Titan Divine Tiger, a Class 8 Magical Beast. Not only did it have the blood of the White Tiger, it also had the blood of the Titan Ape, which allowed it to possess not only the savagery and brutality of the White Tiger, but also the wild godly strength of the Titan Ape and its unparalleled physical body. It was extremely terrifying and powerful.

It was once rumored that there were twelve Divine Immortals and two Demon King level characters who wanted to torture him and obtain his blood. However, in the end, they were all killed by the Titan Tiger God, shaking the entire Asura World. From then on, this mountain range was named the Buried God Mountain Range, and very few people dared to set foot there.

Ye Xuan never imagined that he'd encounter such a tyrannical yet domineering Titan God Tiger here.

A strong sense of danger permeated Ye Xuan's heart, causing his expression to become extremely grim and unsightly.

This Titan God Tiger in front of it was not someone it could handle!

However, if he could obtain a drop of its blood essence to temper his body, then Ye Xuan would have an extremely high chance of cultivating the Yin Yang Tyrant Body Technique to the peak of the fourth level of the Dragon Transformation Stage.

After all, the Titan Godly Tiger's blood essence contained an incomparable amount of extremely potent and fiery energy. It was extremely beneficial to Ye Xuan's Yin Yang Tyrant Body Technique.

However, it was extremely difficult to obtain the shred of blood essence from the Titan God Tiger. After all, the twelve gods and the two demon king level entities had not been able to harm the Titan God Tiger in the slightest.

Looking at the Titan Divine Tiger that was getting closer and closer and feeling the boundless baleful aura it emitted, Ye Xuan took a deep breath and gave up on the idea of obtaining a drop of Titan Divine Tiger blood essence.

"It's better to leave first!"

Immediately, Ye Xuan's eyes flashed as he made his decision.

"Little Desolate, let's go!"

Then, he quickly left on the back of the mutated Ash Wolf.

The Titan Divine Tiger didn't chase after Ye Xuan, but rather walked towards the snake broth that Ye Xuan had cooked. He picked up the pot and carefully savored the taste.

"No …" Titan Divine Tiger's personality must be violent and violent, it must have the urge and instinct to destroy everything, it definitely won't be as casual as it is now, watching us leave and not pursuing us! "Little Wasteland, stop!"

Ye Xuan frowned slightly as he watched Titan Divine Tiger eat the soup. His eyes flickered with wisdom as he muttered to himself.

The reaction of the Titan God Tiger in front of him was undoubtedly abnormal.

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, the speed of the mutated wolf king stopped.


Ye Xuan put it into the ring, and with a thought, a pair of wings formed from the demon aura on his back. Afterwards, the wings flapped and Ye Xuan flew to the top of a large tree to carefully observe it.

Under Ye Xuan's careful observation, the Titan God Tiger only felt a little unsatisfied after drinking the serpent meat soup. The arrogant it actually lowered its head to eat the corpse of the Flame Dragon Python, causing a trace of astonishment to appear within Ye Xuan's eyes. His brows tightly knitted together.

This Titan Divine Tiger's actions were too abnormal. Not only did it not chase after him, it even started nibbling on the corpse of the Flame Dragon Python.

One must know that the arrogant Titan Divine Tiger had always only eaten living things, it definitely could not eat dead things!

"Could it be that it was injured, and very seriously as well, that's why it didn't chase after me, and instead ate the corpse of the Flame Dragon Python?"

A bold idea appeared in Ye Xuan's mind.

At this moment, Ye Xuan wasn't in a hurry to leave. Instead, he quietly observed from afar.

Very quickly, Ye Xuan noticed that the Titan Ape was indeed injured.

Below its abdomen, there was a wound that was several meters long. The wound was very deep, and even though there were signs of scabs forming, infection and suppuration appeared on the wound. It seemed to be very serious.

That was why the Titan Divine Tiger was so abnormal.

"Dong, dong, dong …"

Under Ye Xuan's gaze, the Titan Divine Tiger ate the Flaming Dragon Python's body before turning around to leave, walking towards the depths of the Buried God Mountain Range.

Ye Xuan tried his best to conceal his aura as he carefully followed behind him.

Soon, they arrived at a pond that was burning with thick flames and emitting large amounts of bubbles and hot air.

"Karst energy pool?"

Ye Xuan was shocked as he looked at the burning and bubbling pool. His heart burned with passion.

The Karst energy pool was formed from the countless years of evolution of the magma, and it contained an incomparably pure fire energy. It had the absolute ability to cleanse the marrow and refine the body, and it was the dream of all fire attribute martial artists. Even a drop of the karst liquid on the black market would sell for sky-high prices.

If he could soak in this energy pond, Ye Xuan's strength would undoubtedly multiply.

No wonder the Titan Tiger God was so powerful, so powerful!

The Titan God Tiger walked to the Karst energy pond and drank a mouthful of Karst energy liquid. Then, it entered the cave at the side and fell into deep sleep, beginning to heal its injuries.

Looking at the Titan Tiger that was sleeping inside the cave, looking at the cave that was filled with wild energy and the energy pool, Ye Xuan fell into a long period of silence and thought.

Under normal circumstances, one would think that the cave of a peerless fierce beast like the Titan Divine Tiger contained a lot of treasures. If one could barge into it, then the harvest inside would definitely be unimaginable.

However... The Titan God Tiger was lying inside its cave. If Ye Xuan were to be discovered sneaking in, he would definitely die.

However, the Titan Divine Tiger had been severely injured and had sunk into the ground after it had eaten. This was the perfect time to barge into the cave and investigate.

If he could unknowingly barge into the Titan Divine Tiger's cave, take away the treasures inside, and then soak himself in the karst energy pool, that would be perfect.

A chance to become rich overnight was right in front of him. Should he go or not?

Ye Xuan fell into silence as he struggled to make a decision in his heart.

"Damn it, let's fight! If we don't get into the tiger's den, how can we get into the tiger's den!?" If I don't go in and investigate when I see such a great opportunity, my conscience will hurt! "

In the end, Ye Xuan made the decision to enter the Titan Divine Tiger's cave!

But Ye Xuan wasn't in a hurry to enter. He waited for a long time until the Titan God Tiger snored and tried to throw a few small stones inside the cave, but they didn't alarm him. Only then did Ye Xuan carefully tiptoe into the cave.

Entering the cave, Ye Xuan saw an enormous lava cavern. The surrounding walls were filled with lava crystals that contained boundless fire type energy and all sorts of flame medicine, dazzling Ye Xuan.

However, he did not get distracted by these "little things" at this time. Instead, he continued to walk forward.

Very quickly, Ye Xuan arrived at the end of the cave. Inside the lair made of lava crystals and elixirs, an egg that flickered with a dazzling light that contained a strong life force appeared within Ye Xuan's line of sight.

"Is this the egg of the Titan Divine Tiger?"

Ye Xuan frowned as he looked at the egg. A trace of doubt flashed in his eyes. "That can't be. Wasn't the Titan Divine Tiger birthed?"

Just as Ye Xuan was puzzled by the egg, a ray of golden light flashed by the side of the egg, causing Ye Xuan's gaze to go cold.

He quickly looked in the direction of the golden light. A crystal that contained boundless energy and had tiger and ape stripes intersecting each other appeared in his line of sight, causing a deep astonishment and ecstasy to appear on his face. "These are Blue Flames Divine Crystals?"

The Blue Flames Divine Crystal was a world shocking item that was born from the Titan Divine Tiger. Not only did it contain the purest bloodline power of the Titan Divine Ape and the White Tiger, it also possessed a strong fire attribute power.

After the Titan Tiger cub devours it, not only will the blood vessels within the body receive an overall boost, gaining the ability to control the Divine Ashen Flames, but it will also undergo a rebirth, and may even evolve into the legendary Divine Beast!

"If this is a Divine Blue Flames Crystal, then this crystal contains the unhatched infant of the Titan Divine Tiger?"

Ye Xuan's heart thumped wildly as he looked at the Divine Crystal and the Titan Tiger's egg. He muttered something under his breath.

If he was able to absorb and refine the Blue Flames Divine Crystal, then his strength would undoubtedly increase by leaps and bounds. It would be possible to cultivate the Yin Yang Tyrant Body Technique to the fifth level of the Deity Transformation Stage, and then he would have enormous confidence in the Conferred God Battle half a year from now!

Moreover, if they could take this titan godly tiger egg away and hatch it for the Beast Demon Qin Shou to nurture, then they would undoubtedly have an additional prehistoric giant beast!

Right now, in front of Ye Xuan's eyes, was an unprecedented amount of wealth.

To suddenly get rich, he only needed a single thought to take away the Blue Flames Divine Crystal and Titan Divine Tiger Eggs.

"Bang, bang, bang …"

Ye Xuan could clearly hear his own heartbeat as he looked at the Divine Crystal of Blue Flames, God Tiger's egg, and the slumbering Titan God Tiger in front of him.

He had never felt so excited and nervous before.

"We're going for broke! Take him away!"

Immediately, Ye Xuan made a decision.

After that, he carefully stretched out his hand and stored the Blue Flames Divine Crystal and Titan Divine Tiger Eggs into the Void Demon Ring.

During the time Ye Xuan was collecting the Blue Flames Divine Crystal and Titan Divine Tiger Egg, he kept staring at the slumbering Titan Divine Tiger, afraid that he'd suddenly awaken.

Ye Xuan felt as if a century had passed from this simple action.


Only after he had collected the two items did he let out a long sigh of relief. Unknowingly, his clothes had been drenched in sweat.

After doing all of this, Ye Xuan didn't dally any longer. He didn't dare to go inside the cave and covet the treasures. Instead, he carefully walked out of the cave without making a single sound.

When Ye Xuan walked out of the cave, the Titan Divine Tiger was still asleep and didn't wake up.

"I'm afraid that this Karst Energy Pool will not have much luck. However, you should bring a barrel with you before you leave!"

Looking at the slumbering Titan Divine Tiger and the Karst Energy Pool, Ye Xuan muttered in his heart.

As he finished speaking, he took out a bucket and walked over to the Karst energy pool to fill it up.

Just as Ye Xuan was about to throw the bucket into the energy pool and drag it up, a dense killing intent suddenly locked onto him, causing his expression to drastically change.

"What the f * ck..."

When he raised his head to look at the Titan Divine Tiger, he discovered that it had already woken up. It was staring at him with a gaze filled with killing intent and fury, causing Ye Xuan to spit out vulgarities.

Immediately, he quickly put away the bucket. The devil wings appeared behind his back, and he flew into the distance as fast as lightning …


An earth-shaking roar resounded.

The enormous Titan Divine Tiger carried a wild killing intent as it chased in the direction that Ye Xuan had fled in.

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