"Come at me!"

As Kester watched Ye Xuan furiously swing his iron fists at him, he channeled all of his strength into his right hand's fist, causing it to ignite into a layer of flames that turned into a fist of fire as it collided with Ye Xuan's fist.

Eight Desolations Flaming Sun Fist!


Ye Xuan's fist collided with Kester's under the shocked gazes of the surrounding people.

Terrifying amounts of energy surged out from their fists in all directions, causing the tables and chairs in the surroundings to be shattered into pieces.

"Tap, tap, tap …"

Ye Xuan and Kester were forced to retreat due to the powerful force.

Ye Xuan retreated ten steps, whereas Kester only retreated seven or eight steps.

This fellow was indeed extraordinary. He'd blocked all of Ye Xuan's Devil Dragon Fury without suffering the slightest bit of damage.

"One move!" Young master, your attacks are only mediocre, it's just like an itch on your part! "

Kester felt extremely heroic when he easily blocked Ye Xuan's attack, and he laughed heartily as he spoke.

"This... Kester actually had the upper hand when he took the initiative to attack. This … "Sigh …"

"The first strike did not achieve any effect. There are only two more moves left. This is going to be difficult!"

Seeing this, Shrews and Pangkus couldn't help but sigh.

"It seems like Kester will win!"

Kade turned his head around as well, his gaze landing on Ledron. He was in a good mood as he spoke.


Ledron nodded slightly.

Levi's face was filled with nervousness and worry.

However, there wasn't the slightest fluctuation on the face of the ancient god Huo Tian as he calmly watched the battlefield.

He clearly knew that the move just now was only Young Master Xuan playing around with it.

"It is just the first move. Look at how pleased you are with yourself..."

Seeing Kester's carefree expression and greatly increased confidence, a cold smile appeared on Ye Xuan's face as he spoke in disdain.


As the sound of his voice faded, he beckoned with his hand, and an ancient devil sword appeared within it.

This sword was obtained from the Divine Beast at the bottom of the treasury of the Su Hai Army. It was the weapon of the Demon Emperor and had not been used for a long time.

He hadn't used his sword for a long time. Not long ago, they annihilated the Unparalleled Sword Sect. Ye Xuan was quite interested in the Unparalleled Sword Art. After practicing a few moves, he could test its might.

"As expected of the weapon that once belonged to the Demon Emperor. It's demonic, not bad!"

With the devil sword in his hand, Ye Xuan's aura changed. At this moment, the demon aura within his body seemed to have received some sort of command as it converged onto the demon sword, causing the skull on the demon sword to come to life and emit a resplendent light. Streams of black sword qi circled around him, causing Ye Xuan's aura to become even more oppressive.

At this moment, Ye Xuan looked like the Darkblack Swordmaster that'd walked out of hell!

A strong sense of danger filled Kester's heart, which made him feel cold, and his expression gradually turned solemn.

With a wave of his hand, a blood-red spear with an ancient dragon totem carved on it appeared in his hand. It caused his aura to soar as well, and filled his eyes with a fighting spirit.

He raised the spear in his hand as he spoke in a domineering tone, "Stop dawdling. Hurry up and make your move!"

Unfortunately, this guy wasn't the main character. His arrogance was bound to come at a price.


Ye Xuan snorted disdainfully. The energy in his body flowed endlessly into the demon sword, causing the demon sword to emit a black sword light that shot into the sky. Countless black sword auras appeared behind Ye Xuan.


In the next moment, Ye Xuan suddenly raised the Magic Sword in his hand and slashed it towards Kester.

The first stage of the Myriad Sword Technique: Myriad Swords Like Rainbow!

As Ye Xuan's sword slashed out, a fifty-foot-long black sword energy shot out from the demon sword. It carried an endless amount of killing intent as it whistled and rushed toward Kester.

Chi chi chi …

Not only that, the black sword Qis surrounding Ye Xuan also received orders to turn into a rain of arrows that rained down on Kester, sealing all of his escape routes.

Looking at it from afar, the black sword Qis that filled the sky seemed to have formed a gigantic Purgatory Prison, enveloping Kester within.

The power of this sword was so terrifying!

Even though they were separated by a long distance, Shrews and Pang Kesi could still feel the power of Ye Xuan's sword.

"Such a terrifying sword art, I've never seen anything like it before!"

"The power of this sword strike seems to give off the feeling of a colony of dragons going out to sea!"

"What a strong sword, what a terrifying sword. Just looking at it makes my scalp tingle!"

"As expected of young master, to be able to unleash such terrifying sword Qi!"

The surrounding people looked even more excited, and their faces were full of shock and excitement.

Ye Xuan's sword attack was too dazzling!

"So strong!"

Ledron and Kade were both frightened by Ye Xuan's sword.

The power of this sword attack was something that even they could sense the danger of.

"Just based on an attack like this, you think you can beat me? You overestimate yourself!" "Look at my Thousand Shadows Unvanquished Spear!"

Looking at the sword qi that was attacking him from all directions, Kester's eyes were filled with fighting spirit. Energy was surging all over his body, and the wild energy under his feet was bursting out, completely ignoring those black sword qi, allowing them to hit his energy armor.

The energy from his body was crazily pouring into the long spear in his hand, causing the spear markings on the long spear in his hand to seemingly come to life. With a roar towards the sky, the long spear thrust out towards the sword beam!

"Swish …"

There were no sounds of collisions or explosions as Kester had expected. Under his astonished and incredulous gaze, the black sword light easily cut through his spear light like it was made of tofu. It split the spear in his hands into two halves and continued its onslaught towards him …

"How is this possible … "No …."

Seeing the black sword light that had destroyed his weapon and continued chopping down at him, Kester's face changed dramatically. There was no time to dodge at all.

"Puchi …"

In the next moment, the black sword beam slashed at his body, easily ripping apart his energy armour and Astral Energy armor, causing the most direct damage to him …

"Ahh …"

Miserable screams came out of Kester's mouth. His body was pushed flying backwards by the sword light, and finally smashed into the trash can in the distance, kicking up a cloud of dust.

"Cough cough …"

After the dust had settled, Kester's figure reappeared in the crowd's line of sight.

Kester looked to be in a miserable state. The energy armour and the Astral Energy armor on his body had long since been shattered by the black sword light, and a sword mark that stretched from his left shoulder to his left leg, which looked bottomless, appeared on his body. Bright red blood flowed out, dyeing his clothes red …

In addition to the fact that Kester was lying in the trash, he looked like a beggar who was about to starve to death. He looked like a completely different person compared to the number one genius of Hesse City...

If it weren't for the energy armor and the astral armor protecting him, which helped him offset most of the force, Kester would have already been split in half by Ye Xuan's sword!


Looking at Kester's sorry state, everyone present was shocked and in an uproar. They looked at Ye Xuan, who was maintaining his stance of brandishing his sword, and their gazes were filled with unconcealed shock and astonishment.

The power of this strike was simply too strong, so strong that it surpassed their imaginations.

Shrews, Pangkus, and the others all stared with their mouths wide open, their faces filled with wild joy.

They knew that their young master had won!

Even Ye Xuan was shocked by the might of this sword strike.

However, he knew that the power of this sword strike was not only related to the power of the Myriad Sword Technique, but also to the strength of this demon sword. This was definitely a godly weapon.

"How... How could this be? How could that guy's sword attack be this strong? "

Kester lifted his head with difficulty and set his gaze onto Ye Xuan. His mouth was filled with hoarse and incredulous words.

"Kester, how are you? Kester! "

Rydlon's expression was grave, and Kadesh quickly recovered from his shock and rushed over to Kester, words of concern coming out of his mouth.

"Cough cough …" Father... Father, I. "I'm fine..."

Kester shook his head slightly and, with the support of Kade, rose with difficulty.

"Kester, it's only the second move. There's still a third move left!"

Ye Xuan expressionlessly said as he watched Kester slowly stand up.

"This... Young Master... "

Kester and Kade's expressions couldn't help but change at the same time after hearing Ye Xuan's words. Kade had a difficult expression as he spoke.

He knew that with Kester's current miserable state and serious injuries, it was impossible for him to receive the third attack from Ye Xuan.

Furthermore, the second move was already so powerful that he could not imagine how strong the third move would be. However, he was certain that if Kester were to receive the third move, he would undoubtedly die!

"Young master, given Kester's current state, he won't be able to take your third move … We admit defeat! "

Kade's face was deathly pale as he gritted his teeth.

He didn't want his son to die in battle!

"Father, I can still fight …"

Kester's face changed as he heard Kade's words. He looked anxious as he opened his mouth …

"Are you sure you want to admit defeat? Not taking the third move? "

Ye Xuan coldly asked.

"I admit defeat!"

Kade replied dejectedly.

"Since that's the case, what about our bet?" Ye Xuan sneered.

As soon as Ye Xuan's words fell, the ancient god Huo Tian, Shrews, and Pangkus quickly appeared next to Kade. They surrounded them in a triangular formation, sealing off their escape routes!

Seeing this, Ledong Long's expression couldn't help but change. He wanted to say something, but the ancient god Huo Tian stared coldly at him!

"Our Hank will admit defeat. From now on, we are willing to leave the Evil Emperor Pavilion and serve his young master. We will go through fire and water, and we will not refuse!"

Seeing the ancient god, Huo Tian, and the others that surrounded them, Kade took a deep breath, knelt on one knee, and respectfully cupped his fists towards Ye Xuan.

"Patriarch Kade, words are no proof. How can I trust you?" Ye Xuan indifferently looked at Kade, who was kneeling in front of him, as he expressionlessly spoke.

"Sir, tomorrow I will post an announcement on the Asura's net that we will break away from the Evil Emperor's Pavilion. With this …"

Kade hurriedly spoke up.

"There is no need to post such an announcement on the Asura's official website. Just swallow this Soul Devouring Pill!"

However, before Kade could finish his words, he was interrupted by Ye Xuan's cold voice. He passed a Soul Devouring Pill in front of Kade.

Soul Devouring Pill. This was a poison that Ye Xuan had secretly concocted. It contained a trace of his soul force and once a person consumed it, they would only need a thought to detonate their soul!

"Father, don't …"

"Yes sir!"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words and seeing the Soul Devouring Pill that he handed over, as well as the Ancient God Huo Tian and the others waiting around him, Kade hesitated for a moment before he picked up the Soul Devouring Pill and swallowed it …

"Very good!"

Seeing this, Ye Xuan nodded in satisfaction.

Now that he had successfully taken control of the Hank family, the only thing left was the mayor's mansion.

"Gongzi, Great Master Huo, I have some matters to attend to so I'll be taking my leave!"

When he saw this scene, Ledron's expression turned grim. He took a deep breath, respectfully cupped his hands towards Ye Xuan, and hurriedly left with Levi.

He had to report this to the Lord Evil Emperor and request for reinforcements from the higher ups.

However, there was no way for Ye Xuan to hide Ledron's intentions from him. Ye Xuan coldly spoke.

"City Lord Ledron, wait!"

"Let's go!"

But Ledron had no intention of stopping at all, instead leaving at an even faster speed.

"Ledron, since you're in such a hurry to leave, I think it's best for you to sit down and chat with the young master!"

Unfortunately, he was stopped by the Ancient God Huo Tian.