At the headquarters of the Azure Emperor Pavilion, in a cultivation room that was filled with rich energy.

Emperor Qing had long, flowing, and elegant hair as he sat in meditation within his training room.

As he channeled the Green Emperor's Art, a wave of majestic energy turned into an Azure Dragon, as if it was attracted by some kind of force and poured into his body. It was absorbed by his body and became a part of him, gradually making his aura stronger.

Emperor Qing, who was cultivating in seclusion, did not notice that there were already many core members of the Azure Emperor Pavilion gathered outside the training room.

At this moment, the entire Azure Emperor Pavilion was in an uproar.

The Nine Heavens Demoness, Macellan, and the others had been annihilated because Emperor Qing had sent a great number of the Qing Emperor Pavilion's elites to besiege the Fishmen of the Thousand Scorpion Island.

"How long has Lord Emperor Qing been in closed-door training? Why has he not come out yet?"

A lady wearing a black fishnet dress, revealing a purple undergarment and a beautiful figure, looked at the guard guarding the entrance of the cultivation room and asked in a deep voice.

Her name was Black Demon, the head steward of the Azure Emperor Pavilion's internal affairs. Although she did not have any title, she was extremely powerful and was highly valued by Emperor Qing. Sometimes, Emperor Qing would even let her serve him.

"Reporting to the black steward, Lord Emperor Qing has already been inside for more than half a month. According to our calculations, it should be about time!"

Hearing Black Demon's words, the guard replied respectfully.

"Clang clang …"

Just as she finished speaking, the cultivation room's stone door suddenly opened. Emperor Qing, whose aura was unfathomable, walked out slowly from the cultivation room.

"Lord Emperor Qing!"

Seeing Emperor Qing walking out, the Black Demon quickly went up to greet him, his face full of respect.

"What happened? So many people? "

Seeing this, Emperor Qing frowned and asked doubtfully.

"Reporting to Lord Emperor Qing, something terrible has happened!" Nine Heavens Divine Demon, Master McLaren, and the elites we sent to Thousand Scorpion Island are all dead! "

The Black Demon hesitated for a moment before clenching his teeth and speaking.

"What?" McCarron is dead? "

After hearing the words of the Black Demon, Emperor Qing's countenance involuntarily changed. This was the first time he lost his composure in front of the crowd.

"Yes, not only is Lord McLaren dead, the Eight Armed Demon, Magnus, and the Flowing Shadow Sword, Lord Kaido, are all dead as well!" Black Demon replied respectfully.

"This is impossible!"

Emperor Qing's face was filled with disbelief.

In the entire Asura World, only the Five Emperors or the Three Emperors would be able to eliminate the Nine Heavens Godly Manchu, the Eight Armed Evil Demon, and the Flowing Shadow Sword Demon. However, in this situation, these people absolutely could not do such a thing.

"Lord Emperor Qing, although this news is very difficult to believe, it is indeed true!" We've already checked with the Shura officials! They suppressed the news and did not release it. Right now, many people in the outside world have yet to know of it. "

The Black Demon hesitated for a moment before replying in a deep voice.

"Did you find out who did it?"

Emperor Qing's face was ice-cold as he recovered from the shock.

"Not yet... However, they all died on the Thousand Scorpion Island! "

Black Demon replied with an ugly expression.

"Really?" Gather an army and follow me to Thousand Scorpion Island! "

Emperor Qing's eyes flashed with a murderous light as he spoke in a low voice.

The headquarters of the Sword Emperor Pavilion, in an ancient hall!

Sword Emperor Ba Zi lazily laid on his throne, closing his eyes to rest. He was quietly enjoying the leisure time when he would become the ruler of a region. A deep intoxication and enjoyment appeared on his cold face that was covered with stubble.

"Rustle, rustle, rustle …"

"Sword …" Lord Sword Emperor, big … Something terrible has happened! "

However, at this moment, hurried footsteps rang out. A guard dressed in black armor rushed into the hall while rolling around. A trembling voice came from his mouth, breaking the tranquil atmosphere in the hall.

"What happened? Why are you so flustered?"

When he saw this, Sword Emperor Ba Zi suddenly opened his eyes. Two streams of Sword Qi shot out from his eyes and landed beside the guard, creating two eye-catching marks that caused his body to tremble.

"Kay... Master Kaido is dead in battle, and all the elites that we sent to Thousand Scorpion Island have been wiped out! "

The guard replied with a trembling voice.

"What?" "Who did it?"

Hearing the guard's words, Sword Emperor Ba Zi's expression changed greatly. He immediately stood up and began to utter angry words.

"No …" I don't know. I only know that they died on the Thousand Scorpion Island. Master McLaren, the Nine Heavens Demons of the Green Emperor Pavilion, and the Eight Armed Evil Demons, Lord Magnus and the others of the Evil Emperor Pavilion are all dead! "

The guard looked at Sword Emperor Ba Zi fearfully and said with a trembling voice.

"Damn it, could it be that those two bastards did it?"

Sword Emperor Ba Zi said with an ice-cold expression.

"Reporting to Lord Sword Emperor, I … We've investigated it before. Those two lords have been in closed-door training for the past few days and have not made any unusual movements. They should be the powerful people of the merfolk … "

The guard gritted his teeth and replied.

The two 'adults' they were referring to were the other two of the Five Emperors.

"When did the Fishmen produce such an expert?"

Sword Emperor Ba Zi's expression was ugly as he continued to ask, "Does the Azure Emperor Pavilion know of this news?"

"Understood, Lord Emperor Qing personally led an army to move out!"

The guard answered again.

"I'm going to Thousand Scorpion Island!"

The Sword Emperor, Baqi, had a cold expression as he picked up the dragon-like greatsword beside the throne. He began to walk out of the hall as he spoke sinisterly.

The headquarters of the Evil Emperor Pavilion was surrounded by evil energy.

The Evil Emperor laid on the throne, his eyes closed, enjoying the pleasure the beautiful woman gave him as she knelt in front of him with the skull set on her knees. A look of intoxication appeared on his face, causing his originally bad mood to ease up greatly.

In the past year, Evil Emperor Pavilion's development was not going well. They had lost many experts in China, causing the strength of the entire Evil Emperor Pavilion to be greatly reduced.

If the Eight-Armed Evil Demon, Magnus, and the others were able to successfully subdue the Fishmen, it would ease his situation. Therefore, the Evil Emperor had high expectations for the Eight-Armed Evil Demon, Magnus, and the others.

If nothing unexpected happened, they should be able to take down Thousand Scorpion Island and subdue the Fishmen this time.

"Big... Lord, something big has happened! "

However, at this moment, a guard hastily barged in.

Without waiting for the Evil Emperor to ask anything, he quickly reported, "Lord Magna has fallen. The experts we sent to Thousand Scorpion Island have all been annihilated!"


Hearing the guard's words, the Evil Emperor's face could not help but change, he immediately stood up and lost his composure.

"Ugh …" "Cough cough …"

His sudden action caused the kneeling beauty to be unable to react in time. She only felt as if her throat was about to be pierced, and her stomach churned as she violently coughed …

"What's going on?"

The Evil Emperor asked with an ugly expression.

"I'm not sure. We only know that not only did Lord Magnus perish, the Nine Heavens Godly Magellan, the Phantom Sword Demonic Khedo and the others also died …"

The guard's expression turned ugly as he replied. He paused for a moment before continuing, "Right now, Lord Emperor Qing and Lord Sword Emperor have personally left for Thousand Forest Fish Man Island …"

"Damn. Even Murlocs deserve to die …"

The Evil Emperor's face turned ugly as he cursed. As he tidied up his clothes, he continued to walk towards the exit of the hall.

He wanted to go to Thousand Scorpion Island and destroy that damned group of Fishmen!

An unprecedented catastrophe enveloped the Fishmen.

"Oh yeah... There is one more thing that the Lord Evil Emperor needs to report to you. "

As if he had thought of something, the guard hesitated for a moment before clenching his teeth and speaking again.

"What is it?"

The Evil Emperor paused, and asked without turning his head.

"There's news that the research institute we built in the Demonic Cultivator Forest has been taken away. Our people are all dead!" The prisoners inside have all been rescued, and are now being destroyed and retaliated against in all directions within our territory … "

The guard lowered his head, gritted his teeth and spoke respectfully.


The Evil Emperor's face turned cold, his eyes full of killing intent. He suddenly turned around and grabbed the guard's collar, and said angrily: "Did you find out who did it?"

Bad things had really happened one after another recently, making the Evil Emperor feel extremely bad.

Especially after the research facility was destroyed. If the immortal emperor knew of this news, he would definitely fly into a rage and suffer the wrath of the immortal emperor …

The only thing that made the Evil Emperor happy was that he brought out the remnants of his gang in advance.

"I found it! It's the insanity Lin Feng! He's brought the former clan of the Demonic God Palace back!"

The guard looked panicked and quickly replied.

"Mad Demon Lin Feng?" Evil Emperor's eyes flashed with killing intent, he grinded his teeth and muttered the name.

"That's right, he did it …" According to our information network, they have already gathered a large number of the old tribes that once belonged to the Demonic God Palace. After destroying the research facility, they are currently gathering at the Demonic Ruins City. Right now, the Ghost King, Lord Hades, is leading a group of people to the Demonic Ruins, hoping to catch them all in one fell swoop. "

"However, we do not have enough manpower, so we sent a request to headquarters. We hope that the Evil Emperor will send people to reinforce us."

The guard did not dare to hide anything and said everything he knew.

"Have the Barbarian King bring all of the elite troops from headquarters with him. We must capture all of those Mad Demon Lin Feng and the rest and tell them to bring the head of the Mad Demon to meet me, or else we must make them meet us head on!"

The Evil Emperor's expression was cold, his tone cold and bloodthirsty.


"Yes sir!"

Hearing the Evil Emperor's words, the guard acted as if he had received amnesty and quickly left.

The Evil Emperor continued to walk towards the outside with ice-cold steps …

He was burning with anger in his heart. He was going to exterminate the Fishmen!