"Boom! Boom!"

The sound of the coffee table shattering resounded in the silent coffee shop. The huge battle-ax shattered the coffee table into pieces, and a somewhat miserable figure rolled out from the dust!

"Bang, bang, bang …"

Before Liu Ming could counterattack, a piercing sound of gunfire could be heard. One after another, bullets flew out like arrows and quickly flew toward the shadow. They blocked all his escape routes and forced him into a desperate situation.

This miserable figure wasn't a stranger. It was none other than Ye Xuan, who was besieged by Luo Ke and Zack.

Ye Xuan's expression was ice-cold as he watched the bullets attack him. He rolled on the ground continuously, and then did a few backflips to avoid the bullets. This allowed the bullets to pass over his head and body.

"Kacha …."

Seeing this scene, Zack's expression was cold, and just as he was about to pull the trigger again, he discovered that the bullets in the Desert Eagle's magazine had already been shot out.


Just as he was about to change the magazine, a cold light flashed in Ye Xuan's eyes. He suddenly took out the silver needle from his watch belt and swung it, causing the silver needle to turn into a ray of silver light that shot toward Sack.

A strong sense of danger filled Zack's heart, causing him to move to the side without hesitation to avoid the silver needle's attack, causing it to fly past his face!

Even so, the force brought by the silver needle still tore a striking wound on his face.

"You're courting death!"

Zack was just about to counterattack when he saw Ye Xuan dashing towards him like a nimble ape. Killing intent filled his eyes as he let out an explosive shout.

"Boom! Boom!"

As soon as Zack finished speaking, he suddenly pushed out his palms towards Ye Xuan. A large amount of poison mist exploded from his sleeves and enveloped Ye Xuan.

Ye Xuan's expression turned cold. Without even thinking, he gave up attacking and explosively retreated!

"Barbarian Cow Slash!"

However, in that instant, Roche seized the opportunity and seized Ye Xuan's weakness. Like a raging bull, he dashed out from behind Ye Xuan, raised the axe in his hands, and furiously hacked down at Ye Xuan.

The power of this axe caused the sky and earth to go pale, and brought about a strong wind pressure, causing Ye Xuan's face to turn ashen and become gloomy.

With this axe strike, one would either die or be injured!

Dodging was impossible, and the only way was to fight back!

"Merak Kick!"

The moment the battle axe was about to slash down, his body suddenly spun. Killing intent filled his eyes and his right leg whizzed out, accurately landing on the wrist holding the battle uniform.

"Kacha …."

"Clang clang …"

The sound of broken wrist bones and the sound of the axe falling to the ground sounded.

However, under Ye Xuan's powerful attacks, Roche's wrist was broken from the kick, causing the battle axe in his hand to powerlessly fall to the ground. His face was filled with pain …

The Wind God was enraged!

While he was sick, he had to take his life!

At this moment, Ye Xuan didn't hesitate to unleash the lethal Wind God's Fury. His whip kick was like an enraged dragon that shot into the sky, mercilessly slapping towards Rosco's chin.

"Aooo …"

"Puchi …"

Loko let out a blood-curdling screech in pain as he vomited out a mouthful of blood. His massive body collapsed like a building, slamming heavily onto the ground and producing a dull thud.

A look of intense pain appeared on his face, and his eyes were filled with stars. Broken teeth continuously flowed out from his mouth, and even the floor was dyed red.

Under the continuous attacks of Ye Xuan's Merak Kick and the furious Wind God, this fellow was directly struck senseless!


However, Ye Xuan still didn't show the slightest mercy. The saber in his hand appeared, and he aimed it straight for Rocca's throat!


Just as the sharp blades were about to cut through Roche's throat, an ear-piercing sound of gunfire rang out. It was Zack who took advantage of the fact that Ye Xuan had exchanged bullets and pulled the trigger.

As he pulled the trigger, an ear-piercing gunshot sounded out. The sharp bullets brought along a sharp killing intent as they shot towards Ye Xuan. If Ye Xuan was determined to kill that Ro Ke, then he would be shot by the bullets.


Ye Xuan snorted disdainfully. The moment the bullet closed in, he decisively gave up attacking Roko. Using force from his foot, he spun in midair and moved horizontally to the side, dodging the bullet's attack.

At the same time, he flung the military knife in his hand in a strange arc.

"Damn it..."

With a curse, he shook his dizzy head and slowly stood up.

"I'm going to kill you, you little bastard …"

He let out an angry roar, turned around, and pounced towards Ye Xuan.

However, in the next moment, his expression greatly changed because what appeared in his line of sight was an incomparably sharp saber. Moreover, it gradually enlarged in his pupils, and was heading straight for his heart.

This military knife was thrown out by Ye Xuan when he was dodging the bullet. However, its trajectory was heading straight for Ro Ke's heart, aiming for his vitals. It was simply terrifying and abnormal.

It was obvious that Rocca's actions were within his expectations.

What sort of prediction ability was needed to predict what Roko was going to do?

It was unimaginable!

It was impossible for the current Roche to dodge the sabre that Ye Xuan had thrown!


A sense of danger pervaded the air as he let out a furious roar. At the moment of the blade's arrival, he could only use both of his hands to firmly clamp onto the incoming blade, stopping it in front of him.

"Tap, tap, tap …"

Even though the warblade carried such a powerful force of impact, Roche had to retreat a few steps before stabilizing himself. Seeing the warblade that had been held in place by his palm, Roche let out a long sigh of relief, and beads of sweat appeared on his forehead.

This guy and Zack are much stronger than the Black Jiao that attacked Ye Xuan earlier.

"Brat, do you really think you can kill me? Today, I will make you wish you were dead! "

Rosco coldly stared at Ye Xuan after receiving the general's saber. His eyes surged with intense killing intent as venomous words came out of his mouth.

"Hmph, you think you can really block my attack? "Innocent!"

Hearing this, Ye Xuan couldn't help but snort in disdain as he coldly said those words.

"Swish …"

Zack disapproved of Ye Xuan's words and was about to speak when a strong sense of danger filled his heart, causing his expression to abruptly change.

Under his shocked gaze, a silver thread that was even thinner than a silver needle shot out from the tip of the blade without any warning. After which, it pierced through his body, passed through the center of his brows, and penetrated his head, causing his body to quietly solidify.

Looking from afar, it was as if Roche's body had been penetrated by an imperceptible silver line. The silver line reflected a dazzling brilliance under the illumination of the lamp.

"Puchi …"

In the next moment, a large amount of blood spurted out of that man's mouth. He closed his eyes and fell down under Zack's stunned and shocked gaze, smashing into the ground and causing a large amount of dust to fly into the air.

He couldn't die anymore!

"That Rosco …"

"Na Luo Ke, quickly wake up …"

After a moment of shock and astonishment, Zack quickly returned to his senses and rushed to the front of Roche, shaking him and shouting his name.

However, there was no response.

As a Demon Lord, Ye Xuan had never failed in his attempts to kill someone.

"Ye Xuan …." You damned bastard! I'll kill you! "

Zack turned his head around and saw Ye Xuan returning his saber to attack him. His eyes gradually turned red and an angry roar came out of his mouth.

"Bang, bang, bang …"

As soon as Zack finished his sentence, he suddenly raised the Desert Eagle in his hand and charged towards Ye Xuan like a madman, violently attacking him and forcing him to retreat.

Sword and sword merciless, bullets have no eyes!

Even Ye Xuan had no choice but to give way.

"F * ck, you hide pretty quickly, let's see how long you can hide …"

Zack looked at Ye Xuan, who was dodging bullets, as if it was nothing out of the ordinary. He was extremely anxious. If this continued, his bullets would be completely depleted.

He'd discovered that Ye Xuan didn't have any signs of being poisoned, which made his heart go wild!

Those two women had clearly fallen to the ground due to poison, so how could this brat not be poisoned?

Oh right, those two women …

Tsk tsk, just use those two women as bait!

At this moment, many thoughts flashed through Zack's mind. He stopped aiming at Ye Xuan and instead pointed the gun at Leng Qingcheng as he coldly said, "Brat, you can hide, but they can't, right? "Hehe …"

Hearing this, Ye Xuan's expression changed, and a bad premonition arose in his heart.

"Go to hell! Bitch! "

In the next moment, Zack fiercely pulled the trigger towards Leng Qingcheng.

"Swish, swish, swish …"

Sharp bullets rotated at high speeds as they streaked through the air towards Leng Qingcheng, causing her to feel an unprecedented sense of despair. It made Ye Xuan feel extremely anxious …


Ye Xuan let out an anxious cry as he used all of his strength to charge forward.

"Am I going to die?"

How could Leng Qingcheng, who was poisoned, still have the strength to dodge? She could only watch the bullets coming at her, constantly enlarging in her pupils, causing her to feel a wave of coldness and despair. The kind face of her parents, the past gradually replayed in her mind …

"Is this the feeling of death?"

Leng Qingcheng felt her consciousness gradually dissipating as the bullets continued to close in on her, her body gradually turning ice-cold.

She closed her eyes in despair at the sight of the bullet no more than three meters away.

"Bang …"

"Puchi …"

In the next moment, the dull sound of impact and the sound of bullets tearing flesh and blood splattering could be heard.

However, just as the bullets were about to land on Leng Qingcheng, Ye Xuan flew forward like a tiger and blocked their path, causing the bullets to hit his body. Hot blood splattered onto Leng Qingcheng's despairing face, giving her a trace of warmth that caused her to open her eyes …

"Ye Xuan!"

Looking at the figure that desperately blocked the bullet for her and at the blood that splattered in the air, as well as feeling the boiling hot temperature of the blood on her face, Leng Qingcheng let out an anxious cry …

"Don't worry, I'm fine!"

Ye Xuan slowly turned his head to face Leng Qingcheng in midair, revealing a reassured smile as he weakly said those words.

"Are you alright? Then just one more shot! "Haha …"

Hearing this, a sinister smile surfaced on Zack's face as he laughed heartily.

"Err …"

However, in the next moment, his voice abruptly stopped as a glaring cold light shot out without any warning. It penetrated his heart and caused a large amount of blood to spurt out from his mouth before he could even react.

"Puchi …"

"How... How was this possible … You. You. When did you do it? "

When Zack lowered his head to look, a sharp military knife had pierced through his chest, causing blood to gush out and the ground to be dyed red. A voice filled with disbelief came from his mouth.

"Plop …"

Before he could finish his words, Zack collapsed to the ground, dead and unable to close his eyes.

Looking at Zack's ice-cold corpse, Ye Xuan coldly spoke.

"When I was flying out …"