A fierce battle was going on in Wolong Ravine.

Mad Demon Lin Feng, Saint Devil Derek, and Beast Demon Qin Shou were all injured. Their eyes were filled with an undisguised coldness as they coldly stared at the two figures standing in the sky. A powerful killing intent spread out from their bodies.

These two figures were the Sword Emperor Ba Zi and the Evil Emperor who had barged into the restricted zone of life!

Right now, the sword overlord was surrounded by boundless sword intent. An illusory image of a sword appeared behind him, resembling the ruler of the sword dao of this world. Obviously, his current strength was many times stronger than before.

As for the Evil Emperor, at that moment, his Qi was completely restrained, no aura was leaking out, making it hard for people to judge the depth of his strength, compared to the previous him who was filled with Evil Qi, he was like a completely different person. It was possible that in these few months of strength, his state of mind had undergone a huge change.

They risked their lives to enter the forbidden zone of life because an ancient ruin was about to open up. However, they never expected to encounter the three people who were hunting the Crimson Flame Demon Dragon: Lin Feng, Saint Devil Derek, and Beast Demon Qin Shou.

Moreover, these three families had exhausted all their physical strength in their battle against the Crimson Flame Demon Dragon, and they were severely injured!

If it weren't for the fact that the Sword Emperor Ba Zi and the Evil Emperor had heard the commotion and came here, the Scarlet Flame Demon Dragon might have been killed by the three of them.

Unfortunately, because of the arrival of the Sword Emperor Ba Zi and the Evil Emperor, all the efforts that Lin Feng and the rest had put in in during the few months they had spent in the restricted Life Zone had all been for naught.

The Crimson Flame Demon Dragon finally escaped!

Looking at the Sword Emperor Ba Zi and the Evil Emperor who stood in the sky, the expressions of Crazy Demon Lin Feng and the others were extremely ugly.

"Tsk tsk … Lunatic, don't use such a vengeful gaze to stare at me. Even though I killed that bastard Demon Lord and joined forces with the Azure Emperor to destroy the Divine Demon Palace, weren't you all still lucky to be alive? "Out of consideration for my previous brotherly relationship, I'll give you two a way out today. Either submit to me, serve me from now on, or die!"

"To be honest, I'm very happy to be reunited with you guys. I don't want you guys to die again!"

Sword Emperor Ba Zi looked down at Lin Feng, the Saint Devil Derek and the Beastman Qin Hunter from above. His eyes were filled with a trace of complexity and coldness as he coldly spoke.

"Baqi, if it wasn't for you betraying the Demon Lord back then, how could he have died? How could the entire Demonic Palace have been destroyed? Back then, when big guy treated you well and treated you as his own brother, you actually betrayed your family and friends.

Upon hearing the words of the Sword Emperor, a cold glint flashed across the Crazy Devil Lin Feng's eyes as he coldly spoke.

"What is conscience? How much is it worth? From the day I got to know you all, I've always been doing it for that day. During this time, I've never treated you as brothers or friends, but as idiots! "

Sword Emperor Ba Zi coldly said.

He lazily stretched and continued, "Alright, let's cut the crap. You have two choices: submit or die! For the sake of our past relationship, if you submit to me, I can help you kill that Scarlet Flame Demon Dragon that just ran away! "Madman, I know your heart can't support much longer and you need to exchange it for Dragon Heart. Think about it carefully!"

"Baqi, if you want to let them live, I don't want to. No matter what happens today, they will die!"

The Evil Emperor stared coldly at the Crazy Devil Lin Feng and the Saint Devil Derek and the other two. Killing intent surged in his eyes as he spoke with an ice-cold tone.

If it were not for these three people, his Evil Emperor Pavilion headquarters would not have been destroyed.

Although he didn't care about those things right now, but … Ghost King Atts, Barbarian King Youlan and the others had followed him for many years, so he had to avenge them.

"Did the three of you hear that? Even if I give all of you a chance to live out of kindness from all those years ago, the Evil Emperor would still not be willing! But, if you guys truly submit to me, then I can help you think of the Evil Emperor, and I believe he will give me face … "How about it?"

Sword Emperor Baqi's eyes flashed with a cold light as he coldly spoke.

"Cut the crap, go ahead! "Even if I die here today, I will drag you down with me!"

A trace of impatience flashed in the eyes of the Saint Devil Derek as he spoke in a displeased manner.


The instant the Saint Devil Derek's words fell, the violent astral energy beneath his feet surged and a terrifying power exploded out horizontally. His body turned into a streak of light and charged towards Sword Emperor Ba Te with lightning speed.

The moment he rushed out, his fist glowed with light and the bones in his right arm turned golden. Carrying along a destructive force, he smashed towards the Sword Emperor's face!

Saint Devil Fist!

The ground beneath his feet suddenly cracked as the Variant Desolate Wolf King charged forward, carrying him towards the Sword Emperor. Borrowing the momentum from this charge, the aura of the Demonic Beast Qin Shou merged perfectly with the aura of the Variant Desolate Wolf King, causing his aura to soar as he similarly punched out!

Scorching Flame Beast Fist!

At the instant when the Saint Devil Derek and Beast Devil Qin Shou took action, the Mad Devil Lin Feng also quietly made his move at this moment.

Resplendent rays of light burst out from his hands as a dense amount of blade energy shot out from his fingertips. They headed towards the Sword Emperor, sealing off his retreat path in an instant.

At the same time, Mad Demon Lin Feng drew his Dragon Subduing Sword and a resplendent sword light bloomed, piercing straight towards the Sword Emperor's throat.

"Ding ding ding …"

Seeing this, a hint of disdain flashed across Sword Emperor Ba Zi's eyes. He didn't make a move at all. Instead, he just stood there, waiting for the Saint Devil Derek, Mad Devil Lin Feng, and Beast Devil Qin Shou's attacks to come.

Before the fingertip blade could hit him, it was deflected by the invisible sword Qi surrounding his body. It could not harm him at all!



In the next moment, the attacks of the Demonic Saint Derek, the Demonic Insanity Lin Feng, and the Demonic Beast Qin Shou all landed on the body of the Sword Emperor, causing a dull thud.

No, to be exact, it did not land on the Sword Emperor's body. Instead, it landed on the Sword Qi Shield that was formed from the invisible sword Qis that surrounded him. After all, their attacks were still three centimeters away from the Sword Emperor.

Within this three centimeter distance, regardless of if it was the Demonic Saint Derek, the Demonic Insanity Lin Feng, or the Demonic Beast, Qin Shou, or the others, none of them were able to get close.

"You are too weak these days. You are like ants. You don't even qualify to carry my shoes!"

Sword Emperor Ba Zi calmly gazed at Mad Demon Lin Feng and the other two, who were trying their best to attack him. His eyes were filled with disdain and pity as cold words came out from his mouth.

"Damn it …" How could this be? Even though we suffered heavy injuries and our strength has dropped, we still can't even break through this guy's defense? "

"This guy is actually so strong?"

"These sword Qis are automatically forming a defense for him!"

The attack was ineffective, and could not even break through the defense formed by the invisible sword energy around the Sword Emperor. The faces of the Crazy Devil Lin Feng, Saint Devil Derek, and Beast Demon Qin Shou all changed as they cried out in shock.

Even though they suffered a heavy blow from the Scarlet Flame Demon Dragon, this Sword Emperor was simply too strong!

The current situation was undoubtedly a huge blow to them.

"It's not that I'm strong, it's that you're too weak — you're only at the Emperor level!"

"Before this, I had thought that you weren't too weak, and out of consideration for the past, I wanted to take you in as my servants. But now, it seems that there was no need for that, you should just go and die!"

Sword Emperor Ba Zi's eyes were ice-cold as he looked at the expressions of Mad Demon Lin Feng and the other two. There was not the slightest fluctuation on his face. His eyes were filled with an undisguised indifference as he spoke in an indifferent manner.


"Puchi …"

His body shook violently and a surge of energy exploded out. Endless sword Qi surged out from his body and spread out in all directions, like an endless bomb that exploded with a loud bang …

Chi chi chi …

The faces of Mad Demon Lin Feng, Saint Devil Derek, and Beast Demon Qin Shou changed drastically. They felt as if they had been struck by lightning, spitting out a large amount of black blood as they flew backwards like kites with their strings cut.

Their clothes were torn apart by the sword Qi, and their Astral Energy armor were also torn apart by the invisible sword Qi. Large amounts of bloody wounds appeared on their bodies.

"Salamander shell!" "Die!"

While the Demonic Beast Qin Shou was sent flying, he forcefully endured the pain of his body being torn apart by the sword Qi. Both of his hands abruptly formed a seal as a voice filled with endless killing intent came out of his mouth.

"Clang clang …"

As the Beast Demon Qin Shou's voice faded, the earth cracked open as a gigantic newt beast drilled out from the ground, catching Mad Demon Lin Feng, Saint Devil Derek, and Beast Demon Qin Shou. An energy ball filled with endless destructive force was spat out from the newt beast's mouth, and it flew towards Sword Emperor Ba Te.

The salamander bullet!

The salamander bullets that were shot out accurately hit the bodies of the Sword Emperor under the watch of the Demonic Saint Derek and the others, before exploding with a loud bang.

A huge mushroom cloud bloomed in the sky.

"Did you hit it?"

"Is he dead?"

Seeing the rising mushroom cloud and seeing the chaotic energy center, Mad Demon Lin Feng, Beast Demon Qin Shou and the rest could not help but open their mouths.

"Swish …"

"Aooo …"

However, just as they finished speaking, a resplendent sword light flew out from the center of the explosion without any warning. It cut through the chaotic energy and landed on the body of the giant salamander beast.

The giant salamander's body was cut into two halves on the spot. A miserable scream came from its mouth, and then it fell down with a loud bang. The huge corpse crashed onto the ground, creating a dull sound and raising up dust all over the sky.

"Rustle, rustle, rustle …"

The uninjured Sword Emperor slowly walked out from the center of the explosion. He wielded a long sword in his hand as he stared coldly at the three people of the Insane Demon Lin Feng, Saint Devil Derek and Beast Demon Qin Wu. "If that salamander bullet was your trump card, then you guys can go die!"

The moment the Sword Qi Tyrant's words came out, he fiercely waved the sword in his hand. A resplendent sword light bloomed, bringing along an endless pure killing intent as it swiftly attacked the Crazy Devil Lin Feng and the rest without covering their ears, enlarging their eyes.

A thick sense of life-and-death crisis filled their hearts!

Having suffered heavy injuries and nearly exhausted all of their stamina, they were unable to withstand the Sword Emperor's slash!

"Am I going to die?"

Seeing the incoming sword light, Mad Demon Lin Feng, Saint Devil Derek, and Beast Demon Qin Shou could only bitterly smile and feel helpless. However, this helplessness quickly turned into determination!


They let out a stern shout as they charged towards the resplendent sword light!

The instant they rushed out, the surface of their bodies began to burn with layers of flames, causing their aura to rise explosively.

Clearly, they had activated some kind of secret technique to forcefully increase their strength in order to fight Sword Emperor Ba Zi to the death!

They would rather die than retreat!

"Swish, swish, swish …"

As the resplendent sword light was about to engulf Lin Feng and the Holy Demon Derek, the silvery-blue vines suddenly burst forth from the distance, wrapping around their bodies and throwing them away!


In the next moment, an earth-shattering explosion resounded!