After walking into the cave, what appeared before Ye Xuan was a dense collection of bones.

No one knew how long these skeletons had been there, but the flesh and blood on their bodies had all been corroded, leaving behind only white bones. Some came from humans, some from magical beasts, but there were hundreds of them.

They formed a path that led to the depths of the abode. When one stepped on them, their bones would shatter, and the sound of bones cracking would ring out.

Even though Ye Xuan's mind and soul force were stronger than others, he still had an illusion. It was as if there were numerous ghostly hands grabbing at the soles of his feet, making his steps seem heavy and slow.

Ye Xuan's gaze slowly swept over the pile of corpses on the floor of the cave. His expression became more and more serious because it wasn't difficult for him to determine their master's strength and rank from these corpses.

Their strength were at least at the Emperor level and there were even quasi-Martial Saint existences. Not only that, there were also the skeletons of many ancient beasts, such as Soaring Snakes, Taowu, Black Tigers, and others.

"What on earth is in this cave abode? It can actually hold so many experts and vicious beasts here?"

The further Ye Xuan went, the more serious his expression became.

"Rustle, rustle, rustle …"

Suddenly, as if he'd felt something, Ye Xuan's gaze went cold. He didn't even think before the Glazed Magic Flame within him whistled out, condensing into a Glazed Magic Flame Battle Armor on the surface of his body.

The instant Ye Xuan's battle armor was formed, a large number of Eight Clawed Bats flew out of the cave and attacked Ye Xuan.

Unfortunately, before they could even get close to Ye Xuan, they were incinerated into nothingness by the flames of his Glazed Magic Flame.


However, Ye Xuan didn't know how many Eight-Clawed Bats there were in the cave. Just the deaths of a few of them, along with the densely packed Eight-Clawed Bats, caused a trace of impatience to flash in Ye Xuan's eyes.

Without even thinking about it, he punched out!

Terrifying flame fists whistled out, incinerating all of the incoming eight-tentacled bats into nothingness. Ye Xuan quickened his pace as he dashed forward.

He knew that he didn't have much time left. Once that Wu Zhu or Ya Kui returned, he would definitely be in endless trouble. Thus, he could only dare to collect the treasures in the cave before they returned.

Ye Xuan sped along like lightning, arriving at the end of the cave within a few breaths of time. What appeared before him was an extremely shocking scene.

On the walls of the cave abode grew seven stalks of fragrant divine medicine. The divine medicine's heights varied, with different sizes arranged in a row. Only the tallest, largest divine medicine in the middle had a seven-colored fruit growing on it, dazzling people's eyes.

A majestic life force and energy emanated from the Rainbow Fruit, making people want to pluck it and taste it.

"This... This is the Seven Colored Immortal Tree, and it has borne the Seven Colored Immortal Fruit? "

As Ye Xuan looked at the seven-colored Immortal Tree and the seven-colored fruit on it, his face filled with astonishment. Shock filled his mouth as he spoke.

The Seven-Colored Divine Tree was the first of the seven great medicines, and its Seven-Colored Divine Fruit was even more valuable and valuable than the thousand-year Silver Ring and Azure Flame Divine Crystal. Not only could it increase the lifespan by two hundred years, it could also improve the bloodline genes and physique of the human body, and it could also increase the chances for a quasi-Martial Saint to break through to the Martial Saint realm. It was the dream dream of countless Emperor experts, quasi Martial Saints, and even Martial Saints.

If a magical beast consumed it, the effect would be even more shocking. It was enough to allow their bloodline to undergo a round of ancestral evolution and increase its grade!

No wonder there were so many corpses of powerful experts and demonic beasts in this cave. They were all fighting over the Rainbow Immortal Fruit.

"What's that?"

Ye Xuan subconsciously swallowed his saliva as he looked at the alluring Seven-Colored Immortal Fruit. He forcefully endured the urge to pluck the fruit and shifted his gaze to the side. His gaze fell onto the area covered by the white mist, and a trace of doubt flashed within his eyes.


Immediately, Ye Xuan waved his hand, and a gale blew out, dispersing the white mist.

The white mist was blown away, revealing a densely packed carving within Ye Xuan's line of sight. Ancient characters, a coffin made of gold.


Ye Xuan's eyes went cold as a hint of doubt flashed through them. He floated in the air and looked into the coffin.

What appeared in Ye Xuan's line of sight was a corpse with bronze skin.

It was a man with long black hair and a robust body. Even though Ye Xuan didn't know how long he'd been dead, he could still feel the majestic aura emanating from his corpse from far away.

Ye Xuan's gaze swept across the corpse and finally fell on a blossoming flower on his chest.

The petals were black and white, surrounded by Yin and Yang aura, forming countless taiji diagrams. They then began to gather and rotate, creating a huge cloud of air, and a majestic and bizarre aura began to spread out from it, as if it did not come from the human world.

"What a strange flower, it actually grew from a corpse?"

Ye Xuan felt his heart palpitate as he looked at the flower. He muttered something under his breath.

Ye Xuan carefully examined the flower as he searched for information about it.

Unfortunately, he didn't discover anything.

Ye Xuan's eyes flashed as he fiercely waved his hand. The Sacred Book of Medicine appeared on his palm.

A wisp of golden light was emitted from the Sacred Book of Medicine, enveloping the flower within. The Sacred Book of Medicine, on the other hand, was rapidly flipping through its pages.

Finally, the golden light disappeared and the Sacred Book of Medicine stopped at a certain page.

Ye Xuan lowered his head to look at it. On the page of the Medical Manual, there was a drawing of a flower that was exactly the same as the flower in front of him. Beside it were eye-catching words and introductions.

"The Yin Yang Resurrection Lily collects the Yin and Yang energy of the world. It is born in an incomparably mysterious void that contains endless life force. It is the supreme holy object in the world! Swallowing it can fundamentally change a person's bloodline's physique, promote the evolution of their cells, stimulate their genetic potential, and extend their lifespan by 300 to 1,000 times. If they have a great fortune, they can completely activate the Yin Yang Resurrection Lily's hidden effects in the face of life and death … "

Ye Xuan was indescribably shocked and excited when he saw the introduction of the Yin Yang Resurrection Lily.

However, what puzzled him was that the explanation regarding the Yin Yang Resurrection Lily was incomplete, and its hidden effects had not been revealed.

But even so!

This Yin Yang Resurrection Lily is undoubtedly a rare treasure between heaven and earth. Its value is unknown how much greater than the Seven Colored Immortal Fruit, making Ye Xuan incomparably excited.


At this moment, Ye Xuan didn't stop and completely plucked the Yin Yang Resurrection Lily, keeping it back into the Void Magic Ring.

"Kacha …."

As Ye Xuan removed the Yin Yang Resurrection Lily from the corpse of the expert, fine cracks actually appeared on the surface of his body. In the end, it exploded with a loud bang and turned into ashes that scattered in the wind …

A unique black armor, a unique flying shuttle, and an ancient book appeared within Ye Xuan's line of sight. They emitted a dazzling light within the pitch-black environment, causing Ye Xuan's eyes to light up.

Immediately, he stretched out his hand and stored the black armor, the flying shuttle, and the ancient book into the Ring without any hesitation.

Time was of the essence, he had no time to check!

However, the corpse from earlier was so powerful, it was obvious that these three items were no ordinary items!

Afterwards, Ye Xuan quickly swept through the cave and didn't discover anything else. He put the seven Rainbow Immortal Fruits into the Void Demon Ring and quickly rushed out of the cave.

His large soul force could clearly feel an enormous aura approaching at an extremely fast speed.

After leaving, Ye Xuan didn't notice that the walls of the Seven Colored Immortal Fruit he'd collected were gradually collapsing. Two enormous heads were gradually emerging from the collapsed walls. Those diamond-shaped eyes emitted a blood-red light as they stared fixedly at Ye Xuan's back.


Subsequently, its enormous body strangely shrunk to become a two-headed snake that silently chased after Ye Xuan.

When Ye Xuan rushed to the entrance of the cave, he suddenly stopped.

This was because a vicious beast covered in blood blocked his path and was currently staring at him with an ice-cold gaze!

This fierce beast was precisely the peerless fierce beast that Ye Xuan had seen before!