"Swish …"

After Ye Xuan used the dragon blade to cut the Datura, the thing inside was revealed.

Not only was there the golden box that Mandala had swallowed, there was also a heart that was emitting a blinding light.

This heart was a heart of devouring that could only be born out of tens of thousands of Mandara Flowers!

Looking at the golden room and the Devouring Heart that was emitting boundless life force, Ye Xuan's face lit up with excitement.


He was just about to stretch out his hand to check the Devouring Heart when it seemed to be attracted by some sort of force and automatically flew into Ye Xuan's hand.

Afterwards, under Ye Xuan's puzzled gaze, the Devouring Heart wiggled strangely and entered his skin, fusing with his entire right hand. It then formed a black gauntlet that wrapped around Ye Xuan's arm, and a powerful and strange feeling filled Ye Xuan's heart.

"This …"

This miraculous scene caused Ye Xuan to be dumbstruck. He could clearly feel the strength in his arm increase.

With a thought, a dark-red tentacle shot out from his right hand and pierced through the distant wall.

Not only that, Ye Xuan clearly felt something happen to his right arm. It obtained the ability to devour, and it absorbed the energy of heaven and earth into his body.

Not only did the Devouring Heart grant Ye Xuan the ability to control tendrils like the Devil Swallowing Spider, it also gave Ye Xuan a powerful devouring ability. If it's combined with his Devouring Sky Devil Arts, then his devouring ability would be unimaginable.

After trying it out, Ye Xuan was very satisfied with the sudden ability to devour. This was an unexpected surprise.

Afterwards, Ye Xuan's gaze fell onto the golden treasure chest.

There were ancient runes and Mandala's patterns on it, giving off an extremely mysterious feeling.

Ye Xuan fiddled with it for a long time before finding a way to open the golden treasure chest.

As the Treasure Chest opened, two extremely eye-catching items appeared in Ye Xuan's line of sight. They were an extremely unique set of silver battle uniform and a spatial ring.

At that moment, Ye Xuan extended his palm and carefully examined the silver battle uniform in his hand. A huge amount of soul force poured into the uniform in an attempt to analyze its material, but he didn't discover anything.

After muttering to himself for a moment, Ye Xuan took off his outer clothes and wore the silver battle uniform on his body. In an instant, he felt a strange feeling from the bottom of his heart, as if his blood was connected to the silver battle uniform.

With a thought, the appearance of the silver battle uniform changed. It turned into a dazzling silver windbreaker and wore on Ye Xuan's body, giving him an even sharper aura.

"Ding … …" "Crack …"

Ye Xuan picked up the dragon blade and slashed at the silver cloak. The dragon blade caused dazzling sparks to fly, but not even a single mark was left on the cloth, causing Ye Xuan to be overjoyed. "Is the defensive ability of this battle suit so strong?"

According to Ye Xuan's estimation, this silver battle suit's defensive ability was something that even Martial Emperors would find difficult to break through. Furthermore, it even possessed the ability to automatically transform. This caused Ye Xuan to be extremely satisfied.

Ye Xuan nodded his head in satisfaction as he stretched out his hand to take the spatial ring. A strand of his soul force followed the ring and entered the space, causing a dense cluster of emerald green crystals to appear in Ye Xuan's line of sight. They formed a small mountain, with at least several hundred thousand of them.

"What is this? It actually contains such horrifying spiritual power?" If I use it to cultivate, wouldn't it be twice the result with half the effort? "

Ye Xuan's mind stirred and an emerald green crystal appeared in his hand. Boundless Spiritual Energy spread out from the crystal and entered his body, improving his body and warming it up, providing it with energy.

"Yi, little fellow … "My luck's pretty good. I actually got a Chaos armor and so many immortal grade spirit stones!"

Just as Ye Xuan was puzzled about this, a clear sound of pleasant surprise stealthily sounded out.

As the voice sounded out, the Devil Dragon Ring on Ye Xuan's finger flashed, causing the purple phoenix to float out.

At this moment, her body was almost solid as she floated in the air. She emitted a faintly discernible pressure that caused Ye Xuan to feel a sense of pressure.

Without a doubt, the current Zi Huang was even stronger than when she fought in Sunset City. After all, she had reaped quite a lot of benefits during Ye Xuan's closed door training in the Heavenly Evil Mountain and had recovered quite a bit of her strength.

"Chaos armor, immortal grade spirit stones?"

A hint of doubt appeared on Ye Xuan's face when he heard Zi Huang's words. He raised his head and directed his gaze toward Zi Huang.

"Chaos armor is an extremely rare battle uniform in the vast universe. It can change forms at will, increase a martial artist's strength, speed and attack range, and is extremely valuable, its defensive power is amazing, even a quasi Martial Saint or even a Martial Saint can defend against it. At this stage, it is no doubt a good defensive equipment for you, compared to your Golden Dragon Sacred Armor, it is many times stronger …"

However, in the vast universe, the common currency that exists here is Spirit Stones. They are able to assist the martial artists to increase their cultivation, and the Spirit Stones are divided into low grade Spirit Stones, middle grade Spirit Stones, high grade Spirit Stones, high grade Spirit Stones, Spirit Stone, and so on. One thousand low grade Spirit Stones are equal to one middle grade Spirit Stone, and a thousand mid grade Spirit Stones are equal to one high grade Spirit Stone. Let me see how many spirit stones are in your spatial ring … "

"At least three hundred thousand immortal grade spirit stones, kid …" You're rich! "

When Zi Huang saw the pile of immortal grade spirit stones in Ye Xuan's interspatial ring, she was greatly shocked and her mouth emitted words of praise.

"Rich?" Ye Xuan was stunned.

"That's right, we're rich …" With these immortal grade spirit stones, your cultivation speed will be much faster. In the future, use them when you're cultivating! Moreover, even if you had these immortal grade spirit stones as support, you still wouldn't starve to death! He never thought that this barren planet would actually have chaos armor and immortal grade spirit stones … It seems like tens of thousands of years later, a powerful warrior from the universe arrived here and fell! "

Zi Huang stretched lazily, revealing the perfect curve of her body.

As someone who had once made a name for himself in the vast universe, Zi Huang's experience was definitely extraordinary.


Hearing Zi Huang's words, Ye Xuan took a deep breath and lightly nodded.

As if he'd thought of something, Ye Xuan took out the battle armor, the flying shuttle, and the ancient book he'd obtained from the cave.

Previously, he didn't pay much attention in order to escape, but now he had the chance to take a good look.

"Black God set?" "Primal Chaos Tian Shuttle, soul technique 'Possession'?"

As she looked at the three items that Ye Xuan took out, astonishment surfaced on Zi Huang's face as she smiled.

Feeling Ye Xuan's puzzled gaze, Zi Huang explained, "The Black God set is an extremely rare set of battle gear in the vast universe. It can change its form as it pleases, but it's one grade inferior to the Chaos armor!"

"As for this Primordius Sky Shuttle, it is a medium-grade earth-step spirit weapon. It is extremely suitable for you. After all, your soul force is extraordinary!" Zi Huang's gaze fell on Ye Xuan as she smiled.

"Medium-grade earth-step?" Ye Xuan frowned as a trace of doubt flashed through his eyes.

"Your Earth's martial arts are very behind, and naturally weapons are not divided into detailed categories. In the universe, weapons are divided into the sky, earth, and human ranks, and each rank is further divided into the upper, middle, and lower ranks." Right now, the Primordius Sky Shuttle in your hand is a medium-grade earth-step spirit weapon, and you need an enormous amount of soul force to use it! Of course, there are even higher grade weapons above that. Your dragon blade belongs to that category, but I didn't expect Earth to be able to produce a weapon like that, it's quite surprising … "

Zi Huang gave Ye Xuan some knowledge about weapons, causing him to have a look of understanding.

"You are a reborn soul, your soul force is extremely strong, far surpassing ordinary people. Even those experts who specialize in soul training are not as strong as you, so this Primordius Heavenly Shuttle will make good use of it, and it will be of great help to your strength!" "However, your usage of the soul is too crude, and this soul skill 'Possession' just happens to be able to help you, moreover the true use of this technique is that terrifying …"

Following that, Zi Huang's gaze fell onto the ancient book in Ye Xuan's hands as she smiled and said, "Not only does it contain the basic usage of the soul, it also contains an extremely rare possession technique. It can be said to be of great help to your soul's cultivation, and before you leave Earth, you'll be able to complete the first stage of 'Possession'. When that time comes, your soul will split and have an avatar …"

"Leave Earth?"

Ye Xuan couldn't help but be stunned when he heard Zi Huang's words.

To be honest, he hadn't thought about it yet.

"That's right, to be able to cultivate to such a level in this barren earth, with your martial arts talent, it's too much of a pity to stay here. If you can leave Earth and travel through the universe, your future achievements will definitely not be lower than a domain lord!"

Zi Huang lightly nodded and said.

"I haven't thought of leaving Earth yet..."

Ye Xuan hesitated for a moment before bitterly smiling.

"No matter, you will choose to leave one day!" Zi Huang said with a confident expression.


Ye Xuan indifferently replied. Carrying the dragon blade, he turned around and headed deeper into the ruins.

"This fellow..."

Zi Huang couldn't help but shake her head as she looked at Ye Xuan's departing back.

She still had many things that she was counting on Ye Xuan to help her out …

However, she knew that these things couldn't be rushed, so she had to proceed step by step.