"You … "Who are you?"

Looking at his subordinate who'd suddenly died and Ye Xuan who'd walked over with large strides, the guard captain forcefully suppressed the fear in his heart and shouted.

"The one who wants your lives!"

Ye Xuan coldly replied.

"The person who wants our lives? Brat, do you know who we are? We are the expedition troops of the Evil Emperor Pavilion, and if you dare touch me, you will become the enemy of the Evil Emperor Pavilion, the enemy of the Evil Emperor!

Hearing Ye Xuan's reply and sensing the strong killing intent emanating from his body, the guard captain's expression became unsightly as he shouted loudly.

"Do you know how many people we have in the Ruins City?" Let me tell you, there's a whole regiment! "If you know what's good for you, you'd better kneel down and beg for mercy for us. Otherwise …"

Perhaps it was the Evil Emperor Pavilion and the expedition team that were stationed in the Demonic Ruins City that gave this guard captain enough confidence and confidence, but in the end, his words actually floated up, and he even threatened Ye Xuan, telling him to kneel down and beg for forgiveness.

"Is there a regiment of your Evil Emperor's Pavilion stationed in this Demonic Ruins City?"

Ye Xuan's brows twitched and a trace of interest appeared on his face.

"That's right, if it's just an expedition team, then if you …"

The guard captain thought that Ye Xuan was afraid and spoke arrogantly.

"Swish …"

However, before he could finish speaking, Ye Xuan casually swung the demon sword in his hand, causing sword qi to surge out. The heads of two of his subordinates that were standing beside him flew up as they silently died.

The fresh, scalding blood splattered on the Guard Captain's face, causing him to stand there in a daze.

Is this guy crazy?

He still dared to kill his people after he reported his name?

Could it be that he was not afraid of the Evil Emperor Pavilion, nor the Evil Emperor?

"You …"

This sudden turn of events caused the guard captain to jump in fright. Only after a long time did he regain his senses and point a finger at Ye Xuan as he spoke with a trembling face.

"Take me to the base of your legion!"

Unfortunately, before he could finish his words, Ye Xuan's unquestionable voice interrupted him.

"You want to go to the base of our conquest army?"

Ye Xuan's words caused the guard captain to be shocked. He looked at Ye Xuan in astonishment. He thought Ye Xuan had gone mad!

"Lead the way!"

Ye Xuan coldly said.


The guard captain only hesitated for a moment, then nodded and agreed.

Although he didn't know why Ye Xuan would let him bring him to their expedition team's campsite, from his point of view, Ye Xuan was courting death.

With his strength, he really can't deal with Ye Xuan. Resistance will only result in death. Bringing this guy to the campsite means of torturing him ten million times over.

Ye Xuan's request was undoubtedly extremely compatible with his own heart.

Immediately, he rode his war horse at an extremely fast speed towards the campsite. Ye Xuan calmly followed behind on his Variant Wolf King.

The captain of the guards quickly brought Ye Xuan to their campsite.

Looking at the chaotic campsite in front of him, at the army members who were eating and drinking together, at the women who were dragged out of the refugee cave to drink or cry, Ye Xuan's eyes flashed with a cold light.

"Kid, this is the camp of our conquest. You're finished!"

The guard captain took advantage of the moment when Ye Xuan was looking at his surroundings to quickly distance himself away from him, as he coldly spoke.

"Little ones, seize this little bastard for me!"

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

As soon as the guard captain finished speaking, over a dozen troops charged over like lightning. They held weapons in their hands and surrounded Ye Xuan.

"You think these people alone can deal with me? Do you know why I asked you to bring me here? "

Seeing this, Ye Xuan didn't mind and sneered.


The captain asked in confusion.

"Because I'm going to destroy your army!"

Ye Xuan replied expressionlessly.

"Haha …" They want to annihilate our battalions? "Brat, are you f * cking dreaming?"

"Brat, you want to annihilate our expedition team by yourself? Are you crazy? "

"Old Wang, where did you catch this arrogant kid?"

"Brat, you want to destroy our army? Do you know how many people there are in our entire army? Six hundred and eighty people, who do you think you are? "

Ye Xuan didn't lower his voice. When his voice entered the ears of the surrounding army members, they all couldn't help but laugh loudly. They looked at Ye Xuan as if he were an idiot.

"Fury! Pen!"

Those soldiers who were drinking and eating and playing with the women started laughing and cursing loudly.

"Swish …"

Ye Xuan didn't have any plans to continue playing with these guys. When he returned to his hometown and saw this scene, his anger surged. Waving the demon sword in his hand, an enormous sword qi suddenly bloomed, slashing the convoy members in front of him into two!

Not only that, but after killing the members of the expedition team, the Sword Qi continued to fly forward and hacked into the tent, splitting it in half.

The sounds of laughter of the battalions who were laughing out loud suddenly came to a halt at this moment.

They dumbfoundedly stared at Ye Xuan with undisguised shock in their eyes. They didn't expect him to dare to make a move at this moment.

The scene was completely silent, even a pin drop could be heard!

"Ahh …"

A woman's cry of surprise came from the shattered tent, breaking the silence.

"F * ck, who the hell is doing this? Do you want to die?"

The Vice Commander of the Expedition, Duan Wu, who was filled with rage, walked out of the tent while cursing.

After two interruptions, his mood had been completely destroyed!

"Vice Guild Leader!"

"Vice Guild Leader!"

Seeing the furious Duan Wu walk out, the Guard Captain and the people at the scene quickly returned to their senses and spoke with a respectful expression.

"Who the hell dares to destroy laozi's tent, and they're purposely making life difficult for laozi, right?"

Duan Wu's expression was unsightly as he cursed.

"What's going on? "Who is this kid?"

When he saw his subordinates dead on the ground and Ye Xuan standing there, his face went cold as he coldly spoke.

"Vice Guild Leader, didn't you ask me to check on the movements at the city gate?" It was this damned brat who did this. Our brothers who were guarding the city have all died. I brought him back for you to deal with! "

The guard captain hurriedly explained.

Pausing for a moment, he continued, "Oh, that's right, your tent was split open by this kid just now!"

"And he was even punished with a J8. Of course, I'm going to kill him!"

Hearing the Guard Captain's words, vice-captain Duan Wu's face went ice-cold. Enraged, his entire body's energy surged. With a wild killing intent, he charged towards Ye Xuan.

The moment he charged out, his right fist was wrapped in gray qi, as if it had turned into a grey wolf. It opened its huge ferocious mouth and bit towards Ye Xuan, creating a violent wind that was extremely frightening.

"What a terrifying punch. Is this the famous martial skill of the vice-captain, the ninth level of anger?"

"Vice Guild Leader, good job, kill him!"

"Vice Guild Leader is mighty and domineering. He is invincible in this world!"

Seeing the Vice Guild Leader Duan Wu's powerful punch, the surrounding members of the expedition team swiftly flattered him and let out cheers of excitement from their mouths.

However, in the next moment, their shouts came to an abrupt end.

Because Vice Guild Leader Duan Wu, who was originally charging towards Ye Xuan, seemed as if he'd been executed by someone else, and was dumbstruck on the spot.

A fine line of blood appeared between his eyebrows, extending along the bridge of his nose to his lower abdomen …

"Puchi …"

Following the sound of something shattering, under their horrified gazes, their Vice Guild Leader Duan Wu's body suddenly split into two and broke into pieces.

As the two halves of the corpse fell to the ground, bright red blood flowed out, dyeing the ground in a blood-red color.

Ye Xuan's figure slowly appeared beside Duan Wu.

Obviously, he was the one who killed Duan Wu in that instant.

"Vice... The vice captain is dead? "

"The vice-captain was killed just like that?"

"How did he do it?"

"Did you guys clearly see what just happened?"

The members of the Expedition stared blankly at Duan Wu who was lying in a pool of blood. Their expressions were as if they had seen a ghost, and words of fear came out of their mouths.

The scene in front of them had completely overturned everything they knew.

"Damn it, damn it!"

Some even wondered if they were hallucinating as they let out an angry curse and rubbed their eyes to keep looking, only to discover that the scene before them didn't change at all, causing them to turn pale.

"You … You. "You …"

The guard captain even extended his finger to point at Ye Xuan, who was wielding the demon sword. His face was filled with terror and he was completely speechless from the shock!

"Kill him!"

"He killed the vice-captain! Kill him together! Take revenge for the vice-captain!"

In the next moment, he snapped out of his daze and shouted.

"Swish …"

However, just as his voice fell, Ye Xuan swung the demon sword in his hand and beheaded him.

His eyes were round and angry, and he died with grievance!

Seeing that he'd led the way and allowed him to live until now, Ye Xuan was quite interesting.

"F * ck!" "F * ck him!"

"Kill him! Take revenge for the vice-captain!"

At the sight of this, the numerous conquest troops quickly recovered their wits. They let out angry curses as they charged toward Ye Xuan at an extremely fast speed with weapons in hand. They wanted to kill him.

They were all ruthless people who licked blood from their wounds. They had already understood life and death long ago. They would not sit idly by while waiting for death if they could live till now.

Thus, at the first moment, they attacked Ye Xuan and started their encirclement!

A strong killing intent spread out from their bodies. Surging astral energy surrounded their bodies, causing them to look like vicious wolves that rushed out one after another. They were very fierce and made people feel fear.

However, they could only scare those ordinary people!

In the eyes of others, they might be vicious and unbeatable troops from the Azure Emperor Pavilion, or vicious wolves, but in the eyes of Ye Xuan, they were nothing more than lambs waiting to be slaughtered.

This time, their positions were reversed. They were no longer predators, but prey that had been slaughtered.

Ye Xuan didn't have the slightest expression on his face as he watched the approaching army. With the devil sword in hand, his body turned into a ghostly shadow as he dashed toward them at an extremely fast speed, mercilessly slaughtering them.

For Ye Xuan, this was a massacre without suspense.

Even though the Azure Emperor's army was infamous, causing people to tremble in fear, no one was able to stop Ye Xuan's steps and his sword.

In a short period of time, a large number of troops fell under Ye Xuan's sword, turning into ghosts under his sword!

"Brat, our Legion Commander and Lord Ghost King will never let you go, they will be back soon, you're dead for sure!"

When the last member of the expedition team spoke the last words of his life, he fell into a pool of blood. He died with deep unwillingness, love for life, and hatred towards Ye Xuan.

At this point, all the battalions stationed here had been wiped out!

"Captain? Spirit King? "

Ye Xuan slightly frowned as he looked at the dead conquest team members and recalled their dying words. His eyes flickered with a sharp light.

Although he didn't know who the commander of this conquest was, Ye Xuan had heard of the Ghost King's name before. He was an extremely difficult opponent to deal with.

The Ghost King's real name was Atts, and he was a famous powerhouse in the Western Asura World. He was once ranked on the Asura Heavenly Rankings, and his strength was not weaker than the nine Demon Kings in the Western Asura World. He was one of the two strongest generals under the Evil Emperor, and was even stronger than the Eight-Armed Evil Demon, Magna.

In these four years, he was afraid that he had already become stronger.

With my current strength, I might be able to barely fight against Ghost King Atts. If I use the half broken dragon blade, I might be able to barely kill him, but the price I have to pay is too great.

Thinking of this, a thought flashed through Ye Xuan's mind as he spoke in a low voice.

"How … Thank you, Sir, for saving us! "

"Thank you, master. If it wasn't for you helping them out, we would have … "Woo woo …"

At this moment, the captured girls tidied up their clothes and walked over. They knelt down to thank Ye Xuan.

If it wasn't for Ye Xuan, they would've undoubtedly been in a miserable state and would've been killed by the Qing Emperor Pavilion's army.

"There is no need to be courteous. It is merely a small matter. Where are you guys from? "

Seeing this, he hurriedly stretched out his hand to help them up as he gently asked.

"Lord, we were originally residents of Demonic City and lived a carefree life here all year round. However, four years ago, four emperors led an army to besiege Demonic City and destroy the Demonic Palace, destroying our family and leaving us with no other path. We could only stay in this ruined Demonic City and barely survive …"

"From time to time, the armies of the Four Great Emperor would come and sweep through the ruins, making our lives miserable. We had nowhere to go and could only hide in these ruins, and unfortunately, we were captured by the army of the Azure Emperor Pavilion. If not for you saving us, I'm afraid … I'm afraid... "Woo woo …"

"It would be great if the Lord Devil Lord was still here. If he was, how could we possibly be bullied like this? Wuuuuu …"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, the girls started to explain. However, by the end of their explanation, they started to cry.

It was really not easy for them to survive until now …

Ye Xuan was about to console them, but he didn't know what to say. In the end, he could only lightly sigh and say, "It's getting late. You guys should hurry back. If you're late, there might be danger. Those guys should be returning soon …"

"Thank you, master!"

Many women hurriedly bowed and expressed their gratitude before dragging their injured bodies and staggering away.

Ye Xuan's expression was filled with complex emotions as he watched them leave.

These were his people who loved him dearly.

After that, he rode the mutated wolf king out of the camp at an extremely fast speed towards the center of the city …

"Dammit! Bastards! Get out of my way! Get the hell out of my way!"

"Ahh …"

"Little girl, don't run. Come and play together …"

However, before Ye Xuan could even walk a certain distance, angry roars and cries of pain sounded out from behind him, causing him to pause in his movements.

He turned his head to look behind him, only to find that a large number of experts were riding horses towards the campsite. The women that Ye Xuan had saved were either trampled on by horses or mercilessly slaughtered by them, causing Ye Xuan's expression to become extremely unsightly.

"Damn it!"

Ye Xuan cursed in rage. He suddenly turned around and rode the Variant Wolf King at an extremely fast speed, heading in their direction.

A roar filled with boundless soul force impact came out of Ye Xuan's mouth.


This was the first time he had seen this, and it was also the second time he had seen it in action.