Shrews' figure was tall and straight, and his expression was dignified. He wore a set of black robes that accentuated his majesty, giving off a powerful aura that caused people to not dare to meet his gaze.

His cold gaze swept across the messy bar's lobby. His face gradually turned gloomy as he looked at the guards who were staggering and screaming in pain.

When he saw the Xia Luojiao who was nailed to the wall by the ion-light sword, the gloomy look on his face instantly turned into an uncontrollable rage, as a violent killing intent uncontrollably spread out from his body.

"Who is it? "Who did it?"

Angry roars came from the mouth of Shrews.

On the other hand, the Purgatory's Two Ultimate Skill standing respectfully behind him transformed into two streams of light and swiftly appeared beside Xia Luoshen, saving him from the clutches of the wall.

After hearing the words of Xia Luo and feeling his biting cold gaze, everyone present involuntarily lowered their heads. No one dared to meet his gaze, nor did they dare to reply.

Of course, besides Ye Xuan, there was only one other person.

"I did it, what? Do you have any objections? "

Ye Xuan raised his head and looked straight at Xia Luo as he indifferently spoke.

If it wasn't for the fact that he didn't want to start a massacre and reveal his strength too early, Xia Luoshen would have died just now.


Shrews' eyes turned cold as intense killing intent surged in his eyes. "Who the hell are you?!"


The instant Xia Luo's words left his mouth, killing intent surged within the Purgatory's Two Ultimate's eyes. His body turned into two rays of light and charged straight towards Ye Xuan with intense killing intent.

The instant they rushed out, two sharp blades appeared in their hands, causing their auras to become extremely oppressive. They were like two drawn arrows, sharp to the extreme.

They want to kill Ye Xuan!

In just an instant, they'd already arrived in front of Ye Xuan and attacked him from both sides. The sharp blades in their hands slashed towards his throat and lower abdomen.

The sharp blades reflected an eye-piercing brilliance under the light of the lamp, reflecting Ye Xuan's face and shining his eyes, causing Ye Xuan to slightly narrow his eyes.

The strength of the Purgatory Dual Blessing Skill was not weak at all. Its attacks were quick, swift and fierce. If the two of them were to use it, it would bring about quite a bit of trouble.

Immediately, Ye Xuan's expression changed. The color of his eyes changed as bright rays of light shot out from them.

Fire and ice illusions!

When Ye Xuan unleashed his Ice and Fire Illusion, the Purgatory Dual Blades that were originally attacking Ye Xuan suddenly stopped in their tracks and slowed down.

Ye Xuan's figure moved backwards, causing the sharp blades to graze his scalp. His legs were entangled with a dense demonic aura, and like two black devilish dragons, he kicked out with lightning speed, precisely hitting Purgatory's twin peaks.

Devil Dragon's Strength!

Mo Long was both enraged!

With the increase in Ye Xuan's strength, he was even more proficient in using the Demon Dragon's Strength.



The next moment, a dull thumping sound echoed out as Purgatory's Two Ultimate Spill spurted out a large amount of black blood, his breastbone had been fractured, his chest had caved in, and his body flew out like two cannonballs. He smashed several tables in a row, and then heavily smashed into the walls, causing dust to fill the sky.

After the dust cloud dispersed, the figures of the Purgatory Two Ultimate Skill gradually appeared in everyone's line of sight.

Their faces were pale and blood flowed from the corners of their mouths. Half of their bodies were stuck in the wall and their chests were caved in. Their internal organs were injured and they had lost their ability to move.



Looking at the Purgatory both of them being heavily injured in an instant, the entire place was deathly still, and only the sounds of people inhaling cold air could be heard.

Moreover, they were good at assassination, were fast, and knew how to scheme. The number of people who died in their hands could be said to be countless, and there were dozens of Martial Kings among them, among the experts in Heshan City, those ranked in the top twenty were enough to contribute greatly to the Xia Luo Family, making them extremely important to Xia Luo.

Whether it was their strength or battle experience, none of them could compare with Xia Luoshen.

However, they were still defeated by Ye Xuan in a single move. It shocked their eyes and blinded their dog eyes.

This strange young man was a little too strong.

Even Mihe Avril had a face full of shock as he raised his head to stare blankly at Ye Xuan.

She didn't think that Ye Xuan would be so strong. At the same time, she didn't understand why Ye Xuan would recognize her at a glance and risk his life to save her.

In her memories, she'd never seen Ye Xuan before, so she didn't have any impression of him.

Even Shrews was momentarily absent-minded due to Ye Xuan's powerful move.

This fellow looked to be only in his early twenties, but his strength was actually so strong. Not only that, he was also from China …

If he hadn't seen it wrongly, when the Purgatory Two Ultimate Skill's attacks were about to land on that brat's body, their movements suddenly stopped and slowed down by quite a bit.

It was precisely because of this that Ye Xuan was able to dodge and counterattack.

It was likely because this guy had used some kind of illusion technique or mind type attack earlier that caused the purgatory pair to pause for a split-second.

The youngster before her is powerful, and he probably has some background as well.

It had to be said that as the Patriarch of the Xia Luo Clan, a peak 9-star Martial King who was only half a step away from becoming a Martial King, his vision and judgement were extremely good.

"Kid, who the hell are you?"

After which, Shrews asked in a cold voice.

"A newcomer who has been in the Western Asura World for less than three days!" Ye Xuan replied with a cold smile.

"Father, don't waste words with this little bastard, just kill him!" "The woman in his arms is the Mihe Avril that the great ancient god Huo must be looking for …"

When they saw that Xia Luo wasn't in a rush to attack Ye Xuan, and instead asked about his origins, the recuperating Xia Luojiao fiercely spoke out.

"Mikhail Avril?"

Hearing that, Xia Keke's gaze went cold. Her eyes flashed with a sharp light as it fell onto Mihe-Ivy, who Ye Xuan had left behind.

The woman in front of him really did look a bit similar to the woman that the ancient god, the great Huo Tian, was looking for.

Immediately, Shrews spoke with an ice-cold expression, "Brat, I'll give you two choices …"

"Which two choices?" Ye Xuan sneered.

As he spoke, he put her down at the request of Mihai Ivor. With Ye Xuan's healing medicine and the spirit spring of her life, her injuries were more or less healed.

"The first choice is: Hand over that woman obediently and break your own arms to kneel and beg for mercy. You can avoid death! If you do not choose the first choice, then the second choice will be death! "

said Shrews coldly.

As his words fell, he took off his shirt, revealing the dark golden armor underneath. He jumped from upstairs and landed firmly in the hall. The terrifying force set off a burst of wind in the hall.

Although Xia Luo had yet to step into the Martial King realm and was only a nine star Martial King, whether it was his aura, aura or strength, he was far more powerful and profound than the two Purgatory Imperial Lords.

Clearly, he was wearing high-tech equipment as well. Just the dark golden armor on his body was extraordinary and had extraordinary defensive capabilities. It allowed him to far surpass his original strength level.

According to Ye Xuan's estimation, this guy was probably slightly stronger than the Leng Gu, who he killed in the catacombs.

"Die?" As if you can kill me! "

Ye Xuan glanced at Shrews and coldly spoke.

"Then let's give it a try!"

Murderous intent filled the eyes of Shrews, and a berserk aura blossomed. He charged towards Ye Xuan like an angry lion that had intense killing intent.

The instant he charged over, his entire body burned with hot energy. His right hand was instantly wrapped by the dark gold colored gauntlet. It was as if it was made of alloy as it swung its fist towards Ye Xuan!


Seeing this, Ye Xuan's expression turned cold. He didn't have any intention to dodge at all. The Supreme Force in his body surged, and the demonic aura from his fist revolved. He directly smashed his fist out to collide with Shrews' fist.

Dull collision sounds echoed out, and a terrifying force howled out. Ye Xuan and Shrews were both sent flying by the powerful force.

"Tap, tap, tap …"

Ye Xuan was pushed back ten steps, while Shrews was forced back three steps.

"The science fictional equipment of the Asura World combined with martial arts is really hard to deal with …"

Stabilizing his body and shaking his numb arms, Ye Xuan frowned as he raised his head to look at Xeros, who was merely knocked back three steps.

As for Shrews, he was slightly surprised that Ye Xuan was able to block his fist.

Just as he was about to attack Ye Xuan again, an extremely dissatisfied voice sounded out, "Patriarch Xia, what are you doing? You haven't come back for a drink in such a long time, and even told us to come out and look for you … "

As this voice rang out, Pangkweis, Pang Ke Hao, and the ancient god Huo Tian, who had been waiting in the private room for far too long, and couldn't sit still, walked over …

Ye Xuan's eyes went cold as he looked at the ancient god, Huo Tian, who'd walked out with the others.

The eyes of Crazy Demon Lin Feng, Saint Devil Derek, and Li Chunyang, who were quietly sipping their wine in a corner, also slightly narrowed. They put down their wine cups, and their expressions gradually turned serious …

They wanted to see how the Ancient God Huo Tian would react in the face of such a situation.

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