"Hey, do you want to come down and try? This bubble is quite comfortable?"

The Night Goddess, Ainphent, came out of the water. He lifted his head to look at Ye Xuan, who was leisurely tasting red wine on the sun chair, and smiled as he shouted.

"No need, I feel quite comfortable here!"

Hearing the words of the Night Goddess, Eina, Ye Xuan lightly sipped the red wine in his cup. Looking at Eina who was half exposed in the pool, a lazy smile appeared on his face as he spoke at a moderate pace.

Just as Ye Xuan said, he sat there and sipped on his wine while looking at the night goddess Ainphent swimming in the pool. He was indeed extremely comfortable and relaxed.

After all, whether it was the Night Goddess' body or her looks, she was one in a million and was a rare treasure in the world. She was sexy and had a unique mature charm.

"You think there's something interesting just from looking at it?"

The Night Goddess, Ainphent, muttered in her heart as she looked at the lazy Ye Xuan.

After all these years, that guy was still the same as before, not at all carefree and unrestrained.

It wasn't as if that fellow didn't understand her thoughts. Did she really have to pretend to be ignorant?

"Come on, come down quickly …"

At this moment, the goddess of the night, Ainphent, puffed her cheeks and said angrily.

"I will not get down, lie down on this chair and watch the beauty swim, drink the red wine … "How comfortable!"

Ye Xuan lazily stretched his body, sipped a mouthful of red wine, and leisurely laid on the sun chair as he spoke.

"I'll count to three. If you didn't come down, I would have splashed water on you!"

Seeing this, the goddess of the night, Ainphent, threatened.

"You sure are sloppy …"

Ye Xuan shook his head and teased.

"Damn, a girl like you is splashing water on us?"

However, before Ye Xuan could finish speaking, the overwhelming amount of water poured onto him, turning him into a drowned chicken.

"Alright then, watch how I'll deal with you today..."

In the next moment, Ye Xuan pretended to be angry and jumped into the swimming pool. He started a war with the Night Goddess, Ainphent.

"Okay, you still dare to wet my hair? You did it on purpose, right?"

"Hehe, I did it on purpose. Did you come to hit me?"

"Let's see how I'll deal with this..."

On the rooftop, the sounds of Ye Xuan and the Night Goddess Ainphent playing could be heard. Under the starry night sky, the two figures that were playing were filled with joy and elation.

They forgot their worries and worries, as if they had returned to their childhood.

"I don't want to play anymore, I surrender …"

After an unknown period of time, the goddess of the night, Ainphent, gradually lost her strength and chose to surrender.

"Huff, puff …"

She climbed out of the pool and lay on the sun chair beside her, breathing heavily. A flush appeared on her delicate cheeks, and the softness of her chest rose and fell with her rapid breathing.

The bright moonlight scattered down on her body, covering it with a silver veil. It was filled with a hazy beauty, making it seem even sexier and more captivating.

"Hey, surrendering so quickly isn't your usual style …"

Seeing the Night Goddess Ainphent, who was lying on the sun chair and gasping for breath, and looking at her turbulent figure, a helpless smile surfaced on Ye Xuan's face as he joked with her.

"Hmph. Today, I'm happy. Can't I let you win once?"

The Night Goddess, Ainphent, fiercely glared at Ye Xuan, who'd walked out of the swimming pool soaked, and snorted coldly.

"Okay, okay, okay... As long as you are happy! "

Ye Xuan smiled. He walked to the sun chair beside the Night Goddess, Ainphent, and laid down with his hands behind his head, looking at the starry sky.

However, from the corner of his eyes, he could see the Night Goddess, Ainphent.

There was no helping it, the beautiful scenery was too alluring.

"Hey, why are you looking at me like that?"

Seeing Ye Xuan pretending to look at the starry sky while sizing her up, the Night Goddess Ainphent couldn't help but tease.

"Did I look at you? "Stop being so smug!" After pausing for a moment, he continued, "Besides, if you didn't look at me, how would you know that I was looking at you?"

"I didn't say I didn't look at you, but I've been looking at you!"

She stood up and walked over to Ye Xuan. Her pure white hand was placed on the back of the chair over Ye Xuan's head, supporting her body so that half of her body was on top of Ye Xuan's. Her face was close to Ye Xuan, and her mouth emitted alluring words.

Following the movements of the Night Goddess, Ainphent felt a faint fragrance drift into his nose, giving him a shock.

He did not dare to look the Goddess of Night in the eye, so he could only lower his head and look away.

However, as Ye Xuan's movement and gaze shifted, a scene that was extremely shocking appeared in his line of sight.

The snow-white beauty of the Night Goddess Ainphent's white neck completely appeared in Ye Xuan's line of sight. It deeply shocked his eyes, causing his entire breathing to quicken and almost cause him to lose control.

It was truly too alluring, too shocking, and too enticing.

"Goo …"

Ye Xuan felt his throat go dry and subconsciously swallowed his saliva.

"Are you thirsty?"

Looking at Ye Xuan's current appearance, an alluring smile appeared on the Night Goddess' Ainphent's beautiful face as he teased her.

As she spoke, she jerked her head and tossed her hair.

"Not bad!"

Ye Xuan endured the impulse in his heart and tried his best to maintain his calm as he lightly replied.

He really couldn't stand the temptations and postures of the Night Goddess, Ainphent. Her entire body was pressed against Ye Xuan's. The tempting softness was only half a foot away from Ye Xuan and he could smell her unique fragrance.

"Can't you take the initiative?"

Looking at Ye Xuan's feigned calmness, the Night Goddess Ainphent fiercely glared at her with a hint of seductive charm.

This was already a very obvious hint.

"I have always been very passive... "That, Nina, look at the moon tonight …"

Ye Xuan had a bitter smile on his face. He didn't dare to look at the Night Goddess, Ainphent.

"Hmm …"

However, before Ye Xuan could finish speaking, the Night Goddess' Ainphent's fiery lips kissed his mouth, blocking it. His mouth subconsciously let out a satisfied "hmm".

At this moment, Ye Xuan's eyes were wide open and his mind was blank. He blankly stared at the flawless face in front of him.

Perhaps it's because the emotions within his heart have been suppressed for too long, but the kiss from the Night Goddess, Ainphent, was extremely intense and fiery. It caused Ye Xuan to be unable to endure it any longer and he couldn't remain calm.

"I was wondering why the two of you had disappeared, so …"

He was just about to reach out and embrace the goddess of the night, Ainphent, when the door to the rooftop was pushed open and Mad Demon Lin Feng walked in with red wine in his hands …

"Holy shit, sorry for disturbing you!"

When he saw Ye Xuan and the Night Goddess Ainphent, who were both lying on the sun chair and kissing, he went into a daze. With a curse, he hurriedly left …

Ye Xuan and the Night Goddess, Ainphent, stopped in unison.


Ye Xuan was just about to speak as he watched Lin Feng leave, but his mouth was once again blocked by the beautiful mouth of the goddess of the night …

"Huff, puff …"

The goddess of the night, Ainphent, kissed passionately for an unknown period of time, until both of them were having difficulty breathing. Only then did they separate, panting heavily.

"Now that you are mine, you can forget about hiding from me for the rest of your life!"

As she looked at the dumbstruck Ye Xuan, the Night Goddess Ainphent's domineering words came out of her mouth.

The emotions she had felt for more than four years had been suppressed in her heart, and it was only today that she had used the alcohol to completely reveal them.

After speaking, the Night Goddess, Ainphent, paid no more attention to Ye Xuan. Instead, he stood up and gracefully left the rooftop.

"Huff …"

After an unknown amount of time, Ye Xuan finally let out a long sigh of relief. He gradually recovered from the intense scene from before, and a bitter smile appeared on his face.

He only wanted to say that it would be difficult for him to repay the love debts he owed in his previous life even if it was in his current life.

"Sigh …"

Thinking of this, Ye Xuan couldn't help but let out a long sigh.

"You've lived a lifetime, and you still don't understand what's going on?"

Just as Ye Xuan finished sighing, his indifferent voice sounded.

At the same time, Mad Demon Lin Feng appeared on the rooftop with two jars of Hundred Years Old Woman Red in his hand and walked over to Ye Xuan's side.

"Have a bite?"

Mad Demon Lin Feng casually passed a jar of Hundred Year Old Girl Red from his hand to Ye Xuan as he smiled.


Ye Xuan lightly nodded his head, opened the lid, and started gulping down the wine.

"Is it good?"

Seeing that, the crazy Lin Feng asked.


Ye Xuan replied.

"Are you enjoying yourself?" Lin Feng asked again.

"Great!" Ye Xuan nodded.

"Isn't that right? Actually, women were like fine wine, making it difficult for one to reject them! Since I can't reject it, I might as well enjoy it. What do you think? "

Lin Feng patted Ye Xuan on the shoulder and continued, "It's not easy to live a new life. Shouldn't you make up for what you failed in your previous life?"

"We are brothers. Between brothers, there is no one that owes us, but women are different … No matter what you do, you will owe them in the end, do you understand?

Ye Xuan fell into a long silence after hearing Mad Demon Lin Feng's words.

"Do you understand?"

Seeing this, Lin Feng strongly patted Ye Xuan's shoulder.

"Brat, you seem to understand this very well …" Ye Xuan rolled his eyes at Lin Feng and snappily said.

However, with these words from Crazy Devil Lin Feng, the confusion he felt towards his emotions became much more cheerful.

"Of course I understand. Back then, I was also an elegant and graceful youth." Crazy Demon Lin Feng proudly said.

"Enough, let's not talk about this anymore!" "Why did you come to find me at such a late hour? It can't be that you're just having an emotional conversation with me, right?"

Ye Xuan sat up, stretched lazily, and changed the topic.

"Actually, there isn't much of a problem. It's just a matter regarding the reorganization of the Demonic God Palace."

Mad Demon Lin Feng raised his head and drank a mouthful of wine, then said with a deep voice, "Although I do not know the reason, or perhaps it is because of the Conferred God Battle half a year later, whether it is the Evil Emperor, the Zither Emperor, or the Zither Emperor, none of the Undying Immortal Emperor have done anything to control us, making our current situation rather comfortable …"

"During this period of time, Tian Xie City has been under our control. Not only that, the City Lords of the surrounding cities have expressed their support for us, and we have taken control of them … However, if we want to reconstruct the glory of the God Demon Palace, right now, we face a huge problem! "

"Insufficient manpower?" Ye Xuan's brows rose as he spoke in a low voice.

"That's right, we are lacking in manpower!" "Although Derek brought back many powerful people, we lack management and planning skills. Ainphent is very good at this, but she's been busy managing so many things by herself for quite some time …"

"As for us … It's obvious that you aren't good at these, so it's more suitable for you to fight! "

Mad Demon Lin Feng gently nodded his head.

"It seems like we need some fresh blood. Tomorrow, I'll contact the Shura officials and see if he can help us release a message that we're recruiting talents." Ye Xuan thought for a moment and indifferently said.


Mad Demon Lin Feng agreed with Ye Xuan's words.

"When everything slowly stabilizes, I want to go into closed door cultivation for a while to increase my strength!" After all, the Conferred God Battle is coming up in half a year. We need to restore our strength to the peak as soon as possible, or even take a step further. "

Ye Xuan raised his head and looked at the stars in the sky. His eyes flickered with a serious light as he spoke in a resolute voice, "Whether we can regain our dignity and honor will all depend on the Conferred God Battle! This battle can only be won, we absolutely cannot allow you to lose! "

"Don't worry, we'll increase our strength as soon as possible. We've already found some clues regarding the dragon!" That beast fellow also slowly got used to fusing with the hundreds of genes in his body. As long as he is in closed door cultivation and is able to digest them … "

"As for that fellow Derek, we've gotten something from him recently. Although half a year isn't much, it's enough for us to raise our strength to a certain level!"

Mad Demon Lin Feng raised his head and drank all of Nu'er's red wine, smiling as he spoke.

"Dragon news and clues?" A hint of delight appeared on Ye Xuan's face.

"That's right, but we still have to find out. After this period of time is over, I'll go with Derek and the beasts to take a look …"

Mad Demon Lin Feng gently nodded his head.

As long as he could obtain the True Dragon's Heart, then not only would his strength be fully recovered, it would also be greatly improved.


A trace of anticipation flashed through Ye Xuan's eyes.

"Alright, that's about it. It's getting late, let's go to bed early!"

Mad Demon Lin Feng bid his farewells to Ye Xuan before leaving with large strides.

After Lin Feng left, Ye Xuan looked at the mountain range that was faintly discernible in the distance and muttered some words.

"It seems like I have to make the best use of my time in closed-door training to raise my strength to a certain level!"