As the Great Devil World opened, countless pillars of demonic energy shot out from the ground towards Pill Elder Wang Yuan, sealing off his escape route. At the same time, a terrifying wave of demonic energy surged towards him from Ye Xuan.

This sudden turn of events caused Yao Zun Wang's expression to change drastically. An intense sense of danger filled his heart, making it hard for him to see his current expression.

He wanted to dodge and retreat, but the demon pillars that had rushed out from underground had already sealed off his escape route.

He wanted to continue attacking Ye Xuan, but the pillars of magma that rushed out from underground had completely blocked his path.

Yao Zun Wang Yuan's face darkened as he tried his best to dodge. It was a pity that there were simply too many pillars of demonic energy rushing out of the ground. There was no way for him to escape in time.

By the time the pillars of demonic energy shot out from the ground to stop, they had already formed a cage and trapped the Medicine Sovereign and Wang Yuan inside, preventing them from moving at all.

From afar, the cage formed by the pillars of demonic energy looked like a black coffin, and that was where Medicine Sovereign Wang Yuan was trapped.

Not only that, but as Ye Xuan unleashed the Great Demonic World, the demonic energy was rampant and overlapped with the Great Yan World that Yao Zun had used, causing the flames inside his Great Yan World to gradually extinguish from the demonic energy. The cage of flames began to collapse at a speed visible to the naked eye, as if it were about to explode from the power of the Great Yan World.

Yao Zun Wang Yuan's Great Yan World was on the verge of collapse.


Ye Xuan didn't have the slightest expression on his face. He was filled with endless indifference. His right hand, which contained an enormous power, suddenly pressed onto the ground as he coldly spoke.

As soon as the word "break" came out, a wave of demonic energy spread out in all directions like a torrent. An even more powerful and wild energy exploded within the Great Demonic World, crushing the Great Yan World that Yao Zun had cast, gradually increasing its size.

This situation was like a flame cage holding a black ball of demonic energy. As the ball of energy continued to increase in strength, its shape continued to grow, and the flame cage was gradually expanding until it was about to break apart.


A huge explosion rang out as Pill Elder Wang Yuan watched in horror as his Great Yan World was forcefully blown apart by Ye Xuan's Great Demonic World, turning into a rain of fire that rained down from the sky.

"Puchi …"

The Great Yan World and Yao Zun Yuan were closely intertwined. As he was being destroyed, Yao Lao Wang Yuan's face paled as if he had suffered a heavy blow. Large amounts of black blood spurted out of his mouth as his aura sagged …

"Ah... You damned bastard, you actually broke my Great Yan World. Today, I will cut you into a thousand pieces! "

An excruciating pain filled Yao Zunyuan's heart, causing his expression to turn into one of insanity. He let out an angry roar, as terrifying greyish-white flames erupted from his body, shattering the demon Qi pillar that had trapped him.

He waved the longsword in his hand as sword energy whistled through the air. The sword energy that filled the sky carried a sharp intent to kill as it enveloped Ye Xuan.


Unfortunately, Ye Xuan didn't take his sword qi attack seriously at all. He took a step forward and formed a black shield of monstrous demon qi in front of him, blocking all of the sword qi that filled the sky.

Xie Zun's attacks weren't able to harm Ye Xuan in the slightest.

"So the strength that Ye Xuan unleashed was this strong?" With the support of the Great Devil Realm, he could actually fight face to face with the Medicine Sovereign! This guy's ability to jump levels is too terrifying! "

Yuan He's eyes flickered with wisdom as he watched the intense exchange easily break apart the Great Yan World's Ye Xuan. He furrowed his brows, deep in thought, as he analyzed the situation.

It would have been fine if Pill Elder Wang Yuan had won in the end, but if he had been defeated in the end, then Yuan He would undoubtedly have been in deep trouble.

Therefore, Yuan He did not take action at this time. Instead, he maintained a relatively neutral stance.

Before Ye Xuan and the Medicine King could determine the victor, he wouldn't act rashly.

"How is this possible? With the support of the Great Devil Realm, this guy is actually able to completely block my attack? "

The string of sword qi attacks didn't have the slightest effect on Yao Zun Wang's self-confidence. They stared at Ye Xuan, who was using the shield to block his attacks, and the killing intent in their eyes grew stronger.

"Since the sword qi is ineffective, then what about this move?"

In the next moment, Yao Zun Wang decisively gave up on using his sword qi to attack Ye Xuan from a distance. Instead, he grabbed his sword and dived down at an extremely fast speed, aiming to kill Ye Xuan.

The sharp longsword reflected a dazzling brilliance under the illumination of the sun.

In that moment, Yao Zun Yuan's speed was just too fast for anyone to see him. All they could see was a flash of sword light.

The sword light cut through the sky as it headed straight for Ye Xuan!

Sword of Radiance, a hundred years of age!

Even though they were separated by a great distance, Ye Xuan still felt a sense of danger.

Pill Elder Wang Yuan's sword strike was extremely powerful.

"Great Demonic Conviction!"

A cold light flashed through Ye Xuan's eyes. Demonic Qi roiled beneath his feet as he stomped his feet on the ground. Countless pitch-black chains were like roaring demonic dragons as they charged towards the Medicine Sovereign with the intent to kill in an attempt to seal him off.

From afar, it looked like countless black dragons were fighting for a bright dragon pearl. It was quite shocking.

However, the chains of demonic energy were unable to stop even half a step from stopping Wang Yuan.

Before the chains could land on Yao Zun Wang Yuan's body, they were all ripped apart by the resplendent sword energy, causing Ye Xuan's Great Demonic Confinement Heavenly Lock to break apart.

"What a strong strike!"

Even Ye Xuan was praising Yao Zun Wang Yuan's sword. "It's a pity that you can't do anything to me!"

Seeing that Yao Zun Wang Yuan's resplendent sword aura was getting closer and closer to Ye Xuan, Ye Xuan finally decided to sit still and wait for death. He took a step forward, and the starlight beneath his feet surged, transforming into a ray of light as he charged towards Yao Zun Wang at extreme speed.


In that instant, the crisp sound of metal clashing rang out. It was Ye Xuan's dragon blade colliding with Yao Zun Wang's sword.

Two wild sword Qis erupted from their weapons.

Ye Xuan's charge towards the sky came to a sudden halt. Under the powerful push from the tip of Medicine Sovereign King's sword, his body flew out of control and crashed into the ground.

"Brat, your time of death has come!"

As he watched Ye Xuan fall to the ground from the shock, Pill Elder Wang Yuan's eyes flashed with a bright light as he coldly spoke.

The instant Yao Zun Wang Yuan's words left his mouth, his arm that was holding onto the sword trembled violently, and his hand that was holding onto the sword whirled violently. The longsword in his hand spun at high speeds, causing an even more powerful force to erupt.

Not only that, the longsword in Yao Zun Yuan's hand was emitting two sword energies that pierced towards Ye Xuan's shoulders!

It had to be said that Yao Zun Yuan's sword was indeed extremely powerful.

"Star Flash!"

Just when Ye Xuan's two shoulders were about to be penetrated by the sword qi and his body was about to smash onto the ground below, a cold light flashed within his eyes. Starlight surged from beneath his feet, and his body strangely vanished without a trace.

In the next moment, Ye Xuan's body was pierced by Yao Zun Wang's sword and sword qi.

"Dammit, is this an afterimage?"

The sword that had pierced Ye Xuan's body strangely melted in that instant, causing Yao Zun Wang's expression to change. An unprecedented sense of danger welled up from the bottom of his heart.

He cursed out loud and slashed his sword towards his back without any hesitation.


The sound of metal clashing rang out as Medicine Sovereign Wang Yuan's longsword blocked Ye Xuan's fierce attack, which had appeared from behind him after casting Starlight.

It had to be said that this old fellow's reflexes and battle experience were indeed exceedingly strong.

Unfortunately, the one he met wasn't anyone else but Ye Xuan.

The instant Senior Yao blocked Ye Xuan's attack, the corner of Ye Xuan's mouth curled up slightly. With an ice-cold voice, he said, "Old thing, you're finished!"

The instant Ye Xuan finished speaking, he pressed the button on the side of the dragon blade without the slightest hesitation.

Dazzling black light erupted from the blade and dense black and white chains shot out from within, enveloping the Medicine Sovereign and swallowing him whole.

Elementary Dragon Blade Break: Black and White Heavenly Lock!

As Ye Xuan unsheathed his dragon blade, a strong sense of life-and-death danger permeated Yao Zun Wang's heart, causing his expression to change drastically. He wanted to dodge but was swallowed by the black light.

In that moment, all of Yao Zunyuan's vision and perception were stripped away.

When he regained his senses, he was inside a black light enchantment. His entire body was chained up by intersecting black and white chains, and his movements were greatly restricted.

This situation caused the expression on Medicine Sovereign King's face to darken. He attempted to activate the astral energy within his body, but was unable to do so. This caused his expression to turn even more grim and dark, turning from green to purple.

The sound of footsteps rang out as Ye Xuan slowly walked out of the darkness with the dragon blade in hand. In the eyes of Pill Master Wang, he was like a demon that had walked out of hell, his entire body filled with a trembling coldness.

"This damned fellow … There is actually such a method! "

Seeing Ye Xuan walk out, Medicine Sovereign Wang Yuan had an ugly expression as he said, "However, do you think you can trap this old man just by relying on this? You're simply too naive!" Show your power, Concealed Ghost Flame! "


As Yao Zun Wang Yuan's words fell, scorching, cold white flames erupted from his body. A white flame armor condensed on his body as an unprecedented amount of power spread out from his body, seeking to shatter the black and white chains that were binding him …

"This is the 'Heavenly Flame'?"

Upon seeing this, Ye Xuan's eyes flashed with astonishment. His expression turned cold as he took a step forward. Star Light quietly flashed as he instantly appeared in front of Yao Zun Wang. The dragon blade in his hand whistled out with a sharp aura.


Just as the sharp blade was about to pierce through Yao Zun Wang's throat, he let out a furious roar. The black and white chains binding him broke apart, allowing him to regain his freedom and retreat. The longsword in his hand appeared, blocking in front of him.

"Crack …" "Ding!"

A ray of light flashed across. The crisp sound of a sword slicing through flesh and metal rang out.

Even though Medicine Sovereign Wang Yuan had broken through the shackles and was able to avoid Ye Xuan's vital points, Ye Xuan's blade had still cut through his clothes, leaving a deep bloody wound on his shoulder. Blood constantly dripped from the wound.


An intense pain spread out from the bottom of his heart, causing his expression to turn malevolent from the pain. He furiously cursed as a terrifying energy exploded from his mouth and sent Ye Xuan flying.

Subsequently, he chased after Ye Xuan with murderous intent.

Seeing the incoming Yao Zun Wang Yuan, Ye Xuan's expression didn't change in the slightest. A cold light flashed through his eyes as he activated his Fire, Ice, Yin Yang Eyes.

When Yao Zun Wang Yuan was less than three meters away from him, a resplendent light shone forth from his eyes, an azure light spreading out in all directions!

Celestial Dance!

"Cluck, cluck, cluck …"

"Come on, young master..."

Xie Zun and Wang Yuan were struck by the azure energy and froze in place. The beautiful, sexy Fairy Maiden appeared beside him, her voice filled with enticement.

The instant that Yao Zun Wang became absent-minded, intense killing intent blossomed in Ye Xuan's eyes. Starlight surged beneath his feet as he executed the Starlight Flash. The Dragon Blade in his hand shone with a blinding light as he charged towards Yao Zun Wang!

Half-broken Dragon Blade: God Slaughtering Dragon!