"Heh heh... Interesting. It's quite lively! "

"There are so many onlookers, and some even picked up their phones to record videos and broadcast live. It seems like we can't lose this battle!"

"Of course we can't lose. With so many people watching, wouldn't losing our Godly Demon Palace lose face?"

Looking at the crowd that gradually became rowdy, Lin Feng, Saint Demon Derek, and Beast Demon Qin Shou could not help but tease and laugh.

"We will use this victory before us to announce our return!"

Soon after, the three of them spoke at the same time.

"Hey, can you do it?"

Seeing this, Ye Xuan couldn't help but smile and tease her.

Although Crazy Devil Lin Feng, Demonic Saint Derek, and Demonic Beast Qin Shou had regained quite a bit of their strength, and the Demonic Beast had even subdued the giant salamander beast, their opponents were the Evil Emperor and the Zither Emperor.

Fortunately, they managed to lure the Ghost King Atts and the Barbarian King Yan Lan away before this. Otherwise, the difficulty would continue to increase.

"I will only know if it's okay or not after I've tried it out. Besides, we're already at this level. Even if it doesn't work, we still have to!"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Lin Feng laughed as he spoke, but his gaze was filled with undisguised seriousness.

To defeat the two peak experts of the Zither Emperor and the Evil Emperor at once was too difficult for them. If they could recover their strength to the peak, they might be able to do it.

They weren't confident at all!

Even so, his aura couldn't weaken.

Moreover, he had to continue acting tough!

"Heh heh... Emperor Qin, it looks like you fellows are treating us as stepping stones, wanting to step on us again. Don't you want to say a few words to them? "

When the Demon Emperor heard the words of Lin Feng and the others, his face was filled with a playful and mocking smile, as he turned and spoke to the Zither Emperor.

"What's there to talk about with a bunch of people who are about to die? I only hope that their mouths can be as hard as they are now! " The Zither Emperor replied coldly.

Although Ye Xuan and the others had gathered quite a few experts with the help of the Class 8 Giant Salamander Beast, they still didn't place them in their eyes.

This was the confidence and confidence that the Evil Emperor and the Zither Emperor had as Emperors.

"Haha …" "You're still so boring!"

Hearing the Zither Emperor's words, the Evil Emperor burst out in laughter. Then his gaze fell onto Ye Xuan and the others as he coldly said, "A bunch of ants. Are you ready to die?"


Just as the Evil Emperor finished speaking, a violent and evil energy exploded from his body, causing his body to turn into a streak of crimson light that carried an endless amount of killing intent towards Ye Xuan and the others.

"Leave the Evil Emperor to me and Ah Feng, the Zither Emperor will leave him to the three of you and the Salamander Beast. Be careful of his zither music!"

Seeing this, Ye Xuan's expression turned cold as he faced the Sage Devil Derek, the zither music, and Cerberus.


Following Ye Xuan's command, he abruptly executed the Star Steps and gripped the dragon blade as he charged towards the Evil Emperor with fierce killing intent.

The insane devil Lin Feng's entire body surged with a devilish aura, the Dragon Subduing Sword in his hand was suddenly unsheathed, a resplendent sword light bloomed, as though a black dragon was rushing straight towards the Evil Emperor.


The instant Ye Xuan and Mad Demon Lin Feng made their move against the Evil Emperor, the Sage Devil Derek, Beast Demon Qin Shou, and Cerberus shot out like lightning towards the Zither Emperor.

The gigantic Salamander beast let out an earthshaking roar as it swung its huge fist towards the Zither Emperor.

It was unknown just how much power this giant salamander beast's fist contained. With a single punch, the sky changed color and space collapsed. The sound of explosions rang out incessantly.


Looking at the gigantic fists of the Salamander Beast coming at him, and the Holy Demon Derek, Beast Demon Qin Shou, and Cereff who were attacking him with a triangular formation, the Zither Emperor's eyes flashed with a cold light. He suddenly struck the zither, and with a "zheng" sound, a sixty meter long astral blade shot out from the zither, striking towards the fists of the Salamander Beast …

Soon after, the Zither Emperor began to play the zither strings at an even faster speed. He began to play a melody that was filled with vigor, passion, passion, and endless killing intent.

Every time his index finger strummed the zither, a sharp astral energy blade would be released. When he pulled the zither to an extremely exaggerated degree, the strength of the sharp astral energy blade released by the zither reached an extremely exaggerated level …

As the Zither Emperor played the zither, dense amounts of earth-shattering astral energy and sharp blades burst out from his zither strings, enveloping the gigantic salamander, Holy Demon Derek, Beast Demon Qin Shou, and Cersef. There was nowhere for them to hide and nowhere to escape.

The Holy Demon Derek, Beast Demon Qin Shou, and Cersei were still alright, as they were able to rely on their agile movements to quickly dodge the attacks of the Astral Energy blades produced by the zither. However, the gigantic Salamander Beast was far too large, so they were unable to dodge, resulting in a large number of Astral Energy blades hitting its body.

"Aooo …"

Even though the salamander was astonishingly strong in terms of defense, the attacks of the astral energy blades played by the Zither Emperor were enough to cause him to retreat continuously. He let out painful howls from his mouth.

Even if the three of them were assisted by a Class 8 vicious beast like the Salamander, Holy Demon Derek, Beast Demon Qin Shou, and Cerberus, it would still be difficult for them to get close to the Zither Emperor. One could imagine just how powerful and terrifying the Zither Emperor was.

"Damn it, that guy actually cultivated his ten-sided zither arts to the level of 'one with the world' all these years. His Tao technique is so natural, and he even comprehended Force!"

Seeing this, the Holy Demon Derek's face became extremely ugly, and an angry roar came out of his mouth.

He was originally a close-combat martial artist. Facing a situation where he was unable to fight the Zither Emperor head on, he felt very aggrieved.

"Buying time for the giant salamander! I'll have it condense a salamander bullet!"

The expression on the face of the Demonic Beast, Qin Shou, was similarly ugly. His gaze was fixated on the Zither Emperor, who was still playing his zither and unleashing his astral energy in a sharp manner.

As his words fell, he performed a strange movement, dodging the sharp blades of astral energy and rushed towards the Zither Emperor once more.

The Holy Demon Derek and Cersei followed close behind.

From afar, the three of them looked like they were moving through a rain of bullets.

Unfortunately, the Zither Emperor's attack was simply too ferocious. Even though their movement techniques were first-rate in speed, they weren't able to last much longer before being unable to withstand the attack of that astral energy blade. Their bodies were torn apart by that astral energy blade, and they had no choice but to retreat.

It had to be said that the Zither Emperor's method of fighting was far too elegant and dazzling. Sitting there and playing the zither was his method of attack. Moreover, this method of attack was far more difficult to deal with than a normal method of fighting.

As expected of the third ranked existence among the Five Emperors, he was indeed valiant and extraordinary.

His skill in playing the zither had charmed countless young women and girls of the Asura World.


However, at this time, the giant salamander bullet was finally completed. It let out an earth-shaking roar and spat out the condensed salamander bullet.

A newt shot that contained countless amounts of energy and possessed the ability to destroy the world. It shot towards the Zither Emperor at extreme speed, launching a devastating attack at him!

The salamander bullet spat out by the giant salamander was too fast. It formed a pillar of light wherever it passed. Even the Zither Emperor didn't have the time or space to dodge.

Of course, he didn't have any intention of dodging the Zither Emperor. He calmly sat there and played the zither.


As the salamander was getting closer and closer and about to devour the Zither Emperor, a sharp light flashed in the Zither Emperor's eyes. He used his right hand to pluck on the zither string, causing an ear-piercing sound to ring out.

Under the incomparably shocked and astonished gazes of the people, an incomparably wild blade energy howled out, sending the incoming newt flying backwards.


The salamander bullet was sent flying by the blade energy, finally colliding into a building far away before exploding with a loud bang. A beautiful flame bloomed, blowing up the entire building and causing people to be extremely shocked.

The heck, how could there be such a rebound attack?

Although the Salamander Bullet didn't cause any harm or threat to the Zither Emperor, it still created the best opportunity for the three of them to attack.

They had taken advantage of the gap just now to instantly approach the Zither Emperor. They had appeared in front of him and launched surprise attacks at him.

The muscles on the Holy Demon Derek's body bulged, and his majestic physical strength exploded. His skin turned red, and a large amount of steam emerged from his body. A powerful astral energy condensed into a devil that devoured everything on his arm, smashing towards the Zither Emperor with endless killing intent.

This was one of the most powerful martial skills that the Holy Demon Derek could execute right now: Wild Shou!

Dark-black lightning surged around Cerelev's body. At this moment, the long whip in his hand underwent a transformation and turned into a sword filled with countless sharp blades piercing towards the back of the Zither Emperor.

As she thrust out her sword, bright black arcs of lightning condensed on top of the sword, forming a giant black python. It tore towards the Zither Emperor to bite him.

This was one of his most powerful killing moves: Purgatory Thunder Snake!

Compared to the attacks of the two, the Demonic Saint Derek and Cerberus, the Demonic Beast Qin Shou's attacks looked even more domineering and wild. The violent flow of astral energy around his body revolved, and behind him appeared a statue that seemed to be formed from the fusion of ten thousand beasts.

With this punch, Feng Yun's expression changed!

It had to be said that the timing of the attacks of the three people, the Demonic Beast, Qin Shou, Cersei, and the Demonic Saint Derek, was perfect.

In everyone's eyes, facing the three of them with such a powerful killing move, the Zither Emperor simply had no way of dodging it.

Many people could already guess the outcome of the Zither Emperor being sent flying or even falling from the sky by the Holy Demon Derek and the others' heavy blows.

"Lord Qin Emperor, be careful!"

"Lord Qin Emperor!"

Seeing that scene, the expressions of the guards couldn't help changing greatly, and they started to anxiously yell.

However, the Zither Emperor remained calm in the face of the combined attack of the three. It was as if he didn't place any importance on the three of them at all.

The moment they were about to attack, the Zither Emperor's lips curved up in a smile. His slender hands pressed down on the strings, causing the zither music to suddenly stop.


An instant later, an astonishing scene quietly occurred.

Whether it was the Holy Demon Derek's attack, or the Demonic Beast, Qin Shou, or Cereff's attacks, they all strangely stopped when they were less than half a meter away from the Zither Emperor, unable to advance at all.

Time seemed to come to a standstill at this moment, causing everyone to open their eyes wide in shock as they opened their mouths wide in shock.

"What's going on? "Demonic Saint, Demonic Beast, why did their attacks suddenly stop?"

"Are you stupid? They didn't stop their attacks, but their attacks were blocked by the Zither Emperor!"

"It was blocked by the Zither Emperor?"

"That's right. Look carefully at the translucent halo of light around the Zither Emperor. It's the light that blocked the attacks of the Sage and the others!"

"Then... That circle of light was … Is it the Zither Emperor's Pure Heart Realm? "

The Pure Heart Realm was the Zither Emperor's protective barrier. It was similar to Ye Xuan's Great Devil Realm, except that Ye Xuan's Great Devil Realm was the main attack while the Zither Emperor's Pure Heart Realm was the main defense.

If he wanted to cause substantial harm to the Zither Emperor, then he had to break open his Pure Heart World!

But until now, he had never heard of anyone breaking open the Zither Emperor's Pure Heart Realm.

"Pure Heart Realm, when did you activate it?"

Seeing the Zither Emperor's Pure Heart Realm, the faces of the Demonic Saint Derek and the Demonic Beast, Qin Shou, couldn't help but change as they spoke with ugly expressions.

"As long as I have a thought, I can activate it. For you few to want to injure me, is simply nonsense! Get lost! "

Hearing the words of the Saint Devil Di Luoke and the others and looking at their extremely ugly expressions, the Zither Emperor revealed a cold smile. Cold words came out from his mouth.

"Clang clang!"

As soon as the zither emperor finished speaking, he waved his sleeve, and a violent aura exploded forth. Terrifying wind blades swept in all directions with him as the center. Before Saint Demon Derek and the others could react, they were all sent flying …

"Swish, swish, swish …"

Soon after, the Zither Emperor began to play the zither on the zither once more, playing out a music that was full of killing intent as it lay in ambush on all sides.

As his fingers frantically moved the strings of the zither, the sound of the zither became more rapid. More sharp blades made of astral energy shot out, enveloping the Holy Demon Derek and the Beast Demon, Qin Shou, and attacking them.

The sound of knives tearing through clothes rang out. Under the Zither Emperor's powerful counterattack, their clothes were torn apart by the astral energy. Their bodies were full of wounds, and blood constantly dripped and flowed.

Even a Class 8 vicious beast as strong as the salamander beast would find it difficult to even get close to the Zither Emperor under such ferocious attacks …

"It seems like I have to try my best!"

Looking at the Zither Emperor who was leisurely sitting down, the Holy Demon Derek's eyes flashed with a savage light, and a cold, resolute voice rang out from his mouth.

"Saint Devil Tyrant Body, go!"

As the Holy Demon Derek's voice fell, a terrifying aura exploded forth from his body, making his body grow larger. His strength was greatly increased and strengthened, a layer of scorching dragon flames igniting his entire body.

"Brutal, the rest is up to you..."

Then, the Saint Demon Derek leaped into the hands of the giant salamander and spoke in a low voice.

"Don't worry, leave it to me!"

The beast demon, Qin Shou, lightly nodded his head before jumping onto the head of the giant salamander beast.

In the next moment, he controlled the giant salamander beast to charge towards the Zither Emperor at an extremely fast speed. When the giant salamander beast ran some distance away, it suddenly grabbed the Demonic Saint Derek and used all its strength to throw him towards the Zither Emperor.

At this moment, the Holy Demon Derek's entire body burned with blazing flames. He charged towards the Zither Emperor like a rocket with his fists raised.

Everywhere he went, all the astral energy blades were shattered to pieces by his fist!

From afar, the Holy Demon Derek looked like a fire dragon rushing out!

In just a split-second, the Holy Demon Derek rushed in front of the Zither Emperor, smashing his fist onto the Pure Heart World.

"Dragon Flame Armor Breaking Fist!"


Earth-shaking explosions rang out as berserk energy emanated from them in all directions.

"Kacha …."

"The Pure Heart Realm is about to break!"

With a sound like glass shattering, under the shocked gazes of the surrounding people, fine cracks appeared in the Zither Emperor's Pure Heart World. Afterwards, it broke apart like a lampshade.

"Puchi …"

The Holy Demon Derek's fist, on the other hand, struck the Zither Emperor's handsome face without weakening in the slightest.

Blood flowed everywhere. The Zither Emperor was like a cannonball as he flew backwards. He smashed into the distant building, causing dust to fill the sky.

After the dust had settled, the Zither Emperor, his long hair fluttering in the wind and his messy clothes fluttering in the wind, walked out slowly with his zither in hand. Endless wind attributed energy surrounded his entire body, and he coldly watched the Holy Demon Derek and the others who were gasping for air.

"To be able to break through my Pure Heart World, you all are not bad!"

"However, you will all have to die today!"

It would be updated tomorrow!