Ledron's hair was in disarray, and his entire body was covered in footprints. He looked battered and exhausted, without any trace of the mayor's dignified appearance. There were even tiny cracks appearing on his energy armour …

If it wasn't for the energy armor that helped him block most of the attack, he probably would've been heavily injured by Ye Xuan's fierce counterattack and lost the fight. Even so, he was still heavily injured.

"He was only slightly injured?"

Ye Xuan looked coldly at Ledon, his eyes filled with a trace of seriousness, as he spoke with slight dissatisfaction.

One had to know that just now, he had used the number one Yin Yang Tyrant Body Technique, the thirty-six Wind Thunder Kick and the seventy-two Ice and Fire Chain Kick, and all of their attacks had landed on Ledron's body!

In the end, the other party only suffered light injuries. How could this not shock Ye Xuan?

This Ledron was indeed not weak. If he could completely subdue him, it would be a pretty good boost to him.

"Young master, I've underestimated you! However, with the strength in your attack just now, it's impossible for you to defeat me. "

After standing up, he extended a hand to wipe off the blood from the corner of his mouth. Then, he raised his head and directed his gaze onto Ye Xuan's body as he lightly spoke.


With Ledon's words, his body shook violently, and all the footprints on his body dispersed. The black panther shaped energy armor became even purer, and an even more powerful and majestic aura emanated from his body.

At this moment, Ledron's aura was much stronger than before. It was enough to befriend a two star Martial King, and even compared to the Song Family's third generation ancestor, who Ye Xuan had killed on the glacier, he wasn't much weaker.

When Ye Xuan killed the Song Family's Third Generation Old Ancestor, he'd used the beginner strength of the Dragon Blade to do it.

However, Ye Xuan didn't plan on using his Dragon Blade's First Clear ability. After all, there were some things he didn't want to expose too early.

Against an opponent like Ledron, who was both skilled in offense and defense, Ye Xuan's Heaven-Devouring Demon Art and his dragon-type tyrant body that he'd cultivated on the glacier had played a good role.

However, Ye Xuan didn't plan on having a prolonged battle with Ledron!

"Young master, be careful!"

As soon as Ledong Long finished speaking, he charged towards Ye Xuan with a biting cold killing intent as fast as lightning.

This time, his speed was much faster and even more violent. A terrifying gale of wind kicked up wherever he passed, causing the people around him to only be able to see a shadow.

Red lines appeared on the surface of the armor that covered his body, and there were even layers of burning flames on the surface of his body. The high temperature that was emitted caused his danger level to increase multiple times, just like a black war leopard possessing the power of fire.

Obviously, Ledron didn't plan on wasting any more time with Ye Xuan. He wanted to heavily injure Ye Xuan in one move.

Ye Xuan could clearly see all of Ledon's strength converging into a single point on his right fist!

This was the result of Ledron compressing the power in his body to the maximum.

In the next moment, he abruptly swung his fist and smashed it towards Ye Xuan!

Scorching Sun Leopard Fist!


As Ledon punched out, a Fire Leopard condensed from energy abruptly charged out of his fist and pounced towards Ye Xuan with a tearing motion.

The battle leopard's roar resounded through the skies, causing everyone's scalps to go numb.

"Xuan Ye, run!"

Levi had been watching the fight between Ledron and Ye Xuan with complicated feelings. She'd always hoped that her father would win and teach Ye Xuan a lesson, but she didn't want him to lose too miserably.

Now that she saw Ledron execute such a powerful martial skill, she couldn't help but shout out.

She was well aware of the might of her father's move, so she didn't think that Ye Xuan would be able to block this attack.

The carefree expression on Kester's face became even more pronounced. Seeing Ledon execute such a powerful punch towards Ye Xuan, he felt extremely carefree.

"Dammit, this is Ledon's strongest martial skill. One punch has the strength of ten thousand jin!"

"Young master, be careful! Quick, dodge it! "

"Young master, run!"

Seeing Ledon's powerful punch, the complexions of Shrews, Pangkus, and the others changed drastically. They wanted to rush out and rescue Ye Xuan, but they were stopped by the ancient god Huo Tian.

"Lord Huo Tian, what are you doing?"

Seeing the ancient god who had stopped them, Huo Tian, Shrews, and the others asked in confusion.

"I believe in my young master!"

The Ancient God Huo Tian squinted his eyes and answered blandly.

"But this …"

"Just watch quietly!"

Xia Luo Luo and the rest wanted to say something else, but were interrupted by the cold voice of the ancient god Huo Tian.

The Ancient God Huo Tian felt that Ledon's punch was indeed powerful, but if Ye Xuan couldn't withstand it, then he wasn't worthy to be that man's disciple.

"Good! Now you can try out the power of my dragon clan's tyrant body and the Heaven Swallowing Demonic Art!"

Looking at Ledon's powerful punch, Ye Xuan was brimming with fighting spirit as he laughed loudly.


The moment his words came out, he stomped his feet, and all the True Divine Spirit Qi in his body surged, as layers of dragon scales appeared on his right arm, causing his strength to increase tremendously. The Demonic Qi on his fist swirled, and he smashed towards the Fire Leopard that was charging towards him.

Demonic Swallowing Art: Swallowing!


In the next moment, a scene that shocked and stunned the surrounding people quietly occurred. They were horrified to see that the Fire Leopard that pounced towards Ye Xuan was strangely absorbed by Ye Xuan's fist the moment it made contact with his fist, causing the dragon scales on his right arm to ignite into a flame.


In the next moment, Ye Xuan's fist smashed onto Ledron's chest like lightning.


"Puchi …"

The Fire Leopard's roar and the sound of blood spurting out from its mouth rang out.

The Fire Leopard that was absorbed by Ye Xuan's fist rushed out and heavily collided with Ledon's chest. A terrifying force was ruthlessly poured into his body …

The energy armor on his body quietly shattered as his Astral Energy armor burst apart. His body was like a dead dog as it flew out and smashed into a nearby barbeque stall, shattering it into dust …

"How... How could this be? "

"Cough cough …" "Puchi …"

Rider Long spat out a large mouthful of blood. He raised his head with great difficulty to look at Ye Xuan as hoarse and incredulous words came out of his mouth.

He didn't think that his attack would actually be forced back by Ye Xuan and heavily injure himself!

"City Lord Ledron, you've lost!"

Ye Xuan was expressionless as he walked to the front of Ledron and said indifferently.

At Ye Xuan's words, Ledron's face went deathly pale.

He did not expect that he would lose, and lose so thoroughly!

"Father, how are you …" "Father?"

Upon seeing this, Levi hurriedly ran in front of Ledron and helped him up, words of concern coming out of his mouth.

"Cough cough …" "I'm fine!"

Ledron lightly shook his head as he looked at Ye Xuan with eyes filled with admiration.

"Young master, I, Ledron, am willing to admit defeat. From now on, I will leave Evil Emperor Pavilion and serve you as my master!"

After that, he knelt on one knee towards Ye Xuan and respectfully said those words.

"This... This couldn't be … Perhaps … City Lord Ledron, he … He actually lost? "

Kester found it hard to accept such a blow as Ledron was kneeling on one knee in front of Ye Xuan. His mind was damaged and he spat out a mouthful of black blood, fainting on the spot.

"Stand up!"

Ye Xuan lightly nodded, then extended his hand to help Ledon up.

He didn't give Ledong Long the Soul Devouring Pill because he swore a martial arts oath and that was enough!

"I don't want anyone else to know about what happened tonight, do you understand?"

Subsequently, Ye Xuan's gaze fell onto Xia Luo, Pangaros, and the others as he expressionlessly spoke.


Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Shrews, Pang Kesi, and the others glanced at each other and nodded their heads.

"Pure Yang, it's getting late. Let's go back!"

Ye Xuan didn't say anything more. He turned around and left, accompanied by Li Chunyang.

"Ahh …"

"No …" "Don't kill me..."

"Chief Xia Luo, we won't tell anyone about what happened tonight!"

Miserable and desperate voices continuously sounded from behind him, but when Ye Xuan heard them, he couldn't move at all.

Even without his orders, Kaddish, Ledron, and the others wouldn't let those bystanders escape tonight. After all, they didn't want the news of them betraying the Evil Emperor to serve Ye Xuan to spread; otherwise, if the Evil Emperor got angry, they would face annihilation.

When Ye Xuan and Li Jingyang returned to their hotel room, Saint Devil Derek and Mad Demon Lin Feng were chatting in the living room. When they saw Ye Xuan and the others return, they both asked at the same time, "How was it?"

"Everything is going more smoothly than we expected. Ledron and Kade have already been subdued by us, which means that the City Lord's Mansion and the Hank Family are also in our control! But for the moment they don't know who I really am. "

Ye Xuan thought for a moment before replying.

Even if Ledron and Kade had their own thoughts now, they wouldn't be able to do anything about it.

"So what are you going to do with Shrews and Poncevis?" Saint Demon Derek asked after thinking for a while.

"Leave their words to Huo Tian. I believe that he can handle them completely and make them completely loyal to me!" Ye Xuan said in a low voice.

He didn't want to spend too much time on this.

"Mm. For the time being, let them think that they are working for the Sword Emperor Pavilion. After all, even with their status, it would be difficult to find out whether your identity is real or fake. Of course, the best thing to do right now was to keep the City Lord's Mansion and the Hank previously serving the Evil Emperor, since they all belonged to the Evil Emperor Pavilion. If the Evil Emperor knew that they had betrayed the Evil Emperor, he would be furious, and when the time came, the army would be in trouble … "As for behind the scenes, of course we just need to have them do things for us!"

Mad Demon Lin Feng nodded his head lightly, paused for a moment, and continued, "These past few days, we've searched the entirety of Heshan City, but haven't found any news regarding the research facility and the old headquarters of the Demonic God Palace. I'm afraid we'll have to ask Ledron about this. I'm afraid he's the only one who knows a bit about this …"

"Okay, tomorrow morning I will personally go to the City Lord's Mansion!" "I hope that he can obtain some useful information from me …"

Ye Xuan's eyes flashed as he lightly nodded his head.