Late at night, on the Setting Sun River!

Ghost King Atts and the Black Tortoise Barbarian King Yan Lan's expressions were ice-cold as they stared playfully at Ye Xuan, who'd just hung up the call. "Brat, what's the use of notifying them now?" They should have already barged in and been captured by the two Great Masters, the Evil Emperor and the Zither Emperor? "

Ye Xuan didn't say anything. His gaze was ice-cold as he stared at Ghost King Atts and the Black Tortoise King Yan Lan. His eyes were surging with killing intent.

He had indeed underestimated the schemes of the Evil Emperor and the Zither Emperor. He hadn't thought that these two fellows would actually have such deep schemes. This had caused them to fall into such a predicament during their trip to the City Lord's Mansion.

If it wasn't for the fact that Ye Xuan and the others had long since been prepared, that Ye Xuan had given Emperor Ou Yueyun the Spatial Movement Card to Crazy Demon Lin Feng, the two of them probably would've really fallen into the hands of the Evil Emperor and the Zither Emperor.

With that card, Ye Xuan wasn't worried that the Evil Emperor would capture Lin Feng, the Holy Demon Derek, and the others. Perhaps they wouldn't be able to save Simia, the God of Judgment, but there wouldn't be any problems escaping safely.

"Kid, weren't you proud just now? Why aren't you speaking now? You're afraid of your own death, aren't you? "

Ghost King Atts joked.

"Brat, obediently kneel down and beg for mercy. If you come with us to meet the Lord Evil Emperor, you might have a chance of survival. Otherwise, even if the Heavenly Emperor comes to save you, you will die here!"

The Black Tortoise King, Yan Lan, said in a cold voice.

"Stop bullshitting here. You want to kill me and make me beg for mercy? You don't have the qualifications!"

Just as they finished speaking, Ye Xuan's voice filled with killing intent stealthily sounded out.

Even when facing the two great experts of the Black Tortoise King, Yan Lan, and Ghost King Atts, Ye Xuan didn't show the slightest sign of weakening them.

"You're courting death!"

Ye Xuan's words had undoubtedly angered the Black Tortoise Barbarian King, Yan Lan, and Ghost King Atts. Both of them let out an angry curse, and powerful energy exploded forth as they charged towards Ye Xuan with fierce killing intent.

As the Black Tortoise King, Yan Lan, charged forward, a gray astral energy emanated from his entire body. A pair of Black Tortoise armor emerged on his body, and a huge Black Tortoise appeared behind him.

Its ferocity reached the heavens as its killing intent filled the air. It raised its head to the sky and roared before charging forth with Yan Lan to attack Ye Xuan.

In the instant that the Mystic Barbarian King, Yan Lan, charged out, Ghost King Atts, also unleashed his killing intent. He turned into a gigantic Spirit King, bringing along a dense group of evil spirits as he tore at Ye Xuan, surrounding him.

From afar, it looked as if the Black Tortoise and the Thousand Devil King wanted to tear Ye Xuan apart and devour him. They were simply insanely strong.

Ye Xuan's tiny body was like a tiny ant in front of them.

At this moment, Ye Xuan clearly felt two strong murderous intents lock onto him. A sense of danger welled up from the bottom of his heart.

Their attacks hadn't even arrived when the strong wind pressure and pressure from the aura descended onto Ye Xuan's body, seemingly wanting to tear him apart.

It was indeed very fierce and powerful.

However, Ye Xuan wasn't someone to be trifled with!

Seeing that their attacks were about to arrive, Ye Xuan's expression turned cold. The devil wings in his eyes and the devil aura in his body roamed about. His hands abruptly formed seals as he coldly spoke.

"Great Devil World, open!"

"Boom boom boom!"

Following the end of Ye Xuan's words, the tranquil Sunset River seemed to explode as hundreds of bombs exploded. Huge black pillars of killing intent and devilish might shot up from the bottom of the river, straight into the sky.

Endless demonic energy gushed out crazily from the bottom of the river and transformed into sinister and terrifying devil dragons, carrying an endless amount of killing intent as they charged towards the Black Tortoise King, Yan Lan, and Ghost King Atts!

Not only that, a monstrous demonic aura was generated with Ye Xuan as the center, transforming into a black demonic wind that surged towards the Xuanwu barbarian king, Youlan and Ghost King Atts.

The Great Devil Realm had fully opened!

The attacks of the Black Tortoise Barbarian King, Yan Lan, and Ghost King Atts paused. It was as if they had fallen into a cruel hell, and it was hard for them to advance any further.

"Great Devil Realm!"

"This damned bastard …"

With their attacks blocked, the expressions of the Black Tortoise King, Yan Lan, and the Ghost King Atts became extremely unsightly. They couldn't even get close to Ye Xuan anymore as angry words came out of their mouths.

The Great Devil Realm was recognized as the Asura World's most difficult technique. The strength of the enemies within the Great Devil Realm would be weakened and suppressed, causing their speed and strength to be unable to compare with their normal strength!

Now that they had personally fallen into this great devil world, they finally understood the terrifying might of this great devil world. Their strength had been weakened by 10%, and they felt as if they had sunk into mud.

Moreover, their energy had been imperceptibly sucked away to nourish Ye Xuan.

"Black Tortoise Equipment!" "Open!"

"Ghost King Armour!" Open!

However, these two fellows were extraordinary individuals after all. Knowing that this Great Devil World was extremely troublesome to deal with, they immediately activated all of their combat strength and unleashed their energy weapons!


In the next moment, the two of them roared in unison. A terrifying energy spread out in all directions, dispersing all of their magic. They charged towards Ye Xuan's direction.

However, Ye Xuan had long since disappeared without a trace, leaving them with no place to vent their terrifying attacks.

"Where the hell is that bastard?"

"Little bastard, get the hell out here!"

Looking at the empty space in front of them and finding no trace of Ye Xuan, their expressions became extremely unsightly. Raging roars came from the mouths of the Black Tortoise Barbarian King, Youlan, and the Ghost King, Atts.


"Great Demonic Conviction!"

However, just as they finished their words, an ice-cold voice rang out quietly at this moment.

As this voice sounded, a rich danger permeated their hearts, causing their faces to turn ugly.

Just as they were about to make a move, the surface of Sunset River below them exploded with a loud bang. A large amount of demonic energy chains appeared, as if a demonic dragon had rushed out from the bottom of the river, and entwined with the Xuanwu Barbarian King, Ghost King Atts and the others, carrying a monstrous might.

From afar, it looked as if hundreds of dragons were flying out to bite them, leaving them with nowhere to run.

With Ye Xuan's increase in strength, he was finally able to fully display the might of the Great Devil Realm. The Great Devil Prison in front of him was a martial skill that Ye Xuan was able to execute after executing the Great Devil Realm.

If the Great Devil Realm was only a single cage in the Demonic Qi Realm, how could it bear such a great fame?

Although the Heavenly Lock of the Great Devil Prison wasn't the strongest killing move that Ye Xuan could execute in the Great Devil Realm, it was more than enough to tie down Ghost King Atts and the Black Tortoise King Yan Lan!

"F * ck!" That boy is in the river! "

Seeing the dense chain of demonic energy coming at them like demonic dragons, Ghost King Atts and the Black Tortoise Barbarian King Yan Lan let out angry curses.

Their words had just sounded when they were enveloped by the Great Demonic Confinement's Sky Lock. This caused their expressions to turn ugly and their movements to be greatly restricted.

Ye Xuan stood at the bottom of the river, coldly looking at the struggling Ghost King Atts and the Black Tortoise King Yan Lan. His eyes flickered with a sinister light as the dragon blade in his hand appeared.

Elementary Dragon Blade Break: Black and White Heavenly Lock!

As Ye Xuan unleashed the Black and White Heavenly Lock, dazzling black lights blossomed on the dragon blades. Dense black and white chains charged out with an extremely fast killing intent, coiling around Ghost King Atts and the Black Tortoise King Yan Lan. They were firmly locked in place, immobilizing the two of them.

Even if they were strong, under the dual restraints of the Great Demonic Confinement's Heavenly Lock and the Black White Heavenly Lock, it would probably be difficult for them to break free from the restraints in a short period of time.

"This bastard, how did these chains manage to suppress the Supreme Force in my body?"

"Bastard, I should have known that this guy would use this move. I suffered such a huge loss last time!"

Bound by the double chains, Ghost King Atts and the Black Turtle Barbarian King Yan Lan struggled violently as flustered words came out of their mouths.

The two of them besieged Ye Xuan. They were in an extremely passive state from the start, but now they're holding him up and fighting him.

This was a huge insult to both of them.

Violent energy emanated from their bodies as layers of scales appeared on the surface of their bodies, causing their auras to soar.

Looking from afar, the two of them looked like the tied up Black Turtle and the Myriad Demons King.


Ye Xuan took a deep breath as he looked at the temporarily tied up Mystic Ruler, Yan Lan, and Ghost King Atts. His gaze gradually turned serious.

This was the best opportunity to kill the Black Tortoise King Yan Lan and Ghost King Atreides!

If he was able to kill the Black Tortoise King Yan Lan and Ghost King Atts here, then he would have undoubtedly profited greatly!

However, Ye Xuan didn't possess such a powerful killing technique other than the Dragon Blade that was half resolved with the Burning Heaven Fury.

Furthermore, even if he were to use the Dragon Blade to neutralize the Raging Inferno of the Burning Heaven, Ye Xuan still wasn't confident enough to kill the two of them.

Not to mention that after using the Dragon Blade to remove half of Burning Heaven's Fury, Ye Xuan no longer had any combat strength left. And tomorrow, they still had to go plunder the Gravitational Field to save the Judgement God, Simia!

However, Ye Xuan wasn't willing to let go of Barbarian King Youlan and Ghost King Atts.

"We can't care so much about that. We should first greet them before talking about anything else!"

At this moment, Ye Xuan's expression turned cold as he coldly spoke.

As soon as his words fell, killing intent filled his eyes. With fierce killing intent, he rushed towards Barbarian King Yan Lan and Ghost King Atts.

A powerful martial skill was executed by Ye Xuan!

First martial skill of the Yin Yang Tyrant Body Technique: Demon God Burning Sun!

Yin Yang Tyrant Body Technique Second Martial Skill: Crescent Moon!

Yin Yang Tyrant Body Technique Third Martial Skill: Buried Soul!

Fourth martial skill of Yin Yang Tyrant Body Technique: Ice and Fire Twin Heavens!

The monstrous attacks enveloped Barbarian King Yan Lan and Ghost King Atts, constantly enlarging their pupils.


In the next moment, Ye Xuan's attacks simultaneously landed on Barbarian King Yan Lan and Ghost King Atts. An earth-shattering sound exploded out, causing dust to fill the sky.

"Huff, puff …"

Continuously executing such a powerful martial skill consumed a large amount of his physical strength. As he gasped for breath with difficulty, he used his ice-cold gaze to stare fixedly at the center of the dust that filled the air …

"Haha …"

"It's useless. Brat, with just your attacks, you can't do anything to This King!"

As the dust dispersed, the sounds of wild laughter came out from the mouths of Barbarian King Yan Lan and Ghost King Atts.

Under Ye Xuan's wild attacks, they, who used their energy to defend themselves, weren't harmed in the slightest. In fact, they even loosened the Great Demonic Confinement's Sky Lock and Black White Sky Lock's bindings. They'd probably be able to completely break free from the bindings in a short while, and at that time, Ye Xuan would have to face their endless attacks and anger.

This undoubtedly caused Ye Xuan's expression to become extremely cold and unsightly.

"It seems like I can only forcefully execute Yin Yang Tyrant Body Technique's fifth martial skill to give it a try!"

At this moment, Ye Xuan's eyes narrowed as a violent energy howled within his body. He quietly circulated the Yin Yang Tyrant Body Technique, and boundless energy surged toward his arms, causing his arms to be instantly covered by dragon scales.

"Wait …" I forgot about the other method! "

As if he'd thought of something, Ye Xuan's movements suddenly stopped and his eyes flashed with a sharp light.

"Back then, the Demon Emperor had not hesitated to destroy a city in order to cultivate the Heaven Swallowing Demonic Art, and he had absorbed all of their vitality and energy … Then now, am I able to use the Heaven Swallowing Demonic Art to refine and absorb them?! "If that's the case, maybe it can help me improve my strength a lot?"

Thinking of this, Ye Xuan instantly made his decision!

Looking at Ye Xuan, who was deep in thought, Barbarian King Yan Lan and Ghost King Atts sneered, "Brat, why don't you continue attacking? Come on, if you can injure us today, I'll kneel down and call you grandpa! "

"One minute, there's still one minute left before your bullshit shackles will be completely untied. When that time comes, you'll die, even if you kneel in front of us and call me grandpa!"

"Really?" In that case, it's better if you kneel down and call me grandpa! "

Hearing this, a sneer appeared on Ye Xuan's face as he coldly spoke.

As soon as Ye Xuan finished speaking, he stretched out his palm to grab the Black White Heavenly Lock, then abruptly activated the Heaven-Devouring Demon Art.

The Heaven Swallowing Demonic Art, Devour!

"Aooo …"

"Ahh …"

As Ye Xuan activated the Heaven-Devouring Devil Art, a violent suction force exploded out, causing Barbarian King Yan Lan and Ghost King Atts' expressions to change. A large amount of life force was sucked out of their bodies, transforming into a black stream that entered Ye Xuan's body and nourished him, rapidly replenishing the energy that Ye Xuan had consumed.

At this moment, his aura also gradually became stronger.

An inexhaustible feeling of comfort permeated Ye Xuan's heart, causing him to feel incomparably intoxicated.

The Heaven Swallowing Demonic Art was indeed powerful!