"You guys don't have enough to fight, it's better if all of you attack together!"

When Ye Xuan's voice resounded in the ears of the Nine Heavens Demons, McLaren and the others, their expressions became extremely unsightly and gloomy to the extreme, as if they could squeeze out water from their mouths.

This guy was too arrogant, he actually made all of them attack at the same time!

One had to know that there were thousands of people here.

Did this guy want to kill them all?

"This... This is too … Isn't that too much? "

The eight great leaders of the Fishmen stared in astonishment at Ye Xuan, who'd instantly killed the God of Calamity, Baruch. When they heard his domineering words, deep shock and bitter smile appeared on his face, but they weren't able to find the words to describe it.

"He's too arrogant, and it's not a blind arrogance, but a one with strength!"

Qingshuang also blankly stared at Ye Xuan. Her beautiful eyes were filled with infatuation as she gasped in surprise.

"Qingshuang, is he really the fiance of Queen Akasha?"

The great elder of the Fishmen, Mo Tou, couldn't help but ask.

At this moment, they really hoped that Ye Xuan would be the fiance of Queen Aka, because only this kind of man would be worthy of their queen.

Only then would they be able to revive the Fishmen!

It had to be said that Ye Xuan's domineering words caused the Fishmen to be extremely excited. They had a near blind fanaticism and worship for Ye Xuan.

"Dammit, kill him!" Kill him! "

"Too crazy, do you really think you're invincible?"

"Master McLaren, please give the order for us to kill him together!"

"F * ck, these old men and women have even been slaughtered by the Demon Lord. When did their elites, who had been annihilated by the Demon God Hall ever receive such humiliation?" Let's kill him together! "

Compared to the excitement of the Murlocs, the three allied armies were thoroughly enraged. Their gazes towards Ye Xuan were filled with intense killing intent, and sounds of anger could be heard from their mouths.

That conceited guy actually dared to provoke them in such a manner. Since when did they ever receive such an insult? It could be said that it caused them to be extremely enraged.

Looking at the furious crowd, the corner of Ye Xuan's mouth raised slightly. He pointed the dragon blade in his hand towards the crowd as he spoke in an even more domineering tone, "To speak bluntly, everyone here is trash! If you don't accept it, come and chop me! "

"F * ck!" I can't tolerate it anymore, kill him! "

"Fuck you!" "F * ck!"

The members of the three allied armies were completely enraged after hearing Ye Xuan's words. They couldn't hold it in any longer and let out an angry curse. With weapons in hand, they charged towards Ye Xuan without fear of death, madly attacking him.

Sharp sword auras, sharp bullets, and sharp fist lights all enveloped Ye Xuan.

Ye Xuan's words thoroughly enraged everyone.


A sneer and disdain appeared on Ye Xuan's face as he watched the oncoming crowd and the incoming attacks. He lightly waved the dragon blade in his hand, causing a fifteen Zhang long, resplendent blade light to sweep out.

Under the blade light that was a hundred and fifty meters long, all the attacks that were aimed at Ye Xuan were instantly destroyed. Not only that, the enormous blade light was like a long blade that descended from the sky, chopping towards the crowd.

"Ahh …"

"No …."

Shrill screams followed.

Dozens of enemies were instantly cut into two by this enormous blade glow. A ravine that was a hundred meters long and three meters wide surfaced on the ground, causing dust to fill the sky …

Ye Xuan in the form of a white dragon actually possessed such terrifying might!

Looking at the hundred-meter-long ravine, the eyes of the enemies that were charging towards Ye Xuan flashed with a trace of fear and shock.

However, this trace of fear and shock was quickly engulfed by anger.

They held their weapons and charged towards Ye Xuan like madmen.

They wanted to tear this bastard into a thousand pieces and hack him into a thousand pieces to avenge their dead brothers and friends.

"Although you guys have the numbers advantage, it's useless in front of the absolute strength disparity!"

Ye Xuan's face was filled with disdain as he watched the frenzied oncoming crowd of people. Cold words came out of his mouth.

"Chi! Chi!"

The instant his words left his mouth, he waved the Dragon Blade in his hand, unleashing the Sky Shadow Blade Technique's Enemy Breaking Style. He slashed horizontally, releasing a bright, sharp blade gleam.

The dozens of enemies that were charging towards Ye Xuan were cut in half at the waist by a resplendent blade light.

In the next moment, Ye Xuan's face didn't have the slightest expression or ripple. He took a step forward, and light appeared beneath his feet as his body mysteriously disappeared from where he stood …

When Ye Xuan's figure appeared again, he'd already charged into the crowd. With every swing of his dragon blade, a large number of enemies would fall to their deaths.

No one could block his steps, nor could anyone block his attacks, nor could they block his dragon blade.

He was like a cold and merciless death god mercilessly harvesting the lives of many in the battlefield. A large number of enemies would constantly fall under his dragon blade, turning into ice-cold corpses one after another.

These were all members of Qing Emperor Pavilion, Evil Emperor Pavilion, and Sword Emperor Pavilion. They had once participated in the siege of the Demonic Palace, and their hands were stained with the blood of Demonic Palace members. How could Ye Xuan show them any mercy?

One must know that he was the Demon Lord, the devil, the devil, and the devil.

Back in China, he did his best to restrain his killing intent and demonic nature. Now that he had returned to the Asura World, he could completely expose his demonic nature …

No one could block Ye Xuan's dragon blade, nor could anyone block his blade light. Every time Ye Xuan waved the dragon blade in his hand, dozens of lives would be taken away.

In a short span of time, several hundred people had died under Ye Xuan's dragon blades, turning into ice-cold corpses. As for Ye Xuan's white armor, not a single trace of blood could be seen on it …

Everyone said that war was cruel, but when they saw Ye Xuan's battle, they didn't feel the slightest bit of cruelty. All they felt was grace and elegance.

Even though Ye Xuan was slaughtering everyone on his own, he was filled with a sense of beauty, as if he were the King of Dawn waving his greatsword to banish the darkness, bringing people with him as he charged towards the other side of the light …

Killing was a cruel thing, but because of Ye Xuan, this cruelty became beautiful, even beautiful.

"One man against ten thousand! It's too cool! "

"Too cool, no one can block the King's sword!"

"Haha, is this the future king of our Fishmen? "It's too cool!"

"With the King here, our Fishmen will be happy!"

The Fishmen were extremely excited as they looked at Ye Xuan, who had single-handedly slaughtered them. Their eyes were filled with a dense fanaticism as they emitted excited words from their mouths …

These guys have already taken Ye Xuan to be the future king of their Fishmen tribe!

The King was a title given to the husband of the merfolk. He held a status comparable to that of a queen within the merfolk.

By calling Ye Xuan King now, they had completely accepted his identity, and had taken him as their Queen's husband.

"This bastard, if we let him continue killing like this, all of us will be finished!"

"This guy is very scheming. He purposely said those words to anger them!" "Dammit, dammit …"

Looking at Ye Xuan's merciless massacre, the expressions of the Nine Heavens Demons, McLaren, and the Eight Armed Demon, Magnus, were extremely ugly. They clenched their fists so tightly that crackling sounds could be heard. Incomparable rage was coming out of their mouths.

Ye Xuan purposely angered their subordinates, causing them to lose control of the situation.

If they allowed Ye Xuan's merciless slaughter to continue, then their subordinates would probably be annihilated by this guy.

This guy looked like he had just eaten gunpowder.

"Master McLaren, what should we do now? "Are we going to let that little rascal continue killing like this?"

Seeing the chaotic battlefield, the expression on the Flame God's face became particularly ugly. He clenched his fists until they crackled, as he spoke with a solemn expression.

"F * ck, f * ck, all of you, retreat!"

An intense light flashed in the eyes of the Eight-Armed Darkhell Fiend, Magna, as he clenched his fist so hard that it made 'ka ka ka' sounds. Energy surged from his entire body and a violent aura spread out.

However, no one listened to him. Those fellows already had bloodshot eyes from killing earlier. They were still fearless of death as they madly charged towards Ye Xuan.

"I told you to back off!"

Seeing this, the Eight-Armed Darkhell, Magnus, was furious. He clenched his right hand into a fist and slammed it onto the ground with a wild force.

"Clang clang …"

Terrifying amounts of energy crisscrossed throughout the ground, like a giant dragon that was shuttling through the ground towards Ye Xuan. Ye Xuan's expression turned cold as he leaped to the side without the slightest hesitation.

"Kacha, kacha, kacha …" "Boom!"

The instant Ye Xuan's body leaped out horizontally, the sound of the floor shattering echoed out, and a massive crack appeared on the ground. A large number of people fell into the crack and died.

If it wasn't for Ye Xuan quickly dodging, he probably would've fallen into the same fate!

"Let's go!"

The Eight-Armed Darkhell Fiend, Magnus, let out an angry roar. Violent energy exploded from beneath his feet as he charged towards Ye Xuan like a steel rhinoceros.

The Nine Heavens Demoness McLaren, the Raging Flames Martial Immortal Nibel, and the Destruction God Mojito followed closely behind them. At this moment, all of them charged towards Ye Xuan, surrounding him.

"Brutal Charge!"

With a loud shout, the Eight Armed Evil Demon's battle armor appeared on Magna's body. A sharp knife appeared on the helmet above his head as it charged towards Ye Xuan … …

"Nine Heavens Demon Suppressing Fist!"

A pair of wings appeared on the back of the Nine Heavens Demons, causing his speed to increase drastically. He swung his fist and smashed it towards Ye Xuan with berserk demonic intent.

As he punched out, a huge fist of light bloomed, akin to an evil demon tearing towards Ye Xuan!

"Destroying Heaven and Earth!"

The god of destruction, Mojito, opened his mouth and inhaled fiercely. His stomach bulged out like a pregnant woman, then he spat it out towards Ye Xuan.

A stream of energy that was burning with a hot flame shot out from his mouth towards Ye Xuan.

"Blazing War God's Blade!"

The battle blade in the Raging Flames War God's hands emerged. Energy surged from his entire body as flames blazed. He furiously slashed at Ye Xuan.

As he slashed out, a thirty meter large flame blade light bloomed, heading straight for Ye Xuan.

At this moment, the four peak experts started their assault on Ye Xuan.

An intense sense of danger assaulted him, causing Ye Xuan to slightly narrow his eyes.

The combined attack of the four was indeed powerful.

However, Ye Xuan is afraid of him!

Fuck him!

The instant their attacks enveloped him, Ye Xuan's face went completely cold. He fiercely pressed the button to release the Dragon Blade, and a dazzling black light shot out without any warning. The dense chains were like devilish dragons as they twined towards the Nine Heavens Demons, McLaren, and the others.

Initial Release of the Dragon Blade - Heavenly Lock!