Medicine King Han Yu's strength was indeed very strong, reaching the level of a four star Martial King. No matter where one looked, he could be considered a powerful expert whose name would shake the region, and furthermore, he even obtained the teachings of his master, the Medicine Sovereign. If it wasn't for his senior brother, Medicine God Han Feng, firmly suppressing him, his reputation and fame would have been able to rise even further in the Asura World.

Seeing Pill King Han Yu release such a powerful aura and feeling the immense pressure from his aura, the people of the village all had extremely serious and ugly expressions, as if they were in an icehouse. Their gazes towards Pill King Han Yu were filled with fear and amazement.

His gaze towards Ye Xuan was filled with undisguised nervousness and worry as he spoke in a low voice.

"He... Can he defeat the Medicine King Han Yu? "

"Medicine King Han Yu obtained the teachings of the Medicine Sovereign, his strength is no weaker than the Medicine God Han Feng …" Can we win? "

"Although his strength is very strong, to beat the Medicine God Han Yu is simply too difficult!"

"I really hope that he can win. If he loses, then our Medicine Village will also be destroyed!"

At this moment, the hearts of the people of Herb Village were extremely nervous. To them, Ye Xuan had already become their entire village's hope.

If Ye Xuan was able to defeat Pill King Han Yu, they might be able to escape this calamity for the time being.

But if Ye Xuan lost, then their Medicine Village would be finished as well.

"Scared? Do you know fear? "

Seeing the frightened look on all around, Pill King Han Yu revealed a playful smile, as he said in a cold voice: "What a pity, it's too late now! Since you've chosen to work with this brat, then your fate will be the same as his. You will all die and the Medicine Village will be removed from the list! Even if you regret it now, kneel down and beg me … "

"You make it sound as if you can kill me! A four star Martial King was indeed not weak, but it was a pity... "It's not enough in my eyes!"

Pill King Han Yu hadn't finished speaking when he was interrupted by Ye Xuan's cold voice.

Although the injuries on his body hadn't completely healed, Ye Xuan still didn't place a mere four-star Martial King, the Medicine King, Han Yu, in his eyes.

"Very arrogant, very courageous, what a pity … You must die! "

Energy surged within his body as he stepped forward. His figure was like a ghost as he instantly appeared in front of Ye Xuan. The poison gas around his hand clawed at Ye Xuan's throat, leaving afterimages behind it.

Ye Xuan's eyes flashed, and starlight flickered beneath his feet. He executed the Star Steps, causing his body to strangely shift horizontally, avoiding Pill King Han Yu's attack.

"Hmph, you're quite slippery!"

When his attack failed, Pill King Han Yu snorted disdainfully. He suddenly changed his direction and charged towards Ye Xuan once more. The claws that were surrounded by poisonous gas left behind numerous claw images in the air.

From afar, Medicine King Han Yu continued to swing his claws and attack Ye Xuan. The sky was filled with claws that enveloped Ye Xuan, but in the end, they weren't able to harm Ye Xuan in the slightest.

"This [Teleportation] technique is indeed powerful. Although I have only cultivated to the first stage of the Star Steps, in a situation where my body is heavily affected due to injuries, even if I don't use the Bedevilment Dao or the Thunderclap state, I can still crush Medicine King Han Yu with speed!"

Ye Xuan was using Star Steps to dodge the attack of Medicine King Han Yu with great interest. His calm appearance was like a cat playing with a mouse, giving him the demeanor of an expert.

Moreover, as Ye Xuan executed his Star Steps, a strange feeling permeated his heart. His understanding and comprehension of the Star Steps became even deeper, making him enjoy it, so he wasn't in a hurry to defeat Medicine King Han Yu.

He was training his technique on the Medicine King, Han Yu.

"What's going on? The attack of Lord Hallmaster actually was unable to harm that fellow in the slightest? "

"I don't know. Every time Lord Hallmaster's attack is about to land on that kid's body, he actually easily dodged it!"

"That kid must have learned some kind of strange and profound movement technique. He's as slippery as a loach."

"If this goes on, wouldn't that kid exhaust the Lord Hallmaster to death?"

Looking at Medicine King Han Yu, who was being played by Ye Xuan, the numerous guards clenched their fists until they made cracking sounds. They all had unsightly expressions on their faces as they spoke.

"What a powerful movement technique. If this goes on, perhaps Ye Xuan can really defeat Medicine King Han Yu!"

"God bless us, I hope Ye Xuan can win against those bastards from the Medicine God Hall!"

On the other hand, the villagers of Medicine Village were excited and excited. Xiao Fang was praying earnestly with her hands clasped in front of her.

"Ye Xuan is able to rely on his superior movement technique to attack Medicine King Han Yu, but if he wants to defeat Han Yu, it would still be too difficult!" He's only an eight star Martial King with injuries on his body and Han Yu is a four star Martial King. The difference in strength between the two of them is too great, so much so that even Ye Xuan at his peak wouldn't be able to defeat Han Yu. "

"If I don't defeat Han Yu after a long time, I'll definitely be angered. I'm afraid that I'll have to use my true abilities. I'm afraid that Ye Xuan won't be able to last long under the attack of Medicine King Han Yu!"

Hearing Xiaofang's prayer, the old chief had a helpless expression and could not help but let out a long sigh.

"Brat, you haven't been able to last this long in this reputed one's hands. You are already proud of yourself! However, do you think that you can only dodge me? You're too naive! This Seat will make it so that you have nowhere to hide! "

Sure enough, just as the old chief's voice fell, the Medicine King Han Yu finally lost his patience. A cold light flashed in his eyes as his right hand was surrounded by poisonous gas, and he fiercely pressed it against the ground.

"Poison Domain!"

The earth trembled, and the poisonous gas spread out in all directions from Medicine King Han Yu. It was like a gray hurricane that swept in all directions, forming a large cage that trapped him and Ye Xuan within.

"Cough cough …"

"I... My throat... "

"I... I can't breathe... "

Even though the surrounding villagers and the guards of the Medicine God Hall weren't affected by the poison domain and were only affected by a sliver of the poison domain, they were still poisoned.

Clutching their throats, their faces turned purple, and they collapsed in agony.

"Move far away, don't be affected by the poisonous gas, and don't be affected by it."

Seeing this, the old patriarch's expression changed, and he quickly brought the villagers to retreat.

"Such a strong poison, Patriarch... Then Ye Xuan, he …. "

Looking at those unconscious people who had died from the poison, looking at the blurry field of highly toxic poison, Xiaofang had an anxious expression on her face as she spoke with a worried expression.

"Of course he's dead for sure!"

"Lord Hallmaster's poison domain has revealed a thousand times more poisonous gas than that. Even Class 7 Magical Beasts would be poisoned to death, how about that kid?"

"All of you stay there and wait for Hall Master to drag that brat's body out of the Extremely Poisonous Domain! "Haha …"

Just as Xiaofang finished speaking, the guards of the hall burst out laughing and looked at them with mocking gazes.

To their knowledge, no one had ever been able to walk out from the territory of Medicine King Han Yu's poison, and that kid was no exception.

"Kid, why aren't you dodging anymore? You're not running anymore? Is it because there is no way out? "

Within the poison domain, the Medicine King, Han Yu, stared coldly at Ye Xuan. His eyes were filled with undisguised mockery as he coldly spoke.

"It's just that I don't want to play after I've had enough!"

Ye Xuan's body was surrounded by a black demonic aura, causing the dense poison aura to be unable to approach him. He coldly stared at Medicine King Han Yu as he replied.

"Hmm? What exactly is the black flame on that guy's body? It can actually resist the corrosion of the poison mist? "

Hearing Ye Xuan's words and looking at the surrounding demonic aura, Medicine King Han Yu's gaze went cold. An idea flashed through his mind, but his expression didn't change in the slightest. He coldly smiled and said, "You dare to be stubborn at a time like this? You really don't know your place!"

"Extremely Poisonous Spear Technique!" "Die!"

Just as Pill King Han Yu finished speaking, he fiercely dashed towards Ye Xuan. The instant he rushed out, a dense poison gas gathered in his hands, eventually condensing into a poison spear in his hands and thrusting towards Ye Xuan with the intent to kill.

"Is that all you can do? "This is so boring!"

Seeing this, Ye Xuan didn't mind and indifferently said.

For other people, the Medicine King Han Yu, who specializes in poison, might be difficult to deal with, but for Ye Xuan, he's poison if he's not afraid. This's because one of the eight great wargods of the Demon God Palace specializes in poison; he's called the Thousand Faces Poison God!

Ye Xuan didn't have any intention of dodging when faced with Medicine King Han Yu's attack. Instead, he quietly stood on the spot and coldly watched as Medicine King Han Yu coldly stabbed him with the poison spear. He watched as the poison spear continued to enlarge in his pupils.

Beneath Ye Xuan's feet, a large amount of starlight gathered. He felt that he was only one step away from the Medicine King, Han Yu, as if he could instantly move there if he wanted to.

And as the Medicine King, Han Yu, got closer and closer, this feeling became more intense.

"What is it? Knowing that I am unable to withstand it and feel despair, I chose to give up.

"But unfortunately, you were struck by my Extremely Poisonous Spear Technique. You will only die after experiencing the pain of having your heart eaten by highly toxic poison!"

Seeing that Ye Xuan wasn't moved and had given up on running, Pill King Han Yu revealed a mocking expression. The disdain in his eyes grew stronger as he stuck out his tongue to lick the corner of his mouth.

"Now is the time!"

Seeing that Medicine King Han Yu was less than three meters away from Ye Xuan and was about to pierce through his body with his Toxic Spear, Ye Xuan's eyes flashed and he spoke in a low voice.


"Chi! Chi!"

The instant his words left his mouth, the starlight beneath his feet suddenly vanished, leaving behind an afterimage. He appeared in front of Pill King Han Yu without any warning, and the dragon blade in his hand quietly slashed across.

In the next moment, the Extremely Poisonous Spear pierced through Ye Xuan's body, and Medicine King Han Yu's body froze.

"Cripple …" Afterimage? How … "How could that be?"

He looked at Ye Xuan, who'd been penetrated by the Toxic Spear, strangely dissipate. His pupils constricted as his eyes widened.

He never thought that the poison spear in his hand would pierce through the afterimage that Ye Xuan left behind.

"Puchi …"

He turned his head with difficulty to look behind him, but just as he turned his head, his complexion suddenly paled and a large amount of black blood sprayed out of his mouth.

Then, to his horror, he saw his head separate from his body and then tumble to the ground.

"How... How could this be? "

Pill King Han Yu's head rolled to the ground as he looked at Ye Xuan in terror. This was the last thought he had in his mind.

He opened his mouth to speak, but with only his head remaining, he was completely unable to make a sound.

However, Ye Xuan was able to tell what he was going to say just by the way he mouthed it!

He said that his master wouldn't let Ye Xuan off!

In the end, he closed his eyes and died!

Perhaps even before he died, he still didn't understand when Ye Xuan had cut off his throat and beheaded him.

This was because Ye Xuan's attack speed was simply too fast.

"Second stage of Star Shift, Starflash!" "He really is powerful!"

Looking at the dead Medicine King, Han Yu, Ye Xuan quietly recalled his earlier experience and muttered some words.

Just now, he had comprehended the second level of the [Star Shift] 's Star Flash, which was why he was able to kill Medicine King Han Yu so unexpectedly.

It could be said that this Star Flash was far more powerful than the Star Steps.

The Star Steps allowed one's speed to increase explosively. However, the Star Flash was similar to teleportation.

However, according to Ye Xuan's estimation, he'd only just mastered the Star Flash, so his distance should only be within three meters.

Even if the distance was only three meters, it was enough!

At the critical moment, it was enough to surprise the opponent and give him a fatal blow!

Outside of the field, the guards of the Medicine Shrine were laughing maniacally as they stared coldly at the villagers of the Medicine Village.

"Haha …" A bunch of trash are still hoping for a miracle to happen, hoping that brat can defeat Hall Master and escape from the area of highly toxic poison? "

"Let me tell you, that is absolutely impossible, absolutely impossible …"

"That brat will die in a very, very ugly way, like when five horses are dismembered, and all of you will suffer the anger of the hall master, and all of you will die!"

The eyes of the lady who was friendly with the Medicine King, Han Yu, flashed, and stared at Xiao Fang, who was not far away, as she said in a cold voice, "What are you all standing there for? This woman has been bestowed upon you all, torture her to death! "

Clearly, this woman was afraid that Medicine King Han Yu would fall for Xiao Fang, so she brought her back to fight for his favor!

"Thank you, Madam Yunxi!"

Hearing the woman's words, the guards' eyes lit up, and with saliva dripping from their mouths, they pounced on Xiaofang like hungry wolves.

"Chi! Chi!"

However, at this moment, a resplendent blade aura flew out from the field without any warning, slicing through their bodies.

As the sound of footsteps sounded out, the poisonous domain's fog gradually dispersed. Ye Xuan carried his dragon blade as he slowly walked out of the poisonous gas.

Behind him was the ice-cold corpse of the Medicine King, Han Yu.

"Who just said that I would die a horrible death?"

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