"Ahh …"

Endless amounts of dragon-shaped Sword Qi burst out, and a miserable scream resounded within the black light barrier.

Under Ye Xuan's cold gaze, the dragon blade released a dragon-shaped sword qi that struck Xie Zun Wang's body. He let out a miserable shriek as his body flew out like a cannonball, heavily smashing against the black light barrier wall.

"Bang … …" "Ka-cha …"

When Yao Zun Wang's body collided with the wall of black light, a terrifying force exploded forth with a loud bang. The wall of black light only lasted for a moment before shattering.

After shattering the wall of black light, Yao Zun Wang's body was sent flying backwards. Under the shocked gaze of Yuan He and the other guards, he crashed into a rock garden in the center of the courtyard, smashing it to smithereens.

A large amount of black blood sprayed out of his mouth as he heavily smashed into the pond beneath the fake mountain, turning him into a drowned chicken.

"Honorable Medicine Sovereign!"

"Honored Medicine Sovereign, how are you?"

"Honored Medicine Sovereign, are you alright?"

After a brief moment of shock, the other guards quickly regained their senses. They jumped into the pond to help Pill Elder Wang Yuan, who had turned into a bedraggled chicken. Words of concern came from their mouths.

The current Medicine Sovereign Wang Yuan no longer had that immortal air he had before.

His hair was disheveled, and his aged face was filled with pain and malevolence. His expensive alchemy uniform was torn by the blade qi, and a scar that pierced his upper body appeared on his chest …

The wound was deep enough to see bone, and fresh blood continued to flow from it. It was a shocking sight to behold.

If this fellow didn't have the flame armor that was condensed from cold ghost flames, he probably would've been cut into two halves by the Dragon Blade that Ye Xuan executed just now.

Without a doubt, at this moment, Pill Master Wang Yuan had suffered heavy injuries from Ye Xuan's continuous attacks.

"Cough cough …"

He clutched his chest and coughed violently, traces of black blood flowing from the corner of his lips, causing him to look extremely weak.

Yuan He's brows furrowed slightly as he looked at Yao Zun Wang Yuan's sorry state. He raised his head to look at Ye Xuan, who was holding onto a dragon blade, completely unscathed. His eyes flickered with wisdom as thoughts continuously flashed through his mind.

"Elder Yuan, how was it?" Are you okay? "

In the next moment, he quickly walked up to Yao Zun Wang, his voice filled with concern.

"No worries!" I have underestimated that damned brat … "

Pill Elder Wang Yuan forcefully endured the pain from his body as he stuffed a healing pill into his mouth. He stared at Ye Xuan as he coldly said, "Yuan He, you and I will join forces and kill that brat!"


Hearing Yao Zun Wang Yuan's words, Yuan He's eyes flashed as he gently nodded his head.


Yao Zun Wang Yuan let out a stern shout. He endured his injuries and charged towards Ye Xuan with boundless killing intent, ready to kill him once more.

Yuan He's entire body surged with astral energy. As a five star Martial King, his aura exploded forth without restraint. He followed closely behind Yao Zun Wang Yuan and charged towards Ye Xuan, launching an attack at him.

Wild and violent energy gathered in Yuan He's hand, causing his palm to be surrounded by a green astral energy, as if it was a claw from the netherworld!

Looking at the incoming Medicine Sovereign Wang Yuan and Yuan He, Ye Xuan's expression didn't change at all. Cold light flashed in his eyes as he executed the Star Steps, transforming into a stream of light and charged towards Medicine Sovereign Wang Yuan and Yuan He. The dragon blades in his hands whistled out, releasing two sharp blade auras.

"Ahh …"

Ye Xuan's eyes narrowed as he watched Ye Xuan get closer and closer to Medicine Sovereign Wang Yuan and Yuan He. Just as he was about to attack, the Medicine Sovereign suddenly shrieked miserably as he quietly froze in place …

While Ye Xuan and the surrounding guards watched in bewilderment, Yuan He, who was following behind Yao Zun Wang, suddenly changed his target and launched a surprise attack at Yao Zun Wang.

The Unholy Marionette's claw had pierced through Yao Zun Wang's back without any warning, easily ripping apart his skin and stabbing into his body. It pierced through his chest and exited through his chest …

"Pata! Pata! Pata!"

A trickle of jet-black blood flowed out from Yao Zun Wang's body.

He lowered his head with great difficulty and looked at the palm that had pierced through his chest. His old face was filled with shock and puzzlement.

He forcefully endured the pain that came from his body and struggled to turn his head. His gaze fell on Yuan He's body as he muttered in a weak and incomprehensible voice, "Wh … "Why?"

He did not understand why Yuan He would want to kill him.

One must know that his relationship with Yuan He over the years was pretty good. The two of them could be considered to be bosom friends.

"Chi! Chi!"

Yuan He didn't reply. Instead, with a cold expression, he pulled his bloodied hand out of Yao Zun Wang's body.

"Puchi …" "Cough cough …"

Yao Zun Wang Yuan violently coughed out large amounts of black blood and shattered organs as his body fell to the ground, dead.

Perhaps, even in death, he did not understand why Yuanhe would sneak attack him!

"Honorable Medicine Sovereign!"

"Honorable Medicine Sovereign …"

Seeing the fallen Medicine Sovereign Yuan, the Medicine God Hall's guards turned ashen. With murderous intent in their eyes, they charged at Yuan He, surrounding him.

"How reckless!"

Yuan He's face was ice-cold when he saw this. He waved his sharp claws and a terrifying force whizzed across the sky. It easily tore apart their bodies.

In but a few moments, Yuan He had completely eliminated the guards of the Medicine Shrine.

A cool breeze blew, and the leaves fluttered in the wind. Only Ye Xuan and Yuan He were left in the courtyard.

Ye Xuan's face didn't have the slightest expression or fluctuation as he looked at Yuan He with interest.

At this moment, Yuan He was also looking at him!

Four eyes met. An invisible aura spread out from their bodies, causing the atmosphere in the courtyard to suddenly become quiet and strange as well as incomparably pressuring.

"Subordinate Yuan He pays his respects to the second generation Demon Lord!"

In the next moment, Yuan He suddenly knelt down on one knee before Ye Xuan. He cupped his hands together as he respectfully said those words.

"Subordinate? Second Demon Lord? "

Hearing Yuan He's words, the corners of Ye Xuan's mouth curled up slightly as he spoke with interest.

"Young Master Ye Xuan is the successor of the Lord Devil Lord, so he has inherited the Lord Devil Lord's will. As such, the second generation Devil Lord is fully deserving of his title, and under your command, the Divine Demon Palace will definitely rise to prominence. Yuan He dares to request the Lord Devil Lord to shelter the second generation, Yuan He is willing to follow and serve the Lord with his life!"

Yuan He cupped his hands together and solemnly said as he looked at Ye Xuan with a face full of burning admiration.

This fellow's words were full of passion and appeal, as if he was the Devil's fanatical follower.

"As far as I know, your relationship with Senior Medicine God is not ordinary. The Evil Emperor had treated you well in the past, why would you do this?"

Ye Xuan walked over to Yuan He's side with large strides. He carefully sized him up as he asked in confusion.

"Lord, you don't know that even though I'm the lord of Radiant Sun City, the owner of this city is the Medicine God Hall and not the Mayor's mansion. I don't have any real power at all. Everything in this city is decided by the Medicine God Hall …"

"Although I have always been working for Evil Emperor Pavilion, I have always been a fan and supporter of the Demon Lord. Now that you have defeated the Evil Emperor and given up on Evil Emperor Pavilion, I finally have the chance to renounce in the dark and come out in the light … Just now when I killed the Pill Elder, it was just a greeting gift to express my loyalty to you. I hope that you will accept me! "

Yuan He's words were incomparably sincere. Combined with what he'd just said about helping Ye Xuan kill Yao Zun Wang Yuan, it could be said to be extremely convincing.

If it was an ordinary person, they'd believe his words, but Ye Xuan was extremely clear about this fellow's background.

According to the information that Philadelphia's wealthiest, Jack Ross, had given him, Yuan He had participated in the siege of the Demonic Palace and the encroachment of the Demonic Palace. The number of members of the Demonic Palace that died in his hands was not few.

Yet, this guy killed Medicine Sovereign Wang Yuan in exchange for Ye Xuan's trust. Moreover, he said that he'd join Ye Xuan's army to serve him.

In Ye Xuan's opinion, this was nonsense.

However, he did not expose Yuan He. Instead, he wanted to see what this fellow was up to.

At that moment, Ye Xuan faintly smiled. His mouth had a hint of an arc as he calmly said, "Since that's the case, then follow me from now on!"

After he finished speaking, Ye Xuan paid no more attention to Yuan He and turned around to leave.

However, the instant Ye Xuan turned around, the right hand he placed in front of him concentrated energy to attack.

The corners of Yuan He's mouth curled up slightly as he watched Ye Xuan leave. A trace of a cold smile appeared on his face.

He took out a sharp dagger from his sleeve and quickly followed, saying in a flattering tone, "Sir, now that the Medicine Shrine is destroyed, I request that you come to my City Lord's Mansion as a guest and allow this subordinate to help you cleanse!"


Ye Xuan indifferently replied without turning his head.

Yuan He quickened his pace as he looked at Ye Xuan's back. When the distance between him and Ye Xuan was less than half a meter, killing intent burst forth from his eyes. Holding the dagger tightly in his hand, he quickly stabbed towards Ye Xuan's back.

Rushing Thunder Thrust!

Yuan He's movements were too fast, without any warning. At such a close distance, it was impossible for one to dodge!

Yuan He was two hundred percent confident that his attack would pierce through Ye Xuan's body.

He could already see Ye Xuan being stabbed by a dagger and falling at his feet. Then, he took Ye Xuan's head to Emperor Qing's side to receive the reward. From then on, Ye Xuan's life would start anew.

Feeling Yuan He's actions, a sneer appeared on Ye Xuan's face. A cold light flashed within his eyes. The stars suddenly flashed beneath his feet, causing his figure to strangely disappear from where he stood …

"Afterimage?" He dodged? How is that possible? "

In the next moment, Yuan He's dagger pierced through Ye Xuan's afterimage, causing his face to go pale with shock.

Ye Xuan's body strangely appeared behind him. His right hand that was surrounded by demonic energy carried an intense killing intent as fast as lightning as he pressed his hand on Yuan He's back.

Yin Yang Tyrant Body Technique Second Martial Skill: Crescent Moon!

"Puchi …"

A dull sound of impact rang out. Yuan He felt as if he had been struck by lightning. A large amount of black blood sprayed from his mouth as his body flew backwards like a cannonball.