"Don't come near me, don't come near me..."

"If you dare take another step forward, I'll kill him …"

Huang Danian held the kitchen knife and placed it on Director Yuan's neck. He looked nervously at Ye Xuan, who was slowly walking over. His mood was exceptionally agitated as he let out an angry roar.

Seeing this, Ye Xuan frowned and stopped five meters away from Huang Danian.

This distance was a safe distance for Huang Danian; it would not cause too much pressure for him.

Huang Danian's current emotions were too agitated and unstable. If he dared to take another step forward, then he would enter the range of psychological pressure. That would create psychological pressure and burden on Huang Danian, causing him to lose control and kill.

"Even if you kill him, your daughter won't come back …"

Looking at the agitated Huang Danian, Ye Xuan frowned as magnetic words came out of his mouth, "But if you don't kill him, then your daughter might be able to return. She might even be able to be saved."

What … "What do you mean?"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Huang Danian gulped with great difficulty.

"I just got the news that your daughter isn't dead yet, and her heart is still beating fast enough to save her in the emergency room! He is an expert on cardiovascular disease at Star Sea Hospital. He is the director of the department... If you accidentally kill him, your daughter might really be hopeless! "

Ye Xuan said at a moderate pace as he tried his best to stabilize Huang Danian's mood.

"Impossible …" I went to see her. My daughter has lost her heart, her pulse, and she's lying alone in her hospital bed. She's dead. " Huang Danian said in a daze.

His wife had died from an illness earlier on. To him, his daughter was his everything, his courage and hope to live on. Now that his daughter was dead, how could he remain calm?

The pain in his heart could not be described with words!

"She's not dead, she's just shocked... "Really, I won't lie to you!"

"Moreover... "You really misunderstood, our hospital's doctor is very responsible, he did not treat her like she died just because you did not pay him that much money!" Ye Xuan's gaze was fixed on Huang Danian. Seeing his trembling hand that was gripping onto the kitchen knife, he spoke once more.

"Impossible …" The doctors in the hospital are all black-hearted turnips. If I didn't pay that much money, why would they be so kind as to save my daughter? This is impossible... "My wife died because she didn't have the money to be treated in the hospital. She could only stay at home and suffer from illness …"

"You are all in the same group, don't think that you can lie to me … He's the head of the department, isn't he? I just happened to kill him to pay for my daughter's death! "

Huang Danian's expression was ferocious as he angrily roared.

"Really, I won't lie to you … If you don't believe me, just look at the surveillance footage in the emergency room … "

Ye Xuan said in a low voice as he watched Huang Danian walk towards the edge of losing control.

"Come come come …" "Excuse me …"

As Ye Xuan finished speaking, the team leaders, Zhao Da Hai and Little Wu, under the lead of Little Doctor Liang, rushed over with notebooks in their hands …

Following Ye Xuan's instructions, they opened the copy of the surveillance footage from the emergency room.

In the surveillance footage, many doctors, led by Director Yuan, had a serious expression on their faces. They were in an orderly manner and doing their best to save a young girl …

"What do you think? I really didn't lie to you. Whether it was him or other doctors, they didn't treat your daughter like she was dead because you didn't pay that much money in time! "

"As a qualified doctor, saving the dying and helping the injured is their duty and mission. At such a crucial moment, they would definitely not abandon a single life …"

Ye Xuan pointed to the monitor screen on his laptop as he slowly spoke, while walking towards Huang Danian.

"My daughter, Yuanyuan … "Yuanyuan …"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words and looking at the monitoring screen, Huang Danian couldn't hold back his tears anymore …

"Put down the knife, the doctor is truly innocent! Furthermore... "Believe me, your daughter will definitely be saved!"

Looking at Huang Danian's pained expression and tears, Ye Xuan consoled.

"You … You said my daughter isn't dead? She can still be saved? "

Huang Danian's teary eyes stared at Ye Xuan as he spoke in a hoarse voice.

Ye Xuan's words from before gave him, who was in despair, a trace of hope …

"Mm, put down the knife. Let's go see her!"

Ye Xuan walked to Huang Danian's side and patted his shoulder as he consoled him.

"Hmm …"

"Clang clang …"

Ye Xuan's words and actions had undoubtedly worked. Huang Danian's cheeks streamed with tears and he threw the kitchen knife in his hand onto the ground, letting out a crisp sound of impact.

"Let's go!"

The security chief, Zhao Dahai, rushed over with his men to capture Huang Danian, but was stopped by a wave of Ye Xuan's hand. He put his arm around Huang Danian's shoulder and walked towards the emergency room.

Watching Ye Xuan and Huang Danian walk towards the emergency room, Director Yuan breathed a long sigh of relief. He extended his hand to wipe the cold sweat on his forehead and quickly followed.

The two interns who had been cut were led by the paramedics to bandage their wounds. They were only slightly injured and not seriously injured.

Emergency room!

"Yuanyuan, wake up, Yuanyuan …"

Huang Danian was half-kneeling in front of the rescue table, his callused hands tightly grabbing onto the little girl lying on the sickbed as he shouted her name. Tears flowed down his face …

The little girl's name was Yuanyuan, and she looked about ten years old. Her cute little face was pale without a trace of blood, and her eyes were closed. Her petite body was connected to many instruments, but there were no data on the instruments, indicating that her life was at its end …

"Doctor, please, please save her, please …"

No matter how much Huang Danian called for Yuanyuan, there wasn't any reaction. He was extremely anxious as he turned around and kneeled down towards Ye Xuan, Director Yuan, and the other doctors. From his mouth came the pleading words …

"We can't save her, she's already dead …"

Looking at Huang Danian's expression, a wry smile appeared on Director Yuan's face. He shook his head gently and spoke in a low tone...

The other doctors in the emergency room who had participated in the rescue were also looking gloomy, and their moods were especially low.

As a doctor, not being able to save a patient, watching her lose her painfully in front of them was also a form of torture for them.

After all, a doctor's duty was to treat and save people.

Hearing Director Yuan's words, Huang Danian froze on the spot as if he had been struck by lightning.

Previously, in order to stabilize his emotions, Ye Xuan told Huang Danian that her daughter didn't die and there was still hope. This gave him hope, but now, this result caused him to once again fall into despair, and his face became deathly pale!

"Wuwuwu, Yuanyuan …"

At this moment, the man couldn't help but burst into tears. He had collapsed completely...

"Don't worry, she still has a breath of life left in her, she can be saved …"

However, Ye Xuan, who was checking on Yuanyuan's condition, suddenly spoke up.

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, be it the cardiologist Director Yuan or the other doctors, they were all slightly stunned. They all looked at Ye Xuan in astonishment.

This little girl had clearly lost her life energy waves, so how could she possibly have a chance of survival?

"Really? "Yuanyuan, he really didn't die, is there still hope?"

When Ye Xuan's voice entered Huang Danian's ears, he was stunned for a moment. As if he'd grabbed onto a lifesaver, he stretched out his hand and grabbed onto Ye Xuan's pant leg tightly as words of excitement came out of his mouth.

"Little brother, you're a good person, I'm begging you, I'm begging you, you have to save my daughter, Yuanyuan is a good child …"

"Don't worry, I'll try my best. Step back a little, don't affect my acupuncture …"

Ye Xuan lightly sighed as he looked at Huang Danian. He reached out a hand to pat Huang Danian's shoulder as he consoled him.

"Alright, alright, alright... I beg of you, you must save her … "

Huang Danian quickly retreated to the side.

"Give me the pen and paper!"

Ye Xuan carefully examined the little girl's pulse and body, then said in a low voice.

Just as he finished speaking, Director Yuan handed the paper and pen over to Ye Xuan.

Even though Ye Xuan had embarrassed him before, he couldn't be bothered with his fate. Moreover, he left a deep impression on Ye Xuan when he saved Director Lei. At the same time, Ye Xuan had saved him today.

Right now, he could only place his hopes on Ye Xuan.

Ye Xuan quickly wrote down a prescription with a pen and sent a message, "Send someone to get the medicine ready immediately. When the patient wakes up, he'll drink it …"


Director Yuan nodded and sent someone to get the medicine.

As for Ye Xuan, he didn't idle around at this time. Instead, he slowly took out a three inch silver needle from his watch belt.

"Next, I'm going to use needles to save people. No one is allowed to disturb me!"

Ye Xuan swept his gaze across everyone and spoke with a serious expression.


As soon as he finished, he suddenly pierced three inches into the little girl's forehead.

The silver needle was inserted in three points!

However, Ye Xuan didn't stop. He took out a seven inch needle and fiercely stabbed towards the little girl's heart!

The silver needle entered seven points!

"Buzz buzz buzz …"

Seeing this, Ye Xuan took a deep breath and slowly exhaled the dense turbid air. He extended his hands out at the same time and placed them on the three inch needle and seven inch needle respectively, then flicked his fingers!

The silver needles that were still before began to vibrate at a very fast rate as they let out buzzing sounds. A large amount of life force turned into ripples and entered Yuanyuan's body, repairing her body.

Thirteen heaven defying needles, activate!

After activating the heaven defying thirteen needles, Ye Xuan's originally rosy complexion instantly turned incomparably pale. Beads of sweat started to emerge from his forehead and flow down his face …

The thirteen heaven defying needles were an ancient medical technique passed down in the Sacred Book of Medicine. The medicinal technique traveled against the heavens and consumed a great amount of one's life force and energy to cultivate it. This was because every time a patient was treated, the person who used the needles consumed a great deal of their life force and energy …

Because this was something that defied the will of the heavens!

Time slowly passed. Ye Xuan's complexion became paler and paler. It was as if his entire body was drenched in sweat. It was as if he'd been soaked in water. He looked especially dumbstruck!

"Puchi …"

At some point, he reached out his hands and pulled the silver needle out of the girl's body, suppressing the urge to faint.

The instant Ye Xuan pulled out the silver needle from the body of the little girl, Yuanyuan, he couldn't hold it in any longer. He spat out a mouthful of bright red blood, and his body collapsed to the side ….

"Ye Xuan, how are you, Ye Xuan?"

Fortunately, Little Doctor Liang, who was at the side, was quick to catch Ye Xuan. He didn't notice her action at all, causing Ye Xuan's arm to press onto her chest as he voiced his concern.

"I'm fine, help me rest on the side, Yuanyuan should wake up soon."

Feeling the softness from his arm, Ye Xuan's dispirited spirit slightly shook. He lightly shook his head as weak words came out of his mouth …

Just as Ye Xuan finished speaking, Yuanyuan, who was on the sickbed, slowly opened her dazed eyes. She sat up and looked around her surroundings as a puzzled voice came out of her mouth.

"I... "Where am I?"