Demonic City, the place where the headquarters of the Divine Demon Palace used to be, was originally an incomparably prosperous and modern city made of technology, ranking first among the eight great capitals of the Asura World. It had an extremely high popularity in the entire Asura World, and its floating population reached up to ten million levels, attracting countless rich merchants and countless experts.

However, four years ago, when the four emperors led their armies to attack the Divine Demon Palace and wreaked havoc everywhere, the bustling Demon Capital had been completely destroyed and was now in ruins. This was why people called it a ruined city or even a ruined Demon Capital.

The majority of the refugees who remained on this piece of land were refugees who had once survived the baptism of fire and war under the protection of the Demonic Palace.

They were living incomparably difficult lives here, accepting the bullying and humiliation from the Four Great Emperors just to wait for the day when their King would return.

It was already three days later when Ye Xuan stepped onto the ground.

After the reunion of Ye Xuan and Akasha, both parties agreed to reunite in the Conferred God Battle half a year later!

Actually, Ye Xuan originally planned to stay on Thousand Scorpion Island for two more days before leaving. However, he received an urgent letter from Li Junyang and the others.

Their whereabouts were exposed. The Spirit King and the Barbarian King, the two Demon Kings under the Evil Emperor, had brought all of the Evil Emperor Pavilion's experts to surround them. They wanted to use the God of Judgement Limia as bait and eliminate them in one fell swoop!

Furthermore, according to reliable sources, the Evil Emperor, who had failed to succeed on Thousand Scorpion Island, was on his way to the Demonic Ruins City, threatening to personally grind the bones of Lin Feng and the rest.

As a result, Ye Xuan immediately headed towards the Shattered Demon City after receiving the news.

With the Fishmen escorting him, Ye Xuan's journey was very smooth. In just three days, he arrived at the Ruins Demon Capital.

Stepping onto this heavy ground, Ye Xuan's heart felt heavy and complicated as he looked at the originally towering city that was charred black like ruins.

Although he was still outside the city, it was still incomparably bustling with life once upon a time.

However, weeds were growing everywhere. A few poisonous snakes were moving towards the distant toads, attempting to hunt them.

The surroundings were desolate and desolate. There was not a single person in sight.

Even the asphalt road that had once been smooth and shiny was now covered in weeds that were more than a meter tall. It was so desolate that it made one's heart palpitate.

Ye Xuan remembered that not far away, a watchtower had been built. He turned around to find that the tower that should've been standing tall had already collapsed and been swallowed by weeds. He could vaguely see several piles of white bones beside it.

Clearly, that watchtower had experienced the destruction from the war!

"Let's go!"

Ye Xuan retracted his gaze, stretched out his palm, and stroked the head of the mutated wolf king that he was riding on, as he spoke with a complicated expression.


The mutated wolf king let out a wolf howl and rushed towards the abandoned Demon City at an extremely fast speed. The crows around it cawed and flew into the sky, causing the toad that was about to be killed to quickly jump to the side, causing the snakes to quickly withdraw and disappear into the grass.

"Who is it?"

The Variant Wolf King was very fast. It didn't take long for them to reach the entrance of the city before they were stopped by the guards that had suddenly appeared from the bushes.

They wore black armor, and held long spears made from iron. On their chests, there was a symbol of a skeleton. Combined with their ferocious expressions, they looked very violent.

They were the guards of the Evil Emperor Pavilion who were lying in ambush here.

Originally, they were waiting to ambush a felon here. However, they didn't expect a stranger to barge in here.

Looking at the imposing Evil Emperor Pavilion guards and the dilapidated city walls that were charred by the flames, Ye Xuan's expression became extremely gloomy and unsightly.

He could imagine the miserable state the Four Great Emperors had been in when they had besieged Demon City.

Presumably, every member of the Demonic Palace had gone all out to protect this land, burying their bones here and resting on the ground for a long time!

He could see the corpses on the ground far away, and beside the corpses were the badges of a member of the Demonic Palace. Although the badges were already rusted, they were still eye-catching, causing Ye Xuan's expression to become complicated and self-reproaching. His heart became unusually heavy and uncomfortable.

Without even thinking, he knew that it was a warrior from the Demonic Palace, a soldier he was proud of!

Ye Xuan and the others didn't say anything as they jumped off the back of the mutated wolf. With heavy hearts, they walked towards the corpses with heavy steps.

"Brat, stop right there. Where are you?"

"F * ck, are you f * cking deaf?"

"Kill him!"

Looking at Ye Xuan, who completely ignored them, the Evil Emperor Pavilion guard's expression turned ugly. He furiously cursed, swung his spear, and charged towards Ye Xuan with the intent to kill.

"Little Huang, don't let them disturb me!"

Ye Xuan didn't turn his head nor did he stop.


As his words fell, the mutated wolf king suddenly let out an angry roar that shook the sky. Its small body suddenly expanded and revealed its true form, causing the Evil Emperor Pavilion guard's face to change drastically.

"Seven … Class 7 Magical Beasts? "

"Change …" Variant Wolf King? "


"Quick, report it to the Commander!"

Looking at the mutated wolf king that had suddenly revealed its true form, the guards of the Evil Emperor Pavilion let out terrified cries. They threw down their spears and turned to run …

They had never expected that the young man's mount would actually be a seventh grade mutated wolf king. That was a terrifying existence that could befriend a Martial King.

"Kacha …."


Unfortunately, how could they outrun the mutated wolf king? Before they could even run two steps, they were smashed into meat pulp by the mutated wolf king's huge claws.

The ground cracked, cracks spread in all directions, and a huge wolf claw print appeared.

The wolf claw imprints were covered with fresh blood, all of them were the corpses of the Evil Emperor Pavilion guards.

The mutated wolf king opened its mouth and spat out something. Flames sprayed out from its mouth, burning the bodies into nothingness.

These weak ants were not even qualified to be his food.

At the outskirts of the Demonic Ruins City, there was a large army encampment, and a conquest army from the Evil Emperor Pavilion was stationed there.

The power of the mutated wolf king's paw alarmed the guards who were drinking and enjoying themselves.

Some of them were in the midst of capturing women from the ruins of the Demon City. Hearing the explosion, they walked out of the camp bare-chested, holding up their pants.

Some of them were insolently drinking wine and eating meat in the camp, listening to the huge explosion while the wine cups in their hands blurrily rushed out of the camp … …

Some of them were still sleeping inside the camp. Now that they had been alerted by the huge explosion, they walked out sleepily from the camp …

They looked at each other with doubt in their eyes.

"Damn it, what happened?"

"What happened to this sudden explosion?"

"The sound is coming from the direction of the city gate. Did something happen over there?"

Whispers were coming out of their mouths.

"F * ck, what happened?" This commander is so scared! "

Following the sound of cursing voices, a woman with a pear-shaped face and a pear-shaped face walked out of the camp.

His name was Duan Wu, and he was the Vice Leader of Evil Emperor Pavilion's Expedition Army. His strength was not bad, and he was a Seven Star Martial King.

Not long ago, he brought some people to sweep through the refugee lair. The harvest was not bad, obtained a large amount of material to capture two beautiful girls, and now they were having fun inside. The sudden explosion interrupted his mood, scaring him to the point of being impotent.

Looking at his flustered subordinates, who seemed at a loss of what to do, Duan Wu's heart was instantly enraged. He spoke out in a furious voice: "F * ck, what are you guys still standing there for? Hurry up and let laozi have a look! "

"Yes sir!"

"All of you, quickly get dressed and come with me to take a look!"

Hearing Duan Wu's words, one of the team leaders hurriedly stood up and pointed at his men who were disheveled as he shouted.

As soon as the leader finished speaking, the guards quickly put on their clothes and rode their warhorses to follow the leader towards the city gates at an extremely fast speed …

Of course, Ye Xuan didn't know about any of this.

Currently, he'd already strode over to the corpses of the members of the Demonic Palace. As he looked at the rusted and bloody badges, Ye Xuan bent down and extended his hand to pick up the badges.

His fingers gently rubbed away the rust on the badge. As he looked at the name engraved on the back of the badge, the self-blame expression on Ye Xuan's face intensified. His heart became heavier and heavier, and he felt even more guilty.

The names carved on these emblems are unfamiliar to Ye Xuan. He's completely unfamiliar with them, to the point he's never even heard of them. However, they put their lives on the line to guard the Demonic Palace.

These were the soldiers of the Demonic Palace!

This is Ye Xuan's weapon!

These were his pride.

However, in the end, this pride was ruthlessly trampled under his feet.

This feeling was hard to describe with words … …

There was nothing worse than this!

"Brothers, I'm sorry, I came back late!"

Ye Xuan's body trembled as he tightly gripped the emblem in his hand. His hoarse voice sounded out.

"Brothers, this is the wine I brought back for you. Try it …"

Ye Xuan took out a bottle of wine from the Void Magic Ring, opened the lid, and poured it over.

"Rest assured, I will definitely avenge you!"

Afterwards, Ye Xuan solemnly said these words to them. With intense killing intent and resolution, he turned around and left.

"F * ck, what's going on?" "Ah, where are they?"

"Captain, look! There's a magical beast over there!"

At this time, the Evil Emperor Pavilion guards who had come to investigate finally rushed to the city gate. When they saw the Variant Wasteland Wolf King, which would once again reduce in size, instead of noticing the guards that were lying in ambush here, they could not help but be startled and quickly opened their mouths.

"Tsk, tsk. It's actually a mutated Huang Wolf. However, judging from its small and skinny body, it seems like it hasn't reached adulthood yet. Could it be that all the guards here have been eaten by it?"

"I don't know, but this thing is quite rare and its speed is much faster than our warhorses. Capturing it and giving it to the captain is definitely a great merit!"

The leader stared at the Variant Wolf King with a burning gaze and spoke with a greedy expression, "Do it, capture it!"

As the words left his mouth, the guards beside him quickly rushed towards the Variant Wolf King!

"Swish …"

However, in the next moment, their bodies froze all of a sudden.

Under the horrified gazes of the captain and his two subordinates, the bodies of the two guards that were charging towards the Variant Wolf King suddenly broke into two pieces and died quietly.

Rustling sounds of footsteps could be heard as Ye Xuan, who'd completed his memorial service, slowly walked over …