"Lord Mobas!"

The Nine Heavens Demons, McLaren, Flowing Shadow Sword Demon, and Kaido's sudden release of such huge attacks caused the expressions of the people from the Fishmen Tribe to change drastically. Seeing the terrifying attacks heading towards the eight leaders of the Fishmen Tribe, they let out cries of despair.


In the next moment, a deafening explosion drowned out their voices as a gigantic mushroom cloud bloomed in the sky.

The terrifying energy spread out in all directions like raging waves. It was like a wild horse that had broken free of its reins, galloping at will. It was like a wild beast that was freely devouring everything in its surroundings...

A large number of Fishmen experts and the three allied armies' experts were sent flying by the terrifying explosive energy.

Those with low strength died on the spot.

Even the strongest among them was severely injured from such a terrifying explosion.

Explosions did not distinguish between friend or foe, and neither did energy.

In the blink of an eye, hundreds of experts from the three allied armies and the Fishmen had died.

A terrifying force swept through the area, a monstrous energy swept across the area, and dust filled the air.

At this moment, everyone could not help but stop their movements and frantically escaped towards the outside of the explosion, afraid that they would be swallowed by the energy from the explosion and hurt by the force from the explosion.

What a joke, this was a terrifying attack from three Infernal King level figures.

Only after quite a while did the rushing force gradually disappear. The dust that filled the sky also gradually disappeared, revealing the center of the explosion …



Under the shocked gazes of the crowd, a huge pit with a radius of five hundred meters appeared in their line of sight, causing them to involuntarily inhale a breath of cool air.

"Look at the center of the explosion, there seems to be someone there …"

It was unknown who shouted, but everyone couldn't help but raise their heads and cast their gazes at the center of the explosion.

Under their shocked gazes, the ground at the center of the huge crater was not destroyed. It was like a pillar that shot up into the sky as eight figures covered in blood stood there with great difficulty while forming a circle around Hertz …

They were the eight great leaders of the merfolk, led by Mobus.

The jade pendant gave off a weak light, enveloping their bodies and allowing them to avoid the powerful attacks of the Nine Heavens Divine Demon, McLaren and the others. Even so, the eight of them were still severely injured, and no longer had the strength to continue fighting …

"Lord Mobas!"

"Master Mo Yun!"

Looking at Mobus and the others, who were struggling to stay standing, the merfolk looked excited as they let out excited cries.

"He didn't die?"

Seeing this, the Sky Demon God, McLaren and the others frowned slightly as discontented words came out of their mouths.

"It was the ancestor teeth worn by the eight great leaders of the Fishmen that protected their lives, blocking our attacks! However, even if they did not die, they would still be severely injured and would no longer have the strength to fight back! "

Upon hearing the words of the Nine Heavens Demoness McLaren, the eight-armed Demonic Lord turned his gaze towards the crescent jade pendant in the hands of Mobius and the others. His eyes flickered with a wise light as he explained with a smile.

"Puchi …"

Indeed, just as the Eight-Armed Warlock's words ended, Mobus and the rest, who had been standing still, spat out large amounts of black blood from their mouths, and fell heavily onto the ground.

"Lord Mobas!"

This sudden turn of events caused the expressions of the people from the Fish Tribe to greatly change. The excitement and joy on their faces disappeared, and what replaced it was fear and panic. They began to anxiously cry out.

If the eight leaders lost their combat ability, then their Fishmen would undoubtedly be finished.


Immediately, the great elder of the Fishmen, Mo Tou, brought a few experts with him and charged towards Mo Ba Si and the others, hoping to rescue them.

"Old thing, the eight great leaders of the merfolk are finished. Now it's your turn!"

Seeing this, a cruel smile appeared on the face of the Eight-Armed Darkhell Fiend, Magnus. He stomped his feet and rushed forward as fast as lightning. He swung his fist towards the Fish Tribe's Great Elder, Mo Tou.

"I'll stop him. All of you, bring Mubai and the rest back!"

Mo Duo's expression turned cold. He gritted his teeth, turned around, and charged at the Eight-Armed Darkhell Fiend, throwing a punch towards him.


In the next moment, Mo Tou's fist collided with the Eight-Armed Darkhell Fiend's fist, causing an earth-shaking explosion.

"Boom! Boom!"

The terrifying energy spread out in all directions like raging waves with the two of them as the center.

"Old thing, do you only have this much power? If you only have this little strength, then go to hell! "

A cruel smile appeared on the face of the Eight-Armed Darkhell Fiend, Magnus, as he grinned. His arm shook violently like a brush as a surge of energy erupted from his body, violently rushing towards Mo Chen's body.

"Puchi …"

With a powerful force entering his body, Mo Duo's face paled, and he spat out a mouthful of black blood before being forced back!


However, the Eight-Armed Darkhell Fiend, Magnus, did not plan on letting him go so easily. Instead, it appeared in front of him like a maggot following his body. It swung its iron fist and heavily smashed it into Mo Chen's chest.

Powerful power burst out from all directions. Large amounts of black blood spurted out of Mo Tou's mouth, then he smashed into the side of the Fishmen's camp like a cannonball.

"Grand Elder …"

"How are you? Great Elder! "

Mo Tou retreated dozens of steps before he regained his balance with the support of the powerful Fishmen. The surrounding Fishmen experts all spoke out in concern.

"Cough cough …" "He won't die yet. Has Mubai been rescued?"

Mo Tou covered his chest and coughed violently. He used his hand to wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth. Weak words came out of his mouth.

"First Elder, don't worry. Lord Mo Bas and the rest have already been rescued. It's just that although they are not in danger of losing their lives, they have been severely injured and have completely lost their ability to fight!" Due to Lord Hertz's heavy injuries, he had fallen into a coma, and was currently in the midst of rescuing …. "

An expert of the Fish Tribe spoke in a deep voice after hearing Mo Ku's words.

Mo Te nodded slightly. He raised his head and looked at the Nine Heavens Demons, McLaren, the Eight-Armed Evil Demon, and the others. His eyes were filled with undisguised seriousness …

Currently, the eight great leaders of the merfolk were heavily injured. Their queen was currently in seclusion, and no one could stop them here.

"Mo Duo, a wise man submits to circumstances! Now that all eight of your great leaders of the Fish Clan have been crippled, none of you will be able to stop us anymore. If you don't kill all of them, I think you should just surrender obediently! "

Obediently send out your queen, hand over the Nine Revolutions Holy Spirit Pellet, kneel down and submit to us, the three allied armies. From then on, you will serve the Evil Emperor, the Azure Emperor, and the Sword Emperor.

The Nine Heavens Demons, McLaren, looked down from above at the weak Murlocs. His eyes flickered with a cold ray of light, and his cold words came out of his mouth.

Mo Ji, we will only give you three seconds to consider. This is your last chance.

At this moment, the Eight-Armed Demon, Magnus, also said in a cold voice, "Little ones, turn on the countdown for me."

As soon as the words of the Eight-Armed Darkhell Fiend came out, the people of the three allied armies all began to count in unison.




The expressions of Mo Dui and the many other fish people were extremely ugly when they heard this series of countless number of sounds.

When the last sound was heard, the Nine Heavens Demons, McLaren asked coldly, "Mo Dui, have you thought about the answer?"

"I... We, the Fishmen, are willing to surrender! "

Facing the questioning from the Nine Heavens Demons, looking at the powerful three allied armies and the heavily injured clansmen, Mo Duo's face became extremely pale. With a miserable smile, he bowed deeply to the Nine Heavens Demons, and words of weakness came out from his mouth.

The only way for them to survive was to submit.

"This …"

The many Fishmen watched the actions of the First Elder and heard his pale and helpless words. All of their faces were dejected, clearly at a loss of what to do …

"Haha …" "Looks like Chief Mo understands his place. Since that's the case …"

Upon seeing this, the Nine Heavens Demons, McLaren, the Eight-Armed Evil Demon, and the Flowing Shadow Sword Demon, Kaido, could not help but laugh out loud.

"When did the Murlocs become so bloodless that they didn't even have the courage to fight to the very end?"

However, before they could finish their words, they were interrupted by the cold and indifferent voice.


"Who is it? Get the hell out here!"

This sudden indifferent voice caused the eyes of the group of the Nine Heavens Demons, McLaren, Mo Duo, and the others to involuntarily turn cold.

"Rustle, rustle, rustle …"

Soon after, under their ugly gazes, two figures slowly walked out of the palace.

They were none other than Ye Xuan and Qing Shuang.

In order to recover the strength they had lost in battle, they had to spend more time in the palace.

"Is it that human brat?"

"Chief Steward Qing Lin?"

A trace of doubt flashed across the faces of Ye Xuan, Qing Shuang, Mo Tong, and Mo Ba as they watched Ye Xuan and the others walk out.

"Men, capture that human brat for me!"

Mo Chen immediately shouted.

"Don't... "Grand Elder, he was the one who saved me back then, which was why I was able to meet with the leader …"

As soon as Mo Duo finished speaking, merfolk guards immediately charged towards Ye Xuan. However, they were stopped by Qing Ling, who'd walked out from the crowd.

Mo Duo frowned, his gaze landing on Qing Shuang, and asked curiously, "Qing Shuang, just what is going on? Why are you walking together with this human brat? Didn't I tell you to take him down? "

"Great Clan Elder, he is a friend of the Queen! This time, we are here to help the Fishmen overcome their difficulties. "

Blue Winter explained.

"Help us Fishmen overcome this crisis? Just a mere six star Martial King? "

Mo Duo's expression was cold as he coldly asked.

"Grand Elder, please believe me!"

"I'll be troubling you then, Young Noble Ye Xuan …" Blue Winter spoke in a low voice. Then, he turned around and said to Ye Xuan, "I'll be troubling you …"

Ye Xuan nodded lightly. He strode to the side of the heavily injured Mo Bas and the others, took out the Crossing Disaster Gold Needle, and executed the heaven defying thirteen needles to swiftly treat them …

"Don't let anyone disturb him!"

Mo Kou was about to be stopped by Qing Shuang. She'd personally experienced Ye Xuan's miraculous medical skills.

Not only did the injuries from her battle with Ye Xuan heal, her strength had even increased.

"Mo Duo, hurry up and kneel down and surrender!"

Seeing this, the eyes of the Nine Heavens Demonic God, McLaren, the Eight Armed Demonic Demon, and the others flashed with a cold glint as they cried out in a stern voice.

Mo Duo was just about to speak when Blue Winter spoke up first. "It's not impossible for us Fishmen to surrender. However, we have one condition!"

"What condition?"

The eyes of the Nine Heavens Demons, Macellan, flashed with a devouring light as he coldly stared at the cyan frost.

Qingshuang took a deep breath and spoke in a loud voice.

"This Xuan Ye is the fiance of our queen. Her majesty has decreed that as long as any of you can defeat him, our Fishmen will be willing to surrender!"

The moment he said this, the entire audience went into an uproar.

Everyone dumbfoundedly looked at Ye Xuan, who was currently healing the injuries of Mubai and the others. Their eyes were filled with undisguised shock.

This man was actually the fiance of the queen of the merfolk?

Damn, why didn't they know?

What was going on?

Even the person in question, Ye Xuan, was stupefied.

This Qingshuang really knew how to speak.

Although there were some matters that had already been arranged by them in the palace, wasn't it a bit too much for her to push him out like this?

Since when did he become the fiance of the queen of the merfolk?

He was pulling aggro on him!