The Deep Sea Prison was the place where all the felons were imprisoned. It was divided into five levels, and the most powerful ones were held in the lowest level.

When Cersei arrived here with Ye Xuan and the Sage Devil Derek, Sharlulu had already taken Li Chunyang and disposed of all of the guards as well as rescued many of the victims.

"Young Master Xuan!"

Dense joy appeared on the faces of Saint Devil Derek and the others when they saw Ye Xuan's arrival. They hurriedly greeted him with respect.

"Has everyone been saved?"

Ye Xuan lightly nodded and asked.

"Basically everything has been saved." Li Chunyang replied respectfully.

"Big brother …" You. How did you end up walking with her? "

Xia Lulu looked at Xeref, who was respectfully standing behind Ye Xuan. Her small face revealed a strong sense of fear as she spoke in a low voice.

She had not been injected with any potions by Sharlyn, so a shadow had been left in her heart. This caused her to feel an inexplicable sense of fear towards Cersei.

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

Hearing Xia Lulu's words, the experts that they had saved all clenched their fists at the same time. They looked at Cersei with great alarm and fury in their eyes.

This woman had caused them quite a bit of suffering.

"Lu Lu be good, don't be afraid. Cersei has already turned her back on the right path under big brother's tutelage!" Ye Xuan reached out his hand to stroke Xia Lu's head as he consoled her.


Upon hearing Ye Xuan's words, a trace of pleasant surprise appeared on Xia Lulu's exquisite and cute face.


She stretched out her jade hand and a jade bottle appeared in her hand. Her gaze calmly stared at the burning experts in front of her and she said in a cold voice, "It's just as Young Master said. This is a drug that can suppress the backlash of your genes and the energy conflict in your body, eliminating the huge aftereffects of your body's transformation.

As her words fell, she tossed the jade bottle to the group of people standing behind Xia Lulu.

"Boom! Boom!"

Those people were stunned at first, but soon after, they opened the jade bottle and swallowed the pills inside.

As they swallowed the pills, a series of changes happened to their bodies. Their bodies gradually returned to their original state. The pain in their bodies also disappeared. Their strength had also increased by a huge amount, making them ecstatic.

"Thank you, Lord Cersei!"

In the next moment, these people respectfully cupped their fists and said to Cerberus.

Now, they were no longer under his control and had regained their freedom.

"Please thank Young Master Xuan Ye. She was the reason you were able to be saved!"

Cersei waved his hand impatiently and spoke indifferently.

"Thank you, Young Master Xuan Ye!" We will never forget your kindness for all eternity, but if Young Master Xuan Ye commands it, we will not cower in the face of mountain of blades and sea of flames. "

Hearing this, everyone looked at each other, then clasped their hands and knelt on one knee towards Ye Xuan. Their mouths were filled with gratitude and reverence as they spoke.

"Everyone, please get up. I was just taking advantage of the situation!" Since all of you have been saved, and have regained your freedom, then please leave! "

Ye Xuan waved his hand indifferently. He turned around and said to Cerberus, "Let's hurry up and go. There's not much time left!"


After hearing Ye Xuan's words, Cerlove respectfully nodded his head before bringing Ye Xuan to the fifth floor of the Deep Sea Prison at an extremely fast speed.

This was because the beast demon, Qin Shou, was imprisoned there.

"Young Master Xuan, wait for us …"

Seeing this, Li Chunyang and Xia Lulu hurriedly followed...

As for the people they'd rescued, they respectfully bowed towards Ye Xuan's departing back before gradually dispersing …

"Clang clang!"

In the depths of the fifth level of the Deep Sea Prison, a heavy knocking sound rang out as the thick and heavy door quietly opened.

A semi-transparent underwater prison appeared in Ye Xuan and the others' line of sight.

There were no prisoners in this prison, only bright lights and a control panel.

Through the translucent wall made of unknown material, he could clearly see that a large cage made of vibrating gold had fallen outside the prison.

Inside the cage was a man with disheveled hair and an old face. He was like a dead man sitting motionlessly inside the cage, allowing the giant salamander to attack the cage without any reaction, as if nothing had anything to do with him …

He was the Demonic Beast, Qin Shou, one of the three great Demon Kings of the Demonic God Hall.

"Damn it! The Golden Oscillating Cage is about to be broken! How are we going to save him?"

Ye Xuan had an unsightly expression as he looked at the cage that was about to break.

"Don't worry, as long as the gold cage isn't broken, he'll still be saved. We have set up traps."

Cersei calmly spoke up as he walked to the control panel and quickly pressed down on the next mechanism.

"Clang clang …"

After Cersei pressed the button, the translucent wall strangely vanished. The golden cage outside was moved to this translucent prison, and then the translucent wall was restored.

And during the whole process, not a drop of seawater was poured into the prison. It could be said to be a miracle.

Looking at the dying beast demon, Qin Shou, who was sitting inside the cage, Ye Xuan and the Holy Demon Derek hurriedly opened the cage and entered. As they shook Qin Shou's body, they anxiously said, "Hey, you beasts … …" Hurry and wake up, you beast! "

"You beast, wake up …" Don't f * cking sleep, we're back. "

Unfortunately, no matter how hard Ye Xuan and the others yelled, Qin Shou didn't have the slightest reaction. He seemed to have fallen asleep, causing Ye Xuan and the others to feel extremely anxious.


He discovered that his entire body's pulse was extremely weak, his aura was faintly discernible, and his internal organs were all injured to varying degrees. The injuries within his body had reached the extreme, so it could be said that he was only one breath away from entering the gates of hell with one foot.

Even though Ye Xuan had taken out the 13 needles to treat him, the effects were extremely weak. He still hadn't woken up from his sleep.

The injuries within his body were truly too severe. Just like what Cerelev had said, the current Demonic Beast, Qin Shou, had been reduced to a cripple due to the failure of his transformation. It was even difficult for him to survive …

"This... How could this be? "

No matter how much Ye Xuan used Thirteen Heaven Defying Technique, he was unable to change the condition of the Demonic Beast, Qin Shou. His complexion was extremely unsightly, and his fists were clenched until crackling sounds could be heard. Angry words came from his mouth.

"Young master, more than a hundred mutated genes were injected into his body. He became like this because of the backlash and rejection from the hundreds of mutated genes …"

Cersei hesitated for a moment before he whispered, "If it was anyone else who had implanted so many mutated genes into their body, their body would have exploded long ago. It would be a miracle if they were still alive …"

"Damn it, how could so many mutated genes be injected into his body?"

Hearing his words, Ye Xuan's eyes flickered with coldness and killing intent, causing his devouring gaze to fall on Cerberus.

"At first, when he was seriously injured and on the verge of death, the Evil Emperor ordered for him to be chopped to pieces and fed to the dogs. It was because I saw that he had an extraordinary physique that I asked him to come over and undergo a series of transformations, hoping to borrow the strength of these mutated genes to revitalize his already exhausted body, hoping that they could help him get him through this crisis. At first, he even improved a bit, but the effect became less and less, so I had to inject the genes of over a hundred of these ancient beasts into his body in order to barely save his life …" He hoped that a miracle would happen, but unfortunately … The hope of a miracle is too slim! "

"If he really is able to absorb all a hundred different genes, then he will undoubtedly become a true beast. Many ancient creatures will be driven by him …"

Cersei let out a soft sigh, and words of helplessness came out of his mouth.

The reason why she did that was because she wanted to destroy Qin Shou and create a miracle. Unfortunately, she underestimated Qin Shou's body's ability to fuse and adapt to his body.

However, it was precisely because of the interaction between the genes of over a hundred ancient creatures that the Demonic Beast Qin Shou was able to survive until now.

The Crossing Disaster Gold Needle appeared in his hand as he fiercely stabbed it into Qin Shou's body. At the same time he activated the thirteen heaven defying needles, Ye Xuan sent a strand of his soul force through the Crossing Disaster Gold Needle into Qin Shou's body to carefully observe the situation within his body.

It was just as Cersei had said, the current Beast Demonic Qin Shou was in a terrible condition. There was too much chaotic energy in his body, and because hundreds of ancient creatures' genes were mutated in his body, they were fusing and devouring each other. His electrolyte was affected greatly and became chaotic, causing all of his organs to lose their balance …

If this state continued, the Demonic Beast Qin Shou would eventually die due to his internal organ failing or his body exploding.

"Currently, Qin Shou's internal organs are failing. His energy is in a mess, his cells are mutated, and they are being consumed by their genes. The only way to save the Demonic Beast Qin Shou right now is to obtain the legendary Nine Revolutions Holy Spirit Pill!"

After looking at Ye Xuan's ice-cold expression for a moment, Cerberus thought for a moment before speaking in a low voice.

"Nine Revolutions Holy Spirit Pill?"

Ye Xuan's gaze went cold as he turned his head around to look at Cerberus.

He had heard people mention it often in his heyday.

"That's right!" The Nine Revolving Holy Spirit Pill was a sacred artifact of the Fishmen in the eastern part of the Sea of Devils. Not only could it improve a martial practitioner's physique and allow it to contain all living things, it could even help a peak Martial Monarch at the Martial King Realm break through a bottleneck and step into the Godless Realm, advancing to the Martial Emperor Realm! Of course, its greatest effect was to gather spirit energy, and was able to perfectly neutralize the hundred species of ancient organisms in Qin Shou's body! In this way, not only will we be able to save Qin Shou, we will also be able to give him a great fortune. "

"However, the Nine Revolutions Holy Spirit Pill is a sacred artifact of the Fishmen. It is the most precious treasure of the entire clan. They would never take it out to exchange for it. If they try to snatch it, they will start a war with the entire clan." "It is really too difficult to obtain the Holy Spirit Pill …"

Cersei obviously knew a lot of secret information, and he slowly told her everything he knew.

After a pause, Cersei continued, "However, there's a pretty good chance right now."

"What chance?"

A sharp light flashed in Ye Xuan's eyes.

"There is still half a year before the start of the Conferred God Battle. In order to raise our strength, the three great powers, Green Emperor Pavilion, Evil Emperor Pavilion and Sword Emperor Pavilion, are currently at war with the Fishmen in an all-out war. Their goal in this war is the Fishmen's most precious treasure, the Nine Revolving Holy Spirit Pill!"

Cersei's eyes shone with wisdom as he spoke in a low voice.

Ye Xuan's eyes couldn't help but light up when he heard Cersei's words.

Qing Emperor Pavilion, Evil Emperor Pavilion and Sword Emperor Pavilion were fighting with the Fishmen from the three great powers. To them, this was indeed an excellent opportunity to obtain the Nine Revolutions Holy Spirit Pill …

There was a saying, "The sandpiper and clam fight will reap the benefits!"

But even so, it was a huge challenge and danger for Ye Xuan and the others. The Fishmen had many experts on their side. If they weren't careful, they might fall.

However, in order to save Qin Shou, no matter how dangerous this trip was, Ye Xuan had to make a trip!