Sunset City, City Lord's Mansion!

In the ancient grand hall, two figures were gracefully sitting on the throne in front of them, sipping tea and playing chess. At the same time, they were appreciating the beautiful dancing styles of the sexy figures below, appearing exceptionally relaxed and cozy, as if they were ancient emperors.

If Ye Xuan and the others were here, they would definitely be able to recognize them.

This was because they were the current supreme members of the Asura World's Five Emperors, the Evil Emperor and the Zither Emperor!

The Evil Emperor was still dressed in that dignified and imposing attire, wearing a golden robe, his entire body releasing an evil Qi, it could be said that he had a unique aura, that caused no one to dare approach him.

Compared to the Evil Emperor's attire, the Zither Emperor's attire seemed to have more taste.

He looked to be in his fifties, with long white hair and a handsome face. However, his appearance was filled with a gentle and refined temperament, his slender and straight body was wrapped in a set of white classical long robes, and on his back was a custom-made zither. This made him look a bit more immortal, and it was extremely attractive to women; his popularity in the Western Asura World was extremely high.

"Zither Emperor, why didn't you just stay at Broken Love Cliff and come to Sunset City? What are you planning?"

The Evil Emperor put down the chess piece, raised his head and looked at the Zither Emperor, then said neither slow nor fast.

"Since you have nothing better to do, and heard the people below say that the entire army of the Evil Emperor Pavilion is coming out, you might as well come here to take a breather!" After pausing for a moment, he continued, "Your Evil Emperor Pavilion has dispatched so many people at once. Could it be that you have found some treasure?"

"Haha …" Treasure? "You really know how to think, what kind of treasures can be found in this shitty place?"

Hearing the Zither Emperor's words, the Evil Emperor seemed to have heard some sort of joke and couldn't help but laugh out loud.

"That may not be true... After all, not far ahead is the Demonic City, which is also the headquarters of the Demonic God Palace.

The Zither Emperor slowly said.

"Forget it, don't even think about treasures! The reason why my Evil Emperor Pavilion has sent so many people out is only because we met with trouble, since you came this time, then help me resolve this trouble as well. " The Evil Emperor spoke in a deep voice.

"Heh heh... "You know, it's very expensive if you ask me to help you." The Zither Emperor's face was filled with smiles.

"Come on, I won't give you any reward this time. Even if you want to help, you have to!" The Evil Emperor dropped the chess piece and stretched lazily.

"What is it?"

A bad premonition flashed through the Zither Emperor's heart.

"It's not a big deal. It's just that Mad Demon Lin Feng and Saint Devil Derek brought the remnants of their group from the Demonic Palace to appear in this world, and they are causing trouble here …" The Evil Emperor said with a cold expression.

"What?" Lin Feng and the Demonic Saint Derek brought the remnants of the Demonic Palace into the world? "The two of them didn't die?"

The Evil Emperor's words had undoubtedly shocked the Zither Emperor greatly.

"Back then, they escaped with heavy injuries. I thought all these years that they had not died from their injuries, but I never thought that they would be able to live after receiving such heavy injuries. Furthermore, they have already injured quite a few people in our Evil Emperor Pavilion …"

The Evil Emperor's eyes were filled with killing intent, as he spoke with a cold tone.

"Dammit, they're really still alive? Why didn't you inform me of this earlier? " The Zither Emperor angrily cursed as he spoke with an ugly expression.

If Mad Demon Lin Feng and Saint Devil Derek were still alive, it would indeed be quite troublesome. It would undoubtedly pose a great threat to their position in power.

This was something that the Zither Emperor absolutely didn't want to see easily.

"You have been in seclusion on Broken Love Cliff all year round, so I naturally cannot tell you! Furthermore, I was alive for only one demon, and he was injured so I didn't think much of him. As a result, I didn't think that another demon would appear, so I felt that this matter wasn't as simple as I thought … "

The Evil Emperor took a sip of the tea and continued, "Also, I can tell you another piece of news, it is possible that the Demon Lord is still alive. When I was going to China, I met his disciple …"

"The Demon Lord is still alive? This … That's impossible, right? We have seen his corpse with our own eyes! "

The words of the Evil Emperor caused the Zither Emperor to be shocked once again.

"It's only a possibility that he's still alive. As for the odds that he's still alive, it's true that his chances are low, but … "His disciple is real. Not only is he proficient in the Yin-Yang Tyrant Body Technique, he is also capable of using the Great Devil Realm and the White Dragon Form. I have fought against him before."

"If it wasn't for that old fellow from the Faction of Berserkers back then …" I have already killed them all! "

Killing intent surged in the eyes of the Evil Emperor.

"This …"

The Zither Emperor was stunned, his heart shaking. He found it hard to accept so much news.

"Reporting to the Lord Evil Emperor, Lord Atts has returned. He has an important matter to discuss with you!"

While the Evil Emperor and the Zither Emperor were talking, a guard rushed in and spoke respectfully.

"Let them in!"

The Evil Emperor lightly waved his hand, and the dancing beauties respectfully left.

Not long after, Ghost King Atts, Black Tortoise King Yan Lan, Blackheart Goddess Qi Mei, and Medicine God Han Feng walked into the hall.

"Atts, how did you come to this? And with you, the commander of the conquest regiment, Anz? "

Looking at Ghost King Atts' miserable appearance, the Evil Emperor furrowed his brows and asked coldly.

"I ran into some trouble along the way. I suffered some serious injuries. Anz died, and his army was wiped out!"

Ghost King Atts lowered his head and spoke in a low voice.


Hearing Ghost King Atts' words, the Evil Emperor and the Zither Emperor could not help but be shocked. The Evil Emperor even stood up at once, "What exactly happened? Could it be that we met those two bastards, the crazy devil and the Saint Devil? "

"We did not meet the Insane Demon and the Saint Devil, but we met someone else!"

Ghost King Atts had an ugly expression on his face. He clenched his fists until they cracked, and said with an unwilling expression.

"Who is it?" "What's your name?"

The Evil Emperor's face was cold and ugly, but bloodthirsty words came out of his mouth.

The Expedition Legion was a strong army within the Evil Emperor Pavilion. If they were to be annihilated, the losses they would suffer would be immense, especially the death of An Zhe.

"I don't know his name, but that boy is a bit strange. He can use the techniques and techniques of the Demon Lord. Not only does he know the Yin Yang Tyrant Body Technique, but he also knows the Demon Lord's White Dragon form. I'm guessing that he might have obtained the Demon Lord's inheritance!"

Ghost King Atreides spoke coldly, his head bowed, his teeth clenched.

To be beaten into this state by a nameless kid, this was an insult to him.

"Damn it, could it be him?"

The Evil Emperor could not help but curse in rage, and continued to ask: "What does he look like?"

"About 1.78 meters long, with the face of a Chinese, tall and thin …"

"It's him! That damned bastard Ye Xuan!"

Before Ghost King Atts could finish his words, he was interrupted by the Evil Emperor's angry voice.

"The disciple of the Demon Lord that you mentioned?" The Zither Emperor said with an ugly expression.

"It should be him. I didn't think that he would actually come to the Western Asura World …" The Evil Emperor said with a cold expression.

Pausing, he fixed his gaze on Ghost King Atts and continued, "However, that kid's strength is weak and unremarkable. How could he possibly kill An Zhe, wipe out the conquest legion, and then fight a fierce battle with you to the point of injuring you to such an extent before successfully escaping from your hands?"

"Could it be that in such a short period of time, that kid's strength has greatly increased, to the extent that he can compete with Atts in beauty?"

At that moment, the Evil Emperor's heart was filled with shock.

If Ye Xuan's strength were to really increase at such a terrifying rate, then it would be a bit too frightening.

"Lord Evil Emperor, that kid's strength is indeed very strange. He's clearly only a six star Martial King, but he has fighting strength that surpasses an extremely large realm. Furthermore, his cunning …"

"Don't worry, the next time we meet that damned bastard, I will personally kill him!"

Looking at the appearance of the Evil Emperor, Ghost King Atts hesitated for a moment before clenching his teeth and placing down the military order.

"If we really do as you say, that brat is the disciple of the Demon Lord, then isn't his growth speed a bit too terrifying! He had come to the Asura World, and he also had the Berserk Demon Lin Feng and the Holy Demon Derek, a large group of people …. You must want to take revenge on us! "

At this moment, the Zither Emperor also spoke with an ugly expression. His eyes burned with a strong killing intent.

"Lord Qin Emperor, Lord Shui Mei is asking to see you!"

Just as the Zither Emperor and the Evil Emperor were deep in thought, one of the guards rushed in and spoke respectfully.

Just as he finished his sentence, a sexy and mature voice came out, causing one to feel infuriated. That graceful figure of hers seemed to be able to squeeze out water, while that woman wriggled her fiery figure into the hall.

Afterwards, she respectfully walked to the center of the room and bent down to pay her respects to the Zither Emperor and the Evil Emperor.

"I, Shui Mei, pay my respects to Lord Qin Emperor! Lord Evil Emperor!"

Following Shui Mei's action, a deep snow-white ravine appeared from under her collar, dazzling people's eyes.

"What happened to Shui Mei to make you pay a visit so late at night?"

The Zither Emperor coldly asked as he looked at Shui Mei bowing and paying his respects.

"Sir Qin Emperor, the Yin Master is dead!"

Shui Mei hesitated for a moment before replying respectfully.

"What?" The Yin Master is dead? "Who did it?"

The Zither Emperor's expression was startled as he angrily spoke.

"I'm not sure. According to the investigation, he was from China, and he was killed in one move …" Shui Mei answered respectfully.

"Could it be that brat?"

The Evil Emperor and the Zither Emperor could see the killing intent and shock in each other's eyes.

"In addition … These few days, we found out that a few groups of Chinese people snuck into the Sunset City, and it seemed like they were all here for the crime called Xi Mi which the Evil Emperor had imprisoned. "

After a pause, Shui Mei continued.

The Zither Emperor's expression became ugly and he asked with a deep voice, "Now … Do you have any information or traces on that brat? "

"I haven't been able to find any trace of them or any news about them."

Shui Mei lightly shook her head.

"In that case, we can only think of a way to lure them all out and eliminate them in one fell swoop!"

The Evil Emperor's eyes flashed with a sharp light, and his voice that contained an endless, cold killing intent came out.

"Since they are here to save Simia, then send the order down … In three days, the God of Judgment, Simia, will be publicly executed in Sunset City! This Emperor wants to see if those fellows dare to come! "

"If they dare to come, then this emperor will make them all die without a burial ground!"