"Who the hell are you?"

Looking at the dragon blade on her neck, Green Frost's expression was cold. There was no fear in his eyes as he coldly asked.

"If I tell you that I'm a friend of Akasha's, would you believe me?"

Ye Xuan pondered for a moment.

"Who would believe you! If you want to kill me, kill me! " Blue Winter angrily replied.

"See, no one believes me when I tell the truth …" "Actually, I'm really a friend of Akasha's. My name is Ye Xuan. Five years ago, I saved her …"

Ye Xuan could only helplessly shrug his shoulders in response. He pondered for a moment before continuing to explain.

If he had the keepsake that Akasha gave him in his previous life, then this trip to Thousand Scorpion Island would be much smoother. He could easily gain the trust of the Fishmen, but he did not have the keepsake, which would cause a lot of trouble.

"Ye Xuan?"

Qingshuang was stunned when she heard Ye Xuan's words. A trace of doubt flashed across her eyes. Indeed, she'd often heard of this name from their Queen, Akasha.

"That's right, my name is Ye Xuan. If you have a good relationship with your Akasha, you should have heard her story before …. Five years ago, at the Sea of Devils, she was attacked by a group of human experts. I was the one who saved her. In return for saving my life, she gave me a jade pendant with the word 'King' carved on it.

Ye Xuan retracted the dragon blade that was on her neck and continued to explain.

Seeing Ye Xuan's actions and hearing his words, Blue Winter fell into a long silence. She had indeed heard of this matter from Queen Aqsa, so she knew a little about it. However, she didn't expect it to be this man.

She then coldly asked, "Since you are a friend of the Queen of Acasha, then why did you mix with those despicable intruders and try to steal from my palace?"

"To be honest, I'm not in cahoots with them, they're even my enemies! I came to Thousand Scorpion Island this time for a request. A friend of mine who is seriously injured needs the most precious treasure of the Fishmen, the Nine Revolutions Holy Spirit Pill, to be able to heal it. However, because I did not have the keepsake from Akasha, you naturally would not believe me and I have no choice but to sneak in … "

Ye Xuan sighed lightly and continued to explain.

If he could obtain Kesha's trust, then things would be much smoother.

"So you actually came here for the Nine Revolutions Holy Spirit Pill!"

A look of realization surfaced on her face. However, she gently shook her head and helplessly said, "However, it's impossible for you to obtain it now."

"Why?" Ye Xuan asked in confusion.

"Because things like the Nine Revolutions Holy Spirit Pill have always been under the personal care of Queen Akasha. Now that Queen Akasha is in seclusion, we don't even know where the Nine Revolutions Holy Spirit Pill is …"

Blue Winter indifferently replied.

"Then when will she be able to come out?" Ye Xuan pondered for a moment before asking.

"Her Lady Queen has already been in closed-door training for a period of time. This time, she is going to break through the bottleneck of the Sovereign King Realm, step into the God Realm, and become a Martial Emperor! I don't know how much longer she'll need, but it should be soon. "

"However, the Evil Emperor Pavilion, the Sword Emperor Pavilion, and the Azure Emperor Pavilion are currently besieging the Imperial Palace. If they were to attack the defensive line of the Imperial Palace, then the Queen would definitely be in danger …"

Now, she gradually believed Ye Xuan's words.

Ye Xuan's expression was grim as he passed a healing medicinal pill to Qing Shuang. "It seems like we can only wait for Akasha to come out of seclusion!"

"Let's go!"

Soon after, Ye Xuan walked out of the Treasure Vault without even looking back.

"What are you doing out there?"

Qingshuang asked in confusion as she watched Ye Xuan leave.

"I really don't want to see you Murlocs wiped out. The only thing I can do now is to help you guys deal with the Nine Heavens Divine Demons, McLaren and the others, and try my best to buy time for Akasha. "You have to follow me, I don't want to be treated like an enemy by your people and be attacked by them …"

Ye Xuan replied without turning his head.

Right now, if he wanted to obtain the Nine Revolutions Holy Spirit Pill, the only thing he could do was to help the Fishmen deal with the three allied armies and buy time for Akasha, who was in seclusion.

Otherwise, once the Nine Heavens Demons, McLaren and the others attacked the Fishmen, Ye Xuan wouldn't be able to obtain the Nine Revolutions Holy Spirit Pill!


After hearing Ye Xuan's words, she was stunned for a moment before nodding her head in agreement. Then, she hurriedly followed him.

The situation in front of them was extremely bad for the Fishmen. With the help of this man, they might be able to gain some time.

In the depths of the palace, there was a huge, ancient altar. In the center of the altar, there was a stone bed, and an exceptionally sexy and beautiful Fishman beauty sat on it with her eyes closed, meditating.

She had long golden hair, a crown on her head, and a beautiful face that could enchant any living being. She wore three crescent-shaped pendants on her white jade neck, and her graceful body was wrapped in a tight red soft armor.

The chest area was especially high and broad, and even the soft armor couldn't cover it, revealing a large area of snow-white skin.

Her perfect figure, coupled with her slender lower body, gave off a unique charm. She was even more beautiful than the legendary mermaids, just like a queen in the legends.

She was the queen of the merfolk, Akasha.

The energy on the altar seemed to be attracted by some kind of force, and a majestic energy turned into a blue stream that continuously flowed into her body, causing her aura to gradually become stronger.

Currently, Akasha was already a peak 9-star Martial King. She only needed to break through the bottleneck before she could step into the Godless Realm and become a supreme Martial Emperor.

From then on, the Fishmen would no longer be bullied by humans. They would no longer have to settle down on this dangerous and desolate Thousand Scorpion Island.

Unfortunately, this step was just too difficult. Even though she, Akasha, had received the blessings of the entire merfolk and the resources of the merfolk, she still found it difficult to take this step.

In addition, she could clearly feel the intense battle that was erupting outside, as well as the crisis that the merfolk were going through. This made her breakthrough seem somewhat distracting.

She did not expect that the human army would choose to invade and attack their Thousand Scorpion Island at this time, to besiege their Fishmen.

"It is useless even if I come out of seclusion at this moment. The only thing I can do now is to break through to the God Realm as soon as possible. Only by doing so can I save the entire Murlocs!"

"My beloved clansmen, you must hold on!"

A voice filled with ruthlessness and decisiveness came out of Akasha's mouth.


As she finished speaking, she withdrew the wisp of soul force that she used to split up, and then reached out with her pure white hand, took out a Nine Revolutions Holy Spirit Pill that was surrounded by nine different colored lights, and put it in her mouth, swallowing it.

As the Nine Revolutions Holy Spirit Pill entered her mouth, a boundless energy exploded within her body like a roaring flood. All of the energy within the altar wildly surged towards her body, causing her aura to soar crazily …

Not only that, her lower body, which was wrapped in golden scales, was transforming bit by bit. The golden scales gradually dissipated, revealing her snow-white skin …

Once Akasha had successfully entered the realm of the Godless, she would be able to take on human form once and for all.

Outside the palace, the intense battle continued. Miserable screams rang out incessantly as people fell and died. Fresh blood dyed the ground red.

The three great allied armies led by the Nine Heavens Demons, McLaren, the Eight-Armed Demon, Magnus, and the Flowing Shadow Sword Demon, Kaido, and the others had already reached the climax of their battle with the entire Murlocs.

More than half of the people on both sides had died!

Even though the eight great leaders of the merfolk had led the eight great battle divisions of the merfolk to come to their rescue, they still found it difficult to stop the storm-like attacks from the magic of the nine heavens, Michael and the others.

Although the eight leaders of the Fishmen Tribe were extremely powerful, and each of them was at the level of a four star Martial King, the three of them were extremely powerful. Even if the eight leaders were to join forces, it would be difficult for them to harm them at all.

After all, the Nine Heavens Godly Demon God, McLaren and the others were all Demon Kings of the Western Asura World. Apart from the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors, they were nearly invincible.


Along with an earth-shaking explosion, the commander of the Yu Clan Imperial Palace's Imperial Guard, Hertz, was struck by the attacks of the Fire God of War Nibel and the God of Disaster, Baruch, and his chest instantly caved in. A large amount of blood sprayed out of his mouth, and like a cannonball, he flew out of the air and smashed onto the ground in the distance.

"Tsk tsk, Hertz, go to hell!"

With a wave of his palm, a violent aura surged out, transforming into a blood-red spear. It transformed into a streak of light as it charged towards the center of the dust at lightning speed, bloodthirsty words coming out of its mouth.

"Ahh …"

In the next moment, a mournful scream and the sound of a spear tearing through his clothes sounded out, causing everyone to simultaneously look towards the source of the sound …

It was the long fur in the hands of the God of Scourge, Baruch, that had pierced through Hez's body, causing him to let out a cry of pain.

"Lord Hertz!"

"Captain Hertz!"

Seeing this scene, the Fishman's expression changed greatly. He let out an anxious cry.

"No …" Don't worry about me. Continue to fight! "

With a pale face, Hertz endured the pain and spoke in a hoarse voice.

"Continue the battle? How are you going to fight now? "

A mocking expression appeared on Baruch's face when he heard this. With a thought, a Supreme Qi gushed out from his left hand and a long spear appeared in his hand. He then fiercely thrust it towards He Zhe's body. "You'd better obediently die!"


Seeing this, He Zhe's expression was ice-cold and his expression was crazed. He let out a furious roar and ignored the attack of the God of Misfortune, Baruch. Using all his strength, he smashed his fist towards Baruch's face.

Fishman Empty Fist!


In the next instant, Hez's body was pierced through by the spear of the God of Disaster, Baruch. The God of Disaster was struck by the fist of Hez.

Bright red blood wildly spurted out. The God of Calamity, Baruch, flew backwards like a cannonball.

"Plop …"

The life force in He Zhe's body drained away at an extremely fast speed, and he heavily fell backwards.


Several members of the Evil Emperor Pavilion took the opportunity to appear behind He Zhe and brandished their long blades to hack at his body …



This scene caused the eight great leaders of the merfolk, led by the leader, to have their expressions change drastically. They decisively gave up on their attacks on the Nine Heavens Demons, McLaren. They passed through their attacks and charged at Hertz at extreme speed.

"It's time to take care of them all together!"

Looking at Mobus and the others who were charging at Hertz with their lives on the line, the Nine Heavens Demoness McLaren, the Flowing Shadow Sword, and the Eight Armed Evil Demon, Magnus, all had a cruel look on their faces as they spoke in unison.

Without a doubt, this was the best time to take care of the eight leaders of the Fishmen race at the same time.


A pair of illusory wings appeared on his back, and he suddenly flew into the sky. The wild and violent energy in his body surged toward his hands, forming an incomparably large energy ball, causing him to appear as if he was standing against a scorching sun. The figure of a demon god appeared behind him, giving off an aura of unparalleled majesty.

After which, the Nine Heavens Demons, McLaren, viciously threw the huge energy ball in his hands towards the group.

Fiendgod Inscription!

At the moment when the Nine Heavens Demons, McLaren, attacked, the Eight Armed Demonic Magna and the Flowing Shadow Sword Demon, Kaido, also attacked at the same time.

The Eight Armed Demon, Magna, surged with energy. Six illusory arms formed from Supreme Qi appeared, causing him to appear as if he had eight arms, eight sharp blades appearing right after.

Next, he channeled his energy into the sharp longblade, causing it to burst forth with a resplendent brilliance. Following that, he slashed down towards Mobas and the others!

Profound Truths of the Eight Sabers: Demonic Eight Thousand Slashes!


As the Eight-Armed Darkhell Fiend, Magnus, swung his saber, eight enormous blade-lights that were hundreds of feet tall enveloped the eight leaders of the Fishmen Tribe.

At this moment, his left eye strangely turned blood-red, and flashed with a dazzling brilliance. A sharp longsword appeared in his hand, and with both of his hands raised high, countless sword images spread out from his body, surrounding the longsword in his hand, causing his entire body to appear like a sea of swords, making it so that no one dared to go close to look directly at him.

In the next moment, he abruptly chopped down the sword in his hand!

Thirteen Techniques of the Sword Canon: Three Thousand Flowing Shadow Sword!


With the slashing of the Flowing Mirage Sword Demon Kaido, monstrous sword Qis rained down on the group like a rain of arrows, engulfing all of them.

If he wanted to save Hertz, he had to pay the price with his life!


The next moment, a huge explosion resounded through the sky.

"Thank you, Little Ming!" "Thank you, Little Ming!"