The Seven Star Murder Formation was very strong!

Even someone as powerful as Ye Xuan felt a sense of crisis and heaviness when facing the attacks of the Asura's Seven Heroes. He felt powerless in his heart.

It had to be said that he had somewhat underestimated the strength of this Asura's Seven Heroes.

Looking at the attacking Shura Seven Heroes, looking at the formation diagram in the sky and the descending lightning, Ye Xuan's expression gradually turned grim.

He looked around and found that the entire battling platform was sealed by the Seven Stars Murderous Formation. It was impossible to break out from the battling platform.

Of course, Ye Xuan didn't have any intention of escaping!

After all, he had already revealed his secret previously. It was impossible for him to escape now, right?

Even if he had to choose to kneel, he would have to finish his act!

This was a principle of posturing!

"A powerful formation, a very powerful attack, what a pity … If you can do anything to me with just this array, then you're underestimating me! "

Ye Xuan stomped his foot, causing a violent force to spread out. The surface of the martial stage cracked open, and endless chains of demon qi shot out from the ground towards Yun Mei, Anya, Ao Axe, and Kuang Hu …

Great Demonic Conviction!

The instant the chains of demonic energy left the ground, Ye Xuan fearlessly charged towards Yun Mei and the others in front of everyone's eyes.

The instant Ye Xuan dashed out, his hair grew white at a speed visible to the naked eye. A white magic armor appeared on his body and emitted a dazzling light, causing his aura to surge crazily.

White Dragon Form instantly activated!

"Kacha …."

As the sound of the chains breaking rang out, many of the chains that were wrapped around Yun Mei and the others were completely destroyed. Their attacks didn't slow down in the slightest as they enveloped Ye Xuan.

The lightning from the Sky Array also descended onto Ye Xuan.

"Chi! Chi!"

In the next moment, Ye Xuan's body was about to be engulfed by Yun Mei and the others' attacks and massive lightning bolts. A cold light flashed through his eyes as he pressed the button on the side of the dragon blade without the slightest hesitation!

Dazzling black light suddenly blossomed, spreading in all directions with Ye Xuan as the center. Endless black and white chains burst out of the dragon's blade and rapidly coiled around Yun Mei and the others without covering their ears …

An enormous black coloured barrier enveloped the martial stage, engulfing Yun Mei and the rest!

Halfway through the Dragon Blade: Black and White Heavenly Lock!


The moment the black light barrier was formed, thunder came crashing down and struck the black light barrier, causing an earth-shattering sound to erupt.

The black light enchantment trembled and a terrifying energy swept in all directions!

Unfortunately, the enormous lightning did not manage to destroy the black light barrier that covered the entire martial stage. Thus, no one was able to clearly see the situation within the black light formation.

Within the black light barrier, black and white chains were densely packed. It was as though hungry dragons were coiling around the bodies of Yun Mei, Anya, Kuang Hu, Ao Baixue and the others, causing them to be unable to move at all.

The astral energy within their bodies was completely sealed off and could not be used. This caused their strength to be greatly weakened!

They tried to break free from the chains, but no matter how hard they struggled, there was nothing they could do.

Being sealed within the Astral Energy, it was impossible for them to break free from the shackles of the Black White Heavenly Lock with just the power of their physical bodies.

"Damn it, how did this happen?"

"Why did it become like this? The True Divine Spirit Qi within my body is sealed, I can't use it! "

"What did that guy do to us?"

The Astral Energy couldn't be used, and it was still entangled by these strange black and white chains. The hearts of Asura's Seven Heroes and the others were undoubtedly filled with panic and fear of the unknown, and words of exasperation came from their mouths.

They really didn't understand that the victory from before was right in front of them. Seeing that they were about to defeat Ye Xuan, they didn't expect a black light to suddenly bloom and take away their vision and perception.

By the time they came back to their senses, they were trapped by the damn chain.

The whole process was completed in an instant, leaving them with no time to react or defend.

"Yun-jie, this chain can seal the Astral Energy and prevent it from circulating. What should we do now?"

Anya asked with a solemn expression after several attempts to escape the shackles of the black and white chains, her gaze landed on Yun Mei who had been tied up by the black and white chains to reveal her voluptuous figure.

"Calm your mind and sense, and try to use the array to break this black light enchantment!"

Yun Mei said with a cold expression.

"It's no use, I've already broken through your Seven Star Murder Array!"

However, just as Yun Mei finished her sentence, her ice-cold voice rang out at this moment.

As this voice sounded, a blinding white light suddenly lit up in the darkness, causing them to subconsciously close their eyes.

It took them a moment to get used to the blinding white light.

Soon after, under their unsightly gazes, Ye Xuan, with his flowing white hair and white dragon Ye Kai's body encircled by white light, emitting a divine aura. It was as if Ye Xuan, the King of Dawn, was slowly walking over.

"Ye Xuan!"

Seeing Ye Xuan, Anya, Kuang Hu, and the others had unsightly expressions on their faces as they gnashed their teeth in anger.

An unprecedented seriousness flashed across Yun Mei's beautiful eyes.

She had just sensed the formation!

Their Seven Stars murderous array formation had indeed been broken!

As for their Asura's Seven Heroes, they had underestimated this fellow!

"Right now, all of the astral energy in your bodies are sealed and your movements are restricted. It will be easy for me to kill all of you. Are you convinced of that? "

Ye Xuan's gaze slowly swept across them before finally landing on Yun Mei, who was tied up by a black and white chain and looked extremely enticing, as he coldly spoke.

Yun Mei, Anya, and the others all lowered their heads when they heard Ye Xuan's words. They didn't refute him and fell into silence.

Just as Ye Xuan had said, the astral energy within their bodies were sealed and their movements were restricted. It was indeed easy for Ye Xuan to kill them.

"I said you've lost, are you convinced?"

Seeing this, Ye Xuan's eyes flickered as he asked.

As soon as Ye Xuan's words fell into the ears of the Shura's Seven Heroes, a trace of helplessness and bitterness appeared on their faces. Their expressions were obviously extremely dejected.

With the current situation, they had indeed lost!

"We have indeed lost!"

Staring at Anya, Kuang Hu, and the rest who were trapped, Yun Mei's dejected voice came out of her mouth.

"He really was defeated!"

"F * ck, I didn't expect to lose so suddenly!"

"This is good. The glorious name of our Asura's Seven Heroes will be ruined!"

"Brat, we are willing to admit defeat. It's your win. From now on, your father's life is yours!"

After hearing Yun Mei's words, the other members of the Asura's Seven Heroes were silent for a moment before a bitter smile appeared on their faces as they cursed.

Pausing, Yun Mei then continued, "Don't worry, we, the Asura Seven Heroes, have always abided by our promise. From now on, we, the Asura Seven Heroes, will join your Demonic Palace and serve you!"

"You came to my Divine Demon Palace to humiliate me. Although you admit your defeat now, your words have no basis. How can I trust you?"

Ye Xuan's eyes flickered with wisdom as he stared at Yun Mei, an indifferent tone emitting from his mouth.

"If you don't believe me, then let's make an oath on the Martial Dao!"

Yun Mei said with a serious expression.

Hearing Yun Mei's words, the faces of Anya, Kuang Hu, Ao Baixue and the rest changed, immediately nodding, speaking with disdain: "Tch, such a small matter, you're afraid that we'll run away! "Cut the crap, hurry up and make the martial arts vow!"

"There's no need for a martial arts oath! I, Ye Xuan, have never forced anyone to do anything. I believe you! If you guys are not used to staying in the Demonic God Palace, you can leave on your own! "

Seeing this, Ye Xuan lightly shook his head.

After he finished speaking, he waved his hand and the chains that bound Yun Mei and the others automatically dispersed. The black light barrier also gradually dissipated!

To think that a powerhouse like the Asura's Seven Heroes had their own pride and pride. Making a martial arts vow to forcefully retain them would only be counterproductive. It would have no effect, only their hearts would be conquered!

Just like the ancient god Huo Tian, even though he'd become the Sword Emperor's slave, his heart still belonged to Ye Xuan and the Demon God's Hall.

"This …"

Yun Mei, Anya, and the others were stunned when they heard Ye Xuan's words and saw the unlatched chains.

They obviously didn't expect Ye Xuan to let them go so easily. He believed them and even said that if they weren't used to staying in the palace, they could leave on their own …

In the world of the cruel Asura, where the strong preyed on the weak, this kind of behavior was extremely rare. It could be said to be unique!

At this moment, Yun Mei and the others had sunk into a long silence.

Outside the black light barrier, following the disappearance of Ye Xuan and the others within, the area outside the barrier was already boiling.

"Hey, what are you doing? I can't see anything! "

"What's going on inside? Is Ye Xuan dead? "

"Who knows? However, the Asura's Seven Star Murder Formation is so strong, that boy is most likely finished! "

"Don't speak nonsense. Lord Ye Xuan is extremely strong!"

As they looked at the black light spirit formation that enveloped the martial stage, the surrounding people started to discuss with one another.

"Look! The black light enchantment has been broken!"

It was unknown who shouted it, but everyone's gazes fell on the black light barrier.

Under their attentive gazes, the black light barrier gradually dispersed, and the figures of Ye Xuan, Asura, and Qi Xiong gradually revealed themselves.

Looking at Ye Xuan and the Asura Seven, the surrounding people were stunned. Some of them couldn't help but ask.

"Hey, what's going on? In the end, who among you has won and who has lost? "

"Yeah, I didn't see any results!"

Yun Mei, Anya, and Kuang Hu's faces were ugly and green when they heard the words of the surrounding people.

In the end, under the stunned gazes of the crowd, they all knelt down on one knee towards Ye Xuan, cupped their fists, and respectfully said, "Young Master Ye Xuan's strength is peerless, it's us who lost! From now on, we, the Asura Seven Heroes, are willing to join the Divine Demon Palace and serve Young Noble! "


The moment he said this, the entire audience went into an uproar!

Everyone blankly stared at the Asura's Seven Heroes kneeling in front of Ye Xuan. They widened their eyes and mouths, as if they had seen something inconceivable.

"The Asura Seven actually lost?"

Voices of disbelief came out from the mouths of everyone present.

"There's no need to be polite, please get up!"

The actions of the Shura Seven Heroes caused Ye Xuan to be stunned and he hurriedly helped them up.

Seeing this, the old man with a dark expression and the undead bird tattooed man hidden in the crowd smiled at each other. They could see the playfulness in each other's eyes.

This Demonic God Palace really knows how to play!

This act of his was really good!

Immediately, without hesitation, they leaped out from the crowd and landed steadily on the battling platform, ridiculing them with their voices.

"Heh heh... Needless to say, your Demonic God Palace really knows how to play! However, Young Master Ye Xuan, I'm afraid you've spent quite a bit of money to buy into this act of the Asura's Seven Heroes, right? "