"He is the fiancé of the Queen of Acasha? Why haven't I heard of it? "

"Since when did Queen Akasha have a fiance? Furthermore, it's a human male. Is this for real? "

"Manager Qin Shuang, what's going on?"

"Manager Shuang, you …" What exactly is going on? "

Hearing her words, everyone's gazes simultaneously fell onto Ye Xuan as they spoke out in astonishment.

Obviously, they had never heard of such a thing.

Even the Yu Clan's Great Elder, Mo Duo, looked at the two of them with a puzzled expression, hoping that they would give a reasonable explanation.

"He's the fiance of your Fishmen?" A small six star Martial King? "Haha, you, the queen of the merfolk, truly have good eyes. You chose a pretty boy with no good points!"

"We are truly anxious for the appreciation of the queen of the merfolk!"

"If you want us to defeat a six star Martial King kid, then surrender. I have to say that you, the Queen, are truly enlightened to deliberately let this kid lose!"

As for the Nine Heavens Demons, Karen, the Eight-Armed Evil Demon, Magnus, and the Flowing Shadow Sword Demon, Kaido, and the others, all looked at Ye Xuan at the same time. Their eyes were filled with disdain as they spoke in a mocking tone.

In their opinion, defeating a six star Martial King kid was nothing more than an easy task.

Looking at the ridiculously laughing group of the Nine Heavens Demons, McLaren and the others, a cold light flashed in Qing Shuang's eyes. She took a step forward, and a cold voice came out: "What are you laughing at? What? Could it be that you do not dare? "

"You don't dare? Why wouldn't I dare? It's only a trash that's a six star Martial King. As long as we send any one of them to defeat him, your entire Murlocs will surrender completely and submit unconditionally, right? "

After hearing her words, the Ninth Heaven's witch, McLaren, coldly smiled and pointed a finger at Ye Xuan. His gaze was filled with undisguised ridicule.

"That's right. As long as any of you can defeat him, we, the Fishmen, will unconditionally submit! However, each time we fight, you will only be able to send one person, and no one else is allowed to interfere. Otherwise, even if we, the Fishmen, fight to the last man, we will still not let this matter rest. "

Azure Frost said with a resolute expression.

"Good, as you wish … "I will let you all see how your Queen's so-called fiancé is trampled under our feet in front of everyone, haha …"

The Nine Heavens Demons, McLaren, laughed as he spoke. He didn't have the slightest intention of putting Ye Xuan in his eyes.

Then, he turned around and looked at the experts behind him. He asked casually, "Which one of you is willing to kill the so-called fiancé of the Fishmen for me?"

"I'll go!"

Just as he finished speaking, a handsome young man dressed in silver armor flew out from the crowd and landed steadily in the empty space in front of them.

He was also a subordinate that he trusted most. Although he was not one of the thirty-six gods of the Western Asura World, his strength was not the slightest bit weaker than theirs, and he had contributed a lot to the battle!

"Very well, Merrick, I'll leave the boy to you!"

The Nine Heavens Demons, McLaren, was undoubtedly very pleased with the person who had stepped forward.

Merek was a martial emperor that had just entered the Martial King realm. To him, dealing with a mere six star Martial King kid was a piece of cake. However, once he succeeded, it would be a great achievement for him.

The fact that Merek could stand up and fight at this moment was extremely to Merek's taste.

He steadily landed in the center of the plaza, raised his silver battle spear, and pointed it at Ye Xuan, who'd finished healing the two of them. His eyes flickered with a sharp light as he spoke in a cold voice, "Kid, don't f * ck around. Hurry up and die!"

"Come here to die? With just you? "

Ye Xuan's eyes narrowed as he coldly walked toward Myka.

"That's right. With just me, do you have any objections?"

Merrick sneered.

"No objections!"

Ye Xuan lightly replied.

"Tsk …"

When his answer entered the ears of the surrounding people, their gazes were filled with disdain towards Ye Xuan. Some of them wanted to ridicule him, but Ye Xuan's voice continued, "I'm not Shabi. How could I have an opinion towards a dead person?"

"You … "You're courting death!"

After hearing Ye Xuan's words, Myka's face turned ice-cold and her killing intent surged within her eyes. As a Martial Monarch, her aura exploded out without restraint as she grabbed onto her spear and charged towards Ye Xuan with a cold killing intent.

"Chi! Chi!"

Seeing this, Ye Xuan's expression turned cold and his entire body surged with demonic qi. With a single step forward, the wind and clouds beneath his feet didn't even have the slightest chance to dodge as they directly rushed toward Merek.

The two of them dashed out extremely quickly, like two rays of light intersecting each other. As the sounds of their fingernails rubbing against the coffin sounded out, Ye Xuan and Myka suddenly froze.

"Has the outcome of the battle been decided?"

Looking at Ye Xuan and Myrek who'd suddenly stopped, everyone present was stunned and muttered some words from their mouths.

"Puchi …"

However, just as they finished their words, the originally motionless Merrick's body suddenly shook. The silver spear in his hand broke into two parts, and a bottomless gash appeared on the armor on his chest. He spurted out a large amount of blood and collapsed to the ground, dead …


Everyone present was shocked and shocked when they saw Myka's body fall to the ground. They dumbfoundedly looked at Ye Xuan, who stood upright with a dragon blade in his hand, and couldn't hide the astonishment in their eyes.

This … So strong?

One must know that Merrick was a martial king that had just entered the realm of a Martial King. Yet, he had been instantly killed by that boy?

How could this be?

Whether it was the Raging Flames Warlord Nibeli, the God of Calamity Baruch, or the Sin God Pan Kuang, the Snow Goddess Elys, or the God of Destruction Moor, the God of Greed, all of them were shocked and stupefied as they stared dumbfoundedly at the dead Merrick. They never would have thought that this would be the ending.

The eyes of the Nine Heavens Demons, McLaren, the Eight-armed Demonic Magna, and the Flowing Shadow Sword Demon, Kaido, all shrunk. They also did not expect that Merek would be defeated so easily with just one move!


"Incredible!" "Awesome!"

"He's really too strong!"

"As expected of Queen Akasha's fiancé, he actually managed to instantly kill that Merrick. That's a Martial King!"

After a brief period of shock and astonishment, excited screams came from the Murlocs.

Although they didn't know why Qing Shuang said that brat was Queen Aka Sha's fiancé, the strength he displayed caused them to be slightly impressed. Slowly, they began to hope for Ye Xuan …

"So strong?" A six star Martial King can instantly kill a Martial Monarch? "

Even the Great Elder Mo Chen and the eight great leaders Mo Ba were shocked by Ye Xuan's previous move.

Earlier, when Ye Xuan treated them, he let them know how powerful his medical skills are. Now that Ye Xuan's performance has allowed them to see his peerless martial skills, they truly admire him.


After easily killing Myka, Ye Xuan's expression didn't change in the slightest. He slowly raised the dragon blade in his hand and pointed it at Myka and the others, emotionlessly speaking.

As long as these fellows did not group up and attack, he had sufficient confidence and confidence to keep most of their experts here, so as to stall for time for Akasha's seclusion.

"Damn it!"

Hearing Ye Xuan's cold words and looking at his indifferent appearance, an ominous glint flashed through the eyes of the Nine Heavens Demons, McLaren. Killing intent surged from his entire body as he cursed angrily.

The guy in front of him was too arrogant!

The many tyrants behind him all looked at each other. They didn't seem to have the intention of standing up and welcoming the incoming battle.

After all, the strength and methods that Ye Xuan had just displayed were truly terrifying.

Those who were slightly weaker wouldn't dare to go up and fight, while those who possessed the Divine Seal of the Thirty-six wouldn't be willing to fight, like the Raging Inferno War God, Nibeli, the God of Calamity Baruch, and the Snow Goddess Alice.

After all, they had high statuses. If they were to put down their statuses and attack a six star Martial King kid, even if they won, there would be no benefits. They might even be bullied.

If he lost, it would make people laugh.

Therefore, no one stood up to fight.


A trace of displeasure flashed across Ye Xuan's eyes when he saw this. He looked at the Nine Heavens Demoness, McLaren, and said in a cold, mocking voice, "What? So soon? Or could it be that they need the Demon King level characters of the Asura World to deal with me? "

Hearing Ye Xuan's words and looking at the performance of his subordinates behind him, the Nine Heavens Demoness McLaren's eyes were filled with killing intent and burning fury. It could be said that she was extremely furious.

An ominous glint flashed in his eyes as he spoke in a furious voice, "Everyone, listen up. If any of you can take this kid's head, then you can replace Myka!"




Just as the Nine Heavens Godly Demon McLaren finished his sentence, a voice filled with excitement came from the crowd.

Dozens of experts with extraordinary strength stood up at this moment.

It was said that there would be brave men after being highly rewarded. It seemed that those words were indeed true.

"Let's do it one by one!"

The Nine Heavens Demons, McLaren, said with an ice-cold expression.

As the sound of his voice faded, an expert took the lead to charge towards Ye Xuan. However, he was still defeated by a single strike from Ye Xuan.

Even the other experts that had followed suit weren't able to escape Ye Xuan's fate.

Blood dyed the ground red. After losing dozens of experts, no one dared to rashly move forward.

Looking at Ye Xuan, who stood upright with a dragon blade as if he were a god of death, everyone was dumbstruck.

It was likely that only thirty-six Deities would be able to afford it.

Ye Xuan ignored the dark expression of the Nine Heavens Demons, McLaren. He raised the dragon blade in his hand and pointed it at Baruch, the God of Calamity, and the Raging Inferno War God, Nibel, and the others behind him.

"McLaren, don't send those trash over. Let the gods behind you fight them. I haven't killed any gods for a long time!"