Inside the Demon World, the scary demon qi was roaring everywhere. Members of the three allied armies were constantly being devoured by the demon qi and died.

A cold light flickered in his eyes as he coldly said, "Although I don't know why you would want to fight against the Demon Lord and the Great Devil Realm, do you think you can do anything to me now?"

"Kid, what I said before is still true. If you obediently submit and join my Sword Emperor Pavilion …"

"Stupid tongue!"

However, before the Flowing Shadow Sword Demon, Kaido, could finish speaking, he was interrupted by Ye Xuan's cold voice.

As Ye Xuan's cold voice sounded out, he fiercely waved the dragon blade in his hand. An enormous aura of killing intent rushed towards the Flowing Shadow Sword Demon Kaido, causing the Flowing Shadow Sword Demon, Kaido, to have an ice-cold expression as killing intent filled his eyes!


At the same time, he waved the Phantom Shadow Devil Sword in his hand. An enormous Sword Qi swept out, colliding with the blade qi from Ye Xuan's Dragon Blade, causing an earth-shattering sound to erupt.

"Little bastard, since you don't know what's good for you, then don't blame me for not moving!" Not to mention you, even that scoundrel Demon Lord had to be courteous when he saw me! "

After neutralizing Ye Xuan's attack, the Flowing Shadow Sword Demon, Kaido, said with a cold expression.

Hearing the words of the Flowing Shadow Sword, Ye Xuan laughed. Back then, he'd never placed trash like the Flowing Shadow Sword, Kaido, in his eyes.

At that moment, Ye Xuan sneered, "I'm sorry, you're nothing more than someone who's learned the Sword Codex of the Dark World. You're not even close to the Demon Lord's eyes, so don't brag here."

"F * ck!"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, the Phantom Demon Kaido let out an angry curse. Violent force exploded from beneath his feet as he charged towards Ye Xuan with wild intent to kill.

Ye Xuan didn't have the slightest bit of fear as he charged towards the Flowing Shadow Sword Demon, Kaido.

The speed of the two was abnormally fast. Wherever they went, strong auras swept about and wild sand flew about, causing it to be difficult to even open one's eyes.


In the next moment, Ye Xuan and the Flowing Shadow Sword Demon, Kaido, fiercely fought. The crisp sounds of metal colliding rang continuously in the Great Demonic World.

The two weapons clashed and sparks flew in every direction.

Their speed was extremely fast, their movement speed was extremely fast, and their supernatural moves and attacks were dizzying. One could only see two shadows that were covered by sword shadows and sword lights moving at high speeds …

In just a short moment, Ye Xuan and the Flowing Shadow Sword Demon, Kaido, had exchanged no less than a hundred blows. There wasn't even the slightest hint of losing.

With the enormous amplification of the Great Devil Realm, his strength had increased tremendously. There was still an unending stream of energy that entered his body, causing his strength to greatly increase.

After all, this fellow's title hadn't obtained the approval of the Asura officials. Compared to the nine great Demon Kings of the Asura World, he was still a step off. There was still a gap between them.

Of course, the Phantom Shadow Sword Demon Kaido was definitely not weak. He was much stronger than the Song Family's third generation ancestor, the Unparalleled Sword Ancestor.

Even though Ye Xuan had pushed his strength to the limit, he was still only on par with the Flowing Shadow Sword Demon, Kaido.

This fellow's sword skill was simply too brilliant. Facing Ye Xuan's storm-like attack, the Phantom Shadow Devil Sword in his hand either blocked, split vertically, slashed horizontally, pierced vertically, or jabbed upwards. It blocked Ye Xuan's dragon blade with an inconceivable angle, causing Ye Xuan's attack to be unable to achieve much effect.

As for the Phantom Shadow Sword Demon, Kai Duo, he had completely lost the patience to continue battling with Ye Xuan!

He was a majestic Flowing Shadow Sword Demon, yet he was being suppressed by a nameless fellow in front of everyone's eyes. He had been dragged out for so long, yet he still wasn't able to finish him off.

Therefore, he had to kill Ye Xuan as soon as possible. Only this way would he be able to recover his dignity!


Along with a furious shout from the Flowing Shadow Sword, Kaido suddenly exerted force into his hand that was holding the sword. A surge of violent energy rushed out from the sword like an awakened dragon, attacking Ye Xuan and sending him flying at the same time.

At the same time, the Phantom Shadow Sword Magic, Kaido, took advantage of this to increase the distance between him and Ye Xuan.

Steadying his body, the sword aura around the Phantom Shadow Sword Demon Kaido's entire body circulated, dense Sword Qi surrounded him, causing his aura to rise bit by bit, just like a peerless Sword God.

He raised his head, coldly stared at Ye Xuan, and coldly said, "Little bastard, to be able to fight with me at this stage, you are already proud! "Now, go and repent in hell!"

"Tsk tsk!"

As the Phantom Demon Kaido's voice fell, he tightly gripped the Phantom Shadow Devil Sword in his hands. The sword energy around him crazily surged into the Phantom Shadow Devil Sword, causing it to open its blood-red eyes and stare fixedly at Ye Xuan, locking onto him.

Being stared at by the Blood Demon Eye, Ye Xuan felt as if everything in his entire body was seen through. A chill went down his spine!

In the next moment, the Flowing Shadow Sword Demon Kaido fiercely thrusted the sword in his hand towards the ground!

The twenty-eight stances of the sword manual: Ten Thousand Swords Fight!


Following the movement of the Flowing Mirage Sword Demon, the earth cracked. It was as if there were numerous creatures underground frantically moving forward, rushing towards Ye Xuan.

A strong sense of danger filled Ye Xuan's heart, causing his expression to become extremely unsightly.

With a thought, he opened his fire and ice Yin eyes, and the situation underground appeared clearly in his line of sight.

A dense amount of sword energy passed through the ground, eventually converging into an enormous sword dragon that rushed towards Ye Xuan. It brought him an unprecedented sense of danger.


At this moment, Ye Xuan's expression turned cold. He flapped the devil wings on his back and flew into the sky at an extremely fast speed.

The instant Ye Xuan's body left the ground, the ground he was standing on exploded. The sword dragons formed from countless sword energies fiercely charged out from the ground, tearing their way towards Ye Xuan …

"Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!"

If it's only this much, it wouldn't be a big deal. With the sound of a sharp sword slicing through stone, a dense amount of sword energy rushed out from the ground along with the Sword Dragon, enveloping Ye Xuan.

Regardless of whether it was the Sword Dragon condensed from the Sword Qi or the Sword Dragon that rushed out from underground, both of them were extremely fast. In the blink of an eye, they were about to catch up to Ye Xuan, causing Ye Xuan's expression to turn ugly.

However, the Sword Dragon and Sword Qi were locked onto Ye Xuan as if they'd grown glasses and chased after him.

"Do you think you can escape just like that? "Innocent!"

Seeing this, the Flowing Shadow Sword Demon Kaido's face became ice-cold, and from his mouth came a cold voice.


The Windflow Sword Demon waved his hand, speaking coldly.


As the Flowing Shadow Sword Demon Kaido's words fell, the Sword Dragon that was chasing Ye Xuan suddenly exploded, transforming into tens of thousands of flying swords that condensed from Supreme Force and charged towards Ye Xuan.

Their speed was two times faster than before, and their attack power was several times stronger.

From afar, thousands of flying swords shot towards Ye Xuan like arrows, completely sealing off all his escape routes. There wasn't any way for him to escape at all.

This was the true battle of ten thousand swords!

A thick sense of life-and-death danger filled Ye Xuan's heart, causing all of the hair on his body to stand on end.

This Flowing Mirage Sword Demon, Kaido, was indeed not so easy to deal with!

Seeing the flying sword whistling towards him, Ye Xuan stopped his escape. He flapped his devil wings and stopped in midair. Because all of his escape routes were sealed off, there was nowhere for him to escape.


Ye Xuan's expression gradually turned serious as he watched the densely packed flying swords attack him. He took a deep breath and slowly exhaled the thick turbid air. His heart gradually calmed as well.

In the face of such a situation, even he didn't have any good methods to deal with the large scale attacks of the Flowing Shadow Sword Demon, Cato, nor did he have any good means to defend himself.

There was no way to dodge such an attack.

The only thing he could think of was to ignore these flying swords, give up his defense, and launch his ultimate attack against the Phantom Shadow Sword Demon Kaido.

At this moment, the demonic energy within Ye Xuan's body surged. All of his strength was poured into the dragon blade, causing it to emit a resplendent light. It was as if some sort of mysterious force had been activated from within.

"Kacha …."

Afterwards, Ye Xuan fiercely pressed the release button on the side of the dragon blade's handle, and the sound of gears rapidly turning echoed out. At this moment, the dragon blade in Ye Xuan's hand transformed into a six-foot-six long one that was wrapped in chains and covered in blades on one side, appearing extremely cool!

It coiled around Ye Xuan's arm like a black dragon!

This was the form of the Dragon Blade after it was disintegrated!


In the next moment, the devil fire covering Ye Xuan's body blazed. With a dragon blade in hand, he charged towards the Phantom Shadow Sword Demon, Kaido.

The instant he dashed out, a sharp light flashed in Ye Xuan's eyes as he furiously slashed out the dragon blade in his hand.

Elementary Dragon Blade Release: God Slaughtering Dragon!


As Ye Xuan slashed out, a dragon's roar sounded out. A hundred feet long blade energy spread out, turning into a black dragon that bared its fangs and brandished its claws. It charged towards Sword Demon Kaido with the intent to kill …

Everywhere they passed, the flying swords that were approaching Ye Xuan were all sent flying by the terrifying power!

From afar, an incomparably shocking scene appeared before everyone's eyes.

Ye Xuan actually forcefully tore a bloody path through the encirclement of tens of thousands of flying swords and attacked the Flowing Shadow Sword, Kaido. He was extremely fierce and fierce.

Of course, there were a dense number of flying swords chasing after Ye Xuan from behind. However, Ye Xuan didn't care. He only had one goal, and that was the Flowing Shadow Sword Magic, Kaido!

"You're courting death!"

Seeing Ye Xuan cut open a path of blood in this desperate situation and charge towards him, the Flowing Shadow Sword Demon Kaido's eyes were filled with killing intent as he coldly spoke.

Just as he finished speaking, he suddenly grabbed the Phantom Shadow Devil Sword and charged towards Ye Xuan. The sword in his hand howled as he swung it down.

The thirteenth form of the sword code: Dragon Slaying!

As the Phantom Shadow Sword Demon slashed out, an enormous sword aura over a hundred feet long whistled out, charging towards Ye Xuan and forming a pincer attack with the tens of thousands of flying swords that were chasing after him.


In the next instant, an earth-shaking explosion sounded out. Ye Xuan's attack collided with the Flowing Shadow Sword Magic, Kaido's, attack.

Not only that, under the shocked gazes of the crowd, Ye Xuan's body was completely engulfed by the flying swords that chased from behind.

A terrifying energy spread out from the center of their clash, and an enormous mushroom cloud slowly rose into the air.

It was easy to imagine how intense the confrontation between Ye Xuan and the Flowing Shadow Sword Demon, Kaido, was.

Afterwards, both Ye Xuan and the Flowing Shadow Sword Demon Kaido were engulfed by the terrifying energy of the explosion.

"Kid, rest in peace!"

The grim voice of the Flowing Mirage Sword Demon, Kaido, seemed to indicate that he had achieved his final victory.

"Mystic Leaf!"

"Young master!"

Upon hearing the words of the Flowing Shadow Sword Demon Kaido and seeing the center of the explosion being engulfed by the energy, the complexions of both Qing Shuang and Qing Ling simultaneously changed as they cried out anxiously …

The expression of the great elder of the Fishmen, Mo Chen, as well as the eight great leaders Mo Ba, also changed drastically. They were extremely worried about Ye Xuan's situation.

Meanwhile, the three of them heaved a long sigh of relief. After all, they didn't want Ye Xuan to live.

As for the Snow Goddess, Alice, her expression was calm. There was no hint of happiness or anger on her face, but a hint of worry flashed in her eyes …

After all, she was certain that Ye Xuan was the Demon Lord's disciple or heir. If it wasn't for a misunderstanding in the past, she and the Demon Lord might've become good friends instead of enemies …

"Sigh... This scoundrel, didn't the Sword Demon say not to kill him and leave him alive? If that brat dies, the cultivation method of the Great Devil Realm will be lost … "

The Eight-Armed Darkhell Fiend, Magnus, couldn't help but sigh at this moment.

"Swordfiend that bastard, he's really going to kill us, damn it …"

He was also extremely angry and could not help but curse.

"You should be the one to rest in peace, right? "Khedo!"

However, just when everyone thought that Ye Xuan had died in the hands of the Phantom Shadow Sword Magic, Ye Xuan's cold and domineering voice resounded throughout the world.

"Elementary Dragon Blade Release - Heavenly Lock on Black and White!"