Three days!

Ye Xuan and the Snow Goddess of Ice, Alice, had already been in the forbidden zone for three days.

In these three days, they had experienced countless dangers and dangers, as well as numerous intense life-and-death battles.

One of the most dangerous times was when Ye Xuan and the others encountered an ancient Suan Ni on their way here. It had reached the ninth stage, and although it was only twenty meters tall compared to the other Class 9 Magical Beasts, its combat strength far surpassed the other Class 9 Magical Beasts. Be it its speed or its strength, it was ranked in the top three, and it also possessed the power to control lightning.

In the end, Ye Xuan was forced into a helpless state. After using the White Dragon Form, he opened the Great Devil World and trapped it within, only then was he able to escape from its grasp.

The furious ancient Suan Ni crazily chased after Ye Xuan and the Snow Goddess of Ice and Snow for two days and two nights within the restricted zone, forcing Ye Xuan and the others to enter the deepest part of the restricted zone before they left.

This was because deep within the restricted zone of life, even a powerful Suan Ni would not dare to rashly step into it.

The moon was like a bloody eye, full of stars.

The blood-colored moonlight scattered down from the horizon, covering the restricted zone of life in blood-colored muslin robes.

The moon inside the Life Zone was completely different from the moon outside. Not only was it different in color, even its appearance was different.

The moon outside was silvery white, while the moon inside the forbidden zone was blood-red.

The outside world's moon was shaped like a crescent moon, with a semicircular oval or circular shape. However, the moon of the Life Zone was like a bloody eye, suspended high in the sky, emitting a blood-red light as it coldly stared at the Life Zone, as if it knew everything from beginning to end, filled with a sinister and strange feeling.

"Rustle! Rustle! Rustle!"

Under the blood-colored moon, Ye Xuan and the Snow Goddess of Snow and Ice, Alice, rapidly dashed toward the peak of a large mountain at the edge of the life forbidden area. Behind them were a total of twenty or so savage magical beasts, each one above the eighth rank, and there were even one or two at the ninth rank.

If there were only two or three of them, Ye Xuan would be able to battle them and finish them off.

However, they numbered twenty to thirty. Ye Xuan's group could only flee; after all, if they caught up, then Ye Xuan's group would die.

"There's no escape?"

As they sped along, Ye Xuan and the others were quickly forced onto the cliff at the peak of the mountain. There was nowhere for them to run.

"What should we do?"

The face of the Snow Goddess, Alice, turned deathly pale as she stared at the violent magic beast that had gathered in front of her and was eyeing her with covetous eyes.

This group of magical beasts weren't easy to deal with. Not only were there the infamous Class 8 Scarlet Eye Blood Wolf, Class 8 Ghost Cat, and Class 8 Inferno Fierce Tiger, there was also the Class 9 Dark Nine Dark Nascent Soul Magical Beast with nine heads and a thick killing intent.

Every one of them possessed the ability to fly, making it impossible for Ye Xuan and the others to escape.

"It seems like I can only jump into the abyss …"

Ye Xuan's gaze was filled with unconcealable seriousness as he turned around to look at the bottomless abyss behind him. Helpless words came out of his mouth.

It wasn't easy for them to get rid of that ancient Suan Ni's chase, but they never thought that on the way to escape, they would attract so many magical beasts. They were caught in another crisis.


Looking at the humans that barged into the forbidden zone of life, Scarlet Eye Blood Wolves, Nine-tailed Ghost Cats, Hellfire Tigers, and Dark Nine Infants' eyes flickered with a strong and vicious light. Waves of furious roars came from their mouths as they drew closer step by step.

"I'll count to three, let's jump down together!"

Ye Xuan's eyes flickered with a sharp light as he looked at the beasts that approached him step by step.



When Ye Xuan finished counting and was about to jump into the abyss, the melodious sound of a zither quietly rang out.

As the faint sound of the zither resonated in the abyss, the Scarlet Eye Blood Wolf, Nine Tailed Ghost Cat, and Nine Infant, which were approaching Ye Xuan's group, suddenly scattered like birds in the middle of a bow under his stunned gaze. They instantly disappeared from his line of sight.

The Scarlet Eye Blood Wolf, Dark Nine Infant, and Nine Tailed Ghost Cat's reactions caused deep astonishment and puzzlement to appear on Ye Xuan and the Snow Goddess Alice's faces.

They did not understand why the sound of the zither would cause this group of ferocious magical beasts to flee in a panic, as if they had heard a song that hastened one's life.

One had to know that these were all peerless vicious beasts that possessed an illustrious reputation!

This caused Ye Xuan and the Snow Goddess Alice to be puzzled.

"Why is there a zither sound in the Life Extinction Domain?"

In the next moment, the two of them seemed to have thought of something and their expressions involuntarily changed. The two of them looked at each other and were able to see the doubt and shock within each other's eyes.

The forbidden zone of life was a forbidden zone. How could a zither sound be heard here?

"Clank, clank, clank …"

As this thought flashed through Ye Xuan and the Snow Goddess Alice's minds, the melodious and ethereal sound of the zither gradually grew clearer as it came from behind them, causing their hearts to feel a chill.

They slowly turned their heads and looked at the abyss. Their pupils involuntarily shrunk and a look of shock surfaced on their faces.

Under their gazes, a lady wearing a white veil that revealed her delicate face slowly flew out from the abyss.

Her graceful and provocative body was wrapped in a translucent white muslin, revealing her snow-white arrogance, her snow-white skin that was as white as white jade and her sexy figure. She sat down cross-legged in the air, leisurely playing the ancient zither, her entire body exuding an ethereal and ethereal aura, as if she was a peerless beauty that only appeared in legends and myths.

Her face was a sight to behold,

Her figure is fascinating,

Her music is intoxicating,

Her temperament was impressive.

It was as if he had walked out of a painting.

"Who is she?"

As Ye Xuan and the Snow Goddess Alice watched the girl who sat in the air and played the zither as she slowly flew out of the abyss, a thought flashed through their minds.

They didn't dare to ask.

They didn't dare to turn around and flee.

They could only stand there quietly, waiting for the judgement.

The woman in front of them was unfathomably powerful. Even the rank 9 Dark Nine Souls had been shocked by her zither music. How could Ye Xuan and the others dare to act rashly?

Soon enough, the mysterious woman flew out of the abyss while playing the zither. She floated in the air, looking at Ye Xuan and the Snow Goddess Alice who stood blankly at the edge of the cliff. Her sexy mouth slightly raised, and an intoxicating smile appeared on her beautiful face.

The originally melodious and soothing sound of the zither gradually became faster and faster. Ye Xuan and the Snow Goddess, Alice, and the others seemed to be completely intoxicated by the music. Their eyes slowly dimmed and became lost.

A strong sense of danger permeated Ye Xuan's heart as he quietly circulated the Yin Yang Tyrant Body Technique within his body, causing his consciousness to gradually recover. His eyes gradually became clear as he looked at the mysterious woman with undisguised seriousness.


As if she'd sensed something, the mysterious woman's gaze suddenly focused onto Ye Xuan. An enormous pressure assaulted her, and Ye Xuan felt as if all of his secrets were exposed to the girl's eyes. He immediately pretended to be controlled by the zither music and didn't dare to make the slightest movement.

The mysterious woman in front of him was too terrifying, and the feeling she gave others was ethereal and unreal. It made it so that no one dared to resist her.

After carefully sizing up Ye Xuan for a moment and realizing that he didn't have anything out of the ordinary with him, the mysterious woman shifted her gaze over and started playing the zither once more.

The sound of the zither changed once again. When it entered Ye Xuan's ears, it was like a lullaby that caused his consciousness to gradually become blurry. He couldn't help but want to close his eyes and sleep, but he strove to maintain a trace of clarity and will.

Ye Xuan secretly observed the Snow Goddess Alice from the corner of his eyes and discovered that she'd completely lost consciousness. Her eyes were dim, devoid of any color, and her beautiful face had a moving smile, as if she'd accomplished something.

"Hua …"

In the next moment, under Ye Xuan's astonished gaze, the Snow Goddess, Alice, suddenly took a step forward towards the chasm.

This sudden turn of events caused Ye Xuan's expression to greatly change. His pupils constricted, and he was just about to stop her when he noticed that even though the Snow Goddess Alice stepped into the air, she didn't fall towards the abyss. Instead, she strangely floated in the air.

Afterwards, the Ice and Snow Goddess, Alice, took another step forward. Under Ye Xuan's gaze, she walked step by step down the bottomless chasm and disappeared from his line of sight.

The entire process was extremely bizarre. It completely overturned Ye Xuan's knowledge, causing him to not even dare to breathe, let alone block it.

After the Ice and Snow Goddess' Alice disappeared, the mysterious woman's gaze returned to Ye Xuan and started to play the zither.

As the melodious sound of the zither rang out, Ye Xuan was shocked to discover that he had lost control of his body. At the same time, he stepped forward, towards the abyss. One step, two steps, three steps … …

Ye Xuan's heart tightened with every step Ye Xuan took, but he didn't dare to act rashly or snatch control of his body. After all, if he made any movements, they would all be discovered by this mysterious woman.

At that time, under this mysterious woman's unfathomable strength, the only thing waiting for Ye Xuan would be death.

The mysterious woman played the zither and slowly walked towards the abyss. In the end, she disappeared from this world, as if she had never appeared before.

As he continued to walk down the chasm, the surrounding scenery clearly appeared in Ye Xuan's line of sight, causing his heart to tremble.

The cliffs around the canyon were covered with various immortal fruits and herbs that didn't exist in the outside world. There were also many beasts that possessed terrifying strength that even Ye Xuan didn't know about.

After diving for an unknown amount of time, Ye Xuan was led by the mysterious woman to the bottom of the abyss.

In his line of sight, there was a vast expanse of heaven and earth that was surrounded by immortal qi. There were all sorts of immortal fruits and herbs growing everywhere, and a rich medicinal fragrance wafted in the air.

Not far away, there was a spring that emitted an incomparably pure energy, emitting bursts of white cold air. Even a whiff of that rich pure energy from far away could make one feel refreshed, and his strength advanced by leaps and bounds!

"Is that the Dragonize Pool?"

Ye Xuan's heart burned as he looked at the spring in the distance. Shocked voices sounded out from the bottom of his heart.

It was said that it contained an endless and boundless amount of energy that could wash away the mortal world, stimulate one's potential, disintegrate one's bones, and reconstruct one's body. This was a natural treasure that could allow a flood dragon to evolve into a dragon; it could only be formed after thousands or even tens of years of accumulation of endless energy!

If an ordinary person were to enter the Dragonize Pool and take a bath, they would undergo earth-shattering changes and become an expert.

Ye Xuan never thought that the Dragonize Pool would appear here.

If he could take a dip in this Dragonize Pool, his strength would rise tremendously, and his physical body and even his soul would undergo a new baptism and transformation.

His dragon-type tyrant body would also undergo a comprehensive evolution!

At this moment, Ye Xuan really wanted to take back control of his body and charge into the Dragonize Pool.

However, this was merely a thought. After all, there was a breathtakingly beautiful and terrifyingly powerful beauty in front of them.

If Ye Xuan showed any abnormalities, she wouldn't hesitate to kill him.


Ye Xuan retracted his gaze and tried his best to calm his heart down. He didn't dare to reveal anything out of the ordinary.

Under Ye Xuan's gaze, the mysterious woman put down the zither, slowly took off her clothes, and revealed an extremely seductive and infuriating figure.

Her beautiful white and straight long legs were plump and perky. The butt, the slim waist like a water snake, the sexy back …

She elegantly shook her head, causing her long hair to automatically droop down and extend to her thighs, causing her sexy figure to be faintly discernible, and giving her an unreachable beauty.

After that, he turned around and walked toward the Dragonize Pool, giving Ye Xuan a figure that would cause one's imagination to run wild.

Very quickly, the mysterious woman's sexy figure was gradually submerged in the Dragon Transformation pool, only revealing part of her shoulders and above.

When this beautiful scene entered Ye Xuan's eyes, it caused his throat to go dry, his heart to race, and his throat to roll up. He subconsciously swallowed his saliva.

Just when Ye Xuan was secretly praising this mysterious woman's perfect figure, she lazily stretched her waist in the Dragon Transformation pool.

His perfect side profile and sexy and provocative shoulders were completely revealed …


In the next moment, she slowly turned her head around and smiled seductively at Ye Xuan. Then, she lightly crooked her finger and a seductive voice came out of her mouth.

When her voice sounded out, Ye Xuan's body couldn't help but uncontrollably move forward. Step by step, he walked towards the Dragonize Pool and approached the mysterious woman …

As they continued to walk in, her perfect face clearly appeared in Ye Xuan's line of sight. Her unique body fragrance wafted into Ye Xuan's nose, causing his heartbeat to quicken!

Could it be that this mysterious beauty was inviting him to bathe together in the Dragonize Pool?

Just thinking about it made Ye Xuan extremely excited.

Not only did he want to soak in the Dragon Transformation pool, he also wanted to enjoy this beauty and have a beautiful encounter with her?

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