Deep inside the God Burying Mountain Range, inside the cave on the cliff.

Ye Xuan quietly laid inside the Immortal Immortal's Coffin. As he circulated the Yin Yang Tyrant Body Technique, endless amounts of Sky and Earth aura flowed into his body and quickly healed the injuries in his body, causing him to lose a large amount of life force and gradually recover his youth and vitality.

During the battle at Sunset City, his injuries were simply too severe. Even though the power of the Dragon Blade was strong, the backlash and side effects were just too great. Coupled with the fact that Ye Xuan was heavily injured by the Evil Emperor and his body had been penetrated by his palm, the injuries on his body could be imagined.

If it wasn't for the aid of the Star Realm Great Emperor Zi Huang at the final moment, then Ye Xuan really might have died at the hands of the Evil Emperor and the Zither Emperor.

Even so, Ye Xuan's internal injuries were far more severe than he had imagined.

Fortunately, Zi Huang and the Immortal's Coffin were there to heal him. Otherwise, even if he could escape the pursuit of the Evil Emperor and the Zither Emperor, Ye Xuan could only wait for death in the God Burying Mountain Range.

With the help of Zi Huang and the Immortal's Coffin, Ye Xuan's injuries healed quickly.

In this half a month's time, the injuries in his body had completely healed. Moreover, after the injuries in his body were healed, his physical body received a new baptism and ascension, causing his physical strength to become even stronger and faintly showing signs of a breakthrough.

However, perhaps it was due to the large amount of energy Ye Xuan had expended to help him escape from the Immortal Coffin, in addition to the fact that Ye Xuan had been occupying the Immortal Coffin for a long period of time, Zi Huang's corporeal body had become somewhat illusory and transparent.

As the spiritual energy that contained a pure energy entered Ye Xuan's body, Ye Xuan, who had his eyes tightly shut, finally opened his sleepy eyes.

A surging aura spread out from his body.

"Just a little bit more and I would have broken through to the Large Success of the Dragon Transformation Stage. My current strength is equivalent to an eight star Martial King!"

Feeling the surging strength within his body, Ye Xuan muttered to himself.

"Kid, are you still staying inside? "Get out here right now!"

Seeing Ye Xuan finish repairing his body in the Immortal Immortal Coffin, Zi Huang, who was floating in the air, frowned as she coldly spoke.

"Zi Huang... "Your body …"

Ye Xuan quickly came back to his senses after hearing Zi Huang's words. He raised his head to look at the slightly translucent body of Zi Huang, and astonished words came out of his mouth.

"In order to help you live, I put in all my effort. My energy consumption is too great …" Zi Huang coldly replied.

If she had been at her peak, she wouldn't have needed so much effort to deal with two Emperor-level experts.

"You … You're a spirit body? "

Hearing Zi Huang's words and looking at her current appearance, Ye Xuan seemed to have thought of something and was shocked. He raised his head and looked at Zi Huang in astonishment, and words of shock came out of his mouth.

If Zi Huang had not possessed a soul body, how could her body have become like this?

However, back then when he was helping Zi Feng heal, he checked her body's condition, which clearly didn't seem to be a spirit body.

The current situation caused Ye Xuan to be dumbstruck …

Hearing Ye Xuan's words and looking at his stunned expression, Zi Huang smiled mysteriously as a faint voice came out of her mouth, "Yes, and no …. I can't tell you the details. "Hurry up and get out of here. If this goes on, I'll be in trouble!"

"Err …"

Ye Xuan was stunned and speechless. He hurriedly crawled out of the Immortal's Coffin.

Zi Huang, on the other hand, quickly went to sleep in the Immortal Immortal Coffin.

As Zi Huang fell asleep in the Immortal's Coffin, under Ye Xuan's astonished gaze, her somewhat illusory and transparent body solidified at a speed that could be seen by the naked eye, causing Ye Xuan's face to fill with shock.

"This …"

As Ye Xuan was about to speak, Zi Huang willed it, and the Immortal Immortal coffin shrunk at a speed visible to the naked eye, before turning into a streak of golden light and disappearing into the ring. Zi Huang's misty voice sounded in Ye Xuan's ears, "Brat, the depths of the Buried God Mountain Range are filled with danger. It will depend on your luck and your circumstances to survive. I'm going to sleep for a while, so if there's nothing else, don't disturb me!"

"Hey …" "Don't be in such a hurry, let's chat a little more …"

Ye Xuan said to the ring, but didn't get any response, causing Ye Xuan to feel helpless.

After musing for a moment, he took out his cell phone and went onto the Asura's official website to check out the news of the outside world.

After all, he had been cultivating in the Immortal Coffin for a period of time, so he didn't know anything about the outside world.

"Damn... The battle at Sunset City was actually broadcast live? "

"Even the matters of Thousand Scorpion Island was exposed?"

When Ye Xuan looked at the series of news, he felt a headache. At the beginning, he only wanted to keep a low profile and secretly develop his skills.

After pausing for a moment, Ye Xuan continued, "But this way, there are still benefits! After all, these matters would be exposed sooner or later. Taking advantage of the public opportunity, his reputation and reputation could be boosted. Furthermore, Feng and the rest have successfully taken down the Evil Emperor Pavilion's headquarters.

"But, what's strange is that the Five Emperors, led by Emperor Qing, have yet to take any action against this series of events. This makes people puzzled!" Especially that fellow, the Evil Emperor, he actually said that he would temporarily disband the Evil Emperor Pavilion and go into seclusion. This is unlike his style! "

After looking through the recent news, Ye Xuan's brows slightly furrowed as he muttered to himself.

"Aooo …" "Ugh …"

Just as Ye Xuan finished muttering, the wails of a demon beast sounded from outside the cave, causing Ye Xuan's gaze to go cold.

In the next moment, he walked out of the cave as fast as lightning.

After walking out of the cave, what appeared before Ye Xuan was a gigantic canyon.

There were piles of magical beast corpses inside the canyon. By the looks of it, there were more than a hundred corpses, including more than eighty Class 5 Magical Beasts, twenty Class 6 Magical Beasts, and five Class 7 Magical beasts.

Some of them were torn apart by the blade qi, some were torn apart by powerful claws, and some even fell to the ground and shattered. It was a shocking sight, deeply shocking Ye Xuan's eyes.

It was obvious that these magical beasts were headed for Ye Xuan's cave, but in the end, they were killed by Zi Huang, the mutated wolf king, and the others.

On top of the corpses of these magical beasts, there was a 500-foot-long Flame Dragon Python swimming back and forth. It stared greedily at the mutated desolate wolf king and mutated flying dragon guarding the cave. Its rhombus-shaped eyes were flashing with a glaring bloody light.

The Flame Dragon Python was a Class 7 Magical Beast that appeared in the volcanic activity area and magma area. It relied on devouring fire energy for food as its entire body was burning with scorching hot flames. It was extremely violent and brutal, and was an extremely overbearing existence among Class 7 Magical Beasts.

Even a Martial King wouldn't dare to provoke them.

Obviously, it was attracted by the thick smell of blood that came from the magical beasts that had piled up in the valley.

"Hiss, hiss, hiss..."

As he watched Ye Xuan walk out of the cave, the Flame Dragon Python's rhombus-shaped eyes lit up with a blinding light. It suddenly raised its head and looked at Ye Xuan, shaking its tail and flicking its tongue.

It could sense the majestic fire attribute energy within the human body in front of it.

Amongst the Flame Dragon Pythons, Ye Xuan, who cultivated the Yin Yang Tyrant Body Technique, was undoubtedly the most delicious prey.

However, the Flame Dragon Python didn't rashly attack at this time. It raised its head and let out a furious roar, and fiercely swung its tail at the corpse of the magical beast beside it.

"Boom …"

An enormous energy suddenly exploded and a terrifying energy spread out. The corpse of the magical beast that was hit by the Flame Dragon Python smashed towards Ye Xuan like a cannonball.


Seeing this, the mutated wolf king and mutated flying dragon, who were guarding the cave, let out a roar. The mutated flying dragon suddenly flew out and blocked the incoming magical beast's body. The mutated wolf king used its feet to create wind as it charged towards the Flame Dragon Python.

Soon, the three vicious magical beasts began to fight.


However, perhaps it was due to the fact that the mutated Wyvern and the mutated Ash Wolf had fought many battles to protect Ye Xuan, but their bodies were injured and their strength and speed had been greatly reduced. They weren't a match for the Flame Dragon Python and were sent flying by its powerful tail.

Threads of black blood flowed out from their wounds.

"Little Green, Little Huang, come back!"

Seeing this, Ye Xuan frowned and spoke in a low voice.

The mutated wyvern and the mutated wolf king roared at the Flaming Dragon Python, then respectfully retreated to Ye Xuan's side.

As he looked at the many wounds on their bodies that had become black and rotten due to not being able to be treated in time, Ye Xuan's eyes flashed with a trace of pity. He reached out his hand to gently stroke their heads, then took out a bottle of life essence from the Void Magic Ring and fed it to them.


The instant Ye Xuan fed the mutated Desolate Wolf King and the mutated wyvern to the spirit spring, the Flame Dragon Python was unable to restrain the greed and temptation of the life and spirit spring in its heart. It let out an earth-shaking roar and swung its huge tail crazily, shooting the demon beast's corpses toward Ye Xuan like cannonballs.

From afar, a large number of demon beast corpses covered the sky like boulders as they charged towards Ye Xuan. Using the cover of these attacks, the Flame Dragon Python twisted its enormous body, opened its huge mouth, and revealed its sharp fangs as it charged towards Ye Xuan to bite him.

"Dong, dong, dong …"

A large amount of demon beast corpses fell to the ground like boulders, blowing up dust that filled the sky and creating muffled sounds. However, Ye Xuan didn't pay any attention to them and continued to treat the wounds of the Variant Wolf King and the mutated wyvern.

An invisible force spread out from his body and knocked away all of the magical beast corpses that were smashing towards him.

In the instant that the Flame Dragon Python tore towards him, Ye Xuan finished treating the wounds of the mutated Wyvern and the mutated Ash Wolf.

A cold light flashed in his eyes. He didn't even bother to look at the incoming violent energy. His right hand clenched into a fist as he suddenly turned around and punched out.

Devil Dragon's Strength!

The Demon Dragon was enraged!


In the next moment, Ye Xuan's fist directly smashed onto the head of the Flame Dragon Python.

The originally ferocious body of the Flame Dragon Python suddenly froze. Then, its massive head exploded with a loud bang, and bright red blood sprayed out continuously. It was as if a rain of blood had rained down from the sky.

After which, its huge body collapsed with a loud bang, completely dead!

The notorious seventh grade Flame Dragon Python was actually destroyed by a single punch from Ye Xuan?

A dragon blade appeared in Ye Xuan's hand as he skillfully dug out the snake gall of the Flaming Dragon Python. Then, he cut off a piece of snake meat and stewed a pot of soup …

In an instant, the rich taste of the delicious snake meat soup wafted out. A man and two beasts sat there and started to drink the snake meat soup.

"Dong, dong, dong …"

Just as Ye Xuan and the others were sipping the delicious snake meat soup, the sound of heavy footsteps came from afar, causing Ye Xuan's gaze to go cold.

Under his unsightly gaze, a twenty-meter-tall tiger covered in long, hard fur that was surrounded by a blood-red aura walked out of the forest and charged towards Ye Xuan and the others, appearing within their line of sight.

Strong gales blew and strong gales swept through. A dense sense of danger filled Ye Xuan's heart, causing his expression to change as he spoke in a serious tone.

"Rank 8 Magical Beast — — Titan Divine Tiger!"