"Young Master, what do you mean by this?"

City Lord Ledron's eyes focused on the ancient god, Huo Tian, who was blocking their way. His expression gradually became unsightly as he turned his head around and coldly asked Ye Xuan.

"I don't mean anything. I just want to discuss a collaboration with the mayor!"

Ye Xuan lightly replied.

While he was speaking, Shrews, Pangkus, and the others had already surrounded City Lord Ledron from the left and right.

With the help of the ancient god Huo Tian, they had already joined the Sword Emperor Pavilion. Naturally, they were led by the ancient god Huo Tian.

As for the ancient god Huo Tian, he was led by Ye Xuan. With Ye Xuan's sharp sword just now, they were undoubtedly gradually guessing Ye Xuan's identity. He was most likely the future Young House Master of the Sword Emperor Pavilion.

Of course, Kade also quietly moved at this moment, surrounding the city lord, Ledron.

After all, he'd already become Ye Xuan's subordinate, so naturally, he had to show off when working for Ye Xuan.

It could be said that the three great clans of Heshan City were already completely in Ye Xuan's control. No matter how one looked at it, they were happy to see the City Lord's Mansion destroyed or subdued by Ye Xuan. Thus, the entire city would completely fall into Ye Xuan's hands.

Right now, what Ye Xuan wanted to do was take down the entire Black Forest City.

Originally, he wanted to infiltrate the City Lord's Mansion and spy on them. However, the appearance of the ancient god, Huo Tian, and the arrangement of his identity caused his plans to change. That was why he made such a decision.

Seeing the situation being surrounded, Ledron gave up on the idea of forcefully breaking through. After all, he didn't think he could escape when the Ancient God Huo Tian and the three family heads teamed up.

Because he was here for the banquet, he did not expect such an unexpected turn of events. He did not bring many people with him.

"Cooperation? "What kind of cooperation?"

He stared fixedly at Ye Xuan as he calmly spoke.

"Very simple, leave Evil Emperor Pavilion and serve me from now on!"

Ye Xuan replied expressionlessly.

"And if I don't?"

Ledron took a deep breath and clenched his fists.

"A wise man submits to circumstances. City Lord Ledron, you are well aware of the consequences! If I don't have no other choice, I don't want to annihilate the City Lord's Mansion. I can do it! "

Ye Xuan replied at a moderate pace.

"Xuan Ye, you …"

Levi's face couldn't help but change when he heard Ye Xuan's words. He couldn't help but ask.

Originally, after Ye Xuan saved her and experienced the crisis on the deserted island, she had a sliver of good impression of him. But now, that sliver of good impression is disappearing …

The change in Ye Xuan's identity and what he's doing now made it hard for her to accept. It overturned her impression of him.

"City Lord Ledron, on Levi's account, I really don't want you to be my enemy!"

However, Ye Xuan completely ignored Ledron and continued to speak as his gaze fell onto him.

"If you want me to submit to you, it's not impossible, but you have to show me enough strength to convince me!" Ledron's eyes flickered, his eyes brimming with wisdom as he spoke in a strong voice.

"What kind of strength is needed to convince you?" The corners of Ye Xuan's mouth curled up slightly.

"If you can defeat me, I will submit to you. From now on, I will be loyal to you as the leader! If you lose, then let my father and daughter leave. How about it? "

Ledron thought for a moment, then spoke in a low voice.

Although Ye Xuan had displayed extraordinary strength, he had absolute confidence that he would be able to defeat him, and even capture him alive in the match. At that time, if he could capture Ye Xuan, then the current predicament would be easily resolved.

However, what Ledron was worried about now was that Ye Xuan wouldn't agree to fight him.

"Young master, you can't!"

"Young master, don't agree to him. Ledon is a genuine 1-star Martial Monarch. Instead, it's his energy equipment's name is Black Panther. "He's not someone Kester can compare to, young master think twice!"

"Young Master, there's no need to waste words with him. Based on our current situation, we can completely eliminate him and easily wipe out the City Lord's Mansion!"

Hearing Ledon's words, the complexions of Shrews, Pangkus, and Kade all changed as they hurriedly spoke.

However, the ancient god Huo Tian didn't say anything. He calmly gazed at Ye Xuan. He'd already guessed Ye Xuan's choice. With his personality, he'd agree to fight with Ledron.

"There's no basis for words. Do you dare to swear a martial arts oath?"

Ye Xuan stared at Ledron and spoke indifferently.

No one would be willing to easily swear a martial arts oath. Once they did, they would follow it, otherwise, it would be difficult for them to advance in martial arts their entire life, and they might even be forced to retreat by the backlash of the martial arts oath …


Seeing that Ye Xuan actually dared to fight him, Ledron immediately swore an oath on the spot.

"Young Master, can you trust me now?"

After swearing an oath, Ledron raised his head and directed his gaze onto Ye Xuan as he spoke, brimming with fighting spirit.

"In that case, let's begin!"

Ye Xuan lightly nodded his head as he expressionlessly spoke.


Just as Ye Xuan finished speaking, the sound of air exploding rang out. It was Ledron who'd launched an attack on Ye Xuan without any warning.

The astral energy throughout his body surged as his fist surged with energy. It brought about a resplendent light as it smashed towards Ye Xuan's face, causing Ye Xuan's expression to turn cold.

He didn't dodge in the slightest. Instead, he brandished his fist and met the incoming attack with a resplendent lightning bolt.


In the next moment, a muffled bang sounded out. A terrifying strength exploded out from the collision, causing Ye Xuan's body to fly backwards like a cannonball.

Ledron's strength was not just slightly stronger than Kester's. He was at least of three grades.

"Hmph, overestimating yourself. You think you can fight against City Lord Ledron just because you defeated me? This is simply courting death! "

Kester's eyes emitted dense hatred as he looked at Ye Xuan, who was sent flying by Ledon's fist, and sneered.

"This... Young master, isn't it too... Too arrogant? "He actually agreed to fight Ledron one on one!"

"If Young Master loses later, what will happen?"

"Sigh, as expected, you are young and full of vigor. Young and arrogant, ah …"

Seeing this scene, Xeros, Kade, Pangkus, and the others could not help but sigh.

Ledron was publicly recognized as the number one expert in Hesse City, the strongest in the entire city. Even they found it difficult to be a match for Ledron. Ye Xuan was only a six star Martial King, yet he dared to challenge Ledron to a duel. This was simply too crazy.

In their opinion, Ye Xuan was completely asking for trouble. Originally, they only needed Ye Xuan's command to easily take down Ledron. However, Ye Xuan's actions caused them to be extremely puzzled.

"Watch carefully. The young master might not lose!"

Hearing the discussions of Xeros and the others, the ancient god Huo Tian calmly spoke, his brows furrowed.

"He might not lose?"

As soon as the words of the ancient god Huo Tian fell onto Shrews, Pingpangkus and the others almost couldn't hear them jump up, but their hearts were filled with even more disdain.

They really didn't know where the Ancient God Huo Tian got the courage to say such words and think so highly of their young master.

Didn't he see that the young master was being completely suppressed by Ledron?

However, they could only grumble at the bottom of their hearts. They didn't dare to say these words out in front of the Ancient God Huo Tian. After all, they still hoped that the Ancient God Huo Tian would be able to help them in the future.

The Ancient God Huo Tian didn't explain anything. Instead, his eyes fell on the battlefield in front of him and quietly watched the fight.

Although Ye Xuan was currently being completely suppressed by Ledon's formidable strength, his body was as firm as a rock and immovable as a mountain. Even if Ledron's attacks were to land on his body, it wouldn't be able to harm him in the slightest, and would only be able to force him to continuously retreat.

However, being suppressed like this caused Ye Xuan to feel extremely unhappy in his heart!

Just as he was about to counterattack, Ledron's expression suddenly turned cold, and the Astral Energy armour on his body emerged. The black panther shaped energy armour quietly activated, causing his aura and strength to abruptly surge.

He instantly appeared in front of Ye Xuan like a black leopard, and smashed his fist towards Ye Xuan with destructive force.

The punch was thrown out at an extremely fast speed, and sonic booms rang out incessantly.

At this moment, the speed of Ledong Long's punch had already surpassed the speed of sound, making it difficult for Ye Xuan to defend himself!

"It's here! It's the famous skill of Ledon, Sonic Explosion Fist!"

"It's over, the young master can't hide anymore!"

"He once used this move to blow the head off a Class 7 Magical Beast!"

Seeing Ledron's stunning punch, the faces of everyone present couldn't help but change, and some words of shock came out of their mouths.

On the other hand, Shrews, Pangkus, and Kade's faces were filled with nervousness and worry.

The hatred and elation on Kester's face intensified. In his opinion, Ye Xuan was unable to dodge this move of Ledron's. Under this move, he would undoubtedly die!


Indeed, Ye Xuan wasn't able to dodge Ledron's sudden powerful punch. After being punched in the chest by him, a large amount of blood sprayed out of his mouth, and his body flew out like a cannonball …

Chi chi chi …

Ye Xuan's body uncontrollably retreated until he crashed into the distant walls of a house. Only then did he stabilize his body and raise a cloud of dust, making it difficult for anyone to see his current appearance.

After sending Ye Xuan flying with a single strike, Ledron didn't have any intention of stopping. Instead, he transformed into a black cheetah and charged towards the dust at lightning speed. Black energy surged from his fist as he smashed another sonic boom towards the center of the dust.

He didn't believe that his punch was able to defeat Ye Xuan completely, so he had to punch him again.

In a split-second, Ledron burst into the dust and vanished without a trace.

"Cough cough …" That guy is really ruthless! "

Ye Xuan extended a hand to wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth as he spoke with a serious expression.

Just as he finished speaking, a violent gust of wind came from the front, causing his gaze to turn cold. The fire and ice Yin Eye quietly opened, and Ledron, who was swinging his fist, clearly appeared in his line of sight.

"Celestial Dance!"

Seeing that Ledron was getting closer and closer, and that the danger was getting stronger and stronger, Ye Xuan's face went cold. A blue energy shot out from his eyes like a wave of fire, aiming to attack Ledron …

"Cluck, cluck …"

"Come on, young master..."

Ye Xuan's sudden attack had unquestionably caught Ledron off guard. His body was swept by an azure energy on the spot. His figure quietly froze as a voice filled with charm resounded in his ears. Numerous sexy and enchanting figures appeared in front of him, looking extremely enticing.

Not only that, but Ledron could also see that the surface of his body was already beginning to turn into ice.

"Damn it? "What the hell is going on?"

Seeing this, Ledron's expression turned cold, and his entire body surged with energy. His body shook violently, shattering the ice that had just formed into powder …

"Let me tell you something!"

However, just at this moment, an indifferent voice quietly sounded out. Ye Xuan's figure appeared in front of him. His right fist was surrounded by a dense golden light, and was like a golden sun that ruthlessly smashed towards Ledon.

Yin Yang Tyrant Body Technique's number one martial skill: Burning Sun!



There wasn't enough time for Ledron to dodge. He was struck by Ye Xuan's fist on the spot, causing a mouthful of black blood to spray out of his mouth. His body flew out uncontrollably …

"Just now, City Lord Ledron's punch was so powerful, the dust it lifted was so thick, I couldn't see what was going on ahead!"

"Do you even need to see it? Of course it's that whatever young master! "

"That young master is too arrogant. Does he think that he can challenge the mayor by himself after defeating Kester? In any case, our city governor is the number one expert of Hesse City! "

As they looked at the dust that filled the air, the people outside started to endlessly discuss.

"Master Huo, did anything happen to him?" Should we make a move to rescue them? "

Xeros and Pontus turned their heads and looked at the ancient god, Huo Tian, as they asked in puzzlement.

However, just as their words sounded out, a muffled collision sound was emitted from the middle of the dust cloud. Soon after, they saw a scene that caused them to be incomparably horrified …

Under their astonished gazes, Ledron, who had charged into the center of the dust cloud in a domineering manner, spat out a mouthful of black blood. Like a kite with its string cut, he flew backwards.

Not only that, Ye Xuan, who was originally sent flying by Ledron, flew out from the center of the dust and chased after him. His powerful whip kick continuously kicked Ledron's body, causing him to be unable to retaliate at all …

From afar, he looked as if he'd been enveloped by the sky of leg shadows and was being continuously kicked away by Ye Xuan. It was extremely shocking.

When Ye Xuan's final kick landed on Ledron, Ledron couldn't hold on any longer. He spat out a mouthful of black blood and heavily smashed it onto the ground, causing a muffled explosion and a large amount of dust to rise …

The hard floor was cracked into hand-sized cracks from the force of the impact.

When the dust finally settled and Ledron's figure reappeared in their line of sight, they couldn't help but be shocked …