Within the luxurious private room, numerous figures with vigorous auras were lazily lying on the sofa, drinking wine and chatting leisurely. The atmosphere in the private room appeared to be quite harmonious.

Xia Luoshen did not sit, but stood to the side and personally poured wine for the group of elders, hoping to leave a good impression in their hearts. This was because everyone's identity was extremely extraordinary.

Not only was there the patriarch of the Charo clan, the patriarch of Hei Sen City's third clan, Charos, as well as his uncles, but there was also the patriarch of the second clan, Pang Ke Vis, as well as the vice clan leader Pang Ke and his men.

Of course, the most important person was the ancient god from the Sword Emperor Pavilion, Huo Tian.

Although the Ancient God Huo Tian was over fifty years old, he looked extremely young, only thirty-five years old. His appearance was ordinary, his figure was thin, he wore a gray jacket, and he looked very casual. He didn't seem to be related to his title of Ancient God at all, but he was actually the highest ranking person present.

To be able to firmly sit in the position of the Western Asura World's 36 Gods and to sit here for several years, the Ancient God Huo Tian's strength was unquestionable. Even among the Asura World's 36 Gods, his strength was at the top.

Patriarch Xia Luo had placed them here because he wanted his Xia Luo Thirteen to be familiar with the ancient god Huo Tian. If he could get the favor of the ancient god Huo Tian, then his Thirteen must have a huge role in the future inheritance of the Xia Luo Family …

After all, the future patriarch of the Xiluo clan was not decided by him, the patriarch, but by the clan's contributions and connections.

From the looks of it, Xia Luoshen's performance did not disappoint him. This fellow was very observant and could see the situation clearly. Even the ancient god Huo Tian had praised him a few times just now.

"Master Huo, come! Let us toast you with this goblet of wine!"

"Lord Huo Tian, thank you for coming to our Black Forest City …"

At this moment, Shrews, Brooks, Pancakes, and the others all raised their glasses and toasted the Ancient God Huo Tian.

"Patriarch Charlotte and Patriarch Pang Ke are being too courteous!"

The ancient god Huo Tian raised the wine cup to his mouth and took a sip, then said with a smile.

As for Shrews, Pancakes, and Punk, they raised their heads and gulped down all the wine in their cups.

Although they were the patriarchs of the city, they were still a far cry from the status of the ancient god Huo Tian. After all, they were only considered the second and third biggest families in Heshan City.

They had been bullied by the Hank family several times in the past few years, but there was nothing they could do about it. After all, the Hank family and the Mayor's mansion were on good terms and they had the support of the Demon Emperor.

Now that the Ancient God Huo Tian and the others had come to the Black Forest City, they naturally wanted to seize this opportunity to build a good relationship with the Ancient God Huo Tian. They hoped to use the Ancient God Huo Tian to join the Sword Emperor Pavilion …

"I wonder why Lord Huo came to Heshan City this time? What can we do for you?"

After downing a few cups of wine, Shrews and Pontus looked at each other, hesitating for a moment before asking.

"Actually, there are two things I came to Hesse City for. One is business, and the other is personal! Do you want to do business or do you want to do business first? "

The Ancient God Huo Tian took a puff of his cigar, and lightly replied.

"Lord Huo Tian, you can do whatever you want. As long as it's your business, we are willing to listen!"

"Yes," Shrews and Poncevis replied quickly.

"Then I'll go back to work first! "I know that you've been suppressed by the Hank's family for years, but that bastard, Baqi, sent me to take you in. Are you willing?"

The ancient god Huo Tian slowly exhaled the thick smoke from his mouth and said in a somewhat absent-minded manner.

The "domineering" he was referring to was naturally the "Sword Emperor" among the Five Emperors. However, there was no reverence in this guy's words.

"Of course I'm willing! Thank you, Great Master Huo, thank you, Lord Sword Emperor! "

"Lord Sword Emperor, you are very perceptive. We are all willing to follow you with our lives!"

When they heard the words of the ancient god, Huo Tian, an ecstatic expression appeared on the faces of Shrews and Pang Kesi. They spoke without the slightest hesitation.

They did not think that happiness would come so suddenly.

If they had the support of the Sword Emperor and the Sword Emperor, they would have no fear of the Hank family and would no longer be suppressed by them.

"Very good, you all know your place!" From today onwards, you will be members of the Sword Emperor Pavilion! "

Seeing this, the Ancient God Huo Tian nodded in satisfaction and said in a neutral tone.

With that, the ancient god Huo Tian took out two tokens that symbolized the identity of a Sword Emperor Pavilion member from his storage ring and threw them in front of Xeros and Brooks as if they were trash.

"Thank you, Lord Huo Tian. Thank you, Lord Sword Emperor. Long live Lord Sword Emperor!"

After receiving the tokens, Shrews and Pontus immediately thanked Huo Tian respectfully, as if they had received a great treasure and couldn't let go of their love for the tokens.

"There's no need for thanks. In the future, just serve the Sword Emperor Pavilion well!"

The ancient god Huo Tian casually said.

If you looked closely, you would see the hidden trace of disdain in the eyes of the Ancient God Huo Tian.

"I wonder what is the second thing that's happened since Lord Huo came to Heshan City?"

Very soon, Pangkus and the others recovered from their ecstasy and looked at the ancient god Huo Tian, respectfully asking.

"Find a wanted criminal!"

The Ancient God Huo Tian took out a photo and placed it on the table, then said coldly, "Her name is Mihe Avril, and she is currently wanted by the Sword Emperor Pavilion. I heard that she fled to Heshan City not too long ago, so I came over to take a look. However... If any of you dare to not report this matter to me, then don't blame me for being rude! "

Following the words of the ancient god Huo Tian, an invisible aura spread out from his body, causing Shrews, Brooks, and the others to nod their heads respectfully with stern expressions.

Mieh Avril was the daughter of a close friend of his. Huo Tian had to find her first before the Sword Emperor's Divisions could find her, in order to guarantee her safety.

"Lord Huo Tian, don't worry. We will immediately notify you of the arrest of this criminal!"

"Lord Huo Tian, don't worry. As long as she's still in Heshan City, even if we have to turn the city upside down, we'll still help you find her!"

Seeing the picture that the ancient god, Huo Tian, took out, and hearing his words, the expression of the nearby Xia Luoxiang couldn't help but change, and his heart surged with waves of shock.

Although the photo that Ancient God Huo Tian took out was a little long ago, he couldn't be wrong. The woman in the photo was actually the manager of this hotel, Avril.

That bitch had actually concealed her identity!

Fortunately, no one had discovered it yet!

If he could hand over this woman, wouldn't it make the Ancient God Huo Tian look up to him and gain his favor?

It was a pity that this woman was probably being toyed with and humiliated by that fellow Louischuck.

However, handing her over to the ancient god Huo Tian after he finished playing with her could be considered to be of great use, as it brought out her value to the greatest extent …

After all, he had used Avril before, which had allowed him to sign a contract with Louischuck.

Xia Luoshen couldn't wait to find an excuse to leave. After all, if the others found out that Avril had told the ancient god Huo Tian, then they would give him a tip. It would be troublesome if they tried to cover up for him.

"Dong, dong, dong …"

Just as Xia Luoshen was thinking about how to excuse himself and leave, he heard a knock on the door. A security chief hastily walked into the room.

He first bowed respectfully towards the ancient god, Huo Tian and the others, then walked up to Xia Luoshen and whispered in his ear.


After hearing his subordinate's report, Xia Luoshen's expression couldn't help but slightly change, but his heart was in turmoil.

However, he tried his best to remain calm as he turned around to look at the Ancient God Huo Tian and the others. "Lord Huo Tian, Uncle Pang Ke, Father … … There's something I need to attend to at the bar. You guys can chat for a while, I'm going to take my time! "

"Go, young man!"

The ancient god Huo Tian nodded slightly and waved his hand.

Xia Luoshen hurriedly walked out of the private room, his smile instantly turning gloomy as he angrily cursed, "Dammit! A group of useless trash can't even deal with a stinky brat!"

He had just received news of Louishak's death!

Originally, he had completely agreed on a big business deal, but he didn't expect that Louischak would actually die. Furthermore, he died in his bar. This completely destroyed his plan and ruined his big business deal.

Furthermore, Louischuck had died in his bar. If the Louis family pursued this matter, it would definitely be related to him. He would have to give a satisfactory explanation, or else he would suffer the wrath of the Louis family …

"This evil bastard!"

As he thought of this, Xia Luoshen felt a headache coming on. Anger burned in his heart, and a wave of anger rushed to his head.

"Where is the kid now?"

Immediately, Xia Luoshen coldly asked.

"The first thing I did was to inform the patrolling guards in the city. They had arrived a few minutes ago, and now the kid should be trapped in the hall downstairs!"

The subordinate replied respectfully.

Hearing his answer, Charlotte let out a sigh of relief. Luckily, that guy hadn't run away, and Avril, that bitch, was still alive.

If he could capture that brat, then he could barely be considered as an explanation to the Louis family. If he could hand that bitch Avril over to the Ancient God Huo Tian, then he would definitely make the Ancient God Huo Tian look at him in a new light.

"Let's go!"

Without another word, Xia Luoshen waved his hand and led the rest of his men to rush to the bar …

No matter what, they must capture that fellow. They definitely could not allow him to escape.