The River of Purgatory. The three-tailed crocodile's furious roars rang out unceasingly.

Under the shocked gaze of the Ice and Snow Goddess Alice, Ye Xuan was like a reaper on the battlefield as he charged into the densely-packed Three Tailed Demon Crocodiles and started killing them.

Every time he waved the dragon blade in his hand, blood would spray out, taking away the life of the Underworld's Three Tailed Crocodiles one by one.

"Swish, swish, swish …"

Ye Xuan's brutal slaughter had finally infuriated the Underworld Three Tailed Crocodiles. They swung their tails, carrying an endless amount of killing intent, at Ye Xuan, who dodged them with his nimble movements.

However, Ye Xuan, who just dodged the attack, didn't have the time to stabilize himself. The tentacles that covered the sky and covered the earth flew out from the Demon's face and coiled around Ye Xuan, causing Ye Xuan to be unable to dodge.

A great amount of light lit up in the Purgatory River. Countless Three Tailed Demon Crocodiles opened their mouths at this moment, condensing the crocodile tail bullets and causing the energy of the world to surge.


In the next moment, the densely packed crocodile tail bullets shot towards Ye Xuan like high-grade energy cannons, enveloping him within!

From afar, he could see hundreds and thousands of crocodile shells covering the sky as they shot towards Ye Xuan, leaving him with no place to escape!

"My lord!"

Seeing Ye Xuan being entangled by tentacles and attacked by the crocodile tail bullets, the Snow Goddess' expression changed greatly as she anxiously screamed out.


However, her anxious shout was quickly swallowed up by the earth-shaking explosion.

The numerous crocodile tail bullets bombarded Ye Xuan's body, which was entangled by the tentacles. An earth-shattering energy spread out in all directions.

A huge water flower bloomed in the Purgatory River as countless water pillars shot up into the sky.

The large tree by the side of the Purgatory River had been cut in half by the spreading energy!

Looking at the center of the explosion, the Snow Goddess, Alice, paled. She seemed to have lost her soul as sparkling tears rolled down her face. She muttered in despair, "My Lord …"

Ye Xuan died to save her!

The Ice and Snow Goddess Alice's heart was filled with indescribable emotions. Her self-blame was complicated.

She didn't believe that Ye Xuan would be able to survive the attack of so many crocodiles!

"Don't cry, I'm not dead yet! Just now was just to test the strength of my current body, and these Hell Three Tailed Crocodiles were not able to kill me … "

However, just at this moment, a faint voice rang at this moment.

Following the appearance of this voice, the terrifying Glazed Devil Flame spread out in all directions from the center of the explosion, engulfing all the energy in the surroundings. After that, it swept towards the Three-tailed Hell Crocodile in front of it without any decrease in momentum …

"Aooo …" "Roar!"

Glazed Demon Flames ignited on the entire Purgatory River as miserable shrieks rang out.

A large number of Three Tailed Demon Crocodiles couldn't dodge in time and were covered by the Glazed Demon Flame, letting out miserable wails of despair.

They struggled madly under the burning of the flames, rolling on the ground until they eventually disappeared little by little.

In the blink of an eye, dozens of Three-Tailed Alligators from the Infernal Realm had died.

"Rustle, rustle, rustle …"

Clear and delicate footsteps sounded out. Ye Xuan stepped onto the surface of the river as he slowly walked out from the center of the explosion.

Unharmed, unharmed!

Ye Xuan actually didn't receive the slightest bit of damage from the attacks of so many of the Three Tailed Demon Crocodile's bullets.

"Master... This … "So strong?"

Seeing that Ye Xuan's body hadn't been harmed in the slightest, the Ice and Snow Goddess' face was filled with pleasant surprise. Shocked words came out of her mouth.

At this moment, Ye Xuan's strength completely overturned everything she knew.

When they encountered a group of Class 8 Magical Beasts, they could only flee. However, Ye Xuan had instantly killed dozens of Class 8 Underworld Three Tailed Alligators!

Although these Hell Three Tailed Alligators were weaker than ordinary Class 8 Magical Beasts, they were still Class 8!

What the Snow Goddess Alice didn't know was that the Dragonize Pool had caused Ye Xuan to experience earth-shaking changes last night.

After all, this was a pool that could allow even flood dragons to evolve into dragons!

Furthermore, all of the energy in that huge pool had been completely absorbed by Ye Xuan and the others.

The good fortune that the Dragonize Pool had brought to Ye Xuan far surpassed his seclusion in the headquarters of the Divine Demon Palace.

Of course, they definitely couldn't compare like this. After all, Ye Xuan's breakthrough in seclusion was extremely huge. Moreover, if it wasn't for his strength, he wouldn't have broken through to the Life Binding Formation.

"Roar …"

Seeing Ye Xuan slowly walk out, the Three Tailed Demon Crocodiles felt a trace of danger from this man. They carefully retreated a few steps back and stared at Ye Xuan as they roared in anger.

"Dong, dong, dong …"

In the next moment, their eyes turned blood-red. Their eyes flickered with a dense, vicious light. Carrying their huge bodies, they rushed towards Ye Xuan like heavyweight tanks.

Wherever they passed by, a wild gale arose.

The vicious nature of these Hell Three Tailed Crocodiles was completely aroused.

"A bunch of reckless fools!"

Ye Xuan's expression was ice-cold. With a thought, the Void Magic Ring in his hand flashed, and densely packed longswords appeared. Afterwards, her boundless soul force surged out, controlling the longswords to attack the Underworld Three Tailed Crocodile!

The sword qi moved in all directions like a rainbow!

Sword light filled the sky as the sound of a longsword tearing through flesh rang out continuously.

Under the support of Ye Xuan's enormous soul force, the power of the sword he controlled increased greatly. It easily tore apart the hard scales and crocodile skin of the Underworld's Three-Tailed Alligators, leaving an unfathomable amount of sword marks on their bodies.

In a short period of time, over a hundred Three Tailed Demon Crocodiles died to the longswords controlled by Ye Xuan's soul force.

However, the number of Underworld Three Tailed Crocodiles in this Purgatory River was simply too many. Even though Ye Xuan had killed many Underworld Three Tailed Crocodiles, even more of them fearlessly charged towards him.

Their eyes turned blood-red as they were covered in hatred and brutality. They simply didn't know death, didn't know fear, and kept on charging towards Ye Xuan.

It seemed that no matter how much Ye Xuan killed, he wouldn't be able to kill these Underworld Three Tailed Crocodiles.

"My soul is indeed strong, and using soul force to control weapons is very convenient. However, these weapons are not easy to control, and killing them is too slow. It seems like I need to find someone to customize a throwing knife or flying sword. This way, my combat power will be able to increase a lot!"

Ye Xuan floated in the air and used his soul force to control the long sword to fight. He looked down from above at the Underworld Three Tailed Crocodiles that were unceasingly charging toward him. An idea flashed through his mind.

Normally, he rarely used his soul force to fight because it was extremely troublesome and exhausting to injure his soul. But now that he'd gone through the baptism of the Dragonize Pool, his soul force had greatly increased and Ye Xuan wasn't afraid at all. He was currently trying to use his soul force to fight.

"Awoo …"

The instant this thought flashed through Ye Xuan's mind, he became more proficient at controlling the sword with his soul force, and his slaughter became even fiercer.

One by one, the heads of the Three-Tailed Hell Crocodiles were penetrated by the swords as they continuously fell down. The Purgatory River was dyed red with fresh blood.

"My physical body's defensive strength has already been tested. My soul force should probably test it out until here. Next, I should test my physical body's attack and the attack strength of the astral energy …"

Ye Xuan's eyes flickered as he looked at the group of Underworld Three Tailed Crocodiles that were continuously falling and attacking him from the front and back. Cold words came out of his mouth.


The instant Ye Xuan's words left his mouth, a wild energy suddenly exploded out from beneath his feet. He clenched his right hand into a fist and blasted forward with a wild strength.

Ye Xuan didn't use the Supreme Force in this punch and only used the strength of his fleshly body.

A fist smashed into the air, tearing the air to shreds. The sound of an explosion rang out.

Space collapsed, the space around the fist distorted!

Ye Xuan's punch had already surpassed the speed of sound.

His physical body even broke through the barrier of air, breaking through the sound barrier!

A surge of strength filled Ye Xuan's heart.

"My physical body has transcended the speed of sound and my physical body has broken through the barrier of space resistance. This punch … Very strong! "

Looking at the distorted space in front of him and the rapidly changing scenery, Ye Xuan felt a surge of power surging through his body. A smile appeared on his face as he suddenly smashed his fist towards the Underworld Three Tailed Alligator that was about to bite him.


Ye Xuan didn't even dodge the Underworld Three Tailed Crocodile's bite. Instead, he directly punched its open mouth.

The Underworld Three Tailed Crocodile's sharp teeth bit onto Ye Xuan's arm. Ye Xuan's fist entered his mouth, causing the bones in Ye Xuan's arm to turn golden. A surge of dragon aura burst out from Ye Xuan's fist, causing a huge explosion.

Under the three-tailed hell crocodile's despairing gaze, its bite on Ye Xuan's arm didn't receive the slightest bit of damage. Its body exploded with a loud bang, annihilating at a speed visible to the naked eye …

In just an instant, the enormous body of the Underworld Three Tailed Crocodile was annihilated by Ye Xuan's fist. All that was left was the teeth that bit Ye Xuan's arm …

"Aooo …"

In the instant that Ye Xuan smashed the Underworld Three Tailed Alligator to pieces, the force from his fist didn't diminish in the slightest as it charged towards the Hell Three Tailed Alligator that was whistling towards him from behind …

Terrifying screams rang out as the river surface collapsed. An enormous ravine that was several hundred meters long appeared on the surface of the river as the Underworld Three Tailed Crocodiles were annihilated by Ye Xuan's fists!

The dense horde of Underworld Three Tailed Crocodiles was forcefully torn by Ye Xuan's fist force, leaving behind a huge hole. In the end, they smashed onto a distant cliff, leaving behind a deep fist mark.

Ye Xuan's full power punch had killed at least a few hundred Hell Three Tailed Crocodiles!

"What a terrifying punch!"

Looking at the huge gully on the surface of the river, the Snow Goddess Alice was shocked!

"So strong?"

Even Ye Xuan was shocked by this punch. "It seems like the Dragonize Pool's change in me has far exceeded my expectations."


The Hell Three Tailed Crocodiles were also frightened by Ye Xuan's punch. They'd gone completely mad from the death of so many of their comrades. They let out crazy roars as thorns grew out from their bodies one after another, causing their imposing manner to become even more intimidating.

In the next moment, they fiercely charged forward, and the barbs on their backs shot towards Ye Xuan like arrows.

Ten thousand arrows shot out, and the rain of arrows poured down!

"As expected of a Class 8 Magical Beast. There are quite a few methods, but they are useless. I'll test the might of my Astral Energy!"

Ye Xuan's eyes flickered with an ice-cold light as he coldly looked at the spikes that covered the sky.

Ye Xuan was currently using these Three Tailed Demon Crocodiles as a sharpening tool.