"This guy is crazy!"

In the sky, Ye Xuan was shuttling back and forth at an extremely fast speed. He looked behind him and saw Ghost King Atts howling and chasing after him like an evil spirit. Feeling the overwhelming killing intent, his expression became extremely grim and unsightly.

The Ghost King Atts had been chasing him for nearly half an hour now, but he still showed no signs of giving up.

Wherever he passed by, terrifying gusts of wind would destroy the surface, causing a ravine to appear and a large amount of dust to fly into the air.

One could imagine just how fierce the berserk Ghost King Atts was. It was as if he was a peerless demon that had rushed out from hell, incomparably violent.

As for Ye Xuan, his aura gradually weakened because the White Dragon Form was nearing its end.

Once the time for the white dragon form ends, Ye Xuan will enter a period of weakness, and his strength will drop greatly.

If they were caught up to by Ghost King Atts at that time, then Ye Xuan's fate would undoubtedly be extremely dangerous, and he might even be in danger of dying.

Furthermore, along with Ghost King Atts' frenzied pursuit and the large amount of destruction he caused, Ye Xuan could clearly feel several unfamiliar yet powerful auras approaching them.

Thinking about it, these auras should be the aid of the Evil Emperor Pavilion, the companion of Ghost King Atts!

"Dammit, I have to get rid of this guy before the White Dragon Form ends!" There are only three minutes left before the end of the white dragon's form... "

Ye Xuan's expression became unsightly as he looked at the Ghost King Atreides who was in hot pursuit. His eyes flickered and he cursed. The wings on his back flapped as he suddenly turned around and charged towards the eastern part of the Forest of Ruins.

"Little bastard, where are you going?!" The vengeful soul chase! "

Ghost King Atts' blood-colored eyes flickered with burning fury as he looked at Ye Xuan, who was escaping in another direction. His incomparably furious voice sounded out …


The instant he finished speaking, he waved the Ghost Head Scepter in his hand. The dense, malevolent souls were like arrows as they shot towards Ye Xuan at an extremely fast speed, wanting to tear him apart and bite him …

Seeing this, Ye Xuan's expression turned cold. The wings on his back flapped and he suddenly dove down towards the forest of ruins!

A beautiful ice flower bloomed in mid-air, forming many protective walls!

The Ice Domain was quietly activated!

The vengeful souls that were in pursuit of Ye Xuan instantly shattered upon colliding with the wall formed by the frost domain. They slowly floated down from the sky and reflected a magnificent light!

"Hmph, you want to stop This King with just this little trick?"

Seeing this, Ghost King Atts made a cold snort of disdain before charging out and smashing his fist on the ice wall.

The solid ice wall shattered with a bang like glass under the attack from Ghost King Atts' fist. Ghost King Atts rushed into the forest of ruins below without the slightest pause.

"Dammit, you little bastard, get the hell out here …."

It's just a pity that by the time Ghost King Atts rushed into the forest, there was no trace of Ye Xuan.

His cold gaze swept the forest, but he did not discover anything, causing the anger in his heart to reach its peak.

He heavily smashed his fist on an ancient tree, venting the anger in his heart.

"Boom! Boom!"

Under the attack of Ghost King Atts, the tree that the six of them were carrying was actually uprooted and sent flying like a cannonball, smashing against a large tree in the distance and causing a great deal of damage.

"So strong?"

When this scene appeared in the eyes of Ye Xuan, who was hiding behind a large tree and quietly observing from afar, his pupils couldn't help but constrict and his expression changed.

This Ghost King Atts' strength was far beyond his expectations. Moreover, the Nine Heavens Demons, McLaren and the others on the Thousand Scorpion Island had probably been killed by the Dragon Blade before they could even reveal their true strength.

Otherwise, Ye Xuan wouldn't have been able to kill them so easily.

Even if he recovered to his peak condition, it would still be difficult for him to become king. In half a year, in the Conferred God Battle, to cleanse himself of his shame and take back everything that belonged to him, it would still be impossible.

He needed to become stronger, to surpass everything that was left in this void.

He had to break through to the fourth stage of the Yin Yang Tyrant Body Technique, the Dragon Transformation Stage, and then cultivate to the fifth stage of the Spirit Transformation Stage!

Breaking through to the Deity Stage in half a year's time was undoubtedly a huge challenge for Ye Xuan.

Moreover, as long as he succeeded in this challenge, he absolutely could not allow it to fail!

Of course, Ye Xuan's current predicament required him to first think of a way to get rid of Ghost King Atts.

Ye Xuan's expression became extremely serious as he looked at Ghost King Atts, who was madly shuttling back and forth in the abandoned forest, wreaking havoc in search of him. He carefully restrained his aura, and then threw a healing medicine into his mouth to recover from his internal injuries and exhaustion.

The white dragon form's time had passed, and Ye Xuan was currently in a weakened state. He was extremely weak. If he were to be discovered by Ghost King Atts, it would undoubtedly be a narrow escape!

Even though Ye Xuan still had a trump card, he didn't dare to easily use it.

He didn't have enough confidence to use the Dragon Blade to kill this Ghost King Atts, and Ghost King Atts' reinforcements were arriving soon. Ye Xuan activated his Fire and Ice Yin Eyes and was able to see three fierce figures moving their wings as they approached at an extremely fast speed in the distance.

Ordinary Martial Emperors could not fly. Only high-level Martial Emperors could use the Astral Energy Transformation Wings and the ability to fly!

Of course, there were stronger existences above Martial Monarchs. They were Martial Emperors!

Only by stepping into the Godless Realm would one be able to become a Martial Emperor. They would be able to stand in mid-air and tread on flat ground.

Under Ye Xuan's gaze, the three figures that were charging from the sky grew closer and closer.

In a few flashes, they appeared in the sky above the forest of ruins. Their appearances clearly appeared in Ye Xuan's line of sight.

They were two men and a woman!

The man in the middle was over three meters tall and had a rough appearance. He was tall and sturdy, and his limbs were well-developed. He wore a customized set of Black Tortoise Armor, and his aura was extremely thick and long, giving off an unfathomable feeling.

He was one of the nine great demon kings of the Western Asura World, the Black Tortoise King, Yan Lan. In the entire Asura World, he possessed an extremely powerful strength and position, and was known as the world's strongest defense man!

Standing on the left side of the Black Tortoise King, Yan Lan, was a woman with long black hair and a black veil that covered her delicate cheeks, revealing a pair of deep blue eyes.

Her figure was very well-shaped, with curves in all directions. She was wrapped in a black muslin that was custom-made by Tian Luo. The muslin was somewhat transparent, revealing her black undergarments and a large area of snow-white, giving her a unique allure.

The wings on her back were like silver spider webs, causing her to exude an evil and fatal sense of danger despite her charm.

She was one of the thirty-six Gods of the Western Asura World, a core member of the Evil Emperor Pavilion.

As for the remaining man, he appeared to be a youth and a handsome man with elegant long hair. He wore a set of high-grade alchemy clothes, and his entire body was surrounded by azure flames.

He was one of the thirty-six spirits of the Western Asura World, a core member of the Evil Emperor Pavilion, the Medicine God Han Feng!

"Barbarian King Yan Lan? As for the other two, I have never seen them before.

Ye Xuan frowned as he looked at the three of them. He didn't conceal the heaviness in his eyes as he muttered to himself.

Ye Xuan was extremely familiar with the Black Tortoise King Yan Lan. This fellow's defense was extremely strong, and even if Ye Xuan was at his peak, he would have to spend a large amount of time and effort to defeat him.

After four years, the strength of the Black Tortoise King, Yan Lan, had undoubtedly become much stronger!

This was an opponent even more difficult to deal with than Ghost King Atts.

No wonder why Lin Feng and the rest would ask for his help, it was likely that all of the Evil Emperor Pavilion's power would be stored in the Demonic Ruins City.

At this moment, Ye Xuan was even more cautious. He lay dormant in the grass behind the distant trees, trying his best to breathe, not daring to make the slightest movement.

"Lord Atts!"

The Black Tortoise Barbarian King, Yan Lan, and the rest slowly swept their eyes over the desolate forest below. When they saw the frenzied Ghost King Atts, they couldn't help but be shocked and hurriedly dived down.

"Lord Atts, the wounds on your body …"

"Lord Atts, what is this?"

Seeing Ghost King Atts in such a sorry state with burn marks all over his body, the Medicine God Han Feng and the Black Heart Goddess' Chimera were greatly shocked, and they hurriedly spoke out in concern.

They were all very surprised to find out who could injure Ghost King Atts to this extent!

Hearing the words of the Medicine God Han Feng and the Blackheart Goddess, Ghost King Atts, who had gone crazy, frowned. Only then did he stop his movements.

"I was tricked by a bastard!"

A cold voice filled with dissatisfaction came from Ghost King Atts' mouth.

"Just what kind of person can injure you to this extent?"

"Is it a mad or a holy demon?"

The Medicine God Han Feng and the Black Heart Goddess Qi Mei asked curiously.

As for the Black Tortoise King, Yan Lan, he silently watched him silently.

"Neither of them... They were their accomplices! That brat has the inheritance of the Demon Lord and a strange weapon. He was heavily injured by me and escaped into this forest.

Ghost King Atts' face was cold as he clenched his fists until they cracked. He seemed to be gnashing his teeth in anger.

"Demon Lord's legacy?"

Barbarian King Yan Lan knitted his eyebrows.

"That's right. That kid not only knows the Yin Yang Tyrant Body Technique, but he can also use the Demon Lord's White Dragon Form to greatly increase his combat strength …" Right now, he is in this forest, you two will chase after him separately, you absolutely cannot let that brat escape! "

"I'm guessing that he has an extraordinary relationship with Lin Feng and the rest. As long as we catch him as bait, we can lure all the bastards like Lin Feng and the rest out and capture them in one fell swoop!"

Ghost King Atts said with a face full of anger and a murderous aura.

"Since it's like this, then... "Let's go!"

Hearing the Ghost King Atts' words, a sharp glint of light flashed across Savage King Youlan's eyes. He waved his hand and took the lead to rush into the depths of the forest.

"Let's go, we'll split up and search!"

Ghost King Atts, Medicine God Han Feng, and the Black Heart Goddess, Chimei also quickly flew in different directions.

As Ye Xuan watched their figures gradually disappear, he didn't hurry to leave. Instead, he quietly waited on the spot.

Not long after, the Medicine God Han Feng and the Blackheart Goddess, Chimei returned.

They searched all over the place but still couldn't find any traces of him. Only then did they leave!

Ye Xuan let out a long breath of relief. He walked out of the nearby grass and quickly headed out of the forest.