"Da Da Da …"

With the command of "Attack" being given, the heavily armed and armed guards raised their guns and pulled the triggers on the broken door.

A large amount of flame shot out from the muzzle of the rifle as the bullets filled the sky with a fierce killing intent. They flew toward the incoming invader and began to attack him frantically.

For a moment, the howls of the firearms, the piercing sound of the bullets tearing through the air, and the sharp sounds of the shots rang out unceasingly.

At least in an instant, hundreds of thousands of bullets were fired at the same time.

After all the guards had finished firing a machine gun magazine, they gradually stopped. Their eyes were burning as they stared at the door that was filled with dust. Doubtful voices came out of their mouths, "Are they all dead?"

"Such violent attacks should all be dead!"

These guys answered their own questions.

It had to be known that in that short round of attacks, there were at least thousands of bullets fired. Each bullet had the ability to pierce through armor and break through a martial artist's defense. Even a Class 7 Magical Beast would be heavily injured by such a powerful attack.

They didn't believe that the defenses of the invaders could be compared to the defenses of the magical beasts of the seventh step.

"There isn't the slightest movement. It seems like those guys are finished. I'm afraid it's not our turn to attack."

The charming man couldn't help but sigh.

"Sigh... If you knew earlier, you wouldn't have let them attack us. At this moment, the girl also spoke in a low voice. Her tone was filled with regret.

"Be careful!"

However, Old Qing appeared to have sensed something after their words sounded. His expression involuntarily changed as he cried out in a stern voice.


Just as he finished speaking, a terrifying black sword aura, a resplendent golden fist aura, a ball of burning flames, and a black devil dragon condensed from demonic energy rushed out from the dust at the front entrance. It charged towards the fully armed guards and engulfed their bodies …

"Ahh …"

In the next moment, miserable shrieks and deafening explosions resounded within the hall. The terrifying energy spread throughout the hall like roaring waves, engulfing the bodies of the guards and sending them flying …

In a short period of time, the hall was filled with dust that fluttered in the wind and was filled with endless screams of pain!

The formation of the originally orderly army collapsed with a loud bang. A large number of guards were torn to pieces by the terrifying force and died with a loud bang.

When the dust gradually dispersed, the scene in the hall was revealed once more.

The previously orderly and grand hall was now in a complete mess. Other than the charming man, the heroic woman, and Elder Qing, all the other guards inside had been knocked out and were vomiting blood. They lay on the ground while screaming and wailing.

Five cold figures suddenly appeared in the middle of the hall.

They were none other than Ye Xuan, Saint Devil Derek, Mad Demon Lin Feng, Li Chunyang, and Xia Lulu who'd barged in.

They coldly observed their surroundings, making the heavily injured guards afraid to approach them. Instead, they looked as if they had seen a ghost, their faces full of fear and shock.

Not only were they unable to harm these fellows with their massive attacks, they were also heavily injured by them. Such strength caused them to feel fear and despair.

The invader was simply too powerful and terrifying.



Looking at the upright Ye Xuan and the others, and looking at the heavily injured comrades around them, the guards all had faces full of fear. Their throats went dry and they subconsciously swallowed their saliva.

The eyes of the charming man and the heroic woman, who were still happily chatting and regretting not being able to fight against Ye Xuan's group, turned extremely cold and ugly at this moment. Their eyes flashed with a trace of solemnity.

Ye Xuan, Crazy Devil, and Lin Feng's attacks were simply too powerful. To think that they'd be able to defeat all of the guards so easily, this was beyond their imagination.

Even Elder Qing's expression couldn't help but change as his gaze gradually turned solemn.

The invader in front of them was much stronger than they had imagined.

However, the three of them had experienced great things before. They had experienced all sorts of things before, and had seen all sorts of powerful people. They quickly calmed down.

Although Ye Xuan and the others had powerful methods just now, they were still able to do it.

Immediately, the charming man reached out his hand to caress his round cheeks, and said with a smile: "Very good, to be able to barge in here and flatten these guards so easily, you all did not disappoint us. Now, there are finally a few people who can play with us. Cluck, cluck … "I've been lonely for a long time..."

The charming man's voice was filled with the loneliness and desire of a young married woman after being drunk. Coupled with his hand reaching out to touch his chest, it caused Ye Xuan and the others' stomachs to turn upside down.

This fellow was definitely a transvestite, a monster!

"Haha …" Now that things have gotten interesting, there's finally someone who can play with me! " The girl laughed heartily and said.

"It's really good that you guys were able to make it all the way here. It's a pity … You are all going to die! "

Elder Qing's eyes flickered with a sharp light as he spoke in a hoarse and sinister voice.

"They are the three leaders of this research facility. Aside from the Dark God Kurt and creator, Cersei, their status and power are the highest in this research facility!" Big brother Xuan Ye, you must be careful. "

Xia Lulu's eyes were filled with undisguised fear as she looked at the charming man, the beautiful woman, and Elder Qing. A trace of fear and trepidation appeared on her cute face as she grabbed onto Ye Xuan's trembling hands.

Obviously, she was bullied and beaten up a lot by these fellows.

Ye Xuan lightly nodded his head. His gaze fell on Old Man Qing and the others, and his eyes flickered with a cold light. He was just about to speak when Mad Demon Lin Feng took the lead and said, "Leave this place to me. All of you should go to the research institute!"

"I'll let you handle it? Haha... Who do you think you are? Do you think if you were to take out a Dragon Subduing Sword and put it on, you will be able to see the dead demon? "

"He's simply an idiot …"

"I'll tell you the truth, the person you admire, the Mad Demons, died in the hands of us, haha …"

When they heard Lin Feng's words, the charming man, the heroic woman and the rest couldn't help but laugh out loud as if they had heard an enormous joke.

Even Elder Qing couldn't help but smile as he looked at Lin Feng, his gaze filled with mockery and disdain …

Did this guy really think he was crazy?

"Is that so?"

Seeing them laughing so loudly, Lin Feng's expression was ice-cold. He extended his palm and slowly removed the mask he was wearing, revealing his true appearance.

He was not afraid of Old Qing, Charm Man and the rest of them divulging his identity, after all, in the eyes of Crazy Devil Lin Feng, they would soon become corpses.

When the four great emperors led their men to attack the Demonic Palace, Old Man Qing, Charm Man, and the girl took advantage of the fight between the Insane Demon and the Evil Emperor to sneak attack the Insane Demon and injure him severely …

Now it was time to settle the scores between them and Mad Demon Lin Feng.

"What?" How could it be you? "

"Dammit, you're still alive? How is that possible? "

"This... What was going on? How could you possibly survive? "

Seeing the true appearance of Crazy Devil Lin Feng, Old Man Qing, Charm Man, and Woman, the expressions on their faces couldn't help but change. Their gazes were filled with shock as they spoke out words that were beyond belief.

Obviously, they never expected that the insane Lin Feng was actually still alive.

As for Xia Lulu, she was also stunned as she stared blankly at the frenzied Devil Lin Feng. Her small face was filled with undisguised shock, but this shock quickly turned into a deep joy.

"Lord Crazy Devil …"

She immediately rushed over and hugged Mad Demon Lin Feng's thigh.

She was a thorough fan of the Demonic Palace. Whether it was the founder of the Demonic Palace, or the Demonic Three and Eight Gods, they were all her idols.

"Xuan, you can leave now. Leave this place to me. I have an old grudge with these guys, so it's fine."

Mad Demon Lin Feng extended his palm to stroke Sharmie's small head, then turned his head to speak to Ye Xuan and the Holy Demon Derek.


Ye Xuan lightly nodded his head. He wasn't worried about Lin Feng.

Immediately, he opened his mouth without any trace of politeness, "Sharulu, you and Pure Yang will go with me to liberate those who are trapped. Arde, you will go with me to find Kulze and Cerev!"

"Yes sir!"

Following Ye Xuan's words, he and the Holy Demon Derek walked towards the passage to the right of the hall. As for Sharulu, she brought Li Chunyang toward the passage to the left of the hall …

"Want to leave?" None of you are leaving this place today! "

At the sight of this, the charming man, the girl, and Elder Qing's expressions all became extremely unsightly. They wanted to chase after the Holy Demon Derek, Ye Xuan, and Li Chunyang.

"Your opponent is me!"

However, before they could charge out, the Dragon Subduing Sword in the Insane Demon Lin Feng's hand suddenly unsheathed, and a sharp black sword aura abruptly bloomed. It attacked them and completely stopped them, forcing them to give up on chasing after Ye Xuan and the others … …

"Damn it..."

Seeing Ye Xuan, Li Chunyang, and the others quickly disappearing, the expressions of Charm Man, Huo Nu, and the others became unsightly to the extreme. They couldn't help but let out angry curses.

Soon after, all of their gazes landed on Lin Feng's body. Their eyes flickered with a cold glint as heartless words came out of their mouths.

"Crazy devil, although I don't know why you were able to escape death last time, but today you aren't so lucky! No matter what, you will definitely die today! "

"Wait till we kill you, then we'll send those bastards off!"

Hearing this, a cold light flashed in the Crazy Devil Lin Feng's eyes as he coldly spoke.

"Cut the crap, let's fight!"

The instant Lin Feng's words left his mouth, he dashed towards Old Man Qing, Charm Man and the rest, carrying a strong killing intent as he unleashed a powerful attack towards them … …

One versus three, completely fearless!