Desolate stood atop the head of the Tiger Roar Lightning Condor. His eyes were ice-cold as he stared at the man standing beside the corpse of the three Hellpython. Killing intent flashed in his eyes.

He didn't think that this man who had intruded into the forbidden zone of life would possess such strength and kill the three Hellpythons that he had meticulously cultivated, even though this was the weakest of the many magical beasts he had reared.


The Blood Cow of Hell stood beside him and stared fixedly at Ye Xuan with its eyes that contained a fierce light. From its mouth came waves of low roars that contained sadness and anger.

"Person... Class, you. Unexpectedly... He dared to kill … My pet, or you become my... For pets, either they die or they do! "

Huang seemed to rarely speak. His voice was extremely hoarse and rough, like nails rubbing against a coffin lid. When it entered Ye Xuan and the Snow Goddess Alice's ears, their hairs couldn't help but stand on end.

"You … Choose for yourself! "

Huang Wang's face was filled with endless coldness as he tossed a beast collar lock in front of Ye Xuan.

His intentions were already clear. He wanted Ye Xuan to put on the beast ring and become his pet.

Ye Xuan's expression didn't waver in the slightest as he gravely stared at Huang Tidemark. His heart trembled as he thought to himself, "It seems like this guy is shrouded in a layer of dense fog that separates everything. Even if I use my Yin and Yang Eyes, it would be impossible to see through him."

Ye Xuan said in a low voice, "Who are you?"

"You … I don't know. "You have the right!"

Huang Huang's voice was even more ear-piercing and unpleasant to hear, especially his words, which made people feel extremely uncomfortable.

Ye Xuan's brows tightly knitted together as he looked at Huang Huang Si with an even more serious expression.

"Since you are not willing to become my pet, then … Just go and die! "

Seeing that Ye Xuan didn't reply, Huang Huang had already lost his patience.

As a unique existence within the restricted zone of life, his patience was limited.

The instant Huang's words left his mouth, both his hands formed a seal. Wind and clouds surged in the sky as a huge vortex quietly appeared. A finger that was surrounded by an aura of desolation and destruction suddenly pressed down onto Ye Xuan.

The sky changed color as a dense sense of life and death crisis filled the area below Ye Xuan's feet, causing his expression to become extremely unsightly and solemn.

"Imprisoning the Heavens, Imprisoning the Earth, Immortals Imprisoning Immortals!"

An ancient voice echoed in the air, making the power of that finger grow stronger.

"Imprisoning Sky Finger!"

As the sound of his voice faded, the finger suddenly expanded and became even larger. It was as if the Great Sage Sun Wukong had suddenly pressed down on Ye Xuan.

The surrounding space was torn apart by the Finger of Imprisoning Heaven, the earth caved in!

His finger had yet to land but a strong pressure was the first to attack. This caused the surrounding Magical Beasts to explode and die from being unable to endure this enormous pressure.

The power of this finger was too strong, and the danger it brought to Ye Xuan was too great!

An area of five hundred meters was completely sealed off by the finger, leaving Ye Xuan, the Snow Goddess, Alice, and the others with nowhere to run.

"What a terrifying attack. It nearly stopped the circulation of the qi in my body. This is absolutely not a power that only an Emperor level expert has! Who exactly is he?"

The face of the Snow Goddess, Alice, changed drastically. She looked at Wasteland, who was standing on top of the Fierce Tiger Roar Lightning Condor, with a horrified expression on her face.

The power of this finger attack was too strong. She did not even have the courage to block it because she could not block it at all.

"The realm of this finger is not only in terms of power, but it also contains Dao …"

Ye Xuan looked at the finger attack with a serious expression. Energy surged within his body as he circulated the Yin Yang Tyrant Body Technique. He poured all of the energy into the dragon blade, causing it to emit a dazzling light.

In the instant that Prison Sky's finger pressed down, Ye Xuan suddenly raised the dragon blade in his hand and slashed upwards!

Half-broken Dragon Blade: God Slaughtering Dragon!


The shape of the dragon blade in Ye Xuan's hand instantly changed. An indescribable sharp sword qi burst forth from the dragon blade as it turned into a dragon-shaped shape. It raised its head and let out an earth-shaking dragon roar, carrying an earth-shattering might as it charged towards the finger, colliding with it in the end.


An earth-shattering explosion resounded as a huge mushroom cloud bloomed in the sky. A terrifying energy swept in all directions like a stormy mushroom wave!

The sky instantly turned pitch black, and only the blooming mushroom cloud was so eye-catching!

Under Huang Si's astonished gaze, his Siege of Imprisoning Heaven was actually shattered by the dragon-shaped sword qi that Ye Xuan slashed out. In the end, a dazzling sword light split open the pitch-black sky, causing the originally apocalyptic sky to once again blossom a ray of light that gradually became clear.

"Did you block it?"

Seeing this scene, the Snow Goddess, Alice, revealed a look of intense shock on her face, as she muttered to herself.

Ye Xuan did indeed block Huang Tidemark's finger.

"He actually blocked it?"

A cold smile surfaced on Huang Hao's face as he looked at the Prison Sky Finger that was gradually disappearing and the sky that had returned to its bright and clear state. He spoke in a faint voice.

"Who exactly are you?"

Ye Xuan's expression was unsightly as he stared gravely at Huang Huang, and cold words came out of his mouth.

"If you can block my finger, you are qualified to know my name! "Desolate!"

Huang Huang lowered his head and looked at Ye Xuan as he lightly said this.

Perhaps it was because he was used to speaking, but his voice was no longer hoarse and intermittent, and he no longer sounded as uncomfortable as before.

Moreover, as Ye Xuan blocked his finger, his attitude towards Ye Xuan seemed to have unknowingly changed.


Ye Xuan frowned. He'd never heard of this name before.

"They call me the Guardian!"

Huang Huang explained coldly.

"Guardian?" Ye Xuan's brows furrowed even more as his doubt grew even stronger.

Was Desolate Lands the guardian of the forbidden zone of life?

But who were they?

Huang Huang ignored Ye Xuan's doubt and continued, "If you take my palm, you can enter the life forbidden zone! Otherwise, die! "

Without waiting for Ye Xuan to reply, Huang Huang's two hands formed a seal. The originally clear sky instantly turned gray, and the energy of the world converged into the sky at a speed visible to the naked eye under Ye Xuan and the others' unsightly gazes, condensing into an enormous energy vortex.

Within the energy whirlpool, a withered hand suddenly pressed down towards Ye Xuan and the others.

The moment the giant hand pressed down, the life force of all the plants in the area was sucked in by the hand, causing the energy contained in the hand to become even stronger. Meanwhile, the plants in the area withered at a speed visible to the naked eye, becoming lifeless and desolate …

From afar, all the vegetation within a kilometer radius that the hand covered seemed to have withered and turned into a gray area.

Not only that, Ye Xuan and the Snow Goddess, Alice, could clearly feel the energy within their bodies wildly flowing away. Even their bodies were aging …

The power of this palm strike was clearly stronger than the previous one. It was at least three times more powerful!

"Seize the good fortune of Heaven and Earth, take the essence of the sun and moon, condense one palm strike, and exterminate the gods and devils!" This is the Great Desolate Heaven Seizing Palm! "

At the same time, an even more ancient voice sounded.


As the ancient voice sounded out, the giant palm pressed down at an even faster and fiercer speed, causing the surrounding space to crack and collapse. It left Ye Xuan and the others with no place to escape.

An unprecedented sense of life and death filled the hearts of Ye Xuan and the Snow Goddess Alice, causing their gloomy expressions to reach their limits.

The space around them was sealed, leaving no place to escape!


Ye Xuan took a deep breath and slowly exhaled the dense turbid air from his mouth, causing his mood to gradually calm down. The Supreme Force in his body steadily surged toward the dragon blade.

Not only that, Ye Xuan even used the Heaven-Devouring Demon Art to crazily devour the energy of heaven and earth, causing the blade to strangely turn black and white. One blade was white, while the other was black.

An aura that was filled with the vicissitudes of reincarnation spread out from the dragon's blade.

"Is this the Dao of Samsara?" How is that possible? "

Huang Huang's eyes flashed with surprise as he felt the aura being emitted by Ye Xuan's dragon blade. Doubtful words were spoken from his mouth.

Ye Xuan didn't have the time or the mood to care about Huang Huang Si's astonishment. His gaze was ice-cold as he stared at the huge palm that was pressing down from the sky. His eyes flickered with a cold light as the energy within his body madly converged onto the dragon blade!

At a certain moment, Ye Xuan suddenly raised the dragon blade in his hand and swung it towards the palm that was pressing down from the sky!

Samsara Skyblade!

"Clang clang!"

Following Ye Xuan's actions, a visible black and a formless white blade energy erupted from the blade, bringing an endless amount of power with them as it smashed onto the huge palm.

An earth-shattering explosion sounded out as a terrifying energy spread out in all directions. The entire world was torn apart by this energy.

The huge hand that descended from the sky paused when it collided with the first black coloured blade Qi. Cracks appeared on the palm. The black blade Qi's energy was exhausted and it disappeared without a trace.

When the invisible white blade qi hit his palm, it caused Huang Huang to be stunned. Then, it quietly happened.

The white blade qi easily tore the palm apart like cutting tofu. Then, it continued to bombard the huge energy vortex in the sky, causing it to explode.

A beautiful flame bloomed in the sky. An even more frightening energy spread, causing the entire sky to appear like a sea of fire. It was only after a long time did it gradually disappear.

"He blocked it again, my lord, you're too powerful!"

The Ice and Snow Goddess Alice had survived the disaster. Her gaze towards Ye Xuan was filled with undisguised fanaticism and worship as she spoke in an excited voice.

At this moment, there was nothing happier than this!

After all, she had thought she was going to die a second ago!

Who would've thought that Ye Xuan would actually block such a powerful attack!

Looking at the shattered energy vortex in the sky and lowering his head to look at Ye Xuan, who was still in the slashing position, Huang Huang didn't have the slightest expression on his face. Words came out of his mouth, "You have the qualifications to enter the life forbidden zone … … They're waiting for you! "

With that, Huang didn't stop and rode on his Tiger Roar Lightning Condor, bringing the Blood Cow of Hell along with him as he headed back towards the misty forest.

"Sir, who are you talking about?"

Ye Xuan couldn't help but ask as he looked at Huang Si's departing back. His heart was filled with doubt.

Huang didn't answer, but walked further and further away.

"Sir, do you know where those people who entered the forbidden area before me went?"

Ye Xuan asked again.

Huang Huang still did not reply. His and the Hellblood Cow's body gradually turned illusory, before finally disappearing completely, as if they had never appeared before.

"Awoo …"

The Magic Beasts that surrounded Ye Xuan and the others let out fearful growls as they retreated like a receding tide, causing the entire area to return to silence …

As he watched the desolate wasteland disappear and the magical beasts retreat, Ye Xuan's brows knitted together. The doubt in his heart grew even stronger, and he became even more vigilant of this life forbidden zone.

"Master, we shouldn't stay here any longer. We should leave as soon as possible!"

Seeing this, the Snow Goddess Alice quickly came back to her senses and said with a deep voice.

"Alright, let's go!"

Ye Xuan nodded lightly. He didn't stop and quickly left with the Snow Goddess, Alice.

At this moment, neither Ye Xuan nor the Snow Goddess, Alice, noticed that a strange bloody pattern flashed on the neck of the Snow Goddess, Alice …

In the depths of the restricted area for life, there was a cemetery. At this moment, the tomb within the tomb was trembling strangely, and eerie strange sounds came from the tomb.

"Tsk tsk … After those guys came another one who's not afraid of death! "

"I was the one who took a fancy to that kid first, so don't even think about fighting with me over him."

"Yours? Who do you think you are? "He belongs to me, your mother. After so many years of death, I haven't had a taste of what it was like, but he's so lonely …"

"If you are lonely, we can accompany you!"

"All of you shut up. If you alert that person, she can make you all die again …"

Following the appearance of this voice, the tomb returned to its previous tranquility, becoming deathly silent.