By the time Ye Xuan arrived at the Yu Clan's palace, it was already surrounded by the combined armies of Evil Emperor Pavilion, Sword Emperor Pavilion, and Azure Emperor Pavilion.

It was undoubtedly extremely difficult to sneak into the palace without anyone noticing. Ye Xuan's brows were tightly knitted, and he could only temporarily hide in the shadows as he watched from afar.

Very quickly, Ye Xuan discovered the leaders of the besieging Murlocs. They were the Eight Armed Demon, Magnus, from the Evil Emperor Pavilion, the Sword Emperor Pavilion's Flowing Shadow Sword Demon, Kaido, and the Azure Emperor Pavilion's Nine Heavens Demon, McLaren.

He had a vertical eye on his forehead, and his burly body was wrapped in a blood-red battle robe, giving him a wild beauty. In the Western Asura World, he held an extremely high reputation and prestige, although he was not one of the nine great demon kings, he still held the title of Demon King, and was highly valued by the Evil Emperor.

The Flowing Shadow Sword Demon Kaido looked much younger, around thirty years old. His long brown hair was tied up into a ponytail behind him, and he wore a white cap. He wore a white suit, and held a Flowing Shadow Sword in his hand as he lazily laid on the throne, giving off the impression that he was a gentleman.

Although he was not one of the official nine great demon kings like the Eight-Armed Evil Demon, his fame and reputation in the Western Asura World was not any weaker than the nine great demon kings. He had many female fans, and was the Sword Emperor's most trusted subordinate.

Compared to the Phantom Shadow Sword Demon Kaido and the eight-armed Magana, the Nine Heavens Demoness McLaren was much older. He looked to be around sixty years old, and his mature face carried a hint of wisdom and indifference, which made him appear very calm without any arrogance. His slender figure was wrapped in a long robe with countless magic marks on it, and even though his aura was restrained, no one dared to look down on him.

He was one of the nine great demon kings officially announced by the Western Asura World, a true tyrant under the Qing Emperor. He founded his own Sky Demon Dancing Guild and enjoyed an extremely high popularity and status in the Western Asura World.

Of course, among the experts who had come to attack the Fishmen this time, other than the three most powerful ones such as the Phantom Sword Demon Kaido, the Eight Armed Demon Magna, and the Nine Heavens Demons, McLen, there were also other hegemons.

They were the God of Sin Pan, the Fire God of War Nibeli, the Ice and Snow Goddess Alice, the God of Calamity Baruch, the God of Destruction Moo Duo and the God of Greed Proust!

Other than this, there were also the top experts of the other families.

The entire formation of the Fishmen army could be said to be extremely luxurious, making it difficult for them to defend against them.

All of the entrances to and from the Yu Clan's palace were tightly surrounded. Ye Xuan surveyed his surroundings and found that it was difficult to find any loopholes. Even a fly wouldn't be able to break through their encirclement and enter into the palace.

Even the slightest movement would be detected by them.

Even if Ye Xuan was lucky enough to avoid their defenses and enter the palace, the guards inside would immediately notice.

In order to prevent the Evil Emperor Pavilion's allied forces from sneaking in, the imperial palace of the entire Fishmen race was also heavily guarded!

A large number of Fishmen had gathered at the entrance of the palace. If anyone forced their way in, they would probably be met with the storm-like attacks of the Fishmen.

The situation in front of him had undoubtedly completely broken Ye Xuan's plan to stealthily infiltrate the Yu Clan's imperial palace to steal the Nine Revolving Holy Spirit Pill. Ye Xuan's complexion was extremely unsightly and grave.

Right now, the only thing he could do was wait and see. He would slowly wait for things to get out of hand before he searched for the right opportunity.

After all, Ye Xuan still hadn't been able to defeat the combined forces of Evil Emperor Pavilion, Sword Emperor Pavilion, and Azure Emperor Pavilion by himself.

Time passed slowly in the long wait. In the blink of an eye, more than half a day had passed. There was no movement in the palace of the merfolk for a long time, nor did the magic of the nine heavens, McLaren and the others, give the order to launch a forceful attack on the merfolk.

After all, the imperial palaces of the merfolk were easy to defend and hard to attack. The cost of a forceful attack was especially huge.

"Master McLaren, the Fishmen have no intention of surrendering at all. If this continues, it will become troublesome when the eight leaders of the Fishmen lead the eight great tribes to us."

Seeing the tightly shut gates to the imperial palace, the God of Calamity Baruch narrowed his eyes. He could not help but turn his head and address the Nine Heavens Demons, McLaren, with a few words.

"That's right, Baruch is right. When the eight great leaders of the Fishmen have yet to arrive, we should take advantage of this opportunity to break into their palaces and capture their queen.

Upon hearing the words of Baruch, the God of Calamity, the Eight-Armed Darkhell Fiend, Magnus nodded slightly and spoke in agreement.

The guard then took the megaphone and shouted loudly to the many Fishmen in the palace: "All of you listen to me, Master McLaren is kind. I shall give you all one last chance, obediently open the gates of the palace and surrender, accept Master McLaren's orders, and submit to the three great masters of the Cyan Emperor, Evil Emperor, and Sword Emperor. Only then will you human beings have a chance of survival, otherwise …" Don't blame us for being merciless and breaching your palace gates! "

"I will count to three. If you do not open the gates of the palace, I will launch a forceful attack!"




"Creak …"

The gates of the palace slowly opened at this moment, as McLaren was about to give the order to attack.

A great elder of the Fishmen Clan and the leader of the imperial palace's imperial guards, Hertz, walked out with a large number of powerful Fishmen. They appeared in the line of sight of the Goddess of the Nine Heavens Demons, Macellan, and the others, causing their faces to be filled with smiles.

From the looks of it, the Murlocs were going to surrender after all.

The great elder of the Fishmen Tribe swept his gaze across the allied armies of the Qing Di Clan in front of him, and in the end, his gaze landed on the people of the Nine Heavens Godly Demon McLaren, the Flowing Shadow Sword Demon Kaito, and the Eight-Armed Evil Demon Magna. He bowed to them and said politely, "great elder of the Fishmen Tribe, Mo Tong has seen the three of you, may I know the reason why you are leading your armies to attack the Fishmen?"

"Evil Emperor, Emperor Qing, and Sword Emperor, the three of you are benevolent. Seeing that you are in the depths of the Sea of Devils, which is very dangerous for the Fishmen, you are completely helpless. Therefore, we have come here to subdue you and have you join our ranks to serve the three of you!"

The Nine Heavens Demons, Macellan raised his head and drank all of the red wine in his cup as he spoke with an indifferent expression.

"Evil Emperor, Emperor Qing, and Sword Emperor, the three lords, I, the Fishmen, appreciate your kindness. However, I, the Fishmen, live in the Sea of Devils, so I am used to it.

"Yes, milord." The great elder of the merfolk, Mo Tong, hurriedly responded respectfully.

"So you're not going to submit?"

However, before he could finish his words, he was interrupted by the ice-cold voice of the Eight-Armed Darkhell Fiend, Magna. His words were filled with a thick impatience.

"This... "It's not that we don't want to surrender …"

The great elder of the merfolk clan, Mo Chen, looked troubled. He quickly said, "But such a huge matter is beyond our control. We have to wait for the queen to make the decision first."

"Where is your Lady Queen?"

The expression on the face of the eight-armed evil demon, Magna, eased up after hearing Mo Chen's explanation, and he asked in a cold voice.

"Reporting to Lord Magna, we, the Queen, are currently in closed-door training, and I believe that we will be able to come out soon. At that time, the good intentions of the Evil Emperor, Emperor Qing and the Sword Emperor will definitely be conveyed to Lord Queen, and I hope that all of you will calm down and give us some more time …"

Mo Chong hurriedly said respectfully.

The only thing they could do now was to delay for time until the arrival of the eight great leaders of the Fishmen Tribe.

"Seclusion? Can't you just call her out? I have heard that the Queen of the Fishmen is born to be beautiful, beautiful and seductive. I happen to want to meet her today.

The Flowing Mirage Sword Demon, Kade, had a cold look on his face as he said this.

"Tsk tsk … Yes, call out your queen! Everyone knows that your Queen has pretty good kung fu skills in bed, hurry up and get her to come out so we can have a good time! "

The God of Greed, Proust, licked the corner of his lips with his bright red tongue, speaking with a greedy look on his face.

"Impudent!" Whoever disrespects the Queen shall be executed! "

Hearing the words of the God of Greed, the leader of the imperial guards, Hertz, had an ice-cold look on his face. His fists were clenched so tightly that crackling sounds could be heard. A furious voice came from his mouth.


The instant his words left his mouth, a berserk Qi exploded from his entire body. He suddenly swung his tail, and with a leap, he flew out. His right hand brandished an iron fist, burning with a powerful force, as it smashed furiously at the avaricious God, Proust.

He had long disliked the arrogant and despotic humans in front of him. Now he dared to insult their queen. As the leader of the imperial guards, how could Hertz endure this humiliation?

"You actually dare to take the initiative and attack us, your courage is commendable. Today, this god will let you have a good meeting!"

He stuck out his tongue and licked the blood at the corner of his mouth. The wild strength beneath his feet exploded out as his body shot out like a cannonball, his fists clashing with Hertz's.



In the next moment, the two fists clashed against each other, and a terrifying power howled through the air. The God of Greed, Proust, paled, spitting out a mouthful of bright red blood from his mouth as he was sent flying backwards by the powerful force.

The strength of the leader of the Yu Clan's imperial guards, Hertz, was so terrifying that everyone present could not help but be shocked.

"So powerful!"

Even Ye Xuan's pupils couldn't help shrinking.

The God of Greed, Proust, was one of the thirty-six Gods of the West. Although he was not good at physical combat, the fact that Hertz was able to injure him with a single punch showed that his strength was extraordinary.

"Hand over your life!" Murlocs unarmed fist! "

Having sent the God of Greed flying with a single strike, Hertz didn't retreat. Instead, he moved like a shadow, transforming into a streak of light as he chased after the God of Greed. A resplendent light appeared on his fist as he smashed down at the God of Greed Proust.


Just as Hertz's fist was about to land on the God of Greed, Prius, the Fire God of War Nibel and the God of Destruction Murdoch suddenly dashed out, appearing beside the God of Greed, Prius, and swung their fists towards Hertz.

However, Hertz was also a ruthless person. He completely ignored the attacks from the Raging Flames of War God Nibeli and the God of Destruction Murdoch, and continued to swing his fist towards the God of Greed Poust at an even faster speed.


"Puchi …"

In the next instant, Hertz's fist landed on the face of the God of Greed, Past. The fists of the Raging Flames Divine Warlord Nibelle and the God of Destruction Mokuro landed on his body.

Muffled collisions and the sound of fresh blood spewing out of his mouth could be heard. The face of the God of Greed, Proust, instantly contorted as he spat out large amounts of black blood and shattered teeth. His body flew backwards like a cannonball, smashing into the crowd and causing a large number of casualties.

Hertz was also sent flying backwards, spitting blood after being smashed by the fists of the Raging Flames Divine Warlord Nibeli and the God of Destruction Murdoch.

It had to be said that this brief exchange of blows was indeed thrilling.

When the dust cloud in the air dispersed, and the figure of the God of Greed, Penetration, reappeared in front of everyone's eyes, they all couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air. Their gazes towards him were filled with amazement …

His hair was disheveled, and half of his face was badly mangled from Hertz's punch. One of his eyeballs had also exploded, and fresh blood flowed out of it, completely disfiguring him. He looked miserable to the extreme.

It had to be said that Hertz truly was ruthless.

However, Hei Zi, who withstood the punches from the God of Destruction, Mojito, and the Raging Flaming War God Nibel, was similarly not in a good mood. He had broken two of his ribs!

However, compared to the injuries of the God of Greed, Proust, it was much, much better.

This fellow was truly a fierce person.

"Damned animal, you actually dared to disfigure my face. You deserve to die …"

The God of Greed, Proust, stared coldly at Hertz, his eyes filled with murderous intent, his voice filled with rage.

"Boom! Boom!"

As the sound of his voice faded, the astral energy throughout his body surged, carrying a crazed killing intent as he charged straight towards He Zhe.

"Attack! Destroy the Fishmen!"

Seeing this, McLaren's face turned cold. He instantly made a decision and shouted!


As his words fell, he transformed into a gust of wind and charged towards the great elder of the Fishmen Clan, Mo Ku. The Phantom Sword Demon Kaido, the Eight-Armed Evil Demon, and many other experts attacked simultaneously, heading straight for the Fishmen …

"Do it, kill them!"

Seeing that the situation had escalated beyond control and it was impossible for the two parties to sit down and negotiate, the great elder of the Fishmen Tribe, Mo Tou, also shouted out in a stern voice.

The war between the three allied armies and the Fishmen had erupted.