This was the label that Asura's Seven Heroes had given Ye Xuan.

This guy was a bit too arrogant, letting all of them attack at the same time.

It had to be known that they were no other than the mysterious and powerful Asura Seven Heroes.

"Hmph, how arrogant!" Do you think that defeating Kuang Hu will allow you to grow to the point of challenging all of our Asura's Seven Great Members? "

At that moment, Anya snorted coldly and words of extreme dissatisfaction came out of her mouth.

His gaze towards Ye Xuan was filled with undisguised displeasure.

"Brat, who do you think you are? You actually dare to say such arrogant words. Are you looking down on us, the Asura Seven Heroes?"

"F * ck, this kid is too arrogant. I really can't help but want to beat him up!"

The other members of the Asura's Seven Heroes were also excited, their expressions angry!

From their point of view, Ye Xuan's words were undoubtedly an insult to their Asura's Seven Heroes.

"Brat, you're too arrogant. I think you should ask about my axe first!"

Ao Axe also spoke with a cold expression. The axe in his hand was surrounded by a bloody aura of slaughter, causing his aura to skyrocket.

Ye Xuan didn't say anything. He calmly gazed at Yun Mei, waiting for her reply.

Seeing the calm Ye Xuan and hearing his words, Yun Mei's expression turned cold. She coldly said, "Ye Xuan, you were able to defeat Kuang Hu with certain strength, but that doesn't mean that you alone can challenge all of us. Do you know the consequences of doing so?"

"Of course I know the consequences. If I were to be defeated, I will listen to your orders from now on. The reconstruction of the Demonic God Palace will also be yours!"

Ye Xuan's expression remained calm as he coldly spoke.

The reason why he wanted to challenge all the members of the Asura's Seven Heroes was not only because he appeared somewhat impatient, but also because he clearly felt that there were eyes spying on him from the shadows.

Although letting the Shura Seven Heroes challenge them one by one was easy enough to defeat, it probably wouldn't have the effect of intimidating the weak. Only by swiftly defeating them without concealing anything, would it be able to intimidate the weak and establish his prestige.

"So you mean it?"

Yun Mei's eyes flickered with wisdom as she coldly spoke.

"Of course I'm serious! If even one of you mere Asura's Seven Heroes is unable to deal with me, then how can I become the leader of the Demonic God Palace and make everyone believe me? " Ye Xuan replied in a low voice.

"It seems like you want to use our Asura's Seven Heroes to establish prestige and make an example of us!" Crazy devil, Ainphent... What do you two say? "

Yun Mei's expression became even colder as she turned her head and looked at the Insane Demon Lin Feng and the Night Goddess Ainphent. She asked with a cold voice.

"Xuan is the leader of the Demon God's Hall. His words represent everything. We will naturally listen to him!" Mad Demon Lin Feng lightly replied.

"If that's the case, then you two better not interfere in the future!" The coldness in Yun Mei's eyes intensified.

"Relax, against you mere Asura Seven Heroes, he alone is more than enough. He isn't even enough for us to interfere! Of course, if someone is itching to challenge us and exchange pointers, I don't mind playing with you guys! "

The Crazy Devil Lin Feng's eyes flashed with a sharp light as he slowly swept his gaze across the crowd, his mouth letting out cold and casual words.

He could feel that there were a few extremely deep auras hidden within the crowd.

"Good!" Since you want to play... If you want to use our Asura's Seven Heroes to display your might and make an example of us, then we will grant your wish! "

"Come out!"

After receiving Mad Demon Lin Feng's affirmation, Yun Mei's face was ice-cold. With a step forward, a powerful aura spread out and steadily landed on the martial arena.

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

Anya, Ao Axe, and the other members of the Asura's Seven Heroes also flew out and steadily landed on the martial stage.

"If you still have the strength to fight, I don't mind you joining them!"

Ye Xuan ignored the gazes of Anya, Ao Baixiu, and the others. He turned his head and looked toward Kuang Hu, who had finished healing his wounds and was obviously unresigned, as he lightly spoke.

He could feel the fighting spirit and grievance in Kuang Hu's heart. Not only that, but if one person was missing then their combat strength would undoubtedly drop by a great deal.

After hearing what Ye Xuan said, Kuang Hu clenched his fists. His face was filled with hesitation as he fell into silence.

Seeing this, Ye Xuan's eyes flashed. He took a step forward and quickly appeared in front of Kuang Hu. He extended his hand, grabbed his hands, and forcefully pulled him.

Afterwards, Ye Xuan even took out a Crossing Disaster Gold Needle and pierced it into Kuang Hu's body. He quietly activated the thirteen heaven defying needles to heal his injuries.

"Dammit, what are you doing …."

Seeing this, the expressions of Anya and the others couldn't help changing. They let out an angry curse, and just as they were about to charge towards Ye Xuan, they were stopped by Yun Mei. "Don't go. He's helping Kuang Hu!"

A moment later, Ye Xuan retrieved the Crossing Disaster Gold Needle that he'd inserted into the Violent Tiger's body and calmly said, "After I've treated you, your injuries should be more or less healed. You'll be able to exert seventy to eighty percent of your strength …."

Of course, I have no other intention than for you to be able to heal your wounds. It is only to thoroughly defeat your Asura's Seven Heroes, who specialize in combined martial skills. With seven of them as one, your combat strength will drop by a lot.

"Now that I've cured you, even if you, the Asura Seven Heroes, are defeated, you have nothing left to say, right?"

Kuang Hu wanted to say something, but was interrupted by Ye Xuan's cold voice.

After he finished speaking, Ye Xuan slowly walked towards the martial stage. His steps were extremely slow, but each step he took contained a different kind of fluctuation. His steps left afterimages along the way, which made him seem extremely bizarre …

When he walked up onto the battling platform, all the afterimages slowly disappeared without a trace.

"Since you've already said this much, I'll help you!"

Violent Tiger took a deep breath, and the violent qi beneath his feet exploded out, firmly descending onto the martial stage.

On the martial stage, Yun Mei, Anya, and the Asura's Seven Heroes gathered around Ye Xuan from several different directions. Their bodies were surrounded by different colored Supreme Force, and their auras merged together, appearing powerful and strange.

It was as if the seven of them had formed an invisible net that trapped Ye Xuan within, giving Ye Xuan a sense of danger.

"This Asura Seven Heroes is truly extraordinary. Even if they didn't make a move, they still gave me a powerful pressure. If these seven were to join hands, I'm afraid they would be invincible beneath Martial Emperors!"

Feeling the aura of the Shura's Seven Heroes and looking at their positions, Ye Xuan's Ice-Fire Yin Eye quietly opened, unexpectedly unable to find the slightest flaw in them. His eyes flashed with a trace of solemness as he muttered to himself.

"The positions and positions of Asura's Seven Heroes and the others are … It was … Seven Stars Murder Formation? "

"The Seven Star Murder Formation is an ancient array. It has a great reputation and is known as the strongest killing array. Rumor has it that a few years ago, Asura's Seven Heroes used this array to slaughter two Demon King level characters!"

"That Ye Xuan is a bit too arrogant. If he succeeds one by one in accepting the challenge, he might even have a slight chance of winning. He's so arrogant that he made all of the members of the Shura Seven to go up and even cured Savage Tiger's wounds!"

"That's right... The Seven Star Murder Formation requires seven Martial Kings to display its full power. Without the Raging Tiger Formation, a loophole would appear, and Ye Xuan might have a small chance of winning. However, he also healed Raging Tiger's wounds, so the Seven Star Murder Formation has no loopholes at all.

"This Ye Xuan can't be described as arrogant anymore. He should be described as brainless!"

Looking at Ye Xuan, who was surrounded by the Shura Seven Heroes, the surrounding people started to discuss.

Even the dark skinned old man and the undying bird tattooed man hidden in the crowd frowned at this moment.

The old man couldn't help but say, "Although that Asura's Seven Heroes are strong, it's not impossible for them to defeat them. Now that we're using the Seven Stars Murder Formation, even I don't dare to say that I can break their formation. Ye Xuan actually dared to challenge all of them …"

"I believe more and more that the Asura's Seven Heroes was deliberately invited by that brat to act together with him! Otherwise, who would be so stupid? If the Asura's Seven Heroes really do lose, then those two hundred percent are invited here by that boy to act on purpose! "

The undead bird tattooed man also sneered at this moment.

"If that's really the case … Then let's take it out in a while! "

The old man replied with a sneer.

"Ye Xuan, our Asura's Seven Heroes don't have the intention of bullying the young. You chose this path yourself. Don't blame me for not reminding you!"

Yun Mei stood at the center of the Seven Star Murder Formation as a dark purple sword appeared in her hand. She pointed at Ye Xuan as she coldly spoke.

"Cut the crap, let's fight!"

The energy within Ye Xuan's body surged as the dragon blade in his hand appeared. Violent demonic energy continuously poured from the bottom of his feet into the martial stage as he coldly spoke.

"Since you insist, we'll grant your wish!"

"Activate the formation. Attack!"

Killing intent blossomed in Yun Mei's eyes when she heard Ye Xuan's reply, and a violent aura suddenly spread out.


Seven enormous auras spread out from their bodies after his words sounded. They were just like seven energy pillars that rushed to the sky. They agglomerated into an array pattern that was covered with ancient symbols in the sky, causing their aura to become even more powerful!


Afterwards, Yun Mei fiercely charged forward, the purple sword in her hand carrying intense killing intent as she chopped down at Ye Xuan!

As she slashed out, an enormous sword qi shot towards Ye Xuan like a meteor!

"Yang Yan!"


"Fierce Tiger!"

"Open the mountain!"


The instant Yun Mei made her move, An Ran, Kuang Hu, Ao Baixiu, and the other members of the Asura's Seven Heroes all made their moves. They charged towards Ye Xuan with murderous intent as they brandished their weapons and furiously slashed at him.

In an instant, seven attacks that contained different types of energy shot out, enveloping Ye Xuan!

In the sky, a massive formation formed from energy pillars had a bolt of lightning that contained an aura of destruction as it struck towards Ye Xuan!

The wind rose and the clouds surged!

The sky and the land changed colors!

A thick sense of life-and-death crisis filled the hearts of everyone present.

Looking at the array that was sweeping through the skies and at the lightning that descended from the skies, it was as though the apocalypse had arrived.

Even though they were not inside the formation, they could still feel a sense of fear and despair.

They couldn't imagine what Ye Xuan would feel from the center of the formation …

They only knew that Ye Xuan was finished!

Such a terrifying attack was likely something that even Martial Emperors would find difficult to defend against.