"What's going on?"

Watching the shady old man and the undying bird tattooed man fly onto the martial stage, everyone present was stunned when they heard their words. Their eyes were filled with undisguised astonishment and puzzlement.

Ye Xuan's eyes narrowed as they flickered with a dangerous light. He coldly looked at the two people that flew up the martial stage.

With Yun Mei, Anya, and the others in the lead, the expressions of Asura's Seven Heroes and the others were extremely ugly at this moment. Their eyes were ice-cold as they stared at the shady old man and the Undying Bird tattooed man.

The hot-tempered Kuang Hu and Ao Baixue spoke out coldly: "You said that we are putting on an act? "What do you mean?"

"What do you mean? You, the Asura's Seven Heroes, are well aware of this. Do you still need us to say anything more? "

The old man replied with a sneer.

"Humph!" "Your Asura's Seven Heroes are quite famous in the Asura World. I didn't think they would be reduced to such a state. How embarrassing!" The Undying Bird tattooed man looked at the Asura's Seven Heroes with undisguised contempt, speaking in disdain at this moment.

Seeing this, Mad Demon Lin Feng and Night Goddess Ainphent, who were standing to the side, opened their mouths to speak. Yun Mei spoke first, "No matter who you are, if you don't explain yourself, don't even think about leaving this place!"

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

As Yun Mei's voice fell, the members of the Asura's Seven Heroes moved in unison, surrounding the shady old man and the undead bird tattooed man.

They'd already been unhappy from the moment they lost to Ye Xuan, and they were stifled in a fit of rage.

And now they were being inexplicably insulted and provoked by two strangers. How could they bear to take this lying down?

"Heh heh... Stabbed in the sore spot, ready to make a move? "

He no longer bothered with Yun Mei and the others. After coldly sweeping a glance at Ye Xuan, he turned around and faced the crowd as he explained, "Everyone, perhaps you don't know this, but the battle between the Demon Lord's successor, Ye Xuan, and the Asura's Seven Heroes was only a play by them!"

"The Asura's Seven Heroes received the benefits of this Demon Lord descendant and were invited to challenge him, perform with him in this show, and finally pretend to be defeated and joined the Demonic Palace. Their goal is to raise his prestige with the Demonic Palace, and let even more people join the Demonic Palace!"

"Hmph, what kind of bullsh * t descendant is that? In reality, he is just a person who cheats on the world's reputation. What future prospects would there be if we follow such a person?" All of you are people with extraordinary strength, please do not be fooled by this despicable person! "

The undead bird tattooed man also shouted loudly at this moment.

Hearing their words, Ye Xuan and the Shura, Qi Xiong, and the others couldn't help but be stunned. A trace of astonishment flashed through their eyes, but it quickly turned into a sneer.

From the looks of it, these two fellows were only here to make up for their actions.

As for the faces of the surrounding people, they all had expressions of deep astonishment. They looked at each other in dismay as they were deeply shocked by the words spoken by the old man and the Undead Bird tattoo.

The Asura's Seven Heroes had actually accepted the Demon Lord's successor, Ye Xuan, and purposely came here to act with him?

"Everyone, you should think carefully about the battle that erupted between them. Aside from the very beginning, you can also see their exchange. Did you see the process of their battle? "

"No? The entire stage was covered by the black light, and when they came out, none of them were injured, they looked completely unharmed, and they didn't look like they were exhausted after using up a lot of energy, right? "

"And the end? Shura Seven Heroes actually said in front of everyone that they had lost to this hypocritical vile character in front of them, serving him, wanting to join Evil Emperor Pavilion, isn't that too funny? Please, you guys have to be more professional in acting, okay?

Old man Yin Yi told Ye Xuan and the others everything that happened during the battle and his speculations. When they heard his words, a trace of agreement arose in their hearts, gaining their approval.

"Everyone says that they're not acting, but what are they?"

The undead bird tattooed man also roared loudly at this moment.

"That's right. If I think about it carefully, they must be acting …"

"So that's how it is. I was just saying that the end result of their battle is too excessive …" Who would have thought that it would be like this! "Heh, what a good Asura's Seven Heroes, a good successor of the Demon Lord. He actually dares to play us around, do you take us for fools?"

"Pfft, I didn't expect the successor of the Demon Lord to be such a hypocrite. Your father has come for nothing …"

"Although this Demonic Palace has been rebuilt, the current Demonic Palace is no longer the Demonic Palace that was once led by the Demon Lord …"

"F * ck, I already said that with laozi's strength, it's not possible for me to not be able to get elected. Now that I think about it, there's something fishy about that election!"

It had to be said that the words of the Eternal Bird tattooed man and the elderly man could be said to be extremely infectious. They were immediately acknowledged by the people present, causing them to be unable to refrain from speaking up.

At this moment, the gazes they used to look at Ye Xuan and the Asura's Seven Heroes were filled with disdain and reverence.

As for the guards of the Demonic Palace, they would look at each other, lower their heads as well, a trace of sadness and disappointment flashing across their eyes. It could be said that their morale was extremely low …

"What is it? Even you believe them, do you think that I and the Shura Seven Heroes are really acting? "

Ye Xuan frowned as he sensed the emotions of the guards around him.

"Of. Subordinate would not dare! "

The Demonic Palace guards hurriedly cupped their fists and replied.

After all, they weren't members of the Demon God's Hall before, they'd merely surrendered after taking down the headquarters of the Evil Emperor Pavilion. They didn't have that kind of blind and lofty trust towards Ye Xuan.

Mad Demon Lin Feng and Night Goddess Ainphent slightly frowned. The Night Goddess Ainphent gave Mad Demon Lin Feng a look, then turned around and left.

She was going to inquire about the background of this old man and the Undying Bird tattooed man.

"As expected, the older the better. This Old Yin and Undead King Mark are indeed extraordinary. They instantly grabbed hold of the Divine Demon Palace's weakness. At this time, the prestige and fame that the Divine Demon Palace has just established will probably be greatly reduced! "

"Heh heh... That's right, with those two making a move, we'll be free. I'm afraid we'll have a good show to watch! "

Among the crowd, there were two men wearing white gowns and black gowns that covered their faces. They wore sunglasses and looked coldly at Ye Xuan and the Shura Qi Xiong whose expressions had become ashen and ugly. Their faces were filled with playful smiles as they spoke.

If they were to take off their sunglasses and reveal their true appearance, there would definitely be many people who would recognize them. This was because their names were extremely famous and eye-catching in the Asura World.

They were, respectively, Bing Wang Poseidon and Dark King Polo Zhuo from the Ice Emperor Pavilion.

Although they were not part of the nine great demon kings, they were still extremely powerful, comparable to the nine great demon kings!

Of course, it wasn't just the Ice Emperor Poseidon and the Black Emperor Polo Zhuo who were hiding within the crowd. Three people stood in the northeast corner of the plaza, clad in unique and dazzling clothing.

They were Heartless Sword King Xiang Chu from the Broken Love Pavilion, Gu Wang Nan Chu, and Shui Mei who had appeared once in the Sunset City.

Although the Zither Emperor remained in seclusion after he returned to Broken Heart Pavilion, they would not sit idly by. After all, the Zither Emperor had not ordered them to not attack the Demonic God Palace, but had instead ordered them to monitor him closely.

"I didn't think that the Immortal Immortal Immortal Pavilion would send Old Yin and the Undying King Mark over. They're quite sharp and immediately grabbed onto Ye Xuan's weak spot, leaving them speechless …"

Looking at Old Yin and Undead King Mark on the stage, a tempting smile appeared on Shui Mei's face as she teased them.

"With their influence, I'm afraid that the reputation of the Demonic God Palace will be ruined. We don't even need to do anything!" Gu Wang Nan Chu also sneered.

"Even you think that the Asura's Seven Heroes were reaping the benefits of that boy, but were actually cooperating with him to put on an act?" Heartless Sword King Xiang Chu squinted his eyes, frowning slightly as he coldly spoke.

"Isn't it?" Shui Mei turned around and asked in puzzlement.

"Don't forget that the kid from the Sunset City also used a martial skill similar to the one just now. I've carefully observed that the martial skill that kid executed earlier was exactly the same as the one the Sunset City executed …" Heartless Sword King Xiang Chu said in a deep voice.

"Are you saying that the Asura's Seven Heroes were defeated by that boy?"

Hearing Heartless Sword King Xiang Chu's words, Shui Mei and Gu Wang Nan Chu were both shocked.

"It's not impossible..."

Heartless Sword King Xiang Chu answered flatly.

Pausing for a moment, he continued, "However, even if that's the case, I'm afraid they won't be able to explain it!"

"Since that's the case, let's just quietly watch the show!"

Shui Mei lazily stretched as she spoke at a moderate pace.

Looking at the restless crowd below, Undead King Mark and Old Yin revealed a hint of satisfaction in their hearts, and the corners of their mouths curved up in a curve without anyone noticing.

From the looks of it, their goal of standing out here was to achieve half of their goal.

At once, Old Yin turned around and looked at Ye Xuan. With a regretful expression, he said, "This old and useless one was taken care of by Lord Devil Lord and the Demonic Palace back then. I heard that the purpose of the reconstitution of the Demonic God Palace was to repay my gratitude and join the Demonic God Palace to contribute to the Demonic God Palace. But now, the one who is controlling the Divine Demon Palace is actually such a despicable, treacherous and despicable person who would actually deceive everyone. Sigh... Forget it, I'll just forget about it. I'll just not join the Demonic Palace! "

"Pfft, you still dare to claim to be the successor of the Demon Lord? It was simply a disgrace to the Demon Lord … This Demon God's Hall is no longer the same Demon God Hall as before. It's not worth it to serve such a hypocritical fellow. Sigh, let's go back! "

The Undead King Ma Ke sighed and said.

"Disperse, everyone disperse …"

"Let's go, everyone. What's so valuable about this kind of strength?"

Old Yin and the Undying King Mark walked down the battling platform as they waved to the crowd below them. Disappointed and helpless words came out of their mouths.

"F * ck, I didn't expect it to be like this …"

"That Ye Xuan is really a hypocrite. Sigh …" Gone back! "The Demonic God Palace is not joining …"

"Go back. All of you go back. This Demonic God Palace is too fake!"

"We really came here for nothing, wasting our time!"

"Damn it, this fellow is simply tainting the entire Demonic Palace …"

With Old Yin and Undead King Ma Ke leading them, the people who were originally here to participate in the test were extremely angry. They all released a curse and dispersed.

As a result, the recruitment for the Demonic Palace this time around would undoubtedly be a complete disaster, and the reputation of the hall would be greatly damaged as a result.

A cold light flashed in Ye Xuan's eyes as he watched Old Yin and Undying King Mark turn around to leave. Just as he was about to speak, Yun Mei, Anya, and the other members of the Asura's Seven Heroes stepped forward and stopped Old Yin and Immortal King Mark.

"You two, you can do whatever you want to discredit our Asura's Seven Heroes. But, if you want to tarnish our Asura's Seven Heroes' reputation, we can't help but ask!"

A voice as cold as ice came out from Yun Mei's mouth.

"If you two don't give us a satisfactory answer today, don't even think of leaving here alive!"