"Huo Tian greets the Young Noble! I did not know that young master would arrive here and did not receive me, I hope that young master can forgive me! "

The Ancient God Huo Tian's voice wasn't loud, but it contained Spirit power. It rang out like a vast bell in people's ears, making them widen their eyes, open their mouths, and their minds become completely blank.

Oh my god!

What was going on?

The great ancient god Huo Tian actually knelt down on one knee to that guy, and even called him gongzi.

Heavens, their eyeballs were about to explode from the shock!

The Ancient God Huo Tian actually called that brat a gongzi. Could he be the direct son of the current Five Emperors or the prince of the Three Sovereigns?

He had to admit that the way he addressed Ye Xiao was too ethereal, and people couldn't help but think about it.

However, Ye Xuan possessed strength at such a young age that he was able to easily defeat Shrews. Only the descendants of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors were able to accomplish such a feat.

This undoubtedly convinced everyone that Ye Xuan's identity was true. After all, even the great ancient god Huo Tian had kneeled before him!

His status in the Western Asura World was so prestigious that even he had to kneel down. Was there even a need to doubt Ye Xuan's identity as a young master?

Even Ye Xuan was shocked by the sudden action of the Ancient God Huo Tian.

The reason he had been fighting with Xeros for such a long time was to demonstrate the martial skills he had used in front of the Ancient God Huo Tian. He wanted to see how the Ancient God Huo Tian would react and what kind of actions he would take.

Ye Xuan had thought that the ancient god would capture him and torture him after recognizing the martial skill that Huo Tian was using. After all, this guy had already joined the Sword Emperor Pavilion.

But now, this fellow had surpassed Ye Xuan's expectations. He knelt before him and addressed him as Young Master, which caused Ye Xuan to be slightly surprised.

This guy's ability to kneel in front of everyone before confirming his identity and giving up his dignity as an ancient god was somewhat beyond Ye Xuan's expectations, but it was within reason. After all, his relationship with the ancient god Huo Tian was pretty good.

It seemed like the reason that the Ancient God Huo Tian had joined the Sword Emperor Pavilion to serve the Sword Emperor was because he had other secrets!

"Young …" Young Master? "

"Could he be the direct son of the Lord Sword Emperor or a certain prince of the Third Emperor?"

As for Xeros, he was completely dumbstruck by the Ancient God Huo Tian's actions. Staring dumbfoundedly at Ye Xuan, he recalled what the Ancient God Huo Tian had just said and countless thoughts surged through his mind.

"Plop …"

The instant they heard the words of the ancient god Huo Tian and what he had just said, their faces turned deathly pale and their knees went soft. They immediately knelt on the floor, looking as if they had seen a ghost.

Damn, they almost attacked the young master just now.

Could it be that they just felt that the expression of the Ancient God, Lord Huo Tian, was extremely different when he saw Ye Xuan?

Damn it, that Ancient God Huo Tian is really something. Since you know this young man and know his identity, then you should f * cking tell us earlier!

If you had told us earlier, we wouldn't have been so stupid as to want to be the Young Master!

Captain Xu and the patrolling guards were also scared senseless by the scene in front of them.

Never would he have imagined that Ye Xuan's identity would be so prestigious that he'd even kneel before the ancient god, Huo Tian.

Thinking about how he spoke to Ye Xuan and attacked him so arrogantly just now, his forehead was covered in cold sweat.

Xia Luoshen seemed to have gone insane. Her mind was filled with fear as she stared blankly at Ye Xuan, as if her soul had left her body …

As for Mihe Ivy, she was also stupefied and didn't know what to do. Her eyes were wide open as she stared blankly at Ye Xuan with her mouth wide open …

"Stand up!"

Ye Xuan lightly said as he looked at the ancient god Huo Tian kneeling on one knee.

"We were blind enough to offend Young Master, please forgive us!"

Just as Ye Xuan finished speaking, Pang Keheng and Pang Kehan, who were aggressively attacking Ye Xuan a moment ago, scrambled to Ye Xuan's side. They knelt in front of him and apologized for their actions.

Ye Xuan only coldly looked at the two of them without saying anything.

"Pah pah pah …"

"Young master, we did not know that you had arrived. We were blind. Young master, please be magnanimous and don't bother with us!"

Perceiving Ye Xuan's gaze and seeing that Ye Xuan still hadn't made his move, Pang Kesi and Pang Kehan broke out in cold sweat. They hurriedly slapped themselves in the face, continuously apologizing.

"Use this!"

Seeing this, Ye Xuan frowned. He pointed to the wine bottle not far away and coldly said.

The Western Asura World was a world where the strong preyed on the weak. Only the strong would be respected and respected, and the weak would never be pitied.

Since Ye Xuan had established himself as a mysterious gongzi with the help of the ancient god Huo Tian, he had to act a bit more like it!

"Yes sir!"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words and seeing the bottle of wine he was pointing at, how could they dare to go against him? They hurriedly crawled over and grabbed the bottle.


"Kacha …."

Feeling Ye Xuan's expressionless gaze, Pang Kweis and Pang Kehan hesitated for a moment before gritting their teeth. They picked up the red wine bottle and fiercely smashed it onto their heads.

The wine bottles shattered on the spot, and bright red blood and red wine flowed down their cheeks, making them look extremely miserable and terrifying.

The pain of being opened up by a bottle almost made them faint.

This scene caused the surrounding crowd to be involuntarily shocked. A trace of pity flashed across their faces.

They didn't expect that the normally aloof and haughty Pancakes and Pancakes would actually have such a miserable side to them. Their hearts were filled with emotions.

"Young master, are you satisfied? As long as Young Master can calm down, we can do whatever you want! "

An intense pain filled their minds, causing them to feel pain and their faces to twist. However, they endured the pain and raised their heads to look at Ye Xuan, flattering him.

"Stand up!"

Ye Xuan indifferently swept a glance at Pang Keke and Wei Chen as he coldly spoke.

Then, he raised his head and looked at the distant Shrews, Xia Luoshen, and the others …

The ancient god Huo Tian's gaze followed Ye Xuan's action and fell onto the bodies of Xia Luo and Luo Thirteen. His eyes emitted a cold light.

"Please forgive my apologies, young master..."

"Both of us are blind and have offended young master. Please calm your anger and spare us!"

Feeling the gazes of Ye Xuan and the ancient god Huo Tian, Xia Luo and Xia Luo couldn't help but shudder as they scrambled to Ye Xuan's side, kowtowing as they pleaded for mercy.

They didn't doubt that as long as Ye Xuan gave the order, the ancient god, Huo Tian, would kill them without hesitation.


Ye Xuan coldly said as he looked down from above at Xia Luo and Xia Luojiao who were kowtowing and begging for mercy.

"Thank you, young master. Thank you, young master..."

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, it was as if Xeros and Xerxes had been granted amnesty, and they immediately kowtowed respectfully to apologize.

"It's all because of you, you damned bastard!" It's all because of you, you damned bastard!

"Bang, bang, bang, bang …"

After that, Shrews grabbed the red wine bottle and heavily smashed it on the head of Charlotte, knocking his head away and letting out angry words from his mouth.

If it wasn't for this bastard, how could things have turned out like this?

"Bang, bang, bang …"

After smashing the head of Xia Luoshen with five bottles, Xia Luoshen immediately grabbed five bottles and continuously smashed his own head, instantly tearing his skin and flesh apart …

"Young master, I've come to apologize to you, and you're still … "Young master, I beg of you …"

Upon seeing this, Captain Xu, who originally charged into Ye Xuan's patrol guard, hesitated for a moment before gritting his teeth. He picked up a bottle of red wine and fiercely smashed it on his own head, splitting his own head open …

Before this fellow could finish speaking, he felt dizzy and fell unsteadily to the ground, fainting.

When this scene appeared in the eyes of the surrounding people, they couldn't help but burst out in laughter.

He didn't know if this fellow was intentionally putting on an act in order to avoid being affected by the other four!

"Gongzi, what do you think..."

The ancient god Huo Tian hesitated for a moment as he looked at Xia Luo and Thirteen, who were still kneeling on the ground. He turned his head around and couldn't help but ask as his gaze fell onto Ye Xuan …

"Get up!"

Ye Xuan coldly replied.

"Many thanks Young Noble! "Long live young master!"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Shrews hurriedly thanked him, then helped the thirteen, who'd been stunned by the red wine bottle, up.

"I've taken this woman away, do you have any objections?"

Ye Xuan's gaze slowly swept across the surroundings, causing the surrounding people to involuntarily shut their mouths. They held their breaths as his gaze fell onto Mi He and Ai Hui.

"It's good that you like it, young master!"

Ancient God Huo Tian quickly and respectfully replied.

Ye Xuan nodded slightly. Under the gazes of the ancient god, Huo Tian, and the others, he brought Miehe and Ivy along as he hummed the familiar tune from the ancient god, Huo Tian, and slowly walked away …

No one dared to stop Ye Xuan as they automatically opened up a path for him.

"Young master..."

The ancient god Huo Tian hesitated for a moment as he watched Ye Xuan's departing figure. He couldn't help but call out.

"This is not the place to talk, I'm staying at the Night Hotel for the time being. If you need anything, come find me there!"

Ye Xuan said without turning his head as if he knew what the ancient god, Huo Tian, was thinking.

After pausing for a moment, Ye Xuan continued, "In addition, I came here on my own and don't want to make it too public. I don't want too many people to know about me."

"Don't worry, Young Master!"

The ancient god Huo Tian respectfully cupped his hands in response to Ye Xuan's words.


Ye Xuan nodded in satisfaction. Then, he vanished from the crowd's line of sight along with Mi He.

After Ye Xuan brought Miehe and Avril away, Shrews, Pang Kesi, and Pang Kehan all let out a long sigh of relief.

Immediately, they all turned their heads to look at the Ancient God Huo Tian. There were many questions in their hearts that they wanted the Ancient God Huo Tian to answer.

Shrews and Pang Kesi looked at each other. They couldn't help but ask in a low voice, "Lord Huo Daozi, which of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors are the direct descendants of that young master?"

"Think about it!"

Hearing this, the ancient god's expression became cold. He waved his sleeves and coldly said.

"Also, I don't want too many people to know about what happened here tonight. Seal off the good news for me. The young master's identity is absolutely confidential. If any of you wish to die, feel free to inquire about it. If the news of him being in Hesse City were to leak out, not just you, but this god as well! "Humph!"

The Ancient God Huo Tian snorted coldly, threw down a sentence, and left.

Shrews, Pangkus, and the others were left standing on the same spot with stupefied expressions on their faces …

"It looks like we won't be able to fight. Let's go!"

Seeing this, Holy Demon Derek, Crazy Devil Lin Feng, and the others all exchanged glances before slowly dispersing.