"Huff, puff …"

Below the Setting Sun River, a slightly sorry figure jumped out of the river and crawled onto the shore, gasping for breath.

The bright and clear moonlight scattered down from the horizon, revealing his handsome face that seemed to have been carved out from a knife's edge.

He was none other than Ye Xuan, who had escaped from Ghost King Atts and Barbarian King Youlan.

Although he wasn't able to kill them both, Ye Xuan being able to heavily injure them and successfully escape from their grasp was already something to be proud of.

After all, Ghost King Atts and Barbarian King Youlan were both at the Infernal King level. In the Western Asura World, the number of people who could contend against them were few in number.

If the news that Ye Xuan heavily injured them one on one and caused their strength to drop would spread, then it would undoubtedly cause a huge commotion and give him an extremely high level of popularity.

On the other hand, aside from fleeing in a sorry state, Ye Xuan didn't suffer too much damage. In fact, his strength had improved by a lot after absorbing the life force and energy of Barbarian King Yan Lan and Ghost King Atts.

"Brat, I can't see that you are not bad. After not seeing you for a period of time, your strength has improved quite quickly. You are actually able to escape from the hands of two high grade Martial Kings …"

Just when Ye Xuan was about to leave after resting for a long time, a beautiful figure that was filled with immortal energy drilled out from within his ring. She floated in the air and sized Ye Xuan up with interest, then spoke words of mockery.

"Ah Zi, have you woken up?"

As Ye Xuan watched the Star Realm Great Emperor Ah Zi come out, a thick sense of joy emerged on his face.

Before leaving Su Hai, Ye Xuan learned about the terrifying identity of this woman who called herself the Great Emperor of the Star Realm from the information he obtained from the Silver Dragon.

Star Realms were the center of the vast universe. It was a world that was formed from countless high level planets, and it was filled with many strong warriors.

It was rumored that the number one emperor of the western dark world, Zi Luolan, once came from the Star Realm.

Tyrant Lan Feng and the rest that left Earth headed for the Star Realm.

And this woman in front of him actually called herself the Great Emperor of the Star Realm. From this, it could be seen just how terrifying her identity was.

"Call me Zi Huang!"

Zi Huang's brows furrowed when she heard Ye Xuan's address. She still felt it was a bit strange to be called that by a junior. Thus, she coldly spoke.

"Zi Huang?"

Hearing this, Ye Xuan's gaze went cold, and his eyes were full of undisguised seriousness.

He could feel the nobility and extraordinary status of Zi Huang from her name. Ye Xuan lightly nodded. "Alright, I'll call you Zi Huang from now on!"

After pausing for a moment, Ye Xuan's eyes flashed as he continued, "You couldn't have come out at this time just to praise me, right?"

From Zi Huang's words just now, Ye Xuan knew that she'd long since woken up. Moreover, she'd seen the entire process of his battle, so she wasn't willing to help him. This made Ye Xuan feel helpless.

You've been here so long, so you should pay some rent, right?

"Cough cough …" The technique you used just now to absorb the life energy of others seems to have some unique features … "

Zi Huang coughed twice when she heard this. Her gaze sized up Ye Xuan with a face full of satisfaction as she spoke with a beaming smile.

Ye Xuan felt his scalp go numb as he was stared at by Zi Huang. He still vividly remembered the scene of him fainting when he was sucked in by Zi Huang.

He was well aware that this woman was not someone to be trifled with and quickly opened his mouth: "What exactly do you want to say? I... "Let me tell you …"

"Brat, make a deal with this emperor!"

Before Ye Xuan could finish, he was interrupted by Zi Huang.

"What kind of deal?"

Ye Xuan asked.

"You know that I'm severely injured, and if I want to recover my strength, I'll need to absorb a large amount of life force and energy. Moreover, I've discovered that only the life force and energy in your body can help heal my injuries, so …"

Zi Huang slowly said.

"Don't say anymore, I won't agree!"

However, before Zi Huang could finish speaking, she was interrupted by Ye Xuan.

F * ck you, you don't even need to think to know what this old woman is planning.

She was trying to suck herself in.

"Don't be in such a hurry, let me finish speaking... When you were using that demonic art earlier on, I found a method that could help me recover my strength faster. "

Zi Huang smiled as she looked at Ye Xuan's nervous expression.

"What method?" Ye Xuan asked.

"While you are absorbing their life energy, I can also absorb it … If that's the case, I don't need to suck everything from you alone, and the life energy in your body is too weak. I don't know how long I'll have to wait before I can recover to my peak. "Therefore, in the future when you meet an expert of that level, don't kill them directly. Activate your devil art and absorb them to your heart's content. I will help you digest them!"

Zi Huang stretched lazily, raised her head and looked at the stars in the sky as she said indifferently, "This way, we can recover our strength and return to the Star Realm as soon as possible …"

"Hmph, absorbing the life force and energy of others cannot be done often. You must know that while absorbing the life force and energy of others, you will also bear their grudges. It is very easy for you to go berserk!" "I won't do it..."

Ye Xuan coldly snorted. He turned his head to the side and snappily said.

"Although there are great risks, the benefits are also great. When absorbing their life force, your strength will also increase, right?"

Zi Huang said seductively, "Furthermore, you have a soul that has been reborn. Your soul force far surpasses that of ordinary people, so those grudges are completely unable to affect your mind at all …"

"In short, I will not agree!" Ye Xuan coldly replied.

"Aren't you afraid that I'll kill you?" A cold light flashed in Zi Huang's eyes. A terrifying pressure spread out from his body, causing the sky and earth to change color. Ye Xuan's figure quietly froze, unable to move.

Ye Xuan had the illusion that Zi Huang could kill him with just a thought.

"What terrifying strength, what terrifying pressure!"

Ye Xuan's heart trembled. He might have been able to contend against this pressure when he was at his peak, but right now, he didn't even have the strength to fight it.

"Heh heh... If you want to kill me, you can do it now! In any case, I don't want to live anymore. Everyday, I live a life of wandering around, wandering around, being hunted by others, and it's not much fun at all. I'm too tired, it's too difficult for me … "

Ye Xuan coldly smiled. His words contained helplessness and sadness, and his entire person seemed extremely dejected.

"I'm really too hard, my wife is too hard!"

In the end, Ye Xuan almost cried!

"Enough... Stop pretending, brat! Don't I know what you're thinking? Don't you want the benefits? "

Looking at Ye Xuan's dejected appearance and hearing his words, Zi Huang said in annoyance.

"What benefits?" Ye Xuan was immediately enlivened.

"You are helping me recover my strength. I will accept you as my disciple and take you on a vast cultivation path …"

The purple phoenix thought for a moment and said.

"Tsk … What did he think he was going to offer? Yet, you accepted me as your disciple? "

"Sorry, I'm not interested in being someone else's disciple or anything …"

Hearing Zi Huang's words, a trace of disdain appeared on Ye Xuan's face as he spoke with disdain.

If the experts in the starry sky were to hear Ye Xuan's words, they would definitely be angered to death by him.

This is such a damn good opportunity. It's such a great gift, but Ye Xuan actually rejected it?

Could it be that this fellow had a brain problem, and had gone insane?

Do you know what status Zi Feng has?

"You …"

When Ye Xuan's words fell into Zi Huang's ears, his disdainful gaze was noticed by Zi Huang, causing her to be so angry that she almost puked out blood on the spot …

What kind of status did she have? In the vast universe, she was considered one of the highest existences. If she wanted to take in a disciple, all the experts in the universe would have to wait in line to kneel and kowtow to her.

Who knew how many people wanted to become her disciple!

However, she was actually rejected by this kid in front of her!

Zi Huang was furious!

She tried her best to remain calm. As the great Star Realm Great Emperor, she didn't care about this kid in front of her. She wanted to have the demeanor of a Great Emperor.

"Do you know how many people wish to become my disciple? Do you know …"

Zi Huang said while trying her best to suppress the anger and frustration in her heart.

Pay attention to the WeChat public account, check out the history of Zi Huang!

"I don't know, I don't want to know either!" "If you were truly that awesome, you wouldn't have ended up like this and would have to rely on a brat like me to recover your strength …" Ye Xuan said indifferently.

"You …"

"You what? I'll tell you …" Don't ever think about me being your disciple or anything like that, okay? "

Seeing that Zi Huang still wanted to say something, Ye Xuan snappily interrupted her.

From Ye Xuan's point of view, once he became a disciple of Zi Huang, this woman would have a dignified reason and excuse to help him absorb the life energy of others to recover his strength.

Ye Xuan isn't that stupid!

Zi Huang was fuming with rage from Ye Xuan's words!

She really wanted to slap this guy to death!

Looking at Ye Xuan, who didn't care at all and was unwilling to compromise, Zi Huang felt a headache. She rubbed her temples and helplessly said, "Enough … …" "How about this, every time you help me absorb a high grade Martial King, I'll teach you a powerful martial skill. How about it?"

"A powerful martial skill?" How big can your legendary martial skill be? "

Hearing Zi Huang's words, Ye Xuan's eyes lit up in disdain.

"Enough to kill the two fellows from before!"

Zi Huang lightly said.

"Bullsh * t …"

Ye Xuan was shocked, but his expression didn't fluctuate in the slightest.

"Bullsh * t? Although your Yin Yang Tyrant Body Technique is powerful, its main purpose is to help with cultivation and body refining. As for the martial skills I've taught you, they specialize in killing … "

The purple phoenix thought for a moment before speaking with a deep voice.

Ye Xuan lightly nodded at Zi Huang's words.

His Yin Yang Tyrant Body Technique was mainly helping him cultivate and build his foundation. Its destructive power was indeed not strong enough!


Just as Ye Xuan was about to speak, Zi Huang pointed at his forehead.

All of a sudden, Ye Xuan felt a surge of information surge into his mind …

"Reincarnation Sky Blade?"

Ye Xuan frowned.

"The Reincarnation Sky Blade is one of the martial arts developed by this emperor. It requires comprehending the path of rebirth to be able to be unleashed. It has a dual destructive power to the soul and body. "You are a rare reincarnated soul. After experiencing life and death, you should be able to comprehend the Dao of reincarnation, which is why I passed him down to you …"

Seeing that Ye Xuan didn't seem to be satisfied with the Reincarnation Sky Blade, Zi Huang lightly said, "Now, I'll let you experience its might!"

As soon as Zi Huang finished speaking, she extended her palm and grabbed at the air. Ye Xuan's dragon blade flew into her hand.

Zi Huang grasped her dragon blade and suddenly flew out. Her body strangely floated in the air, her entire body surrounded by an invisible dense white flame. She raised the dragon blade in her hand and slashed it down towards the Sunset River below!


As Zi Huang's blade slashed out, an enormous blade aura over a hundred feet long exploded forth, charging towards the Setting Sun River below.

An earth-shattering explosion sounded out. Under Ye Xuan's shocked gaze, the Sunset River flowed backwards, and the center of the river was completely compressed. A massive gully that was a thousand feet long appeared at the bottom of the river, as if it were a giant dragon that was hibernating underground.

Then, as the countless streams of water rolled back into the three hundred foot deep ravine, a massive whirlpool began to sound.

When everything returned to normal, the water level of the Sunset River, which had originally been rising, had dropped to a height of several meters. It was as though it was drying up …

"This... So terrifying? "

Looking at the shocking scene in front of him, Ye Xuan felt his mouth go dry and his voice trembled.

Under the attack of Zi Huang, the water of the Sunset River was almost dried up?

Wasn't this a little too powerful?

City Lord's Mansion, meeting hall!

"What a terrifying energy wave!"

The expressions of the Evil Emperor and the Zither Emperor darkened as they reprimanded the Ghost King Atts, the Barbarian King, and the others. The sudden outburst of energy outside the city caused their expressions to change involuntarily.

Even they felt a tinge of fear from this energy!

Without even thinking about it, they transformed into two streaks of light and charged into the sky at an extremely fast speed. Looking in the direction of the river, their eyes were filled with unconcealable seriousness.

"What kind of expert dares to cause trouble in Sunset City?"

They never thought that there would be such terrifying energy fluctuations in the vicinity of Sunset City, causing their expressions to become extremely grim.

Especially when he didn't know if the other party was a friend or foe!

"Let's go take a look!"

At that moment, the Evil Emperor and the Zither Emperor looked at each other and rushed towards Ye Xuan and the others at breakneck speeds.

"Brat, don't just stand there! Hurry up and leave. Just now, I wasn't able to control my strength, but someone else noticed the energy wave. Currently, there are two Emperor level auras rushing over! "

On the bank of the Sunset City's riverbank, Zi Huang looked at the aura that had erupted from Sunset City. Her expression slightly changed as she spoke in a low voice.

However, when she turned around to look at Ye Xuan, she discovered that he'd already started running away at the first possible moment. He'd already traveled several hundred meters, causing Zi Huang to be dumbstruck.

"You're running too fast, aren't you?"

Zi Feng chased after Ye Xuan without the slightest hesitation.

Not long after Ye Xuan and Zi Huang left, the Zither Emperor and the Evil Emperor arrived at the place where they were staying.

When they saw the sundown river that was almost dried up and sunken down, undisguised seriousness filled their eyes, while low and deep words came out from their mouths.

"What a terrifying attack. It actually changed the terrain of the Sunset River …"

"Could it be that some reclusive expert has come out of seclusion?"

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