As Ye Xuan pressed on the holographic screen, a huge holographic screen appeared in midair.

A high-definition video was quietly played at this moment.

In the video, the Undying Immortal Emperor and Ye Xuan were in a confrontation. However, the expression on the face of the Undying Immortal Emperor was extremely unsightly. He stared coldly at Ye Xuan with unwillingness in his eyes before saying in a low voice, "Kid, I'm really sorry for offending and offending you!"

"Hey, I didn't hear what you just said when you apologized. I'll have to trouble you to repeat yourself!"

Everyone had seen the Undying Immortal Emperor use the demon note, but Ye Xuan wasn't affected by it at all. The Undying Immortal Emperor was extremely astonished.

"Hey, what's with your expression? Was he dumb or was he deaf? Isn't it just an apology? Is there a need to grumble like that? "

"Little friend Ye Xuan, please forgive our previous offense!"

"Little friend Ye Xuan?" Who are you calling Little Friend Ye Xuan? Am I f * cking familiar with you? Don't try to get close to me here! "Again!"

"Ye Xuan, please forgive our previous offense!"

In the end, the Undying Immortal Emperor was only able to apologize after Ye Xuan made things difficult for him.

Looking at the holographic projection showing the footage, and listening to the Immortal Emperor apologizing from within, everyone present was shocked. Their eyes were wide open, their mouths were wide open, they stood blankly on the spot, their minds were completely blank, as if they had seen a ghost.

What did they see?

They saw that the exalted immortal emperor, one of the three emperors of the Asura World, was actually apologizing to the brat called Ye Xuan.

This was simply blinding their titanium dog eyes, causing them to be inexplicably shocked, unable to say anything for a long time.

"This... This … "This..."

Old Yin blankly stared at the broadcast as the Undying Immortal Emperor apologized to Ye Xuan. His heart was filled with shock, and he thought that he was hallucinating. He extended his hand to wipe his eyes and continued watching the projection screen.

"How... How could this be? No …. The Immortal Emperor actually … You really apologized to that brat? "

The Undead King Ma Ke also had a look of shock and horror on his face. His gaping mouth was wide enough for an egg to be stuffed in and out of his mouth as he let out incredulous words.

"He... Who exactly is his background, for the supreme Immortal Emperor to actually apologize to him? "

Even the arrogant Yun Mei and Anya among the Asura Seven Heroes were deeply shocked by this period of time, their mouths opened as they let out incomparably astonished words.

As for the other members of the Asura's Seven Heroes, they also had faces full of shock and bewilderment.

They originally looked down on Ye Xuan's words. They thought he was bragging, but they didn't expect it to be true.

The Demon God's Hall guards, who originally had a skeptical attitude towards Ye Xuan, were similarly stunned and stupefied. They blankly stared at the not-so-tall figure standing on the stage. Their hearts were inexplicably shocked, and their eyes once again displayed their fanaticism and admiration.

They'd almost believed Old Yin's words earlier, suspecting that Ye Xuan had bribed the Asura's Seven Heroes to act with him!

But now, even someone like the Immortal Emperor had to lower his head in apology. Did Ye Xuan even need to bribe the Shura Seven Heroes to accompany him in the act?

At this moment, Ye Xuan's figure undoubtedly became infinitely tall in the hearts of the guards.

"This... The Undying Immortal Emperor is actually apologizing to that brat? "

Hidden within the crowd, Shui Mei, Heartless Sword King Xiang Chu, and Gu Wang Nan Chu were also shocked and stupefied.

"No matter what reason the Undying Immortal Emperor apologized to that brat, if this video were to spread, his reputation would skyrocket, and he might even become as famous as the three emperors!" That fellow must have had some sort of scheme that we did not know about to make the Immortal Emperor apologize. From the looks of it, our plan has changed and we can't act rashly anymore! "

Heartless Sword King Xiang Chu also spoke in a deep voice.

"That's right. It seems like we need to quickly go to the Four Symbols Ancient City to meet up with the Dragon King, Qing Zhi, and the others. Only by gathering all our strength can we settle the current matter of the Demonic God Palace …"

Gu Wang Nan Chu also nodded in agreement.

"This melon is too big! The three great emperors have actually apologized! "

"No matter what reason he had for making the Immortal Emperor apologize, this Ye Xuan is definitely not as simple as he seems on the surface. It looks like we have to plan things over carefully, and when it's over, we'll go to the Four Symbols Ancient City and meet up with Dragon King Qing Zhi and the others. This time, he's gathered all of the powerful experts to deal with the current God Demon Palace."

Ice King Poseidon and Dark King Polo Zhuo, both of whom were hidden in the shadows, also said with grave expressions, "Mn, not only is it the Divine Awareness Aegis, there's also the Tyrant Sky Saber God Lei Ba, Sword King Xiang Chu and the rest … When all of the experts are gathered, are we still going to worry about the Demonic God Palace? "

After a short period of shock and astonishment, the surrounding people finally completely recovered from their shock. Their mouths were filled with thick shock and shock as they exclaimed, "Too awesome! I thought he was just bragging, I didn't expect it to be true!"

"He's too much, the supreme immortal immortal emperor has truly apologized to him!"

"Haha, you are truly worthy of being the successor of the Demon Lord. You simply surpassed him in youth, but you actually let the Immortal Emperor apologize!"

"Heh heh... It looks like that Asura's Seven Heroes was really defeated by Ye Xuan. He only used a trump card that we don't know about! For such a character, how could they possibly bribe the Asura Seven Heroes to act? "

"Yeah, there's no need at all. This Ye Xuan was originally a low-key person. If it wasn't for the fact that the Undead King Mark forced him, he probably wouldn't even have brought out this video!"

"Haha, seeing this video, I didn't come here for nothing. No matter what, I have to join the Demonic Palace today!"

As Ye Xuan played the video, everyone's opinion of him changed once again. Their disdain toward him turned into reverence and fanaticism!

After all, the Asura World was a world where the strong preyed on the weak. Only the strong were respected!

Right now, they're completely treating the Undead King as if he's been lured here by the Undying Immortal Emperor to intentionally cause trouble for Ye Xuan.

"The expression on your faces is very wonderful, it makes me very satisfied!"

Looking at the shocked Old Yin and Undying King Mark, Ye Xuan's handsome face was filled with smiles as he calmly spoke.

"Damn it..."

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Old Yin and Undead King Mark's expressions became extremely unsightly. They clenched their fists until they made cracking sounds. They stared at Ye Xuan and couldn't help but angrily curse him.

They'd been completely tricked by Ye Xuan and were forced into Ye Xuan's trap one step at a time!

Originally, Ye Xuan wouldn't take out this video, but they forced him to take it out step by step. If the Immortal Emperor found out about this, they would definitely suffer the undying's boundless rage and die a thousand times, ten thousand times!

It was because they forced Ye Xuan to display the most humiliating moment of his life to everyone.

"Kill him! Only by killing him will we be able to quell the anger of the Immortal Emperor!"

A gray aura of death revolved around Old Yin. He was like a ghost that had rushed out from hell as he stared fixedly at Ye Xuan, and endless ice-cold words came out of his mouth.

"That's right. Only by killing him can we go back and give an explanation to the immortal immortal emperor. Otherwise, we'll die when we go back!"

The Undead King Ma Ke spoke with an ice-cold expression.

Violent energy and concentrated astral energy circulated within their bodies. Their gazes towards Ye Xuan were filled with undisguised killing intent.

"Do it, kill him!"

In the next moment, the two of them abruptly went berserk. They let out furious roars as they charged towards Ye Xuan with endless intent to kill.

The distance between the two of them was extremely short, only less than three meters apart. Now that they'd suddenly erupted in anger, they'd instantly rushed in front of Ye Xuan and attempted to kill him.

Old Yin's withered hand coiled around the gray aura of death, like a dragon that had just emerged from hell, as he tore at Ye Xuan. His aura was oppressive and extremely sharp, making it impossible for Ye Xuan to dodge.

This was one of Old Yin's most insidious attacks: Soul Shattering Claw!

Once Ye Xuan was hit by Old Yin's attack, his vitality would be destroyed and his soul would be heavily injured.

The instant Old Yin made his move, the Undead King Mark similarly attacked. His hand was ignited with an immortal flame, and his right fist was burning with an undying flame. Behind him, the image of an undead bird appeared, smashing towards Ye Xuan with a fist.

The air shattered and sonic booms rang out endlessly!

Under the dumbstruck gazes of the crowd, Ye Xuan was completely sealed off by Old Yin and the Undead King Mark's attacks. He was forced onto a dead end and had nowhere to run to, nowhere to retreat to!

"Ye Xuan, quickly dodge it!"

This sudden turn of events caused the faces of Asura's Seven Heroes, led by Yun Mei, to involuntarily change. Incomparable anxiety surged from their mouths as they spoke.

Even if they wanted to save Ye Xuan, they wouldn't make it in time!

"Damn it!"

Even the distant Mad Demon Lin Feng's face couldn't help but change, as he could not help but let out an angry curse.

However, when he saw the smile on Ye Xuan's face, he secretly let out a sigh of relief. Only now did he realize that Ye Xuan wasn't the rookie he'd just met.

Although Old Yin and that Undead King Mark are very strong, Ye Xuan's current strength isn't impossible to deal with!

"Brat, go and die!"

"Confess for your arrogance to hell!"

As they looked at Ye Xuan, who was just inches away from them, Undead King Mark and Old Yin spoke in icy tones, their attacks even more powerful and swift.

It was as if they could already see Ye Xuan dying in their hands!

"You should be the ones to repent in hell, right? "Half of the Dragon Blade is unraveled - Heavenly Black-White Lock!"

Seeing the Undying King Mark and Elder Yin that were charging over, Ye Xuan's face bloomed into a smile as he heard their words. An ice-cold voice came out of his mouth.


The instant Ye Xuan's words left his mouth, a dazzling black light abruptly blossomed from the dragon blade. It surged toward the Undead King Mark and Old Yin Elder, causing them to subconsciously close their eyes.

The moment they closed their eyes, endless black and white chains burst out from the dragon blades and wrapped around them. Together with the black light, they engulfed the two of them.

Their attacks only felt as if they had hit invisible cotton.

When they regained their senses, they were within a pitch-black Spirit Formation. Black and white chains were wrapped around their entire bodies. The True Divine Spirit Qi within their bodies was sealed and they could not move at all.

"Damn it, how did this happen?"

"These chains are actually unable to break free?"

They frantically tried to break free from the chains, but to no avail. A curse came out of their mouths as they spoke in a flustered and exasperated tone.

"Is this how Asura's Seven Heroes and the others failed?"

At this moment, they finally understood how the Shura Seven Heroes were defeated by Ye Xuan.

Ye Xuan didn't bribe the Seven Great Asura's. He relied on his own strength.

Everything was just a guess!

"Congratulations, you guys have guessed correctly. The Asura's Seven Heroes were indeed defeated like this!" However, they did not die, and you will die! "

An icy-cold voice sounded in the ears of Old Yin and the others, causing their expressions to change drastically, as if they had fallen into an icehouse.

When they turned their heads with much difficulty, they were shocked to find that Ye Xuan was already standing behind them with a dragon blade in his hand. As long as he brandished the dragon blade in his hand, they would be beheaded.

An unprecedented life or death crisis filled their hearts, causing cold sweat to appear on their foreheads.

"You … What do you want? "

An ice-cold and trembling voice came out from Old Yin's mouth.


Ye Xuan replied expressionlessly.

"Chi! Chi!"

The instant Ye Xuan finished speaking, he fiercely swung the dragon blade, causing a cold light to bloom!

"Ahh …"

A mournful scream rang out, and both Old Yin and Immortal King Mark's arms were chopped off, blood flowing out.

"Ye Xuan, you damned bastard. Lord Immortal Emperor will definitely not let you off!"

"Ye Xuan, you'll die a horrible death!"

The pain from losing an arm caused Old Yin and the Undead King Mark's faces to twist in pain as they let out angry roars.

However, Ye Xuan completely ignored them both and continued, "I just cut off your heads, and now I'm going to chop off your heads! Only one of you two will be able to live. I will count to three. Who can tell me some useful information and won't die … "



"The Queen of Intelligence, Meng Luo, is being held in the Immortal City prison …"

Hearing Ye Xuan's numerous shouts, Old Yin and Undying King Mark's expressions changed. In the end, they both shouted in unison.

"Hehe, this news is pretty good, but it's a pity that both of you said it at the same time, and only one of you can survive! If you are unable to provide any other information that is even more important than this, then both of you will die. "

Ye Xuan's expression didn't waver in the slightest as he coldly spoke.

Hearing this, Old Yin and the Undead King Mark fell into a long silence.

In the next instant, as if he had thought of something, Old Yin quickly spoke up, "I've heard the Immortal Emperor say that the Demon Lord's Concubine, Chu Qingxin, is not dead!"

"Yeah, I've heard of it too, but she seems to have lost her memory!"

The Undead King Mark quickly added.

"Where is she being held?"

Hearing the news about Chu Qing's heart once again, Ye Xuan's heart trembled, but his face didn't waver in the slightest as he coldly asked.

"I don't know!"

Immortal King Mark replied with a hoarse face … …

Just as Ye Xuan was about to kill him, Zi Huang's voice rang out in his ears. "Brat, don't kill him. If you suck him in, then he'll help us recover. The last time at the Sunset City was too taxing …!"


Ye Xuan lightly nodded his head. His palm abruptly extended out and descended onto the Undead King Mark's body. He activated the Heaven-Devouring Demon Art, causing a violent suction force to erupt.

"Ahh …"

The Undead King Mark let out a mournful scream. A large amount of life force and astral energy from his body was sucked away by Ye Xuan. In the end, the life force converged into the Demon Dragon Ring and became nourishment for Zi Huang to recover her strength.

Under Old Yin's frightened gaze, the Undead King Mark turned into dust and dissipated into the air, completely dead.

Although Zi Huang had absorbed a large portion of the Undying King Mark's vitality and energy, Ye Xuan had also reaped some benefits. He could clearly feel his strength increasing.

"If you don't tell me where Chu Qing's heart is imprisoned, your fate will be the same as his …"

He gazed at the terrified Old Yin and spoke coldly.

"I... I... "I don't know, but I seem to have occasionally overheard the His Majesty talking to the Demon Concubine, saying that he was going to give the Demon Concubine to a certain Lord from the starry sky to make a cauldron?"

Old Yin's clothes had long been drenched in cold sweat as he spoke with a trembling voice.

"Give it to a great figure from space to make a cauldron?" Ye Xuan's expression was ice-cold as killing intent surged in his heart.

Chu Qing was his most beloved woman. How could Ye Xuan not be angry that the Undying Immortal Emperor actually wanted to use her as a cauldron?

Ye Xuan's expression was terrifyingly gloomy. His mood was extremely bad!

He wanted to kill!

"That's right, I can't believe the Death Immortal Emperor said that the Demon Concubine is a reincarnated human. She was chosen by that Lord from the stars, so …" In addition, half a year after the Conferred God Battle, there would also be many experts from the starry sky arriving … I don't know the specifics, but I know these. I beg you, please don't kill me! "

Old Yin hurriedly pleaded.

"I'm sorry, but the information you gave me is far from what it would be worth for you to live on!"

However, the response he got was Ye Xuan's cold and merciless words.

As his words fell, his hand suddenly pressed down on Old Yin …

The Heaven-Devouring Demon Art was unleashed once more!