"God Slayer, this guy still wants to slaughter gods?"

When the surrounding people heard Ye Xuan's arrogant and domineering words, they couldn't help but be shocked. Their gazes at Ye Xuan were filled with undisguised shock and astonishment.

"God Slaughtering" was a word that few people in the Western Asura World dared to utter, because the word 'God Slaughtering' referred to the thirty-six Divine Gods of the Western Asura World.

The god slaying wanted to exterminate them. This was undoubtedly a declaration of war against them.

In the past, because of this person's valiant strength, he seemed exceptionally arrogant. That fellow threatened to slay the gods, and in the end, he was attacked by the thirty-six gods. Even his family was exterminated.

It could be said that the word 'God Slaughtering' was forbidden in the Western Asura World!

But now, Ye Xuan actually threatened to slaughter the gods in front of so many people. How could this not shock and shock the people?

This guy was openly provoking the deities at the scene. He was simply too arrogant!

Wasn't this fellow afraid of the Flame War God, Nibel, the God of Misfortune Baruch and the others killing him?

At this moment, everyone simultaneously turned their heads to look at Baruch, the Flame God, Nibeli, the Snow Goddess, and the Sin God Pan Kuang. Indeed, when they heard Ye Xuan's words, their expressions became extremely cold and unsightly.

Surging killing intent spread out from their bodies.

"This brat said he wants to massacre the gods? What do you think? "

The Raging Inferno War God, Nibel, coldly stared at Ye Xuan as he coldly spoke.

"Kill him, of course!"

Baruch, the God of Calamity, and Pan Fukai all replied with cold looks on their faces.

"Then who did it?"

The Snow Goddess Alice sneered and said indifferently.

"Damn, I want him to know how powerful he is …"

The God of Greed, Proust, replied with a cold look on his face.

The instant his words left his mouth, his feet abruptly exerted force. Violent energy surged in all directions as his body leaped out. He descended from the sky and firmly landed in front of Ye Xuan, kicking up dust that filled the sky.

He cruelly stared at Ye Xuan as bloodthirsty words came out from his mouth, "Brat, do you think that you have the qualifications to challenge us just because you've defeated a bunch of trash? I'll tell you, anyone who wants to slaughter the gods is dead! "

"But I will live!"

Ye Xuan coldly replied as he expressionlessly stared at the God of Greed, Proust.

"No …" "He won't die, and he will die in an ugly way!"

The God of Greed, Post, licked the corner of his lips with his bright red tongue, his face filled with a cruel and playful smile.


The moment the words left his mouth, he moved!

His figure was like lightning as he charged towards Ye Xuan. In an instant, he appeared in front of Ye Xuan. His claw, which was surrounded by grey astral energy, fiercely grabbed towards Ye Xuan's throat, bringing along a string of afterimages.

Behind them, a greedy ghost appeared.

Greedy Ghost Hand!

This fellow was crafty and ruthless without any mercy.

A sinister, cold voice rang out from the mouth of the God of Greed, Proust. "Die!"

"Die?" You think you can kill me with your insignificant skill? "

Hearing the words of the God of Greed, Proust, and seeing his greedy ghost hands, a trace of disdain appeared on Ye Xuan's face. He quietly opened his fire, ice, Yin eye, and cold words came out of his mouth.

The Eye technique, Fire and Ice Illusion, was unleashed!

As Ye Xuan unleashed his Ice-Fire Illusion, the eyes of the God of Greed Proust, who was originally charging towards him, suddenly contracted. His figure quietly stopped and his eyes instantly lost their original color. They became lifeless, completely at a loss.

However, the God of Greed, Proust, was a top expert after all. He quickly recovered from Ye Xuan's illusion and it only trapped him for an instant.

However, he'd given Ye Xuan the perfect opportunity to make his move in an instant!

In that instant, the God of Greed Prester strangely dodged his attack and appeared next to him. Waving the draconic blade in his hand, he chopped towards the God of Greed's head.


An intense sense of danger permeated the air around the God of Greed, causing his face to go cold. He snorted coldly and tried to retreat backwards to dodge, but Ye Xuan suddenly changed his move.

He quickly pressed the release button on the dragon blade, and a resplendent black light suddenly blossomed. Endless black and white chains burst out from the dragon blade, stripping the God of Greed of his vision and devouring his body.

Initial Release of the Dragon Blade - Heavenly Lock!

By the time the God of Greed, Pu Te, regained his senses, his entire body had been bound by the powerful Black White Heavenly Lock. His expression was extremely ugly, and he was unable to move at all.

Up till now, no one had been able to avoid Ye Xuan's sudden release of the dragon blade, the Black White Heavenly Lock!

Even the God of Greed, Proust, had fallen into the trap of the Dao!

He violently struggled, wanting to break free from the shackles of the Heavenly Black-White Lock. But, it was useless, he couldn't move the astral energy within his body. It was as if his cultivation had been crippled and he had become an ordinary person.

This was the true terror of the Black White Heavenly Lock. It was able to suppress the Supreme Force and cultivation within a martial artist's body. Once struck, that was the same as waiting for death.

"Stop struggling. It's useless. Up until now, no one has been able to break the bindings of the Black White Heavenly Lock!"

Just as the God of Greed, Proust, was violently struggling to break free from the shackles of the Black White Heavenly Lock, his ice-cold voice suddenly rang out at this moment.

As this voice rang out, the God of Greed, Proust, only felt his heart turn cold, and a thick sense of danger filled his heart, causing all the hair on his body to involuntarily stand on end.

He raised his head with much difficulty to look forward, but didn't notice that Ye Xuan had already strangely appeared in front of him. In his hand was a bloodthirsty demon sword that looked down on him like a god of death.

He felt like a lamb about to be slaughtered.

Death was smiling and waving at him.

"You … What do you want? "

It was difficult for him to maintain his arrogance. He stared at Ye Xuan in terror, and words of terror escaped his mouth.

"What else can I do? Of course it's to kill you! "

Ye Xuan put the magic sword on his neck as he coldly and emotionlessly spoke.

The ice-cold feeling from his neck made the avaricious God, Proust, tremble violently, while his hoarse voice came out from his mouth, "No …. Don't kill me! "

"I'm sorry, but I can't do that. There is enmity between us, and today, you must die!"

However, the reply he got was Ye Xuan's cold and merciless reply.

"We have enmity? What enmity can we have? I... I don't know you. Brother, you must have recognized the wrong person, don't kill me, I beg you, don't kill me, do whatever you want me to do, I don't want to die … "

Feeling Ye Xuan's gaze and hearing his icy words and seeing his emotionless eyes, the God of Greed Proust opened his mouth and pleaded in terror.

"Wrong person? "Don't worry, I won't recognize the wrong person. Actually, we already knew each other six years ago …"

A hint of a cold smile appeared on Ye Xuan's face as he spoke in a cold voice.

"Six years ago? "Impossible, I can be sure that I have absolutely never seen you before, much less offended you. Bro, you really got the wrong person, really …"

The God of Greed, Proust, was on the verge of tears.

"For the sake of your impending death, let me tell you a secret." Ye Xuan said expressionlessly.

"What secret?" The God of Greed, Proust, asked subconsciously.

"Actually, I am the Demon Lord. I am not dead!"

Ye Xuan put his mouth close to the ear of the God of Greed, and slowly said.

"What, you are a demon …"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, the expression on the Greedy God Proust's face greatly changed. His pupils shrank to pinpoint size, his eyes widened, and his mouth gaped open. His face was filled with shock as he looked at Ye Xuan as if he'd seen a ghost …

"Swish …"

He was just about to speak, but before he could finish his words, the sharp demon sword easily cut through his throat. Blood spurted out madly, and the sound of the gears in the dragon blade turning echoed as the Darkheaven Chains, which were wrapped around the God of Greed, quickly returned to the inside of the dragon blade …

The black light barrier that surrounded Ye Xuan and the others gradually dispersed, and Ye Xuan's figure once again appeared in everyone's line of sight.

In his left hand, he held a bloody demon sword, while in his right hand, he held a dazzling dragon blade that stood upright. In his left hand, he held a bloody demon sword, while in his right hand, he held a dazzling dragon blade that stood upright.

Looking at Ye Xuan standing upright without a single injury, and at the God of Greed Penetration that died with everlasting regret in front of him, the expressions of everyone present greatly changed. They stared blankly at Ye Xuan and were shocked speechless for a long time.

The scene was deathly silent, and only the sounds of gulping and swallowing could be heard.

Then … The supreme God of Greed, Pendergast, had actually … To think that... He actually died, killed by that guy?

The huge difference between Ye Xuan standing upright in front of everyone's eyes and his dead body in a pool of blood caused everyone present to be inexplicably shocked, unable to recover from their shock for a long time.

Some even suspected that they were hallucinating. They quickly rubbed their eyes and found that the scene before them had not changed at all. It shocked them beyond belief!

The next moment, an unbelievable sound came from the mouths of everyone present.

"F * ck, that brat actually killed the God of Greed Lord Pust?"

"Is the scene before my eyes real?" Am I hallucinating?

"What happened in that black light barrier just now? The God of Greed, Proust, is actually dead?"

"Such a terrifying fellow, he actually killed the God of Greed in front of everyone's eyes!"

"Just now, he said that he was going to slaughter the gods, but now, he actually massacred a god!"

The Raging Inferno War God, Niebel, the God of Sin, the God of Destruction, Murloch, Baruch, and the Ice and Snow Goddess Alice, the five of them had a drastic change in their expressions. They stared blankly at the Greedy God of Death, Proust, lying in a pool of his own blood for a long time.

"Dammit, how could this be? "What did that kid do to kill Pust?"

Angry voices came out of the mouth of the God of Sin Pan Fukai.

He had a very close personal relationship with the God of Greed, Proust. Now that the God of Greed was dead, he found it hard to accept it.

"F * ck!"

The Flowing Shadow Sword Demon, Kaido, slammed his fist against the throne, his words filled with rage.

It must be understood that the God of Greed, Post, had been his most important confidant for more than ten years!

Not to mention the people from the three allied armies, even the Fishmen were deeply shocked by this scene as they stared blankly at Ye Xuan.

If it was said that Ye Xuan killing Myrek had given them a trace of good will towards Ye Xuan, then now that Ye Xuan had killed the God of Greed, Past, they couldn't help but be filled with admiration.

If it was just the God of Greed, Proust had killed too many of their fellow Fishmen, severely injuring many of their experts.

"He's actually this strong?"

Qing Ling and Qing Shuang dumbfoundedly looked at Ye Xuan, who was standing upright, and their hearts trembled.

This was especially true for Qingshuang, she'd fought against Ye Xuan in the palace before. Now, it seemed that Ye Xuan had held back at the time.

"Blue Winter, he …" Is he really the man Her Lady Queen has her eyes on, her fiancé? "

The great elder of the Fishman Tribe, Mo Tou, could not help but ask when his gaze landed on Qingshuang.

Mobius and the other leaders of the eight merfolk all looked at Azurefrost, awaiting his response.

The strength that Ye Xuan had just displayed was simply too great. Even with their strength, it was impossible for them to be able to kill God of Greed Penetration so effortlessly without being injured like Ye Xuan.

At this moment, Ye Xuan's image in the hearts of the Fishmen had undoubtedly risen greatly.

Now isn't the time to talk about this. Watch carefully. If he kills the God of Greed, Priestess, he might completely enrage the Phantom Shadow Sword Demoness Kaido and the others.

Azure Frost did not answer their questions. Instead, his gaze landed on the flustered and exasperated Flowing Shadow Sword Demon, Kaido and the others, and he spoke with a solemn expression.

Ye Xuan's death of the God of Greed, Penetrating God, had caused enormous losses to the Sword Emperor Pavilion of the Flowing Shadow Sword Demon, Kaido. Right now, the Flowing Shadow Sword Demon, Kaido, was most likely going to fall out with him.

Ye Xuan completely ignored the ugly expression of the Phantom Shadow Sword Magic, Kaido, and the others, and instead coldly spoke.


This guy was addicted to killing!

After all, the people in front of him were all his enemies from his previous life, and had participated in the siege of the Divine Demon Palace and him.

Now that this was a rare opportunity, Ye Xuan naturally wanted to kill them one by one.