during this period of time!" Mad Demon Lin Feng turned his head and his gaze fell on Li Chunyang, who was enjoying the Phoenix Dance Roland Wine for the first time.

"Young Master Ye, you might not know this, but after the four emperors besieged and destroyed the Demonic Palace, many of the vassal families that worked with the Demonic Palace were also suppressed. They were quickly devoured by the other families, and in the end, went into decline and perish …"

Li Chunyang lightly nodded his head, and slowly told them all the information they had gathered in the past few days.

The Miehe family is one of them. The old man and the leader died fighting to preserve the last of the bloodline of the Miehe family, and the broken members of the Miehe family received a bounty as a reward, while Princess Miehe could only endure humiliation and live in seclusion in a border city close to the Sea of Devils. In the end, she obtained the recognition of the second successor of the third family, the Shiluo family, and became the manager of this bar …

After pausing for a moment, Li Chunyang continued, "Of course, the reason why Xia Luoshen thinks so highly of Miss Miehe is not only because of her ability, but also because of her extraordinary beauty and her outstanding adaptability! Charlotte Thirteen will be here today to entertain a distinguished guest. His name is Louis Shaq! The heir to the Louis family, Young Director of the Louis family group, as well as Shayna's cousin, he was fond of beauties and had a deep mind. He was a sinister villain. The destruction of the Miehe family had something to do with the Louis family … "

"Shayna's cousin?"

Ye Xuan's gaze went cold and his eyes flickered with a cold light.

Louis Xana was originally the apple of the eye of the Louis family. It was because of this that the future successor of the family betrayed the family and was taken in by Ye Xuan as the successor to the Demonic God Palace.

Louis Xana could have used the power of the Demonic Palace to eradicate the Louis Family, but she was too soft-hearted and didn't …

Hearing Ye Xuan's question, Li Chunyang nodded. "Yes, it's Shaina's cousin. Because she has some connections with the Louis family, we didn't let her come to Heshan City! "Charlotte wants to negotiate a partnership with Louis Shackles in order to raise his position …"

"Of course, Luishak won't be that easy to deal with. However, Charlotte has caught his interest and knows that he loves beauties, so he decided to give Mich Avril to Luishak! "Although Miheh Avril is completely unaware of all this, with her personality, she will definitely not sit idly by. Moreover, the destruction of the Mihei family is closely related to the Louis family, so Louischuck is naturally involved. If she wants revenge, she will definitely take action, and may even use this opportunity to assassinate Louischuck!"

"Tonight is a dangerous night for Avril, so we invited you here!" Of course, it's not just Xia Luoshen and the others that are here tonight. There are also people from the second and third families in Hesse City. They are here to receive a famous guest, and this guest should be someone you know! "

Lin Feng added.

"What guest?" Ye Xuan's eyes flashed. A trace of doubt flashed through them.

"Ancient God Huo Tian!" Mad Demon Lin Feng coldly said.

"Why is he here?"

Hearing this name, Ye Xuan's face filled with astonishment.

The Ancient God Huo Tian was one of the 36 Gods of the Western Asura World. He was in charge of the Ancient Divine Temple and was once an important business partner of the Divine Demon Palace.

However, he had never dared to have any interest in battles. He had never participated in any battles, and had always maintained his neutrality.

"He came here to cooperate with the second and third families of Hesse City! However, he is no longer as neutral as he was back then. He led the ancient divine hall into the Sword Emperor Pavilion, and now he's working for the Sword Emperor Ba Zi! "

A cold light flashed in the eyes of Saint Devil Derek, as he spoke in a cold voice.

"If we make a ruckus like this tonight, it will definitely make the matter bigger, and the Ancient God Huo Tian will definitely help as well. As for what we need to do when that time comes, whether we kill him or kill him, it will depend on your decision!"

Mad Demon Lin Feng said indifferently.

"Don't worry, just listen to my instructions!"

Hearing that, a sharp light flashed in Ye Xuan's eyes as he lightly nodded his head.

At this moment, the Saint Devil Derek's eyes flashed, and his gaze landed on the cold entrance of the bar.

"Charlotte, Shaq, and the others are here!"