The Immortal Gazing Tower was known as the closest place in the world to the heavens, the place where one could see immortals. It was located on the ten-thousand-year ice mountain in the northern part of the Western Asura World, and one needed to climb to the peak of this ten-thousand-year ice mountain if they wanted to reach the Immortal Gazing Tower.

However, this ten thousand year ice mountain had existed for countless years. The cold energy was astonishing. Not to mention climbing, even reaching the foot of the mountain was extremely difficult.

Even the most powerful warriors couldn't move an inch in the face of this ten thousand year cold energy.

Historically, there had been countless experts who wanted to climb this ice mountain and go to the Immortal Viewing Tower. However, there were very few who succeeded. Many people were unable to withstand the cold and became eye-catching sculptures of ice on the ice mountain.

If one were to look down from the peak of the mountain, they would discover that the entire road was covered in ice, causing the ice sculptures to appear densely packed. They were all people who wanted to ascend the Immortal Seeking Tower.

However, right now, a handsome man stood gracefully in the Immortal Gazing Tower that was surrounded by immortal energy.

He had long, long, elegant hair, and a cold yet handsome face. His tall and straight body was wrapped in a white classical long robe, and his entire body exuded an ethereal aura. He ignored the erosion of the cold air as he stood on the Immortal Viewing Tower, condescendingly looking down at the mountains below.

If anyone from the outside world was here, they would definitely be able to recognize him.

This was because he was the Ice Emperor who currently possessed an extremely high level of popularity in the Asura World. He possessed the position of emperor and appeared to be extremely mysterious.

In the entire Asura World, only he, who was born with an Ice Spirit Fairy, could ignore the bone-chilling cold energy of the ice mountain and come and go as he pleased, becoming a frequent guest of the Immortal Viewing Tower.

Even the leader of the Five Emperors, Emperor Qing, had to show some respect to this Ice Emperor.

"The pure white snow is drifting down, do you know where the ends of the world are? "Sigh …"

Looking at the falling snow, the Ice Emperor felt a sensation and let out a long sigh.

"Heh heh... If the people in the outside world were to know that the great Ice Empress sighed all day long at the Immortal Gazing Tower, I wonder what would they think? "

Just as the Ice Emperor's sigh faded away, a clear and ethereal voice rang out at this moment.

As the voice rang out, the falling snowflakes around the Ice Emperor began to swirl in midair. Soon after, a slender and extremely celestial figure slowly appeared.

This was a woman who seemed to have walked out of a painting.

Her slender and graceful body was wrapped in a white dress, like a fairy that didn't care for the world. However, there was a mole at the left corner of her mouth that was like a special ornament, causing her immortal aura to not decrease in the slightest while giving off a sexy and seductive temperament, making her seem very attractive.

No one knew her identity and her name, not even the Ice Emperor.

When the Ice Emperor first came to this Immortal Viewing Tower, she had always been there. Who knew how many years she had been there.

"What exactly does Ice Emperor mean by 'Tian Ya'?"

Looking at the Ice Emperor who stood upright, the lady in a simple dress stretched lazily, revealing her beautiful figure and teasing her.

The Ice Empress smiled, but did not answer. Instead, she changed the topic, "What did you say? Someone will appear in the starry sky of the Conferred God Battle half a year from now? "

"The vast galaxy, the tens of thousands of races, the countless number of experts … Yet, a world-shocking expert like Dragon Emperor Lan Feng had appeared on Planet Earth. With such a major event, it was hard to avoid some people coming over to join in on the fun. But isn't this also an opportunity for you? "

"If any of you were to be chosen by any sect in the starry sky or any of the old monsters in the Conferred God Battle, it would be a great fortune for you. After all, if you were to leave this planet with your own ability and strength, you might just die on the way."

The Ice Emperor's brows furrowed as she fell into a long period of silence and thought. She nodded lightly, "That is true. However, their eyes are extremely high, and I'm afraid that it would be very difficult for ordinary people to see them, no? "

"Of course!"

The beautiful lady in a simple dress lightly nodded her head and paused before continuing, "It is said that the Demon Lord was chosen by a certain faction back then, what a pity … It's a pity that you guys actually killed him! "

"Damn him!"

The Ice Emperor's face turned cold, she clenched her fists and spoke coldly.

Looking at the Ice Emperor's cold expression, the woman in simple dress couldn't help but have a look of interest. She joked, "I'm really curious, what exactly is the enmity between you two? Why do you hate him so much?"

The simple dress beauty's words caused the Ice Emperor's expression to turn cold. A berserk aura emanated from her body as endless cold qi spread out. She turned around and her gaze that was filled with killing intent fell on the simple dress beauty, like a fierce tiger that was about to devour a person …

However, when faced with the Ice Emperor's berserk killing intent, the lady in a simple dress completely ignored it, as if she completely ignored it. She appeared to be relaxed, but continued to look at the Ice Emperor with a gaze full of curiosity.

As their eyes met, an invisible aura was quietly formed. The snowflakes falling from the sky were actually melting at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Time seemed to stop at this moment!

The Ice Emperor quickly calmed down as she looked at the beauty who completely ignored her killing intent and aura. She then spoke with a voice as cold as ice, "It's better if you don't ask any more questions about this matter."

If it was anyone else, the Ice Emperor would have killed him long ago. However, facing this mysterious beauty in a simple dress, the Ice Emperor didn't have any confidence!

Even though he had come to the Immortal Gazing Tower countless times, he still hadn't been able to determine how strong this woman was.

"Hehe …" "I'm getting more and more interested in this!"

Hearing the Ice Empress' words, the lady in a simple dress giggled …

Just as the Ice Emperor was about to speak, the bracelet on his wrist, which had a unique design, lit up with a dazzling brilliance, causing him to furrow his brows without a trace.

With a thought, a strand of soul force entered and a projection interface appeared.

In the projection interface, an old and respectful figure slowly emerged and said respectfully, "This old and useless one greets Lord Ice Emperor!"

"Did something happen?" You actually contacted me in such an urgent manner! "

the Ice Empress asked coldly.

"Something really happened. If it wasn't for that, this old one wouldn't dare to intrude on Lord Ice Emperor!"

"The descendant of the Demon Lord and the remnant evil of the Demonic Palace, the Berserk Demon, Demonic Saint Beast and the others have appeared! Not long ago, the allied armies of the Azure Emperor Pavilion, the Sword Emperor Pavilion, and the Evil Emperor Pavilion that they sent to Thousand Scorpion Island had all been annihilated … "

The old man said respectfully.

"The Demon Lord's descendants and the Crazy Devil have appeared? The allied army that Azure Emperor had sent to Thousand Scorpion Island had been annihilated? "Who did it?"

The Ice Emperor's expression changed slightly when he heard this. A berserk killing intent surged out from his body. His eyes were filled with unconcealable shock and astonishment.

He never thought that the Demon Lord would actually have another successor. The three Demon Kings of the Demon God Hall were actually still alive, reappearing in this world!

Furthermore, the ones who were sent to attack Thousand Scorpion Island were the Nine Heavens Godly Demon McLaren, the Eight Armed Demon Magna, the Flowing Shadow Sword Demon Kaido, and the God of Sin God Pan and many other powerful warriors!

Although the Demon Lord's successor and the three Demon Kings of the God Demon Palace had appeared, it was not that easy for them to destroy the Nine Heavens Demons with their current strength.

"It was done by that devil lord's successor. His name is Ye Xuan!" The old man replied respectfully.

"He singlehandedly exterminated all of them?" The Ice Emperor's eyes turned cold.

"That's right, he's alone!" The old man nodded slightly and paused before continuing, "Furthermore, he injured the Zither Emperor and the Evil Emperor severely and escaped from their hands. The entire headquarters of the Evil Emperor Pavilion has been taken over by them!"

"How?" The Ice Emperor was shocked, she paused for a while then asked: "What action does the Evil Emperor have?"

"The Evil Emperor suddenly announced that he will temporarily disband the Evil Emperor Pavilion, then he will travel to the four seas …" The old man replied with a wry smile.

"Where's the Zither Emperor?" The Ice Empress continued to ask.

"He went into seclusion to heal his injuries!"

"What about Emperor Qing and the Sword Emperor?"

"They don't seem to care about this matter. They don't have any reaction to it …"

"Alright, I know!"

"Lord, I have a video of them fighting here. Would you like to watch it?"

"No need!"

The Ice Empress replied indifferently, and immediately cut off the connection.

"What is it? Aren't you going down the mountain to take a look? "

Seeing this, a wisp of a moving smile appeared on the beautiful face of the young girl in a simple dress as she lightly smiled.

"Since the Evil Emperor and the Zither Emperor aren't in a hurry, then why should I be?"

"Right now, the most important thing is the Conferred God Battle half a year from now. This is not the time to be distracted by such a trivial matter!"

The Ice Emperor's shocked and shocked state of mind quickly regained its calm, and she spoke indifferently.

"Your mental state is pretty good …" "You're about to break through?"

The eyes of the beautiful woman in a simple dress flickered as she asked with a smile.

"Just a little bit more, but I still have half a year. Breaking through shouldn't be a problem …" The Ice Emperor replied indifferently.

"If there's nothing else, I'll be leaving first. That extreme cold astral wind should be coming!"

With that, the Ice Empress turned around and charged towards the cold astral winds that swept through the sky …

"What a lunatic, using cold astral winds to temper the body every day. That astral winds can tear the flesh apart, and I'm not willing to try the pain of the cold energy corroding the meridians..."

The lady in a simple dress said with a wry smile as she looked at the leaving figure of the Ice Emperor.