Following the conclusion of the battle at Sunset City, news of this matter was widely spread. The entire Asura World was thrown into an unprecedented uproar, countless people were shocked by this shocking event.

No one would have thought that the three Demon Kings who had fallen in the Palace of Gods and Demons would suddenly appear after hibernating for so many years.

Moreover, no one had expected that the fallen Demon Lord would actually have a successor and disciples who possessed such shocking strength. Just his appearance on the scene had caused such a huge commotion.

Not only that, but he had fought two great emperors without losing, causing the Zither Emperor and the Evil Emperor to suffer heavy losses!

This series of news caused the entire Asura World to completely explode, becoming incomparably lively.

On the Asura World's official website, following the live broadcast of the battle at Sunset City, the daily activity of the entire official website skyrocketed. In just a few days, the daily activity of the official website had increased by more than ten times.

However, today, the Asura's official website released a piece of news called "The Return of the Demon Lord, Unparalleled in the World"!

When the news came out, countless people excitedly clicked on it.

The news broke through a million hits in less than a minute. One could imagine how powerful it was.

In this piece of news, not only did it tell the specific circumstances of the battle, it also told the story of how Ye Xuan had managed to safely escape after heavily injuring the Evil Emperor and the Zither Emperor.

There were also a series of pictures and videos of the battle that made people's blood boil.

In the end, the Asura's official website gave Ye Xuan a summary and evaluation!

"Ye Xuan, the successor of the Demon Lord. A man who will lead the future of the Asura World!"

Although it was just a short comment, the amount of information it contained still shocked everyone.

Who would have thought that the Asura World's official website would actually praise him as a man who would lead the future of the Asura World. Even the Demon Lord of the past didn't have such a comment.

Back then, the Demon Lord was also known as the youngest man who had the most hope of becoming one of the three emperors!

However, when facing this man called Ye Xuan, they used the phrase to lead the Asura World in the future!

Following that, Ye Xuan's battle achievements were exposed on the Asura's official website.

He single-handedly swept through the army on the Thousand Scorpion Island and turned the tides to resolve the crisis of the Fishmen. With the help of the Evil Emperor Pavilion's Eight Armed Evil Demon, Magnus, the Azure Emperor Pavilion's Nine Heavens Godly Demon, McLaren, the Sword Emperor Pavilion's Phantom Sword Demon, and the God of Sin Pan, the God of Greed Penetrating God, the God of Destruction, Moor and other allied armies, he completely annihilated them all!

When this news was spread, it caused everyone to be shocked and in an uproar. Who would have thought that in the Sunset City, besides violently fighting against the Zither Emperor and the Evil Emperor, Ye Xuan would have such a shocking and terrifying battle record?

One had to know that these were the deaths of three Demon King level characters and several Gods.

And the only person who'd established such an astonishing record was actually Ye Xuan alone!

Perhaps the audience had watched Ye Xuan's heroic fight between the Zither Emperor and the Evil Emperor live, but they simply couldn't imagine the fiendish battle that would take place on the island.

Just what did Ye Xuan rely on to defeat three allied armies by himself and kill terrifying characters like the Nine Heavens Demons, McLaren and the Eight-Armed Demon, Magna?

It had to be known that this was not defeat, but killing. The two had very different meanings.

Under normal circumstances, killing a Demon Lord would be ten times more difficult than defeating one.

They could not imagine such a battle.

The name Ye Xuan was deeply engraved in the hearts of everyone present.

However, just as everyone was in a state of shock and uproar over this series of news, another piece of news that was even more shocking spread out at this time.

Ghost King Atts, Barbarian King Yan Lan and his men had fallen, and the headquarters of the Evil Emperor Pavilion had been breached!

The people who caused all of this were Ye Xuan, Saint Devil Derek, Mad Demon, Lin Feng, and the others.

They didn't understand why Ye Xuan had sent the Berserk Demons and Saint Demons away. After all, if they stayed, if they teamed up with Ye Xuan, they might be able to fight the Evil Emperor and the Zither Emperor head-on. In the end, they might even be able to defeat them.

However, in the end, they dejectedly ran away. This made people a little disappointed with Crazy Devil, Demonic Saint, and Demonic Beast. After all, they were the three most famous demon kings back then.

The fact that they managed to escape in the middle of a battle left more or less people with some thoughts and disappointment in their hearts.

However, they did not expect that the reason they left back then was to attack the headquarters of the Evil Emperor. Furthermore, they had successfully killed the Ghost King Atts, the Barbarian King Yan Lan and taken the Evil Emperor down.

This news undoubtedly made many fans of the support for the Insane Demon and the Demonic Saint extremely happy.

At the same time, everyone was shocked by Ye Xuan's actions. After all, it was him who had arranged for the insane to flee. It seemed like this was his plan as well.

As a result, people had put a label on Ye Xuan's evaluation of his strength that didn't disappoint the Devil Lord's descendants: 'Wise and scheming, scheming and scheming!'

Along with the spread of this series of news, the reputation of Ye Xuan, Mad Demon Lin Feng, Saint Devil Derek, and Beast Demon Derek greatly increased. Especially now, Ye Xuan's fame had even faintly surpassed the nine great demon kings of the Asura World.

And now, he had gathered a group of loyal fans that belonged to him. He could be said to be the most prosperous person in the Asura World.

As for the Zither Emperor and the Evil Emperor, their reputations had fallen to the depths. After being cursed and questioned by others, even the fans who originally supported them had changed. Some of them had even become Ye Xuan's fans.

In the antique tea shop of the sleeping dragon and the sea of clouds.

Emperor Qing and the Sword Emperor sat in the teahouse, carefully tasting the rare high-grade tribute tea while happily chatting with each other. They gazed out the window at the beautiful scenery of the lakeside, appearing rather leisurely and cozy.

Even though Thousand Scorpion Island had caused them a huge loss that had caused their strength to suffer, it was nothing to them.

On the contrary, what caught their attention were the two mysterious powerhouses that had stopped them at the Sea of Devils.

The strength of those two mysterious experts was unfathomable. Even when they were facing them, they felt a sense of pressure and danger from their strength, which caused them to have no choice but to retreat.

"Who do you think they are?"

Emperor Qing slowly put down the teacup in his hand and looked at the Sword Emperor as he spoke with a deep voice.

"They are all masked and have not leaked the slightest bit of their aura, so it is impossible to guess."

A wry smile appeared on the face of Sword Emperor Ba Zi. He lightly shook his head and paused for a moment before continuing, "However, it is definitely not an expert from the merfolk. Of course, it is impossible for them to be the three emperors!"

Emperor Qing nodded slightly when he heard the Sword Emperor's words. "This time, we're giving them some face. I just hope that they won't be enemies with us in the future!"

"Lord Emperor Qing, the Head Supervisor of the Black Demon has come!"

While Emperor Qing and Sword Emperor were talking, a maid reported respectfully.

"Didn't I tell her that I haven't seen anyone these past few days? Why did she come back? Could it be that she was unable to handle the internal affairs of the Qing Di Village properly, and needed me to worry about her? "

Emperor Qing's expression turned cold when he heard the words of the female servant. He coldly replied.

"The Head Supervisor of the Black Demon Sect said that this matter is extremely important …"

The female attendant hesitated for a moment before replying in a low voice.

"Let her in! I've been contacted by someone from my side these few days, and I haven't seen anyone either … Could something have happened outside? "It's good to meet you!"

Azure Emperor was about to speak, but the Sword Emperor simply smiled.

"How … Thank you, Lord Sword Emperor! "

The maid thanked the Sword Emperor, then hurriedly retreated respectfully.

Not long later, a black succubus wearing a black veil that revealed her voluptuous figure and sexy figure walked in while twisting her provocative snake waist.

"Hei Mei greets Lord Emperor Qing and Lord Sword Emperor!"

She bowed slightly towards Emperor Qing and the Sword Emperor as respectful words came out of her mouth.

"Speak, what is it?"

Emperor Qing swept a glance at the black demon and icily said.

"Lord Emperor Qing, Lord Sword Emperor, the Black Demon has come with an important matter to report!" In the past few days, you have been in the Cloud Sea on the mountain, discussing the Dao, and cultivating in seclusion, not asking anything about the affairs of the outside world.

Black Demon spoke with a bitter smile, a gentle voice coming out of his mouth.

"What happened?"

A chill could be heard in Emperor Qing's voice.

"The murderer who annihilated our three allied armies on the Thousand Scorpion Island has been investigated!" Black Demon replied in a deep voice.

"Who is it?" The Sword Emperor's eyes surged with killing intent as he asked coldly.

"A man named Ye Xuan!" He went to Sunset City after killing the nine-day Fiendgod, McLaren, and the others … He saved Xi Mia, the remnant of the Divine Demon Palace who was executed, from the hands of the Zither Emperor and the Evil Emperor, and had also heavily injured the two of them! "

"In addition, Mad Demons, Demonic Saints, Beast Demons and the others have all appeared. Furthermore, they have destroyed the Evil Emperor Pavilion's headquarters! It was rumored that Ye Xuan was the successor of the Demon Lord, a man who would lead the future of the Asura World in the west. Right now, his reputation has already faintly surpassed that of the nine great demon kings … "

Black Demon respectfully recounted the events of the past few days, and even passed a tablet with all the information in it to Emperor Qing. "Lord Emperor Qing, these are the information regarding the battles that have been going on these days. Please take a look!"

Emperor Qing expressionlessly took the tablet and carefully examined it.

"Dammit, this bastard actually came to the Asura World. Not only that, but his strength is rising so fast!"

After Emperor Qing finished reading the information, his expression turned extremely dark, as though water was dripping from his mouth. His voice was filled with ice-cold words.

The Sword Emperor also picked up the tablet. When he finished reading the contents of the message, his expression was also extremely cold and gloomy. A strong will to kill burned in his eyes.

"Where did this damned bastard get the guts to come to the Asura World …" "Insane demon, those Saint Devil bastards also jumped out at this time."

"The Zither Emperor and the Evil Emperor, these two pieces of trash, can't even deal with that little bastard Ye Xuan …"

It had to be said that after looking through the information, Emperor Qing and Sword Emperor's hearts were filled with killing intent and fury.

"I'll go kill that bastard!"

Immediately, the Sword Emperor stood up and said with a murderous tone.

With that, he took his sword and prepared to walk outside, but Emperor Qing stopped him, "Don't be agitated, they have taken over the Evil Emperor Pavilion and they can even escape from the hands of the Zither Emperor and the Evil Emperor. If you go, it will be useless!"

"Then let them go now?"

The Sword Emperor said with killing intent.

He could not tolerate such a thing happening.

"It's just a few little clowns, there's no need to spend so much energy. The Conferred God Battle half a year later will be the highlight of the show … Furthermore, I believe that they will also participate.

"For the time being, let them be the first ones to bounce around!"

A sharp light flickered in Emperor Qing's eyes as he quickly calmed his trembling heart. Cold words came out of his mouth.

"But …"

The Sword Emperor was still unwilling.

"If a few clowns can affect your mood … Then I'm afraid your path of the sword will not go far! You are too sensitive and persistent towards them. Don't lose out to them. We will leave this place one day. "

Emperor Qing raised the teacup to his mouth and took a sip before speaking indifferently.

Hearing Emperor Qing's words, the Sword Emperor was stunned for a moment before he came to a realization. He lightly nodded his head, and cold words came out of his mouth.

"Alright, then let them play around for a while longer!" Half a year from now, in the Conferred God Battle, I want them dead! "